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5 Rules of Hair Highlights For Men

Hair highlights for men are making a comeback! Indeed, we welcome its comeback because there’s something good to be said about highlights adding depths to men’s hairstyles without making it look overdone. The comeback of subtle highlights has been seen on fashion runways and editorial spreads, as well as among celebrities like Chris Evans.

Keep in mind that the current trend in highlights aren’t the same ones seen on Nick Lachey and Chris Kirkpatrick, celebrities who will probably be the poster boys for the frosted tips in men’s hairstyles in the late 1990s. Men who are up-to-date about trendy men’s hairstyles know that these highlights aren’t designed to make their wearer stand out in a negative way. Instead, these highlights blend in well with the natural hair’s natural characteristics including color, flow and texture.

Emphasis must also be made that not every man will like highlights on their hair, as well as not every hair will look great with highlights. But for the men who prefer highlights, here are the general rules of thumb to remember.  The expert barbers at Roosters Men’s Grooming should also know these new rules but you can discuss them so you can get your desired results.

#1 Highlights Should Add Visual Texture to Your Current Hairstyle

If you look at a dictionary, you will find that the word “highlight” means “to emphasize” – and hair highlights should only emphasize your natural hair! In particular, these should emphasize the layers of hair including their natural texture via the strategic placement of small clusters of slightly lighter color. These areas typically start from around the hairline and end up on top of the head while the color applied is slightly lighter than the natural hair’s color.

Your highlights will be different from other men even when you have similar-looking hair color, such as dark blonde. Your hair colorist at Roosters Men’s Grooming shop will determine the best areas of application and color based on your natural hairline and the way your hair lies. Your hair will have more texture and, thus, more interesting points in it, thanks to the lightening effect of the highlights.

#2 Balding Men Should Skip Highlights

Unfortunately, men with balding heads are well-advised to skip highlights even when they want them. Highlights may add natural texture but this is only applicable to fuller hair for two reasons, namely: first, these will emphasize the receding hairline; and second, these will further damage the hair’s cuticle. The weakened cuticles aren’t strong enough to withstand the chemicals in the hair dye and toner, thus, the increased damage to already fragile hair.

Indeed, you shouldn’t compromise the health of weakened hair, if you have it. The hair can only take so much application of bleach and dye, so it’s best to avoid lightening the same tresses more than twice lest they fall out for good. You should just focus on making your hair as healthy as possible so that their numbers aren’t threatened, so to speak.

#3 Choose the Right Color

Yet another bad news in highlights for men is that not all hair colors are suitable for the treatment. Men with black hair should lay off on the highlights because the contrast between their natural hair color and brown highlights is too distracting. In fact, such is the distinctive contrast between black hair and any colored highlight that it’s best to skip them – unless, of course, you want to look like Storm from the X-Men.

For men with any other color aside from black, hair highlights are a great option for adding visual texture to their hair. Blondes, redheads and brown-haired men will find a slightly lighter color that will suit their natural hair color and texture. But there are also rules, too, such as dark brown hair best paired with a color slightly darker than light brown; dark brown hair and light brown highlights can look too artificial.

Your hair colorist’s goal with highlights is to achieve a sun-kissed or sun-bleached look. Too light and the contrast will be too significant as to look too contrived.

#4 Use the Right Hair Care Products

Of course, men should use the right hair care products with or without highlights. But when you have highlights, you should add a high-quality silver shampoo so that these will not turn into an ugly shade of gold or orange, if you have cool blond highlights. You must also add a hair conditioner to preserve your hair’s overall health after it has been treated to the toner and dye.

#5 Go for Professional Highlights

Most important, highlights should be applied by a professional hair colorist! If you attempt the application of highlights as a DIY project, you will commit many mistakes that you will probably end up looking like a fashion victim from the 1990s. These mistakes can range from large patches of highlights instead of the small clusters to ugly contrast between the highlights and natural hair color.

When done right, highlights will add to your confidence while walking down the street, even down the aisle!

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