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Pulutan (Appetizers)

6 Piece Athena's Lumpia
"Lumpia" is Philippine tradition in cuisine and hospitality. Lumpia is served in a rice wrap, to deep fry a taste of perfect quality. This appetizer treats you to 90/10 USDA, seasoned beef, onions, and hand-cut, julienne-style carrots and green beans. The appetizer portion is 6 pieces, and can be ordered in quantities for catering. --House sweet chili sauce on side.
$8.50 - -
Cheese Fries
Cheese fries are perfectly cut, seasoned, and served in Monterey jack/cheddar cheese. Cheese and fries equally fit for descriptive quality and convenience of American eat, and add bacon for $1.50! --choose a ranch-style sauce, sour cream compliment to a 'loaded baked potato', or Ketchup.
$6.00 - -
If I Had Wings...
These wings are neither large nor small. You choose 6pcs or 10,and you choose a style: Buffalo-Style (mild) or Hot, Plain, Garlic Parmesan, BBQ or Teriyaki. ---Choose a sauce on your order: ranch or bleu cheese, buffalo-style sauce, hot sauce, bbq, teriyaki, or honey mustard.
$7.00 - -
Let's taco about it!
You have a choice, flour tortilla or corn? In the middle, fish or chicken, fresh cut lettuce and cilantro, onion and tomato? On the side, sour cream or salsa? Fish tacos are $9.00, and Chicken tacos are $8.00.
$8.00 - -
Fish (Isda) bites
Life is a beach? This is a buttermilk battered, lightly breaded and deep fried white fish filet served on a plate of fries. ---a lemon compliment and homemade tartar sauce, or have your choice of sauce.
$8.00 - -
Chicken tender
Buttermilk and panko perfection (style: Japanese bread crumb), strips of chicken battered, and deep fried. ---Your choice of sauce.
$8.00 - -
Such a Shrimp
8-10 pcs of select shrimp prepared panko style of Japanese bread crumb, fried, and complimented in an Asian-style sweet chili sauce, or shrimp can be: blackened and grilled (spice), plain, or seafood battered. ---choice of sauce. $10.00
$10.00 - -
Nietzsche's Nachos
'You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.' - friedrich nietzsche. Nachos are Nachos!! These nachos have a heavenly high stack of tortilla chips, fried and seasoned, and layers of cheese. Choices: Beef and chicken, or Veg-on style, jalapeno, lettuce, onion, tomato, a side of Salsa, and sour cream. $8.00 or $10.00
$8.00 - -
Seafood Nachos
Nietzsches nachos topped with grilled and seasoned fish and shrimp.
$13.00 - -


Two if by Sea Salmon
This salmon is wild-caught, Alaskan Salmon, arranged on lettuce. Choices are one salmon filet, or two filet of salmon, and include a salad arrangement: croutons and parmesan cheese, cucumber and carrots, tomato and onion, green onion (scallion), or Monterey Jack cheddar cheese. ---choice of sauce compliment $13.00 or $18.95
$26.00 - -
The TLC Salad
This item is a tender, loving, chicken, fried tempura and panko (style: Japanese bread crumb), and includes: lettuce, cucumber, carrots, onion, tomato, crouton, and Monterrey jack and cheddar cheese, or parmesan cheese.
$12.00 - -
Taco Salad
taco salad can be seasoned beef or chicken on lettuce (lettuce) and fried tortilla. Salad arrangement is jalapeño and onion, and tomato and Monterey jack and cheddar cheese, to include salsa and sour cream. Taco salad selection is a perfect substitute for nachos.
$10.50 - -
Hipon (Shrimp) Salad
Hipon, fit for a 'heap of shrimp' on lettuce? 'Hipon' is a word for shrimp, and can be pronounced like 'heap-on'. This salad serves six pieces of seasoned, grilled shrimp. Shrimp is not a counterfeit fit, an excellent compliment in salad arrangement, and this salad arrangement includes: lettuce, cucumber, carrots, onion, tomato, croutons, and parmesan cheese.
$14.00 - -
Athena's Ultimate Salad
This menu selection is a salad nemesis, a standard salad, prepared on lettuce (iceberg). An ultimate salad is a choice of salad arrangement, to include these ultimate compliments: wings, fries, bacon, and cheddar and Monterey jack cheese. Wings complicate that standard idea. Fries provide a fair compliment to wings, add cheese and bacon... This menu item is a specialty salad.
$13.00 - -
Grilled Chicken Salad
A select cut is seasoned and grilled, served on lettuce (iceberg). We choose the chicken, you choose your salad arrangement. Salad arrangement includes: lettuce and cucumber, carrots and croutons, tomato, onion, green onion (scallion), Monterey jack and cheddar cheese, and parmesan cheese. ---choice of ranch, honey mustard, oil & vinegar, Italian, bleu cheese...
$9.00 - -
Veg On Salad
All that salad, salad stuff. Served over iceberg lettuce with cucumber, carrots, onion, tomato, croutons, monterey cheddar or Parmesan cheese.
$8.00 - -

American Entree

Two if by Sea Salmon (American Entree)
Salmon weight is approximate, 4 oz. filet of wild-caught salmon. Filet is seasoned and grilled. This menu selection includes two sides, rice and steamed broccoli. You may order for two, and add extra sides. Choice of one or two filet. $13.95 or $18.95
$13.95 - -
Isda Ocean Blue
White fish filet. Served with rice and steamed broccoli.
$12.00 - -
Full of Shrimp
Served with rice and steamed broccoli.
$15.00 - -
Isda Ocean Blue and Full of Shrimp Combo
A big catch combo. Served with rice and steamed broccoli.
$22.00 - -
Fish and Shrimp
1 whole fish filet. 3 savory pieces of shrimp, to appetize your full on seafood craving, and a plate full of fries. Lightly breaded and deep fried, or blackened or grilled
$13.00 - -
Fish and Chips
Our lightly breaded fish bites served with fries and tartar sauce.
$10.00 - -
Stir It Up
Available Vegetarian, Chicken or Shrimp Fresh cut vegetables of broccoli, tomato, Japanese eggplant, onion, carrot, and Asian squash tossed in a savory hoisin sauce with chicken and served over rice.
$12.95 - -
Two If by Sea (Chicken)
Grilled chicken, served with rice and broccoli
$11.95 - -
Shrimp and Lime Chicken Skillet
We blend and simmer. tomato, cilantro, onion, rice and shrimp. +grilled chicken topped with swiss american cheese
$15.00 - -
Stars and Bars Chicken Strips and Fries
Same great tasting app, panko breaded strips of chicken and served with fries and a side of bbq ranch or honey mustard.
$10.95 - -
A Case of Quesadilla
Large flour tortilla, grilled chicken, cheddar and Monterey, green pepper, onion, jalapeno, topped with lettuce, and tomato. Salsa and sour cream side. Served with fresh fried tortilla chips .
$11.00 - -
3 Piece Let's Taco about it
Fish or chicken tacos, lettuce, pico de gallo, onion, cheese, seasoning, served with fresh fried tortilla chips and salsa.
$10.50 - -

Filipino Entree

Pancit Bihon
(Chicken or shrimp) or a combination. Julienne style-hand cut green beans and carrots, onion, cabbage, and tender cuts of chicken, or shrimp. Served with (1) lumpia, sweet chili sauce and spicy Sriracha on the side.
$10.00 - -
Traditional philippine style, slow simmered in coconut vinegar and seasoned chicken or pork. Spicy.
$13.00 - -
Mild, wildly tasteful okra, Japanese eggplant, string bean, onion, squash, winter melon, baboy (pork), fresh garlic and ginger over rice.
$16.00 - -
Isda (fish) deep fried A signature sweet and sour sauce, fresh bell peppers, fresh garlic, carrots and ginger. Served with rice.
$10.95 - -
Rice noodle, USDA beef and egg in a mild atsuete sauce, topped with crushed pork skins or bacon.
$9.00 - -
Fish Curry
Sautee of salmon (1 or 2 filets), coconut cream, okra, eggplant, ginger, red onion, curry curry
$14.95 - -
Isda and Kanin
whole tilapia, prepared in house, and fried to perfection, served with rice and siracha soy and chili
$16.95 - -
Ginisang Ampalaya
(Add shrimp + $4) Egg and ampalaya (bitter melon)sauteed with garlic, onion, and uyap (shrimp paste).
$9.95 - -
Whole fish tilapia cooked in coconut vinegar, fresh ginger, garlic, green beans and Japanese eggplant. Served with rice.
$15.95 - -
A Philippines tradition and featured on the appetizer menu.
$8.50 - -

Between This and That ( with straight cut fries)

A Fili Philly
Steak or chicken grilled with green peppers, onions, and smothered in cheese. Served with Fries, lettuce, tomato and onion.
$16.00 - -
90/10 USDA beef grilled and topped with American cheese. Served with lettuce, tomato, and onion. Served with fries.
$8.00 - -
Breaded Buffalo Sandwich
Panko breaded chicken, tossed in spicy Buffalo sauce. Served with a side of ranch. Lettuce, tomato and onion. Served with Fries
$10.00 - -
Wildfire Fish Filet Sandwich
Our whole fish filet, seafood batter breaded and served on a hoagie with Spicy chili blended into a creamy tartar sauce. lettuce tomato and onion. Served with fries
$10.50 - -
The Teriyaki Sandwich
Choice cuts of chicken grilled and marinated in teriyaki with grilled green peppers, and onions and melted white american-swiss cheese. Served on a hoagie with lettuce, tomato, and onion and fries.
$9.00 - -
Tender lovin chicken! Japanese panko breaded chicken . Served with lettuce, tomato, onion and honey mustard or mayo.
$9.50 - -
The Fish Filet Sandwich
A whole breaded filet, deep fried, served on a hoagie with tartar sauce. Served with lettuce, tomato, and onion.
$7.00 - -
Bet Your Boston Butt Sandwich
Hearty cuts of grilled pork, topped in BBQ and onion rings, and homemade coleslaw. Served with lettuce, tomato, and onion.
$9.50 - -
Chicken Club
A grilled breast of chicken, then we pile on the bacon, and white American Swiss. Served with ranch or mayo, lettuce, tomato, and onion.
$9.50 - -
Bacon Cheeseburger
Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, Three slices of bacon stacked over USDA 90/10 beef and American Cheese. Lettuce, tomato, and onion. Served with Fries.
$9.50 - -

Filipino Sides

Plain Fried Rice $3.00 - -
Steamed Okra $3.00 - -
Philippine Style Salad $3.00 - -

American Sides

Side of Fries $3.00 - -
Steamed Broccoli $3.00 - -
Mixed Vegetable
A la carte only. Vegetarian.
$4.95 - -
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