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McDonald’s Double Filet-O-Fish Review

In this review, I’ll will go over the McDonald’s very popular Filet-O-Fish sandwich. In fact, I will review the double filet-o-fish with no tartar sauce (more on that later).

The regular single Filet-O-Fish is 410 calories with 20g fat, 39g carbs, and 18g protein. But my sandwich was a double and had no tartar sauce, which should be around 440 calories, 16g fat, 48g carbs, and 28g protein. Overall, I get more carbs and protein, and less fat (due to lack of tartar sauce).

So why did I remove the tartar sauce you might ask? The primary reason is that they usually put too much of it and it makes the entire sandwich a little too tartar-y. Sometimes if I feel like having it with tartar sauce, I’ll ask for a regular Filet-o-Fish and then scrape off most of the tartar sauce off.

In any case, this is a fantastic fish sandwich with or without tartar sauce and it is entirely up to you whether you get it with or without tartar sauce.

First Look

On the first glance, you can see the Filet-O-Fish comes in a nice box of its own. You can’t miss what’s in it since it says it with big bold letters. This is actually good when you first get your order so you can check the bag quickly and make sure they got your order right.

When you open the box, you see the sandwich there in all its glory. It’s a pretty simple fish sandwich, which is probably why I like it. Buns, Alaskan Pollock fish patty, slice of American cheese, and tartar sauce if you don’t modify your sandwich.

Filet-O-Fish is around $3.99 for just the sandwich and $5.99 for the meal. If you opt to go for just the double sandwich, it is around $4.69.

First Bite

Biting into the Filet-O-Fish for the first time reveals a very soft and steamy taste. The buns are steamed so it makes them very soft. The partially melted American cheese slice gives it a very slight milky flavor.

The fish patty is very soft and fish comes apart very easily. There’s no chewy or suspect parts at all. Very uniform color and texture throughout.

If you get a very freshly-made sandwich, biting into the patty can sometimes ooze watery liquid, probably from the way it was steamed or fried. The only downside of that is it can be very hot and you can burn your mouth on it.


It is not unreasonable to conclude that the Filet-O-Fish, especially the way I configure it, is THE best fish sandwich from any national fast food chain. It has all the things that make it the winner: soft bun, soft and delicious fish patty, and melted American cheese.

I’ve tried the Big Fish sandwich from Burger King and in my opinion it doesn’t even compare. The Big Fish is way too greasy and it almost never looks the same.

Same goes for the Premium Cod Fish Sandwich from Wendy’s. While it is also a flavorful fish sandwich, it’s just not a great total package. The Filet-O-Fish is one of the most consistent fish sandwiches you can get and it never disappoints.

So the final verdict is get it right away and don’t look back.

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