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Egg Biryani
A Variant Of Veg Biryani For Egg Lovers And Wild Vegetarians, Both.
₹195.00 -₹90.00 -31.58%
Egg Roll
Original Price : INR125.00
₹125.00 - -
Chicken Bharta
Original Price : INR315.00 Flavourful Shredded Chicken Curry With A Melt-In-Your-Mouth Texture. Perfect Thing To Overeat With Rotis :)
₹315.00 - -
Shahi Tukda ₹125.00 - -
Dal Makhani
Original Price : INR215.00 Linked With Great Moods And Country Travel. Black Gram Concocted With Tomatoes, Cream And What Not.
₹215.00 - -

Most Popular

Phirni ₹125.00 -₹20.00 -13.79%
Honey, its Potato
Stir fried potato fingers in a seasoning of crushed garlic, chilli powder, and a dash of honey.
₹175.00 -₹20.00 -10.26%
Chicken Kebab
Oven cooked kebabs rolled in a secret blend of spices.
₹295.00 -₹40.00 -11.94%
Murgh Malahiya
A touch of cream and cheese and a tight rope walk over fire.
₹295.00 -₹40.00 -11.94%

Veg Openers

Honey It's Potato
Original Price : INR175.00 Stir Fried Potato Fingers In A Seasoning Of Crushed Garlic, Chilli Powder And A Dash Of Honey.
₹175.00 - -
Idli UFOs
Original Price : INR195.00 Served with sambar, home ground podi, and tomato chutney
₹195.00 - -
Paneer Tikka
Original Price : INR275.00 A Party Of Paneer And Bellpeppers Which Have Fun Getting Pierced In The Chambers Of Hell.
₹275.00 - -

Openers- Veg

Honey, its Potato (Openers- Veg) ₹175.00 -₹20.00 -10.26%
Idli UFOs (Openers- Veg)
Served with sambar, home ground podi, and tomato chutney.
₹195.00 - -
Paneer Tikka (Openers- Veg)
A party for vegetables which have fun getting pierced and shine even more after doing time in the chambers of hell.
₹275.00 -₹20.00 -6.78%

Non Veg Openers

Chicken Seekh Kebab
Oven cooked minced chicken seekh kebabs rolled in a blend of spices and a dazzle of lemon.
₹295.00 - -
Chicken Tikka
Roasted nuggets of flavourful chicken which you keep counting until they are over.
₹295.00 - -
Dhaniya Murgh
Chunky chicken marinated in goodness of coriander leaves. Roasted in tandoor till golden.
₹285.00 - -
Fish Tikka
Low fat firm-fleshed fish gets a spice rub and a grilling tour in Tandoor.
₹365.00 - -
Indie Chicken
Original Price : INR295.00 Chunks Of Chicken Cooked With Peppered Yoghurt And Caramelised Onion. A Tender Blend Of Goodness On A Plate.
₹295.00 - -
Murg Malahiya
A touch of cream & cheese and a tight rope walk over fire. Tikkas in snow white glory.
₹295.00 - -
Tandoori Chicken [H]
Original Price : INR365.00 One Of The Wonderful Things That Come Out Of The Oven. Charcoal Crusted Wholesome Chicken
₹365.00 - -
Tandoori Tangdi
Original Price : INR185.00
₹185.00 - -

Openers- Non Veg

Chicken Kebab (Openers- Non Veg) ₹295.00 -₹40.00 -11.94%
Murgh Malahiya (Openers- Non Veg) ₹295.00 -₹40.00 -11.94%
Tandoori Chicken (H)
One of the wonderful things that come out of the oven. Charcoal crusted wholesome chicken
₹365.00 - -

Veg Curries Mains

Aloo Mattar
Original Price : INR215.00 The Little Green Peas Along With Potatoes Cooked In A Sauce Of
₹215.00 - -
Aloo Tamatar
Original Price : INR215.00 You Like Potato - I Like Potahto, You Like Tomato - I Like Tomahto. Whoever Orders The Pooris Wins.
₹215.00 - -
Besan Ke Gatte
Original Price : INR215.00 Besan, Curd And Spices Alone Have Made This Dish Stand Tall Even Without A Camel, In Places Beyond Rajasthan.
₹215.00 - -
Chatpata Paneer
Original Price : INR285.00 Paneer And Capsicum Sauteed In A Home-Blend Dry-Ish Sauce Of Spices.
₹285.00 - -
Original Price : INR215.00 Onion Fritters In A Curd Sauce. Each Element Builds Upon Another As If It Is A Dahi Handi Competition Of Dishes.
₹215.00 - -
Lauki Ke Kofte
Original Price : INR215.00 Bottle Gourd Dumplings In A Juicy Sauce. So Wonderful Things Do Happen To Common People N
₹215.00 - -
Mattar Paneer
Original Price : INR285.00 Green Peas Have Put Up Their Camp Around The Town. Once Ripe Red Tomatoes Squish In With Paneer, It Would Be Of The Best Invite Of The Season.
₹285.00 - -
Palak Paneer
Original Price : INR285.00 It’s not often that people create a celebratory dish by beating the hell out of spinach. A gem in Indian cuisine
₹285.00 - -
Paneer Lababdar
Original Price : INR285.00 Paneer Gets Creamier And Tastier In A Lush Sauce Seasoned With Tickling Spices.
₹285.00 - -
Shahi Paneer
Original Price : INR315.00 Cubes Of Paneer In A Sauce Of Juicy Tomatoes, Cream And Spices. 9Th Best Way To Pamper Oneself.
₹315.00 - -

Mains- Veg

Aloo Matar
Green peas are here. The little green things along with potatoes cooked in a sauce of juicy tomatoes. Enjoy while they are here :)
₹215.00 - -
Kadhi (Mains- Veg)
Onion fritters in a curd sauce.
₹215.00 - -
Shahi Paneer (Mains- Veg)
Cubes of paneer in a sauce of juicy tomatoes, cream, and spices.
₹315.00 - -
Matar Paneer
Green peas have put up their camp around the town. Once ripe red tomatoes squish in with paneer, it would be of the best invite of the season.
₹285.00 -₹30.00 -9.52%

Non Veg Mains

Butter Chicken
Original Price : INR315.00 With A Sauce That Is Mild Flavoured And Rich To A Fault, Butter Chicken Is A Dish That Needs No Introduction.
₹315.00 - -
Chicken Bharta (Non Veg Mains) ₹315.00 - -
Chicken Chilli
Original Price : INR315.00 Chicken Lightly Seasoned With Soy Sauce And Black Pepper. Pair It With Rotis Or Lehsuni Paratha, The Indo-Chinese Style.
₹315.00 - -
Chicken Masala
Original Price : INR315.00 Chicken Cooked In A Thick Sauce Of Spices And Sprinkled With Kasuri Methi.
₹315.00 - -
Ghar ki Murgi
Original Price : INR315.00 Rejuvenating Broth With Minimal Spices In Which The Chicken Is Cooked. Decide For Yourself If Ghar Ki Murgi Is Dal Barabar Or Not.
₹315.00 - -
Mutton Curry
Original Price : INR495.00 Lamb Cooked In A Frugal Mix Of Spices Until It Gets Rich In Its Own Aroma And Flavour.
₹495.00 - -
Mutton Kosha
Original Price : INR495.00 This Alone Would Have Made Countless Bengali Weddings Memorable. Lamb Cooked Until All The Sauce Is Reduced Giving Way To Its Rich Flavour.
₹495.00 - -
Palak Chicken
Original Price : INR315.00 Chicken Meets Green Leaf. Cooked In A Thick Sauce Made With Spinach Puree And Coriander Seeds.
₹315.00 - -

Mains- Non Veg

Ghar ki Murgi (Mains- Non Veg)
The preparation is minimalist with focus on the rejuvenating broth in which the chicken is made.
₹315.00 -₹30.00 -8.70%
Chicken Chilli (Mains- Non Veg)
Chicken lightly seasoned with soy sauce and black pepper. Pair it with rotis or lehsuni paratha, the Indo-Chinese style.
₹315.00 -₹30.00 -8.70%
Highway Chicken (with bone)
A rustic preparation from the east of Uttar Pradesh. Be careful of red chillies and some sharp bones. Enjoy !
₹315.00 -₹30.00 -8.70%
Chicken Bharta (shredded)
Flavourful shredded chicken curry with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Perfect thing to overeat with rotis :)
₹315.00 -₹30.00 -8.70%

Veg Dry Shift Mains

Aloo Methi
Original Price : INR225.00 Potatoes And Green Methi Leaves Withstand Flames, Constant Stir And What Not To Arrive As One Of The Better Side Dishes.
₹225.00 - -
Baingan Bharta
Original Price : INR225.00 Roasted Aubergines Mashed With Chillies And Tomatoes. Spread It Between Rotis And You Have A Sandwich.
₹225.00 - -
Jeere Wali Bhindi
Original Price : INR225.00 True To Its Country Origins, Okra Shaken And Cooked With Minimal Elements. Mild And Different.
₹225.00 - -
Paneer Bhurji
Original Price : INR315.00 Bringing Back The Old Love Of Bhurjis. Soft And Tender Paneer Scrambled With Select Spices.
₹315.00 - -
Phool Gobhi
Original Price : INR225.00 Florets Of Cauliflower Cooked Lightly With Diced Potatoes. Nothing More Nothing Less.
₹225.00 - -

The Dry Shift

Arbi Ajwaini
An old style use of ajwain (carom seeds) and a dash of lemon.
₹225.00 - -
Florets of cauliflower cooked lightly with diced potatoes.
₹225.00 - -

Veg Rolling Peas Mains

Original Price : INR215.00 Chickpeas patiently cooked until its flavour gets deep into the sauce.
₹215.00 - -
Dal Makhani (Veg Rolling Peas Mains) ₹215.00 - -
Original Price : INR215.00 When Combined With Rice, This Becomes A Comfort Dish For Many. Modest And Yet King Size.
₹215.00 - -
Southcoast Sambar
Original Price : INR195.00 Vegetable - Lentil Broth, Perfect As Comfort Food During Summers Or Winters, Brunches Or Dinners.
₹195.00 - -
Yellow Dal
Original Price : INR215.00 Ironically The Name Of This Dal Is Red Gram. Actually, Forget The Trivia And Enjoy The Daily Affair.
₹215.00 - -

Rolling Peas

Chole (Rolling Peas)
Chickpeas patiently cooked until its flavour gets deep into the sauce.
₹215.00 - -
Yellow Daal
Dal is red gram.
₹215.00 - -
Rajma (Rolling Peas)
When combined with rice, this becomes a comfort dish for many. Modest and yet king size.
₹215.00 - -

Rice Works

Chicken Biryani
Chicken Slow Cooked With Spices And Played Around With Rice. A Dish Full Of Aroma And Flavour.
₹245.00 -₹80.00 -24.62%
Dal Khichdi
Original Price : INR225.00 A blend of dals and rice is cooked till super soft and tempered with spices and a hint of ghee
₹225.00 - -
Egg Biryani (Rice Works) ₹195.00 - -
Mutton Biryani
The Search For Delicious Mutton And A Great Biryani Never Ends. And That
₹385.00 -₹130.00 -25.24%
Steamed Rice
Original Price : INR125.00 Boil Rice, Then Atram Shatram, Bla Bla And Humdrum. Intense Prep Work!
₹125.00 - -
Chicken Biryani (Rice Works)
Chicken slow cooked with spices and played around with rice. A dish full of aroma and flavour.
₹325.00 -₹40.00 -10.96%
Veg Biryani
A cracko dish that can bring the love for rice back. Aromatic rice layered with spices and vegetables
₹195.00 -₹90.00 -31.58%
Southcoast Khichdi
Rice khichdi complete with the spices from the coasts of South India and some crunchy peanuts to keep you going back for more.
₹225.00 - -

Breads and Rolls

Aloo Paratha ₹125.00 - -
Phulka (Breads and Rolls) ₹25.00 - -
Chicken Roll
Original Price : INR175.00
₹175.00 - -
Egg Chicken Roll
Original Price : INR195.00
₹195.00 - -
Egg Roll (Breads and Rolls) ₹125.00 - -
Keema Kabab Roll ₹175.00 - -
Lehsuni Paratha ₹75.00 -₹20.00 -21.05%
Lasooni Paratha
Original Price : INR75.00
₹75.00 - -
Methi Paratha
Original Price : INR95.00
₹95.00 - -
Aloo Paratha (Breads and Rolls) ₹125.00 -₹20.00 -13.79%
Naan-e-Taftoon ₹75.00 - -
Paneer Paratha
Original Price : INR155.00
₹155.00 - -
Paneer Roll ₹155.00 - -
Original Price : INR15.00
₹15.00 - -
Keema Paratha ₹195.00 - -
Original Price : INR25.00
₹25.00 - -
Plain Paratha
Original Price : INR45.00
₹45.00 - -
Poori Shoori ₹25.00 - -
Keema Kebab Roll (Chicken) ₹175.00 - -
Keema Roll (Chicken) ₹195.00 - -


Gulab Jamun (Desserts) ₹125.00 - -
Gulab Jamun ₹125.00 - -
Shahi Tukda (Desserts) ₹125.00 - -
Gajar ka Halwa ₹135.00 - -


Amul Buttermilk
Original Price : INR17.00
₹17.00 - -
Mini Thums Up ₹35.00 - -
Original Price : INR115.00 Boondi In Curd Tempered With Cumin And Mint To Freshen Up And Cool Things Down.
₹115.00 - -
Thums Up [Mini]
Original Price : INR35.00
₹35.00 - -

Mix Doubles

Make Your Own Non Veg Combo
Original Price : INR385.00 Accompanied+rice and roti
₹385.00 - -
Make Your Own Veg Combo
Original Price : INR315.00 Accompanied+rice and roti
₹315.00 - -

Mixed Doubles

Kadhi and Bhindi
With half rice and phulka (2 pcs).
₹345.00 - -
Choose Your Own Set (Veg) ₹315.00 -₹30.00 -8.70%
Shahi Paneer and Yellow Dal ₹375.00 - -
Choose Your Own Set (Non Veg) ₹385.00 -₹30.00 -7.23%
Butter Chicken and Yellow Dal ₹415.00 - -
Ghar ki Murgi and Aloo Methi ₹415.00 - -
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