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Drink All Night Long, Don’t Get Drunk

It’s the party animal’s dream: Drink all night long yet still be sober enough to actually enjoy the party. When we say “enjoy the party”, we mean enjoy the company of your friends, laughing over jokes and anecdotes, and catching up on each other’s lives. We don’t mean harassing friends and strangers, making booty calls to your ex-girlfriend, and puking into the bushes, even getting into trouble with the cops.

No, being drunk isn’t pretty! Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can enjoy alcoholic beverages all night long yet not get drunk. You may be tipsy, yes, but not drunk enough to make a mess all over the place.

Set Your Limits

Before you even set foot inside Bar Louie, a popular bar for young professionals and executives, you should decide the type and number of drinks that you will have and stick to it.  You can make a mental note of your decision and ask a friend to track the number of drinks you’ve had, especially when you become carried away by the effects of the alcohol. You may even be asked by your friend to return the favor.

Of course, the type and number of drinks will depend on your alcohol tolerance. For example, you may only be able to tolerate four bottles of beer before feeling tipsy while your beer-guzzling friend can take an entire keg before feeling its effects.

But don’t just set a limit on the number of drinks either. You should also set a limit for the total cost of the food and drinks that you will be spending at the bar. You may be using your credit card or cash for paying but you’re still spending money on recreational activities.

Before you become drunk and spend way too much money, you have check your budget, make the decision to spend only as much as you can afford, and stick to it. You may have to take stronger measures to do so, such as leaving your credit cards at home and bringing only the money necessary to pay for your drinks and your ride home.

Take Active Dry Yeast

Active dry yeast is a leavening agent commonly used in baked goods that contains alcohol dehydrogenases (ADH), a group of enzymes that can aid in alcohol breakdown in the body. ADH is actually naturally found in humans, too, and its primary role is in assisting in the breakdown of alcohol and, thus, decrease their toxic effects on the body.

Liver cells produce it in sufficient quantities to break down the alcohols contained in fruits, vegetables and other food sources, as well as alcohols produced by the bacteria in the stomach. But the liver cells don’t produce ADH in adequate amounts to keep the body from getting drunk when alcohol is consumed in large volumes.

This is where the ADH in active dry yeast comes in. Before you start drinking your first bottle of beer or glass of whiskey, take active dry yeast so that its enzymes can break down the alcohol in the stomach first. The alcohol will then have a decreased effect on your body since not much of it will enter your bloodstream and liver.

As a rule of thumb, drink one teaspoon of active dry yeast for every bottle of beer. Mix it with yogurt, among other drinks, and drink it straight.

Don’t worry as you will still enjoy the buzz that comes from drinking alcohol – you will just take a longer time to get it. But remember that this tip is only applicable for casual drinking, never for binging like there’s no tomorrow.

And be sure to come into the bar with a relatively full stomach since food aids in slowing down the effects of alcohol.

Choose Your Poison Well

Ask the bartender about drinks with relatively low alcohol content. Cocktails and mixed drinks are usually the safest bets because these have been slightly diluted with water (i.e., from the ice) and so their alcohol contents are lower.  Shots and on-the-rocks drinks, however, should be avoided if you don’t want to get drunk.

In between alcoholic drinks, you can drink water or soda to allow your body time to break down the alcohol. You don’t have to tell anybody about it and you will be walking out the bar in a straight line while they won’t.

You should also drink your cocktail, mixed drink, or on-the-rocks drink more slowly. Keep in mind that these are meant to be sipped, not guzzled, for a good reason. Even with beer, it’s a good idea to savor the complexity of the flavors in the drink instead of just guzzling it down as if it’s cold water for the thirsty.

And if there’s dancing in the bar, then you should dance, too! The more you sweat, the more likely you will get drunk, not to mention that you will actually enjoy the activity.

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