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10 Most Popular Sub Sandwiches in the US

Sandwiches are some of the most versatile food items there is as they can contain a wide range of ingredients and can be enjoyed sitting down or while on the go. Subs are particularly enjoyable as they can be very easy to consume. This is why it’s not too surprising that there’s a significant number of sub sandwich chains in the country.

If you’re wondering which ones offer the best bites, here are our top 10 recos:


With nearly 50 thousand locations around the world, Subway is the largest fastfood chain in terms of the number of locations. Some might have their reservations because of its size but since lots of sandwich lovers agree that this is a good place to grab some subs, you shouldn’t hesitate on giving it a try. It’s most often commended for its ability to customize its offerings, letting diners get exactly what they want in their sandwiches.

Firehouse Subs

Voted as the most crave-able sub sandwich chain and America’s Favorite Chain in 2017, Firehouse Subs reign supreme over the stiff sandwich competition. What makes them a hit is everything that Subway is not. While the other restaurant offers fresh and healthy subs, Firehouse Subs is all about meats, cheese, and rich sauces.

It should also be noted that this chain gives back to their communities, so you might enjoy supporting and patronizing their business all the more.

Jersey Mike’s Subs

A shore staple, Jersey Mike’s Subs is one of the most notable names on this list because of its size. Lots of the chains here are way bigger, so it only means that the food here must be really good to be out here and competing with industry giants. But with its signature sub and a few other offerings getting rave reviews, it can only be expected for this chain to rise among the ranks and win the hearts and tummies of many.

Jimmy John’s

With its cult following, it’s hard to miss Jimmy John’s when one talks about sub sandwiches. It’s not all hype, though, as this chain offers quite a number of notable things. For one, their service is freakishly fast as they focus on speed and efficiency. So if you’re after a great, fresh sandwich that is available in a flash, get them here. 


Not a fan of cold food? Quizno’s is best known for its unique toasted-style subs so you don’t really have to eat cold cuts with bread in this chain. Lots of folks say that their subs feel like they came right out of the oven so they can certainly offer you a different experience. Some even think they have a brick oven flavor, making their offerings feel a lot fancier than what their competitors have.


People may have mixed opinions on most of the items on this list but not Potbelly. Almost everyone who sampled it will agree that they offer some of the best sub sandwiches out there today. Their sandwiches are Chicago-style as they offer a meat-centric menu. Their hits contain multi-meat ingredients and many diners think that you can’t find their offerings elsewhere. 

However, while they have very popular menu items (A Wreck and Italian sub), their giardiniera or proprietary hot pepper blend is hailed as the most crave-able offering they have.


Not a lot of people may know what Schlotzsky’s is but those who do love it and its cult following is solid proof of that. They’ve also received several accolades over the years so they’re certainly worth looking into.

But what should really convince you to give this place a shot is its interesting history. It started out as a very small restaurant with only a single item on its menu: a muffuletta sandwich which is now famously known as The Original. This sub single-handedly built the chain and once you try it, you won’t be surprised that it gave birth to a well-loved eatery.

Which Wich

With a bold tagline proclaiming ‘Superior Sandwiches’, Which Wich is certainly worth trying for its food. They’re good on various fronts: from their taste to their quality and health value. So, yeah, their slogan is not just a claim but the truth. 

McAlister’s Deli

If you’re looking for a sub shop with a regional flair, then this is the perfect place for you. Its locations are offer stuff that are heavily influenced by their region, giving their menu a local feel and taste. But since they’re from the South, they also offer special items from the region like their sweet tea which is even available by the gallon. 

Jason’s Deli

Known for their build-your-own sandwiches and salad bars, Jason’s Deli is also one of the first eateries to offer fresh and healthy sandwiches on their menu – way before it became a thing. This makes it a very notable detail as it says a lot about its commitment to quality food and good service to its customers. 

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