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Winter Melon Cooler £4.39
Mango Tea £4.80


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About Chatime (UK)

What are the most popular Chatime (UK) drinks?

Pearl Milk Tea

A classic, this drink combines milk and black tea with chewy tapioca pearls.

Roasted Milk Tea

Featuring the rich, roasted flavor of tea, it's a unique delight.

Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea

Perfect for matcha lovers, it includes red bean paste for a delightful texture.

Mango Smoothie

A refreshing blend of fresh mango and ice, perfect for those warm days.

Honeydew Milk Tea

Known for its sweet and fruity taste, this drink is a hit among many.

What are the best bubble tea options at Chatime (UK)?

The best bubble tea options at Chatime (UK) are diverse, but among the top choices are the classic milk teas with pearls, signature drinks like Chatime Milk Tea, and innovative fruit teas such as the Grapefruit QQ.

What's the signature drink at Chatime (UK)?

Chatime (UK)'s signature drink is the "Chatime Milk Tea." This delightful beverage features premium black tea combined with a special creamer, creating a rich and satisfying flavor. Topped with chewy tapioca pearls, it's a must-try for any Chatime newcomer.

Are there any seasonal specials on the Chatime menu?

Yes, Chatime (UK) frequently introduces seasonal specials to keep things exciting. These limited-time offerings often include unique flavors and combinations that cater to the season's preferences. Be sure to check the menu for the latest seasonal delights.

Which Chatime flavors should I try for my first visit?

For a first-time visit, you can't go wrong with classic choices like Pearl Milk Tea or Roasted Milk Tea. These iconic beverages showcase the essence of Chatime's flavor. For a refreshing twist, consider the Mango Smoothie or Lychee Fruity Iced Tea.

Do they have dairy-free or vegan options at Chatime (UK)?

Chatime (UK) understands diverse dietary preferences. They offer a range of dairy-free and vegan options, such as their Fruit Tea Series, which often doesn't contain dairy products.

Are there any low-calorie or healthier choices on the Chatime (UK) menu?

Yes, if you're looking for a healthier option, you can choose to customize your drink by adjusting the sugar level. Opting for a lower sugar percentage or choosing a fruit tea without toppings can make your Chatime beverage a lighter, guilt-free treat.

What's the most popular topping choice at Chatime (UK)?

The most popular topping at Chatime (UK) is the classic tapioca pearls. These chewy, sweet pearls add a delightful texture to your drink. However, they offer a variety of toppings, so feel free to explore options like aloe vera or coconut jelly.

What are the hot tea options available at Chatime (UK)?

Chatime (UK) offers a selection of hot tea options. These include traditional choices like Classic Milk Tea and Earl Grey Tea, and unique offerings like Japanese Sakura Sencha. You can enjoy your hot tea with various toppings to personalize your experience.

What's the average price range for drinks at Chatime (UK)?

The price range for Chatime (UK) drinks typically falls between £3 to £4 for a regular-sized drink. Prices may vary slightly based on your chosen options and location.

Can I order Chatime (UK) drinks for delivery or takeout?

Yes, you can order Chatime (UK) drinks for delivery through their official website at Additionally, you can find Chatime on popular food delivery platforms like UberEats and Deliveroo, which offer convenient takeout and delivery services.

What are the business hours of Chatime (UK) stores?

The business hours of Chatime (UK) stores may vary by location. Typically, they open around 11:00 AM and close around 8:00 PM on weekdays. However, it's advisable to check with your local store or visit their website for specific operating hours.

Who are the competitors of Chatime (UK)?

Gong Cha (UK)

Gong Cha in the UK is a renowned bubble tea chain, offering a diverse menu that includes classic milk teas with customizable sweetness levels and various toppings like pearls and aloe vera.

Bubbleology (UK)

Bubbleology has made a mark in UK's bubble tea scene with its vibrant, Instagram-worthy drinks. Popular for its innovative and colorful concoctions, they serve an array of fruit teas and milk teas, often with the option to add bubbles, jellies, or fruit bits. Their contemporary and fun approach to bubble tea has made them a favorite among the younger crowd.

YiFang Taiwanese Fruit Tea (UK)

YiFang Taiwanese Fruit Tea is celebrated for its dedication to authenticity and natural ingredients. Their menu shines with fresh fruit tea options featuring ingredients like passion fruit and pineapple, allowing customers to savor the genuine flavors of Taiwan. YiFang offers a refreshing and healthier take on bubble tea.

Mooboo (UK)

Mooboo is known for its fusion of Asian and Western flavors, creating a unique bubble tea experience. Their menu features an array of milk teas and fruit teas with customizable sugar levels and a variety of toppings. Mooboo has established itself as a go-to spot for those seeking a fusion of traditional and contemporary bubble tea options.




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