Anytime Fitness vs. Planet Fitness

Not everyone has the money and space to furnish a fully equipped gym at home, so a gym membership is often the best option for most of us. After all, the CDC has been issuing warnings for years about how most of us are overweight, and a significant percentage of adults are unhealthily obese. It’s not enough that we go on a diet—we need to exercise too.

But is there a nice gym near where you live or work? What about the hours? It doesn’t make sense for gyms to open only fro, 9Am to 5PM, since that’s when most of us are working. Sometimes the only option available is to work out late at night, and on holidays and weekends.

Are there gym options that satisfy these requirements? In fact, there are 2: there’s Anytime Fitness and then there’s also Planet Fitness. They’re both franchise companies that have more than a thousand locations spread all over the country, so they have standards to live up to. They actually offer excellent services at very reasonable rates. In a sense, they’re like fast food franchises except they’re actually healthier for you.

So which one should you choose? The easy answer is to pick the one that’s available. But what if you live in an area where both options are available? In that case, we need to take a closer look:


With Anytime Fitness, the main focus here to offer complete services at any time of the day and of the year. They aren’t joking—they’re open 24/7, 365 days a year. These places never close.

On the other hand, Planet Fitness gives you even more affordable rates, and they’re also well-known to open until late. In addition, they like to provide a bit of fun to the workout experience, which explains the rather funky color scheme inside the gyms. If you’re familiar with the song Planet Claire and the band B-52’s, then you can start to understand the craziness that’s Planet Fitness.

Cost Options

Planet Fitness is the big winner in the price matchup, as their startup fees range only up to $39 at the most. It all depends on the gym’s location, as some even offer a negligible $1 startup fee. They want to make sure that you don’t have an excuse not to exercise. Come on, here it’s fun and affordable. What more do you want.

The monthly membership is just $10, and that gives you unlimited access to your local Planet Fitness gym. You get fitness training too. Also, you get a T-shirt and free Wi-Fi in the gym.

Get the higher level membership at about $22 a month and you get a lot more benefits. Now you can use any of the Planet Fitness gyms all over the country, which is great of you travel a lot in your line of work. Other bonus services you can use include tanning, hydro massage, massage chairs, price reductions on sportswear and drinks, and even free haircuts in some places.

With Anytime Fitness, the startup fee is about $85, and then you can pay $40 a month for membership. You can reduce those costs by getting an annual membership, which goes at $400 a year.

While it’s a bit pricier, you do get a whole lot more. You get a complete line of equipment, numerous classes for many types of exercises, and many other benefits.

Number of Locations

Here Anytime Fitness wins with more than 3,000 locations. In comparison, Planet Fitness has a little over 1,000 gyms in the country.

Open Hours

Anytime Fitness is serious about being open at any time. While others may be waiting for the New Year ball to drop, you can work out your muscles in the gym. It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, or the Superbowl weekend. They’re always open.

With Planet Fitness, most places are open 24 hours but there may be some days when it’s closed. It all depends on your franchise location.


Planet Fitness is notorious for not having too much to offer serious weightlifters. They do have free weights and dumbbells, but their main focus is on cardio.

In contrast, Anytime Fitness justifies its membership costs by having the complete range of workout equipment available for your use. If other gyms have a piece of equipment, chances are that Anytime Fitness has it too.

Both do offer private showers and rest rooms.


Again, with Anytime Fitness you can attend classes on cardio, weightlifting, yoga, spin, and many more. That’s not really available with Planet Fitness.

So Which One’s For You?

Pick Planet Fitness if you’re on a tight budget and you tend to stay in your town for the most part. This is the place for cardio workouts.

Go for Anytime Fitness if you’re prone to working out at weird hours and you’re into many types of workouts, including weightlifting. If you travel a lot, this may also be your better choice.

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