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Top 10 Best Fast Food Restaurants

When we’re hungry and out of the house, most of end up going to a fast food restaurant to fill up. After all, the food is reasonably tasty, they come quickly, and the prices are affordable. It’s why the fast food industry is in no danger of failing.

But when you’re in the supermall with too many fast food restaurant options, which one should you go to? Which ones are the best? That can be hard to answer, as of course it all depends on your personal preferences.

It’s also hard to say judge fast-food restaurants. What standards do we use? Do we judge by annual earnings, by expert ratings, or by the number of franchise locations? Perhaps we can just rank them according to customer satisfaction instead. If a fast-food restaurant gets good ratings from most of their diners, then there’s a good chance you’ll like it too.

Let’s see who makes the list of fast food restaurants with excellent customer satisfaction scores:

  1. Chick-fil-A. For many fans of fast food, the rise of Chick-fil-A on a list like this is actually not surprising at all. That’s because there’s a lot about this fast food brand that diners love. You have more than 2,200 restaurant locations and they’re all clean and properly maintained. Their ordering system is very orderly, so huge volumes of orders can be processed efficiently. Their menu offers their excellent chicken sandwich with many different other options available for a limited time only. Nobody seems to have a bad word to say about this brand at all.
  2. Panera Bread. Their soups are terrific. Their sandwiches remind you of those leftover sandwiches you enjoy after Thanksgiving. The mac and cheese is sublime. Then there’s the bakery offerings, and the hot and cold drinks. You even have healthier options as well. Seriously, this brand does comfort food like nobody else.
  3. Papa John’s. Yes, the press is full of reports about a sales slump at Papa John’s. But nobody’s saying that their pizza is bad. They remain good, and their plain cheese pizza is still the iconic pizza that everyone loves.
  4. Subway. Here’s another brand that’s been bedeviled by several negative press coverage in recent years. There’s the brouhaha with the spokesperson, and some rumblings about a “yoga mat” ingredient. But the truth of the matter is that customers remain impressed with the freshness of their ingredients, so the sandwiches are always tasty. Add their extremely efficient ordering system, and it’s a clear winner in the fast food industry.
  5. Arby’s. If Subway has a rival, it’s this brand. Arby unapologetically focuses on giving you the meat you want in your sandwich. Arby’s has also carved out a reputation for delivering premium-quality food at very quickly. They’re fast, and the food is fantastic—it’s why fast food rocks.
  6. Have you a hankering for Tex-Mex? For many fast food fans, that means you’re looking for a Chipotle branch to satisfy your cravings. The brand has been spending more money for better-trained staff people, and their restaurants have been shiny and clean too.
  7. Dunkin’ Donuts. This brand actually beats out Starbucks when it comes to customer satisfaction by a large margin. They offer donuts and coffee, which for many is like the breakfast everyone can enjoy. You get a wide range of flavors, and the coffee is more affordable. Take a seat and enjoy the unpretentious atmosphere of the place. Hmm, donuts—Homer Simpson will feel right at home.
  8. Domino’s. Very few people actually dine in at a Domino’s restaurant. Their main appeal is how they can get your pizza delivered as quickly as possible, so they’re hot and tasty. Try their version of the Supreme pizza, and you’ll get a delectable concoction of ingredients that match together perfectly. This is the pizza to call for when friends are hanging out at your place. Once it arrives, it’s like having a party.
  9. Sure, there are plenty of new fried chicken joints that are trying to usurp KFC’s dominance of the industry. Yet year after year, customers express their satisfaction with the brand with glowing words of praise. For many, this is still the chicken joint to visit. The chicken pieces are large and juicy, the gravy is still great, and they offer many side dishes. Just order a bucket, and you have the food for a meal or for a beer drinking session while watching a football game.
  10. Little Caesars. Unlike other pizza places, Little Caesars aren’t really interested in quick deliveries. Instead, they want people to come to their place to enjoy the pizza fresh from the oven. They offer a wide variety of tasty pizzas, yet the price is lower than in other places. That’s a good enough reason to get out of the house for pizza!

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