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Popular Items

Assorted pickles (tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage) right from the barrel.
$7.95 - -
Greek Salad
Salad greens, red onions, cucumbers, feta cheese, tomatoes, and seasoned with a touch of olive oil.
$8.95 - -

Hot Appetizers

Mamaliga (My Moldova)
Cornmeal served by a choice of feta cheese, sour cream, or deep fried chicken greaves.
$12.95 - -
Cabbage rolls stuffed with ground beef and rice, onion, and carrot.
$12.95 - -
Grilled traditional sausages served with sweet peas and onions.
$13.95 - -
Two pieces. Turkey burger.
$11.95 - -

Cold Appetizers

Pickles (Cold Appetizers) $7.95 - -
Veal Tongue
Veal tongue in horseradish sauce.
$8.95 - -
Fish Assortment
Assortment of cold-smoked fish.
$16.95 - -
Meat Assortments
Veal tongue and chicken roullet.
$11.95 - -
Herring fillet pieces with onion and olives.
$7.95 - -
Farshmak Gehakte Herring
Herring fillet with minced apple, eggs, and onions.
$8.95 - -
Tomatoes & Feta Cheese
Cheese platter with tomatoes.
$8.95 - -
Bean Tsimes (a Yiddishe Sniper)
Mashed bean paste with roasted onion, olive oil, and spices.
$5.95 - -
Served with olive oil, paprika, pine nuts (by your choice), and chopped parsley.
$7.95 - -
Village Style Eggplant
Grilled eggplant salad with homemade oil, spices, and tomatoes.
$9.95 - -
(Olivier) Salad
Meat, diced potatoes, eggs, carrots, green peas,nd pickles with а touch of mayonnaise.
$7.95 - -
Tender meat jelly with spiced horseradish and russian style.
$10.95 - -
Served with olive oil, lemon, chopped parsly,and paprika.
$3.50 - -
(Odessa) Salad
Braised eggplant with oil, spices, and tomatoes. Odessa style.
$8.95 - -
Chicken Liver Pate
Delicious chicken liver spread.
$8.50 - -

Mama's Soups

Chicken Broth
Chicken broth with noodles or kreplach or matzah balls.
$7.95 - -
Broccoli Cream Soup
Toronto taste a thick and satisfying broccoli soup that makes a delicious lunch.
$7.95 - -
Red Borscht
Meatless red borscht served with pampushka (Ukrainian garlic bread) and sour cream.
$7.95 - -
Solyanka Soup
Made with assorted smoked meats, olives, and capers.
$7.95 - -
Kharcho Soup
Gеorgian meat soup with rice, vegetables, and spices.
$7.95 - -
Fish Soup
Fish soup with assortment of fish and spices.
$7.95 - -

Kids Soup

Chicken Broth (Kids Soup)
Meatballs, croutons, and noodles.
$3.95 - -

Mama's Salad

Garden Salad
Spring mix, red onion, tomatoes, and cucumbers with mama's dressing.
$8.95 - -
Homemade Salad
Cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, dill with aromatic oil, and lemon.
$8.95 - -
Caesar Salad
Crisp romaine and aged parmesan cheese in mama’s creamy dressing.
$7.95 - -
Greek Salad (Mama's Salad) $8.95 - -
Beet Salad
Beet, nuts, raisins with garlic, and mayonnaise.
$5.95 - -
Coleslaw Salad
Chopped cabbage and carrots with sour and sweet sauce with olive oil.
$4.95 - -

Mama's Specials

Chicken Liver Flambe (Amehaya)
Fried chicken liver with onion, spices, and chef's sаuce.
$13.95 - -
A Scheine Elzale
Classic Jewish dish and stuffed chicken neck.
$13.00 - -
Kischka (Fin a Groisser Buch)
Sausage with mushroom sauce.
$12.95 - -
Three pieces. Potato pancakes are shallow-fried, made from ground potato, flour and egg, often flavoured with grated onion or garlic and seasoning.
$8.95 - -
Poperechka (Mein Tates Balebte)
Boiled beef brisket with buckwheat and beans.
$18.95 - -
Esik-Fleisch (a Zai Ur of Mir)
Sweet and sour beef, by my mother's recipe.
$16.95 - -
Gefilte Fish (Mein Bobeles Tom)
Gefilte fish made from different types of fish, such as carp, and whitefish or pike.
$11.00 - -
Lamb Shank Az Veiz Mein Fisale
Baked lamb shank under own sauce.
$16.95 - -

Main Meat Dishes

Breaded Chicken Schnitzel
Boneless chicken breast coated with flour, mashed eggs, and fried.
$16.95 - -
Dark chicken meat served with your choice of side dish.
$14.95 - -
Shishkebab (Main Meat Dishes)
Chicken breast served with your choice of side dish.
$16.95 - -
Rack of Lamb
Lamb chops in a spicy sauce with your choice of side dish.
$26.95 - -
Lamb Chops
Lamb steak with your choice of side dish.
$18.95 - -
Chicken Kiev
Breaded chicken breast fillet pounded and rolled around cold garlic, butter, and herbs with your choice of side dish.
$18.95 - -
Chicken Tabaka
Roasted flattened chicken with garlic and herbs, server with your choice of side dish.
$17.95 - -
Uzbek Pilaf
Lamb, rice, carrots, onions, and spices.
$12.95 - -
New York Steak
10 oz. the king of steaks it comes with your choice of side dish.
$24.95 - -
Veal Chops Steak
10 oz. grilled and brushed with mama’s sauce it comes with your choice of side dish.
$24.95 - -

Flour Dishes

One piece. Fried turnover filled with ground lamb or veal.
$3.50 - -
15 pieces. Russian style perogies stuffed with ground chicken or veal.
$9.95 - -
15 pieces. Ukrainian style perogies stuffed with potato and onion or mushrooms or cabbage or salt or sweet cottage cheese or cherries.
$9.95 - -
Baked pastries with farmer's cheese and herbs, potatoes with onions or cabbage.
$12.95 - -
Three pieces. Crepes with chicken and mushroom sauce, mushroom, cabbage, and cottage cheese.
$8.95 - -
Two pieces. Russian style cottage cheese pancakes.
$7.95 - -

Main Fish Dishers

Sea Bass
Sea bass garnished with lemon garlic sauce. Served with a choice of side dish.
$17.95 - -
Salmon Steak
Grilled salmon steak with lemon sauce. Served with your choice of side dish.
$17.95 - -
Bassa Fillet
Bassa fillet in chief's special sauce. Served with your choice of side dish.
$12.95 - -
Rainbow Trout
Grilled trout fillet served with your choice of side dish.
$18.95 - -

Kids Main Dish

Chicken Nuggets $8.95 - -
Chicken Fingers $7.95 - -

Kids Side Dish

Mashed Potato $1.95 - -
French Fries $3.00 - -
Rice $1.95 - -

Side Dishes

Crispy Potatoes
Crispy potatoes with garlic and parsley.
$3.50 - -
Boiled Potatoes
Boiled potatoes served with butter.
$2.50 - -
Mashed Potatoes $3.50 - -
Rice (Side Dishes)
$2.50 - -
Buckwheat $2.50 - -
French Fries (Side Dishes)
French-fried potatoes.
$4.50 - -
Steam or grilled vegetables.
$3.50 - -


Napoleon $3.95 - -
Shtroodel $3.95 - -
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