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Taco Bell Nacho Fries Review

Taco Bell launched the Nacho Fries, which are only $1, at the end of January. So while it has been selling for a couple of months, I decided to write a review about it and go over some of the most important things.

If you’re getting just the fries, they come in a fairly small size with nacho cheese dipping cup. Nacho Fries themselves are around 240 calories, but when you add the 140 calorie cheese dip, it all ends up being around 400 calories total.

First Bite

Upon the first bite you immediately notice the difference in Nacho Fries vs. all other fries.

First of all, these fries are not crunchy at all, in fact they are pretty soft and limp. If I had to compare them to any other fries, I’d say they’re closest to Rally’s/Checkers fries. Both have similar texture and both are also very greasy.

Second of all, the fries are seasoned quite a bit. They are so seasoned that you barely taste much potato at all. This is not about the fries, but rather about the signature Taco Bell seasonings that we’ve come to love in all of their food items.

The seasoning is not there just for the sake of being there. It actually adds a bit of spice to the fries. No, these fries aren’t as spicy as Cajun Fries from Five Guys for example, but they still have some spice to them.

The nacho dipping cup offers something we all love. Nacho cheese to dip the fries into. Granted we are all probably used to having the cheese poured over the fries, but dipping them into the cheese works just as well. It might even be better as you can preserve whatever crunchiness these fries have, which again, is very little. The nacho cheese also gives these fries a bit of creaminess. Since you’re obviously not going to dip these in ketchup, it seems like you need to have some sort of condiment, even if it is melted gooey cheese.

Final Verdict

This is another great addition to Taco Bell’s dollar cravings menu. In a time when fries can add as much as $2-3 to your bill, it is great to have an option to get $1 fries. Yes, these fries are pretty small, but they’re pretty filling and make a great companion to one of the other Taco Bell ideas such as the Crunchwrap Supreme or Chicken Quesadilla.

Either way, if you need something different to try and don’t know what, Nacho Fries are a good way to go and won’t break your wallet.

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