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Great Clips vs. Fantastic Sams

In good times, we want to look and feel good. In bad times, we need to look good in order to feel good. In both times, regular visits to a professional salon can do the trick!

But with dozens of salons to choose from, many men and women will use a trial-and-error method in deciding which salons best fit their needs and wants. While said method has its merits, such as making realistic comparisons, it can be time- and dollar-consuming. Fortunately, we compared the services between Great Clips and Fantastic Sams so that you won’t have to spend more money than necessary. 

Great Clips: Basic Services Given Consistently and Cheaply

Great Clips salons are neither fancy nor flashy, both in terms of their overall vibe and their services. But such simplicity also means numerous benefits for customers including affordable prices, fast services, and friendly customer service! Indeed, there’s something good to be said about simplicity when it comes to salon services!

Let’s start with their operating hours. Most, if not all, Great Clips salons are open on evenings and weekends, even on certain national holidays. Men, women and children looking for good grooming services will then not go far for a Great Clips salon to address their needs.

There’s also the fact that the Great Clips salon consists of more than 4,100 locations! You will likely find one in your city or town, especially if you live in a metropolitan city.

Great Clips salons also accept walk-in clients and reservations for their services. Walk-in clients will find that the spacious salons are still comfortable even with a crowd, not to mention that there’s a sufficient number of salon technicians who can attend to their needs as soon as possible. Clients who want to make reservations can do so via the chain’s Online Check-in app, an innovation that allows customers to check the waiting times and make appointments for their desired services. 

Customers also have the benefit of the Clip Notes, an app that stores their relevant salon information including their preferences in salon services.

And then there’s the wide range of salon services offered by Great Clips locations. First, customers can enjoy the professional results of the basic haircuts provided by the well-trained haircutters. Men, women and children can choose from a wide range of classic and trendy haircuts, as well as ask the haircutters for a customized style.

Second, clients will love the shampoo and conditioning treatments for dry, damaged hair. The salon professionals use safe, hypoallergenic and branded hair products to bring back the shine and health of hair. These treatments are suitable for nearly all types of hair, from natural to dyed, thin to thick, and from straight to curly.

Third, Great Clips salons offer perm and trim treatments for men and women. These services are affordable, too, especially as only the best perming products are used. 

Fantastic Sams: Family-friendly Services at Affordable Prices

Fantastic Sams is arguably Great Clips’ best competitor, especially when it comes to affordable prices. But in terms of number of locations, the latter beats the former, and it can be a factor in customers’ decisions – many will go for a Great Clips salon mainly because it’s the nearest. 

But don’t dismiss Fantastic Sams either because the chain of salons offer a relatively wider range of services. Aside from the basic haircuts services, Fantastic Sams also offers hairstyling, event hairstyling, color treatments, and facial waxing services.

Indeed, men and women will find that Fantastic Sams offers more hairstyling and grooming services than your usual salon. There’s also the fact that the chain only uses its exclusive line of professional shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products. Customers then have the assurance that whatever products are being used on their hair, scalp and face are of the highest quality – safe and effective, in other words. 

Both Fantastic Sams and Great Clips salons are known for their friendly customer service so much so that there’s a general sense of being in a neighbourhood salon where family and friends gather. But the salon technicians know their place, so to speak, and they aren’t the nosy, loud and obnoxious type.

Both brands are also conscious about their image, especially in terms of maintaining a clean, hygienic environment. We like it that every Fantastic Sams and Great Clips salons don’t have hair, dust and debris littering the floors and counters. Being in an unclean salon just makes us want to head to the door and never come again! 

Which of these salon chains is better? Well, we have to say that both are great choices if you’re looking for basic hair care services, affordable prices, and fast and friendly customer service. But if you’re looking for added value, you may want to consider Great Clips because of its reasonably-priced packages. 

In the end, it’s your choice, too! You have to choose based on where you’re most comfortable with, especially since it’s your physical appearance at stake with every visit to a salon. 

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