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Most Popular

Balducci Royal Sushi Platter
Eight pieces nigiri sushi, eight slices sashimi, and four pieces inside out roll.
R385,00 - -
Chicken with Soy and Ginger Noodle
Traditional Asian noodles. fresh chicken with soy sauce, ginger, baby corn, sesame seeds, and toasted cashew nuts
R213,00 - -
Alaska Inside Out (4pcs)
California style salmon and avo roll
R112,00 - -
Salmon Roses
2 pieces
R81,00 - -
Tempura Prawn Roll (8pcs)
tempura prawn with avo and our unique sauce
R201,00 - -
Four piece rainbow reloaded and four piece tuna roll topped with prawn tempura.
R229,00 - -
Sake Sashimi
5 pieces.
R160,00 - -

Sushi Starters

Edamame Beans R86,00 - -
Miso Soup
Japanese soya bean paste soup
R56,00 - -
Tom Yum Soup
Hot, sour and nourishing Thai soup with shrimp and chicken
R114,00 - -
Salmon Tartare
Salmon, caviar, avocado, micro greens and a lemon mustard dressing on a bed of rice
R183,00 - -
Tuna Tartare
Tuna, caviar, avocado, micro greens and a lemon mustard dressing on a bed of rice
R127,00 - -
Tuna Fish Cakes
Tuna and spring onion seasoned mini fishcakes, served with a wasabi Japanese mayonnaise dipping sauce
R132,00 - -
Balducci Japanese Salad
Served with our special Balducci dressing
R183,00 - -
Fresh Prawn Spring Roll
Prawn, lettuce, avo, ginger and rice., wrapped in fresh spring-roll pastry and served with a sweet chilli sauce
R171,00 - -
Tuna Tataki - Our Way
6 Slices of tuna with chilli, spring onion, chopped ginger, pickled garlic and Ponzu sauce
R167,00 - -
Salmon with Citrus Yuzu Sauce (5 Slices)
Lightly seared salmon sashimi slices served with a subtle citrus yuzu sauce
R229,00 - -
Oyster Tataki (6 pcs)
With chilli, spring onion, chopped ginger, pickled garlic and Ponzu sauce
R229,00 - -
Norwegian Salmon & Tuna
thinly sliced sashimi with a secret splash
R190,00 - -
Spicy Edamame
Edamame beans cooked with Japanese 7 spice
R102,00 - -

Asian Noodles

Thai Style Prawns Noodle
Traditional Asian noodles. Thai style prawns with bean sprouts, coriander leaves, a hint of chili, and roasted peanuts.
R224,00 - -
Chicken with Soy and Ginger Noodle (Asian Noodles) R213,00 - -
Spiced Beef Noodle
Prime beef, ginger, spinach, toasted sesame seeds, and coriander leaves.
R224,00 - -
Vegetable Noodle
Seasonal local and Chinese greens done in a soya and oyster sauce with a hint of chili.
R167,00 - -

A La Carte Sashimi

Tamago Sashimi
Five slices.
R58,00 - -
Local Fish Sashimi R121,00 - -
Tako Sashimi (Octopus) R121,00 - -
Saba Sashimi (Mackerel) R121,00 - -
Maguro Sashimi (Tuna) R121,00 - -
Ebi Sashimi (Prawn) R155,00 - -
Sake Sashimi (Salmon) R160,00 - -
Seared Tuna
Eight slices. Coated in secret spice and served with ponzu sauce.
R213,00 - -
Seared Salmon R252,00 - -
Tamago Nigiri
Two pieces.
R35,00 - -
Local Fish Nigiri R63,00 - -
Saba Nigiri (Mackerel) R63,00 - -
Maguro Nigiri (Tuna) R63,00 - -
Tako Nigiri (Octopus) R63,00 - -
Sake Nigiri (Salmon) R81,00 - -
Tuna Roses R81,00 - -
Salmon Roses (A La Carte Sashimi) R81,00 - -
Ebi Nigiri (Prawn) R81,00 - -
Ikura Nigiri R109,00 - -

Makimono Rolls

Cucumber Makimono Rolls
Six pieces.
R63,00 - -
Avocado Makimono Rolls R63,00 - -
Spicy Tuna Makimono Rolls R75,00 - -
Regular Tuna Makimono Rolls R75,00 - -
Tuna and Spring Onion Makimono Rolls R71,00 - -
Prawn Makimono Rolls R92,00 - -
Salmon Makimono Rolls R91,00 - -

Inside Out Rolls (4 Pc)

Spicy Peppadew and Prawn Inside Out Rolls R104,00 - -
Vegetable Inside Out Rolls R56,00 - -
Salmon Skin Inside Out Rolls R68,00 - -
Prawn and Avo Inside Out Rolls R68,00 - -
Spicy Tuna and Avo Inside Out Rolls R68,00 - -
Regular Tuna and Avo Inside Out Rolls R68,00 - -
Alaska Inside Out Rolls
Salmon and avo
R83,00 - -
Rainbow Inside Out Rolls
Salmon, tuna and avo
R104,00 - -


Vegetable Temaki
Hand roll.
R86,00 - -
Tuna and Spring Onion Temaki R91,00 - -
Spicy Tuna and Avo Temaki R98,00 - -
Regular Tuna and Avo Temaki R98,00 - -
Salmon Skin Temaki R102,00 - -
Spicy Prawn and Avo Temaki R121,00 - -
Regular Prawn and Avo Temaki R98,00 - -
Alaska Temaki R98,00 - -
Tempura Prawn and Avo Temaki R102,00 - -
Philadelphia Temaki
Smoked salmon and cream cheese
R98,00 - -

Sushi Sandwich (4 pcs)

Spicy Peppadew and Prawn Sushi Sandwich
Four pieces.
R121,00 - -
Vegetable Sushi Sandwich R79,00 - -
Tuna and Avocado Sushi Sandwich R121,00 - -
Prawn and Avocado Sushi Sandwich R121,00 - -
Alaska Sushi Sandwich R121,00 - -
Philadelphia Sushi Sandwich R121,00 - -
Rainbow Sushi Sandwich R155,00 - -

Speciality Rolls

Futomaki (5pcs)
Prawns, ginger, and avo. Topped with spicy mayo and caviar.
R132,00 - -
Tempura Prawn Roll (8pcs) (Speciality Rolls)
Tempura prawns with avo and ourunique sauce.
R201,00 - -
Tempura Soft Shell Crab Roll (8pcs)
Tempura soft shell crab with avo and unique sauce.
R201,00 - -
Dragon Roll (4 pcs)
Salmon, prawn, avo, and caviar wrapped with cucumber.
R213,00 - -
Salmon Grenades
Two pieces. Salmon roses filled with chopped spicy salmon, dressed with chili mayo, sweet soya sauce, and topped with tempura bits.
R92,00 - -
Rainbow Reloaded (8pcs)
Rainbow roll topped with sweet soya sauce, Japanese seven spice, sesame oil, mayo, caviar, and spring onion.
R217,00 - -
4 x 4 R229,00 - -
Crunchy Roll (8pcs)
California roll style sushi with rice, spicy tuna, and crispy onion bits.
R167,00 - -
Lemon Salmon Roll (8pcs)
California roll style sushi with rice, fresh salmon, pickled red onions, and a zesty lemon mayo.
R148,00 - -
Inari Pockets (3pcs)
Filled with rice, prawns, avocado, salmon, caviar, Japanese mayo, and sesame oil. Served with unique sauce.
R171,00 - -
Dragon Roll (8 pcs) R213,00 - -
Torched Linefish Nigiri (2pcs)
flamed and topped with spring onions
R86,00 - -
Philly Roll (8pcs)
Salmon and avo inside out roll with Philadelphia cream cheese
R201,00 - -
Tuna Crust Roll (8pcs)
Tuna and avo inside out roll sprinkled with tempura crumbs, topped with chilli and our unique sauce
R171,00 - -
Torched Salmon Nigiri (8pcs)
Flamed and topped with caviar
R101,00 - -
Volcano Roll (8pcs)
Tempura prawn, guacamole, cream cheese, caviar, sesame seeds and our unique sauce
R217,00 - -
Torched Tuna Nigiri (2pcs)
flamed and drizzled with our secret sauce
R86,00 - -
Poke Bowl
beetroot-cured fresh Norwegian salmon, wasabi, pickled ginger, cucumber, sesame and edamame beans drizzled with yuzu soya sauce
R196,00 - -
Springbok Carpaccio Roll
8 pices - springbok carpaccio and avo
R184,00 - -


Assorted Sushi Platter
Five pieces nigiri, two pieces inside out roll, and three pieces cucumber makimono.
R190,00 - -
Vegetable Platter
Four pieces vegetable roll, four pieces vegetable sandwich, three pieces cucumber makimono, three pieces avo makimono, and two pieces inari nigiri.
R201,00 - -
Chirashi Sushi
Selection of twelve slices of sashimi on a bed of sesame coated rice.
R252,00 - -
Assorted Sashimi
Twelve slices.
R229,00 - -
Salmon Platter
Three pieces salmon nigiri, five slices salmon sashimi, and four pieces Alaska roll.
R345,00 - -
Assorted Nigiri Platter
Eight pieces assorted fish nigiri and four pieces inside out roll.
R252,00 - -
Tuna Platter
Three pieces tuna nigiri, five slices tuna sashimi, four pieces tuna, and avo roll.
R259,00 - -
Assorted Tuna and Salmon Nigiri Sushi
Six pieces tuna, salmon nigiri, two pieces tuna avo roll, and two pieces salmon avo roll.
R275,00 - -
Balducci Royal Sushi Platter (Platters) R385,00 - -
Rainbow Platter
Four pieces rainbow roll, four pieces rainbow sandwich, two pieces salmon roses, and two pieces tuna roses.
R385,00 - -


Pickled Ginger R14,00 - -
Japanese Mayonnaise R14,00 - -
Caviar R14,00 - -
Sushi Rice
Vinegar flavored rice.
R35,00 - -
Wasabi R8,00 - -
Item Price Change


Starter Tempura Shrimps
Starter portion of individual de-shelled shrimps. Served with dipping sauces
R201,00 - -
Tempura Shrimps
Generous portion of individual de-shelled shrimps . Served with a dipping sauce
R299,00 - -
Tempura Vegetables
Seasonal vegetable served with traditional dipping sauce
R117,00 - -
Tuna Fish Cakes
Tuna and spring onion seasoned mini fish cakes served with a wasabi japanesse mayonnaise dipping sauce
R132,00 - -
Salt & Pepper Squid
crispy squid and tentacles
R127,00 - -


Salmon Teriyaki
Marinated and grilled in a delicious teriyaki sauce
R276,00 - -
Starter Teriyaki Calamari
Calamari tubes grilled with garlic and a hint of chilli in a teriyaki sauce
R121,00 - -
Teriyaki Grilled Calamari
calamari grilled with garlic and chilli with teriyaki sauce
R236,00 - -


Griled deboned chicken on a skewer
R109,00 - -
Grilled karan beef fillet on a skewer
R167,00 - -
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