Turn Your Gym-Related Self-Consciousness Into A Sexy Mindset!

Just do it! This is the once-popular slogan of a world-famous athletic gear company and every person who has ever achieved his or her goal at the gym will attest to its effectiveness. Even the decision to adopt a healthier diet and exercise plan started with the mindset of just doing it before the nerves and naysayers overwhelm them.

But we also acknowledge that there are people whose self-consciousness about going to the gym, much less about staying in it, more often than not prevents them from just doing it. This isn’t surprising for many reasons, such as the misconception that every person in the gym looks good in their tight workout gear, as evidenced by the photos on brochures and websites.

This is such a shame considering the gym is among the best places to be for a healthier mind and body! Here are a few essential tips that you can adopt in turning your self-consciousness into a sexy mindset, even before you step foot inside the likes of Gold’s Gym. If you’re wondering how much gym memberships cost, you can view up-to-date Gold’s Gym prices on PriceListo.

Come with a Solid Plan

While the “Just do it!” motto can be your guide in becoming more confident about going to the gym, you will find that your confidence will be bolstered by a solid game plan. You will not going around the gym like a headless chicken, so to speak, because you know what you are in the gym for, where you will go (i.e., equipment or class), and how long you will stay, among others.

If necessary, you can print out your workout plan although you can also keep it in your head. Your personal trainer, which we highly recommend for first-timers, can also be your guide in your workout plan, as well as make you feel at ease while you’re in the gym. You should also come prepared with the things that you will need during (e.g., music playlist) and after (e.g., extra set of clothes and toiletries) after your workout.

Plus, when you have a plan, you’re also planning to succeed!

Dress for Your Own Comfort

When you feel comfortable in your workout gear, even when you aren’t too comfortable with your body at present, you will be more confident about stepping inside the gym. You don’t have to wear the current common workout gear of Spandex tank top and leggings either. You just have to wear whatever feels comfortable yet still allow for safe, effective and free movement during exercise, such as jogging pants or shorts and a cotton T-shirt with rubber sneakers.

You can change your style as you gain more confidence in your body and its movements. You will also likely realize that certain workout gear are best for specific exercises, such as yoga pants for your yoga classes.

Think Everybody Starts from the Bottom

When you start becoming intimidated by the fit and toned bodies surrounding your flabby one, you have to remember that everybody started from the bottom. To put it in another way, everybody was born with work to do on their bodies instead of being born with defined abs. Everybody also had to learn the ins and outs of the exercise equipment and machine, as well as the capacities and limits of their bodies so there’s no reason to feel more stupid than they are.

Start thinking along these lines and you will be less likely to be intimidated by your fellow gym-goers and by the exercise machines in the gym. You may even find that many of your fellow gym-goers will offer their assistance so that you can use the treadmill, elliptical machine, or rowing machine, as well as the wide range of mechanical weight training equipment.  You can also rely on your personal trainer to make the proper introductions about the machines’ features including their safe and effective uses.

Build Your Confidence in Increments

Your confidence will not be at 100% during your first week at the gym but just keep building on it and you will eventually get there. You will find, too, that even your personal trainer and yoga instructor, for example, will adopt a bottoms-up approach – build your foundation of proper form and technique first before progressing to more advanced moves.

Think of the confidence-building process as a cycle, too. When you start exercising even with your low level of confidence, your mind and body undergoes concrete changes that fuel your confidence. The more you learn about yourself including your physical capabilities, the more confident you will be – and the cycle starts again.

Focus on Yourself

You just have to do your thing because the other people in the gym are also doing theirs! Even when you feel like everybody’s looking at you, perhaps thinking mean thoughts about you and your body, you are most likely wrong. You have no reason to be self-conscious because nobody’s really focusing on others because they’re focusing on themselves.

While this may sound selfish, it’s actually a good thing. If gym-goers started disparaging each other for their physical flaws, among other things, then they wouldn’t achieve anything of value, much less their goals, in the gym.

Soon enough, your sexy mindset will be complemented by your fit body – and that’s all the encouragement you will need to get more gym time.

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