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The Art of Manly Body Hair Removal Explained

Body hair removal, also known as manscaping, is becoming a socially acceptable means of manly grooming for many reasons. The rise of the metrosexual men, who are loosely defined as urbane men who like to look and feel good in and out of their clothes, can partly be credited for its increasing popularity.

Of course, every man who undergoes manscaping has his own reasons for doing so. These reasons include the need to remove excessive bodily hair in time for the summer season or for a bodybuilding competition, even for a honeymoon in a tropical island. Whatever your reason may be for considering partial or complete body hair removal, you should first educate yourself about it – what it is, what its methods are, and what to expect before, during and after the process.

Choosing Between Hot Wax and Cold Wax

The best waxing salons, such as the Pretty Kitty Wax Salon chain, offer their clients the choice between hot and cold waxing for men. Your regular choice will boil down to your personal preference based on the information you have gathered and the experiences you get from experimentation.

The hot waxing process opens up the pores including the hair follicles so pulling out body hair becomes easier and less painful. This is ideal for most types of hair including short body hair, as well as the wax sticks so well to the hair that a larger patch can be removed at once.

But the hot wax can also burn the skin when it’s applied while it’s still too hot, as well as can become messy on the skin and difficult to remove when it becomes dry on the skin. The hot waxing process should ideally be performed by a trained waxing professional for the best results – maximum hair removed in the desired area, minimum side effects.

The cold waxing process is easier than the hot waxing process. There’s little to no mess, as well as lesser pain experience according to most clients, even for people with finer hair.

But it has its cons, too. The patch may not stick too well to the skin and its hair so the process may have to be repeated a couple of times on the same area. This can increase the risk of skin irritation and ingrown hairs.

Between the two, your best choice is the hot waxing process, as your technician will suggest. You may experience discomfort but it will be well worth it when you see the smoother results.

Preparing for Your Waxing Session

Just as with getting a professional massage, there are a few things that must be done before coming in for your waxing session at the Pretty Kitty Wax Salon.

  • Don’t apply moisturizer and oil 24 hours before your waxing appointment.
  • Don’t shave the area for waxing at least three weeks before your schedule. Hairs must be at least 5 millimeters long for the hot wax to stick to it.
  • Take a shower before coming in to your waxing appointment. Be sure to clean and exfoliate the akin where you’re planning to have hot wax applied, whether it’s your chest or legs.
  • Dry your wet skin as thoroughly as possible with a clean towel after the shower. Dry skin is essential for an effective waxing session.

You should ideally arrive at the waxing salon at least 15 minutes before your schedule. You will then be able to prepare for it, such as disrobing.

You must also prepare yourself because, like it or not, waxing hurts! But it won’t hurt as much as you probably think it will, no thanks to the depiction of waxing being too painful for men to take – think the movie “The Forty Year Old Virgin” and you get the idea. But if you’re still worried about the pain, you can also take painkillers 30 minutes before your appointment to lessen the pain sensations.

Selecting the Area for Waxing

Almost every part of your body can undergo hair removal via the hot wax process. Your choice in area to be waxed will depend on your purpose for doing it, such as chest and back waxing in preparation for a male pageant or a bodybuilding contest.

A few things to know about waxing in different areas of the body:

  • Chest waxing is the easiest to do because there are no nooks and crannies to deal with, as well as the wider expanse of skin. Your waxing technician will avoid placing hot wax and strips on your nipples and their surrounding area because of the unpleasant sensations.
  • Back waxing is similar to chest waxing in terms of the ease of hair removal. This is also easier and faster to wax because back hair tends to be less abundant than chest hair.
  • Genital waxing can include one or a few or all parts of the genital area including the crotch, butt crack, and balls, even the penis. This is known by many names, too, such as male bikini wax and men’s Brazilian, as well as being more acceptable among men nowadays.

Your body hair will obviously grow back. The skin over the waxed area will remain smooth for approximately three weeks although results will vary between individuals, too.

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