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Popeye’s vs. KFC vs. Church’s Chicken

Chicken is always a favorite fast-food dish all over the world. The taste of it is familiar, yet plenty of recipes can offer new exciting takes on how it ought to be cooked. In fast-food, the chicken sector is dominated by the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken and millions of people love their KFC chicken.

Yet the point of being on top of the heap is for others to take aim at dethroning the current champion. That’s why brands such as Popeye’s and Church’s Chicken are taking great strides in try to narrow the gap between them and KFC.


This is the iconic brand to which every other challenger is compared. If you want to make it big in the fast food chicken industry, you have to deal with the KFC fame. It strides across the industry like a Colossus.

It’s true that KFC chicken is way better than simple fried chicken offered by street vendors and home-cooking moms all over the world. It helps that a single piece of chicken can be huge, and it can be difficult for some to finish 2 pieces in one sitting. At least with KFC, you don’t end up still hungry after the meal.

However, its taste may seem a bit bland once you try other upcoming brands like Popeye’s and Church’s Chicken. The skin may also be comparatively disappointing, as it’s not crispy or even substantial enough.

It’s also extremely greasy, so be prepared to use up a whole bunch of napkins. The biscuit with the chicken is also somewhat chalky, but somehow it works.

Still, it offers a comfortable dining experience, and it offers a familiar taste for many. Also, you’re more likely to find a KFC near your place. When you get a hankering for chicken, the Colonel is conveniently near.


This brand offers a Southern Louisiana take on fried chicken, and many people appreciate its different taste. The flavor hints strongly of some Cajun influence, and it may feel like you’re visiting Louisiana and having a blast at a tailgate party. Their establishments offer a homey vibe that’s hard to beat.

They offer huge pieces as well, so a single piece of it can be enough for a meal. The skin is extremely crispy, and each crunchy flake is a guilty pleasure. It’s going to be hard to stick to a diet when you’re faced with such a chicken.

The chicken meat is also quite juice and scrumptious, and the flavor is strong. It’s not like the taste of chicken that companies grow in a standard farm. It’s still somewhat greasy so napkins will be necessary, but it’s not that bad.

What about the biscuit? Well, there’s nothing really special about it. Some people compare it to a hockey puck, so it’s not exactly an award winner. But then with Popeye’s, the chicken is the main thing, and its lovely Mom-n’-Pop vibe is wonderful.

Church’s Chicken

Fans of the brand consider it as the KFC of gourmet fried chicken. It’s almost as prevalent as the KFC brand when it comes to US locations, but then it’s quite apparent that Church’s Chicken seems to take more care when it comes to chicken preparation.

The breading gives you the impression of buttermilk, and you get huge thick chunks of breading flakes. They’re truly terrific, and it manages to compensate for the rather middling quality of the chicken meat itself. The chicken does have this tangy taste that’s almost sweet, so it’s not as bland as the KFC.

The overall taste is actually delicious, so it’s not as if your taste buds are going to suffer when you come here. It also helps that Church’s Chicken is the least greasy of them all, though a napkin will still prove handy.

The biscuit is also delightful, and it’s like a dessert to go along with your chicken. It’s actually like cornbread because it’s been doused liberally in a sticky substance that resembles honey.

The Church’s Chicken formula is actually simple, but it sure works. You get the quality you want in a level that’s above KFC quality, and you can probably find one of their establishments nearby.


KFC is still the most popular of them all, and it doesn’t hurt that there are so many KFC locations all over the place. It offers a familiar taste and it’s more likely that you’ll find a KFC joint nearby rather than a Popeye’s or a Church’s Chicken.

On the other hand, Popeye’s and Church’s Chicken offer a terrific alternative to the ubiquitous KFC. According to newly converted fans, their offerings are tastier and better. So KFC needs a wake-up call. If they don’t try to keep up and offer better quality, then their brand superiority won’t last much longer.

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