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Al Mushrif - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, AE 9(714) 705-9819
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Picked For You

Jalapeno Cheese Poppers د39.00 - -
Cheese Bites د39.00 +د1.00 +2.63%
Coca Cola د7.00 - -
Side Ceasar Salad د22.00 - -
Chicken Enchilada Pasta د75.00 - -


Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Chicken breast with applewood smoked bacon, fresh sliced tomato,lettuce ,swiss cheese & honey-mustard. Served with home style french fries.
د46.00 - -
Cajun Chicken Sandwich
Spicy , Cajun-style grilled chicken breast with swiss cheese,lettuce,tomato,pickle and chipotle ranch dressing. Served with home style french fries.
د46.00 - -
Chicken Ranchera Tacos
Seasoned chicken over jack cheese topped sliced avocado, pico de gallo & queso fresco. Served with citrus chile rice, chile lime sauce, cilantro salsa& sour cream.
د62.00 - -


Awesome Blossom Petals د19.00 - -
Jalapeno Cheese Poppers (Appetizer) د39.00 - -
Tableside Guacamole د44.00 - -
Cheese Bites (Appetizer) د39.00 - -
Southwestern Eggrolls د39.00 +د1.00 +2.63%
Texas Chilis Cheese Fries د49.00 - -
California Grilles Chicken Flatbread د39.00 - -
Skillet Queso د39.00 +د2.00 +5.41%
Chips and Salsa د24.00 - -
Classic Nachos د49.00 - -

Summer Special Offer- House of Ribs

Classic Ribs د79.00 - -
Baby Back Ribs د89.00 - -


Santa Fe Crispy Chicken Crispers Salad د56.00 - -
Quesadilla Explosion Salad د59.00 - -
Boneless Buffalo Chicken Salad د52.00 - -
Southwest Chicken Ceasar Salad د52.00 - -
Side House Salad د22.00 - -
Side Ceasar Salad (Salads) د22.00 - -


Spiced Onion Rings
Crispy panko breaded onion rings dusted with southwesthern spices. Served with house-made ranch dressing.
د15.00 - -
Texas Chili Cheese Fries
Homestyle fries smothered in chili, melted cheese, jalapenos and crispy beef bacon. Served with chipotle-ranch dipping sauce.
د49.00 - -
Triple Dipper
Choose any three of the following great appetizers, served with dipping sauces.
د62.00 - -
California Grilled Chicken Flatbread
Topped with grilled chicken, smoked beef bacon, tomato sauce, Monterey Jack, mozzarella, chopped cilantro, house-made Pico De Gallo, fresh sliced avocado and roasted garlic aioli.
د39.00 - -


Chicken Enchilada Soup Bowl د26.00 - -
Chicken Enchilada Soup Cup د19.00 - -
Chicken Mushroup Soup Bowl د26.00 - -
Chicken Mushroup Soup Cup د19.00 - -
Soup and Side Salad د38.00 - -


Loaded Boneless Wings
Boneless wings smothered in white queso, 3 - cheese blend, applewood smoked bacon & chopped green onions, served with a side of house-made ranch.
د49.00 - -
Creamy Jalapeno Wings
Signature wings hand-tossed in creamy jalapeno sauce. served with fresh celery and dipping sauce.
د45.00 - -
Boneless Buffalo Wings
Tossed with spicy buffalo wing sauce, served with cool blue cheese dressing.
د45.00 - -
Wings Over Buffalo®
Chicken drumettes tossed in our spicy buffalo wing sauce, served with cool blue cheese dressing.
د42.00 - -


Greg's Bleu Cheese Burger د69.00 - -
Alex's Santa Fe Burger د69.00 - -
Chili's Chilis Burger د59.00 - -
Sweet Beef Bacon Avocado Burger د69.00 - -
Mushroom Swiss Burger د69.00 - -
The Boss د79.00 - -
Ultimate Beef Bacon Burger د59.00 - -
Oldtimer Burger د49.00 - -
Big Mouth Burger Bites د49.00 - -

Dip Into These

Tostada Chips
Warm and crispy tostada chips with our flavorful house-made salsa.
د24.00 - -
Table Side Guacamole
Start with fresh avocados, add fresh lime, diced red onions, salt, diced tomatoes, chopped cilantro and fire roasted jalapeños, served with warm tostada chips and fresh salsa.
د41.00 - -


Steak Fajitas د89.00 - -
Chicken Fakitas د79.00 - -
Shrimp Fajitas د89.00 - -
Combine Any 2 د89.00 - -
Combine Any 3 د124.00 +د5.00 +4.20%
Fried Jumbo Shrimp Fajitas د109.00 - -
Roasted Jumbo Shrimp Fajitas د109.00 - -
Ribeye Fajitas د139.00 +د10.00 +7.75%
Crispy Chicken Fajitas د69.00 - -
Black Bean and Veggie Fajitas د79.00 - -

Soups & Salads

Southwest Chicken Caesar Salad
Grilled southwest spiced chicken with tortilla strips, shredded parmesan, house-made pico de gallo ang southwest caesar dressing.
د52.00 - -
House Salad
Freshly diced tomatoes, red onion, cucumbers, mixed cheeses & tortilla strips. Served with our choice of dressing.
د20.00 - -
Soup & Side Salad
A delicious bowl of soup with a house salad.
د38.00 - -


Spicy Grilled Shrimp Tacos د75.00 - -
Crispy Chicken Tacos د64.00 +د2.00 +3.23%
Chicken Ranchero Tacos د64.00 - -

Premium Fajitas

Jumbo Shrimp Fajita
Our new large shrimp on a bed of red onion rings and garlic roasted tomatoes. Topped with chorizo, pineapple pico, citrus-chile sauce, cilantro and a whole roasted jalapeno.
د99.00 - -

Fresh Mex Bowl

Margarita Chicken Fresh Mex Bowl د64.00 +د2.00 +3.23%
Chipotle Chicken Fresh Mex Bowl د64.00 - -

Specialty Fajitas

Black Bean and Veggie Fajita
Black bean patty, asparagus, garlic-roasted tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, corn & black bean salsa, queso fresco, and avocado, drizzled with spicy chile-lime sauce.
د79.00 - -
Coffee Braised Steak Fajita
Braised beef with roasted chili butter, peppers and onions, fried avocado, smokey pepper sauce with a hint of chocolate, jalapeno cream, orange Pico De Gallo and queso fresco.
د89.00 - -
Crispy Chicken Fajita
Chicken cripers, peppers and onions, sweet and smoky crema, Pico De Gallo, guacamole, mixed cheese and green onion.
د69.00 - -

Classic Fajitas

Steak Fajita د89.00 - -
Chicken Fajita د79.00 - -
Shrimp Fajita د89.00 - -


Beef Enchiladas د79.00 -د9.00 -10.23%
Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas (Enchiladas)
Three baked enchiladas filled with seasoned chicken & monterey Jack.Topped with sour cream sauce, melted 3-cheese blend,chopped cilantro and house-made corn & black bean salsa. Served with rice & black beans.
د62.00 - -
Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas د64.00 +د2.00 +3.23%

Fresh Mex Bowls

Chipotle Chicken Fresh Mex Bowl
Made with house-made corn & blackbeans salsa, citrus chile rice& chipotle pesto. Topped with cheddar cheese, house made pico de gallo, fresh field greens, chopped cilantro, crispy tortilla strips, fresh sliced avocado & a drizzle of cumin sour cream.
د62.00 - -


Chicken Ranch Quesadillas (Quesadillas) د62.00 - -
Chicken Ranch Quesadillas د64.00 +د2.00 +3.23%
Santa Fe Quesadillas د64.00 +د2.00 +3.23%

Saucier Steaks

Peppercorn Crusted Tenderloin د125.00 - -
Melted Pepper Jack Ribeye د129.00 - -
Glazed Shrimp Filet د149.00 - -
Honey Chipotle Smoked T-Bone د199.00 - -
Triplet Filets د159.00 +د10.00 +6.71%
Texas Trio د169.00 - -
Blackened Ribeye د119.00 - -
Salt and Pepper Dusted Cap Steak د89.00 - -
Smoked Chilis Rub New York Strip د119.00 - -

Top Shelf Tacos

Chicken Ranchera Tacos (Top Shelf Tacos)
Seasoned chicken over jack cheese topped sliced avocado, pico de gallo & queso fresco. Served with citrus chile rice, chile lime sauce, cilantro salsa& sour cream.
د62.00 - -

Beef Ribs

Baby Back Ribs Full Rack د139.00 - -
Classic Full Rack Ribs د139.00 - -
Baby Back Ribs Half Rack د89.00 - -
Classic Half Rack Ribs د89.00 - -

Ultimate Barbecue Platter

Ultimate Bbq Platter for 6 د349.00 - -
Ultimate Bbq Platter for 1 or 2 د179.00 - -

Smokehouse Combos

Choose for Any 2 د129.00 - -
Choose for Any 3 د169.00 - -

Fresh Tex

Beef Ribs
Served with a choice of two sides.
د79.00 - -
Smokehouse Combo 1
Choose any 2, served with southwestern cajun bread.
د129.00 - -
Smokehouse Combo 2
Choose any 2, served with southwestern cajun bread.
د169.00 - -

Hand-Battered Crispers

Original Crispers د64.00 +د2.00 +3.23%
Crispy Hoeney-Chipotle Chicken Crispers د64.00 - -
Crispy Chicken Crispers د64.00 +د2.00 +3.23%
Country-Fried Chicken د64.00 - -


Classic Tenderloin Filet
100% USDA 8oz. Tenderloin fillet topped with garlic butter.
د125.00 - -
New York Strip
100% USDA thick cut 12oz. Steak , flavored with our own special seasoning and topped with garlic butter.
د109.00 - -
Classic Ribeye
100% USDA thick cut 12oz. Steak , flavored with our own special seasoning and topped with garlic butter.
د119.00 - -
Salsa Roasted Churrasco
12 oz skirt steak served on cheesy mashed potatoes with citrus sauce, tomato ranch, caramelized onions, peppers and crispy onion.
د79.00 - -


Cajun Chicken Pasta د69.00 - -
Chipotle Pesto Pasta د69.00 - -
Chicken Enchilada Pasta (Pasta) د75.00 - -
Smoked Chicken Jalapeno Mac and Cheese د75.00 - -

Chicken & Seafood

Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers
Tossed with our honey - chipotle sauce.Served with corn on cob, homestyle fries and ranch dressing.
د64.00 - -
Country Fried Chicken
Served with black pepper gravy, mashed potatoes , sweet corn on the cob and garlic toast.
د62.00 - -
Chiplote Salmon
Salmon filet seasoned with southwestern spice with a smoky chipotle cream, served with rice and roasted jalapeno and corn salsa.
د79.00 - -

Chicken and Seafood

Beef Bacon Jack Grilled Chicken د75.00 - -
Monterey Chicken د75.00 - -
Margarita Grilled Chicken د64.00 +د2.00 +3.23%
Ancho Salmon د79.00 - -
Chipotle Salmon د79.00 - -

Handhelds & Flatbreads

Grilled Chicken Sandwich (Handhelds & Flatbreads)
Chicken breast with applewood smoked bacon, fresh sliced tomato,lettuce ,swiss cheese & honey-mustard. Served with home style french fries.
د46.00 - -
Cajun Chicken Sandwich (Handhelds & Flatbreads)
Spicy , Cajun-style grilled chicken breast with swiss cheese,lettuce,tomato,pickle and chipotle ranch dressing. Served with home style french fries.
د46.00 - -
Chicken Ranch Sandwich
Crispy chicken with spicy sauce , tomato,lettuce and ranch dresing on a warm toasted potato bun . Served with home style French fries.
د46.00 - -
California Grilled Chicken Flatbread (Handhelds & Flatbreads)
Topped with grilled chicken , smoked beef bacon,tomato sauce, Monterey Jack, mozarella ,chopped cilantro ,house-made pico de gallo,fresh sliced avocado & drizzle of roasted garlic aioli.
د39.00 - -


Cheese Bites (Kids) د29.00 - -
Cheese Pizza د29.00 - -
Pepperoni Pizza د29.00 - -
Cheesy Chicken Pasta د29.00 - -
Original Crispers (Kids) د29.00 - -
Mac and Cheese د29.00 - -
Grilled Cheese Sandwich د29.00 - -
Cheese Burger Bites د29.00 - -

The Boss Burger

The Boss Burger
The burger all other burgers report to. Smoked brisket, tender rib meat, jalapeño-cheddar smoked sausage, bacon and cheddar with lettuce, tomato, house BBQ and house-made ranch.
د79.00 - -
Southern Smokehouse Burger
Bacon, cheddar, pickles, panko onion rings, lettuce, tomato, signature sauce, served with a side of original BBQ sauce.
د69.00 - -
Alex's Santa Fe Bugrer
Yes, Chef Alex is real. and so are his burger skills, stacked high with avocado, pepper Jack, red onion, roasted jalapeños, tomato, pickles, cilantro and spicy Santa Fe sauce.
د69.00 - -
Chili's Chili Burger
We brought back our 1975 original chili, added shredded and American cheese, sauteed onions & crispy tortilla strips.
د59.00 - -
Ultimate Bacon Burger
Double bacon, cheddar, pickles, lettuce, red onion, tomato, jalapeño aioli, spicy buffalo sauce and honey chipotle sauce.
د59.00 - -
Mushroom-Swiss Burger
Garlic sauteed mushrooms, melted Swiss cheese, house-made garlic dill pickles, fresh leaf lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise dressing.
د59.00 - -


Smoked Chicken Jalapeno Mac & Cheese
Penne pasta topped with your choice of chicken, a spicy chipotle pesto sauce, sprinkled with Pico De Gallo.
د75.00 - -


Classic Margarita د28.00 - -
Traditional lemon-lime margarita. Also available in cherry, mango or strawberry flavors.
د26.00 - -
Pine-Aplle Margarita د28.00 - -
Piña Colada
Escape to the tropics with our frozen blend of coconut and pineapple flavors to create a traditional piña colada.
د26.00 - -
Mango Ruby Margarita د28.00 - -
Strawberry Margarita د28.00 - -


Seasonal Vegetables د15.00 - -
Homestyle Fries د15.00 - -
Loaded Mashed Potatoes د15.00 - -
Mashed Potatoes with Black Pepper Gravy د15.00 - -
Sweet Corn on the Cob د15.00 - -
Citrus Chile Rice د15.00 - -
Spiced Onion Rings (Sides) د15.00 - -
Black Beans د15.00 - -

Sweet Stuff

Paradise Pie د42.00 - -
Fried Cheese Cake د39.00 - -
Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie د29.00 -د9.00 -23.68%
Fried Cheesecake
Rich cheesecake, fried golden brown and served with caramel sauce, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream.
د38.00 - -
Molten Chocolate Cake د49.00 +د1.00 +2.08%
Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie
Chocolate chip, walnut and coconut layered bar, topped with vanilla ice cream, walnuts and drizzled with hot Fudge and caramel.
د35.00 - -

Tropical Taste

Sparkling Rose د28.00 - -
Strawberry Guava Refresher د28.00 - -
A sweet treat! Watermelon and strawberry syrup blended with fresh cranberry juice.
د25.00 - -
Evolution د28.00 +د3.00 +12.00%
Peach Hills
Peach syrup mixed with pineapple juice, grenadine and soda.
د25.00 - -
Blue Pacifico د28.00 +د3.00 +12.00%


Chocolate Pear Milkshake د28.00 - -
Strawsicle د28.00 - -
Molten Chocolate Chunk د28.00 - -
Creamsicle د28.00 - -


Fountain Drinks
Choice of flavor.
د17.00 - -
Flavored Colas
Cherry, vanilla or chocolate.
د19.00 - -
Iced Tea د17.00 - -
Flavored Iced Tea د19.00 - -
Hot Tea د12.00 - -
Coffee د14.00 - -
Espresso د14.00 - -
Cappuccino د16.00 - -
Arwa Mineral Water د8.00 - -
Vittel Mineral Water د11.00 - -
Dr. Pepper د16.00 - -

Specialty Drinks

Pinacolada د28.00 - -
Strawberry Rose Cooler د28.00 - -
Peach Breezer د28.00 +د3.00 +12.00%
Tradewinds د28.00 +د3.00 +12.00%

Ice Cream Smoothies

Peanut Butter Banana Split Smoothie
Fresh bananas and peanut butter blended with vanilla ice cream for that ice cream parlor taste.
د28.00 - -
Berry Delight Smoothie
Strawberry and cranberry blended with vanilla ice cream. It’s berry-licious!
د28.00 - -
Chocolate Mochachino Smoothie
Cold espresso and chocolate syrup blended with vanilla ice cream. It’s delicious!
د28.00 - -
Strawsicle Smoothie
Vanilla ice cream blended with strawberries to create that old-fashioned flavor.
د28.00 - -
Molten Chocolate Chunk Smoothie
Our special chocolate coating blended with vanilla ice cream and milk. A chocolate lover’s dream.
د28.00 - -
Creamsicle Classic Smoothie
Fresh orange juice, milk and vanilla ice cream blended together.
د28.00 - -


Peach Petal Mojito د28.00 - -
Strawberry Mojito د28.00 +د2.00 +7.69%
Melanie Mojito
A rich flavorful blend of mango, banana and pineapple fruits with a hint of strawberry. A tropical fruit cocktail delight!
د26.00 - -
Passion Fruit Mojito د28.00 +د2.00 +7.69%
Mango Majito د28.00 - -
Spring Mojito
Experience four seasons in a rich and exotic fruity blend of passion fruit, orange, pineapple and cranberry.
د26.00 - -
Mango Mojito
Delicious fizzy mint Mojito with a sensational mango flavor, a refreshing light drink.
د26.00 - -
Berry Mojito
Refreshing classic mojito with a sweet sensation of red berry fruit, guaranteed to delight your senses!
د26.00 - -

Refresh and Refill

Coca Cola (Refresh and Refill) د7.00 - -
Fanta د7.00 - -
Sprite د7.00 - -
Coca Cola Zero د7.00 - -
Ice Tea د17.00 - -
Ice Tea Peach د22.00 - -
Ice Tea Cherry د22.00 - -
Ice Tea Mango د22.00 - -
Ice Tea Rasberry د22.00 - -
Lemonade د20.00 - -
Mint Lemonade د24.00 - -
Strawberry Lemonade د24.00 +د4.00 +20.00%
Fresh Orange Juice د25.00 +د1.00 +4.17%
Arwa Large د13.00 - -
Perrier د17.00 - -
Dr.Pepper د16.00 - -

Speciality Drinks

Sea Breezer د25.00 - -
Blackberry Delight د25.00 - -
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