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Spinach Artichoke Dip (Personal)
Favorites. Dip into this CPK fan-favorite with friends or just with tortilla chips! Served warm and fantastic for sharing
₱390.00 - -
Spinach Artichoke Dip (Regular) ₱595.00 - -
Fried Mozzarella
Our creative take on a classic and fun mozzarella dish! Featuring our deep-fried mozzarella in wonton wrappers. Served with marinara sauce. Garnished with parmesan and parsley
₱310.00 - -
Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower
Spicy. Light, healthy and spicy! New York and California collide for a vegetable-forward dish even the most dedicated carnivore can’t resist. Fresh cauliflower florets battered with buttermilk, lightly fried and then tossed in buffalo sauce. Topped with a salad of celery, cilantro, scallions and gorgonzola
₱510.00 - -
Lettuce Wraps (With Chinese Vegetables)
We are inspired by contrasting ingredients. Different regions, different cultures and different flavors. Let’s wrap this up. Fresh shiitake mushrooms, water chestnuts and scallions. Tossed in a spicy ginger soy sauce
₱550.00 - -
Lettuce Wraps (With Chicken) ₱595.00 - -


The Original BBQ Chicken Chopped
Favorites. When we discovered the popularity of our original BBQ chicken pizza, we used those flavors as a springboard to launch another crave-able and unexpected delight for our guests. This is our most popular salad since 1985. Made with our signature BBQ sauce, kitchen-made herb ranch dressing and cilantro
₱475.00 - -
Waldorf Chicken
New item. This salad is made with mixed greens, sliced apples, sliced celery, red grapes, candied walnuts and gorgonzola. Tossed in a dijon balsamic vinaigrette or blue cheese dressing. This is traditionally known to only have apples, celery and mayonnaise. Here at CPK, we always take it up a notch
₱450.00 - -
Chinese Chicken
New item. This oriental-inspired dish infuses flavors from various regions in Asia. With one bite, you’ll know what we mean. Made with a salad mixture, basil and fried wontons. Garnished with a hoisin ginger vinaigrette, toasted sesame seeds and chopped scallions
₱360.00 - -
Thai Crunch
This unique Asian American fusion features chicken, crisp veggies, cilantro, peanuts, wontons and rice sticks. Tossed in a lime cilantro Thai peanut dressing
₱395.00 - -


Chicken Chowder
Chowder was introduced in North America nearly 250 years ago! Made with red peppers, corn, roasted garlic, red rice and other spices. This is among our uttermost delicious, savory and hearty soups
₱250.00 - -
Roasted Pumpkin
Favorites. Who says pumpkin should only be popular in October? Here, we celebrate it year-round! Here is our way to really bring out the flavor of the humble pumpkin. Garnished with shaved parmesan, bacon, scallions and chopped parsley
₱250.00 - -
Classic Tomato
When the tomato is the primary ingredient, you already know it’s going to be fresh and fun! Garnished with baked parmesan flakes, yogurt, croutons, scallions and chopped parsley
₱250.00 - -


Chicken Milanese
Inspired by the traditional dishes of Milan, Italy. This light, refreshing and healthy dish is topped with arugula, kitchen-made checca and finished with extra virgin olive oil and shaved parmesan
₱650.00 - -
Chicken Piccata
Piccata originated in Italy and it featured veal. We can’t help but tip our cap to the leaner chicken version. So we execute it flawlessly and serve it proudly. Pan-roasted chicken breast with linguini, lemon, capers and cream
₱580.00 - -

California Focaccias

New item. Malibu, west of Los Angeles is known for its sunset, beaches and celebrities. Now, this dish will contribute to that “wow” factor! Made with creamy goat cheese, baby greens, shaved parmesan, fresh herbs and extra virgin olive oil
₱325.00 - -
Smashed Avocado
New item. The avocado, likely originating from Mexico is the main ingredient in this Italian dish with a Californian twist. Made with fresh avocados, baby greens, fresh basil, chili and toasted sesame seeds
₱325.00 - -
Garlic Cheese with Checca
Sometimes, the simpler the better. This is our Californian take on an Italian classic. Made with fresh herbs, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, mozzarella and checca
₱325.00 - -
Spicy Honey Bee
New item. Spicy. Bees make a lot of honey, we’ll make you a lot of focaccias. Here’s something deliciously crave-able with a mouth-watering kick to it! Made with spicy ham, gorgonzola, fresh herbs and red chili honey
₱325.00 - -


All pasta can be substituted as a rice meal
Pesto Cream Penne
Favorites. A true masterpiece! This precious, refreshed and healthy dish originated in Genoa, a city in Italy. Freshly made basil pesto cream sauce, sun-dried tomatoes and parmesan
Plain | With Chicken (+PHP 100) | With Shrimp (+PHP 300) | With Chicken and Shrimp (+PHP 425)
₱465.00 - -
Kung Pao Spaghetti
Favorites. Spicy. A Chinese classic with garlic, scallions, peanuts and red hot chilies give spaghetti a flavor kick it never saw coming and guests something they can’t get enough of
Plain | With Chicken (+PHP 100) | With Shrimp (+PHP 230) | With Chicken and Shrimp (+PHP 435)
₱430.00 - -
Garlic Cream Fettuccine
Making the familiar slightly less familiar can feel like a seismic shift. Replace pressed garlic with roasted garlic and the fettuccine alfredo becomes something similar but deliciously different. Welcome the ultimate roasted garlic parmesan cream sauce
Plain | With Chicken (+PHP 85) | With Shrimp (+PHP 285) | With Chicken and Shrimp (+PHP 410)
₱480.00 - -
Spaghetti Carbonara
Favorites. A fan-favorite and an instant classic. This dish needs no introduction. Spaghetti with crispy bacon, petite peas and parsley. Tossed in Romano cream sauce
₱675.00 - -
Chicken Tequila Fettuccine
Flavors of Italy and Mexico intertwine to mouthwatering effect in this foundational CPK menu item. Made with our creamy jalapeño lime sauce with spinach fettuccine, red onions, bell peppers and fresh cilantro
₱545.00 - -
The Bolognese
This iconic Italian meat-based pasta famously comes from late 18th century Imola, near Bologna. This is our creative interpretation of spaghetti pasta in bolognese sauce with demi-glace, mushrooms and scallions
₱465.00 - -
Favorites. Spicy. California creativity meets Louisiana genius-ness. Linguini with a cajun spiced jambalaya sauce, chicken, smoked sausage and chopped scallions. Topped with shrimp and seasoned with blackening spice
₱855.00 - -

Original Hand-tossed Crust Pizza

The Original BBQ Chicken
Favorites. Home of the original BBQ chicken pizza
₱530.00 - -
5 Cheese + Fresh Tomato
Favorites. This is the cheese pizza. But all grown up! Made with fresh and traditional mozzarella, Monterey Jack, smoked Gouda and Romano. Topped with tomato and fresh basil
₱550.00 - -
The Works
A little but of everything if you can’t decide on what to get. Spicy Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, mozzarella, onions, green peppers, olives and fresh herbs
₱590.00 - -
The Hawaiian
We love when cultures collide so we pay homage on our Hawaiian pizza with beautifully shaved smoked ham and freshly cut pineapples
₱530.00 - -
Roasted Garlic Chicken
Simple ingredients doesn’t necessarily mean simple flavor. This one is simple but definitely powerful in flavor! Made with sweet caramelized onions, fresh mozzarella, parmesan, garlic chips, slivered scallions and cracked black pepper
₱540.00 - -
Mushroom Pepperoni Sausage
Classic American toppings, elevated by small touches that make a delicious difference. Made with cremini mushrooms, pepperoni, spicy Italian sausage, fresh basil, mozzarella and fresh herbs
₱590.00 - -
America’s favorite pizza. Trust us. We checked online. But yes this one is better. Made with pepperoni, salami, fresh mozzarella and fresh herbs
₱530.00 - -
Shrimp Scampi
Let’s keep this description really shrimple. Made with lemon-garlic shrimp with caramelized onions, mozzarella, parmesan and red chili. Topped with fresh arugula and fresh herbs
₱610.00 - -
California Veggie
Thoughtful sourcing a focus on health and produce-forward execution makes it California to the core. Made with broccoli, eggplant, cremini mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted corn, red onions and mozzarella
₱660.00 - -
Smoked Ham and Artichoke
New item. Our spinach artichoke dip has been a fan-favorite ever since! Why not make it into a pizza? Made with smoked ham, spinach and artichokes. Topped with mozzarella and garnished with basil
₱525.00 - -
Chicken Fajita
New item. Spicy. Fajitas are known to originate from the Texas-Mexico cuisine. We celebrate the many cultures that have impacted this dish. Made with cilantro pesto, mozzarella, Velveeta and monterey Jack. Garnished with chopped scallions, Ranchito sauce and sour cream
₱690.00 - -

Crispy Thin Crust Pizza

Favorites. Representing the red, white and green of Italy’s flag, this pizza was invented in 1886. Featuring the classic marriage of Italian tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, parmesan and garnished with basil
₱690.00 - -
Spicy. Rustic meets refined. Here is the godfather of pizzas. The ingredients make this meat-lovers pizza a top seller. Made with spicy marinara, Italian sausage, spicy capicola ham, salami, mozzarella, shaved parmesan, basil and fresh herbs
₱750.00 - -
Jamaican Jerk Chicken
Go jerk berserk with this one! Another unexpectedly delicious CPK pizza no one saw coming but everyone agrees is amazing. Made with spicy sweet Caribbean sauce, authentic Jamaican spices, crispy bacon, red onions, bell peppers and scallions
₱750.00 - -
Dating back to pre-Roman times prosciutto is known as one of Italy’s most popular foods. Made with Italian prosciutto, fresh arugula, mozzarella and sliced tomatoes. Garnished with shaved parmesan and drizzled with reduced balsamic vinegar
₱750.00 - -
Spicy Milano
Spicy. This reimagined pizza swept people off their feet! Made with serrano peppers, Italian sausage, pepperoni, cremini mushrooms, yellow onions, fresh mozzarella and romano. Garnished with fresh herbs
₱750.00 - -
Pepperoni Supremo
Demo the supremo! This is our unique and creative take on the fan-favorite pepperoni pizza. Made with pepperoni, traditional mozzarella, fresh mozzarella and parmesan. Finished with fresh herbs
₱630.00 - -

Sandwiches & Burger

Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich
New item. Honey mustard. Just with the name you know it will bean all-time family classic. Kitchen-made focaccia bread, romaine leaves, roma tomatoes and chicken tenders. Topped with a honey mustard dressing. The good dishes always find a way back in our menu
₱395.00 - -
Cranberry Chicken Sandwich
Something sweet, tangy and savory! Kitchen-made focaccia bread, cranberry walnut chicken salad, roma tomatoes and basil
₱385.00 - -
The Original BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
New item. Cant resist our iconic BBQ sauce? Neither can we! Here’s an all-new sandwich to showcase the versatility of our ingredients. Kitchen-made focaccia bread, pulled pork, red onions and mozzarella. Topped with a drizzle of our iconic BBQ sauce
₱475.00 - -
CPK’s Signature Burger
New item. For sure this’ll be a new favorite in our menu. CPK’s signature burger is topped with American cheese, caramelized onions, crispy bacon, tomatoes, pickles and a secret burger sauce! Wanna make it a little more Californian? Add an avocado
₱650.00 - -

Something Big from CPK!

New item
Kung Pao Spaghetti Something Big from CPK! (5 Pax)
₱1,099.00 - -
Kung Pao Spaghetti Something Big from CPK! (10 Pax) ₱1,899.00 - -
Garlic Cream Fettuccine Something Big from CPK! (5 Pax) ₱1,099.00 - -
Garlic Cream Fettuccine Something Big from CPK! (10 Pax) ₱1,899.00 - -
Pesto Cream Penne Something Big from CPK! (5 Pax) ₱1,099.00 - -
Pesto Cream Penne Something Big from CPK! (10 Pax) ₱1,899.00 - -

Signature Chicken Wings

Variety is the spice of life. We created a lot of wing dishes inspired from our classic flavors that keep people coming back and back and back
The Original BBQ Chicken Wings (6 Pcs)
New item. Favorites
₱460.00 - -
The Original BBQ Chicken Wings (12 Pcs) ₱880.00 - -
Pesto Cream Chicken Wings (6 Pcs)
New item
₱460.00 - -
Pesto Cream Chicken Wings (12 Pcs) ₱880.00 - -
Kung Pao Chicken Wings (6 Pcs)
New item. Favorites. Spicy
₱460.00 - -
Kung Pao Chicken Wings (12 Pcs) ₱880.00 - -
Buffalo Chicken Wings (6 Pcs) ₱460.00 - -
Buffalo Chicken Wings (12 Pcs) ₱880.00 - -


Pepperoni CPKids ₱175.00 - -
Untraditional Cheese CPKids ₱195.00 - -
Crispy Chicken Tenders CPKids ₱395.00 - -
Curly Mac and Cheese CPKids ₱325.00 - -

Sodas in Can

Refreshing beverages
Coke ₱95.00 - -
Coke Zero ₱95.00 - -
Sprite ₱95.00 - -
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