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About CornStar Tacos (UK)

Which taco at CornStar Tacos (UK) is the most popular among customers?

Barbacoa Beef Taco

Succulent and marinated barbacoa beef served with a medley of fresh toppings, all wrapped in a soft corn tortilla. The barbacoa beef is known for its tender texture and rich, aromatic flavors.

Pulled BBQ Jackfruit Tacos (VG)

A delightful vegan option featuring pulled BBQ jackfruit. The jackfruit is slow-cooked to achieve a savory and smoky flavor, complemented by an array of plant-based toppings.

Hot Chorizo Tacos

For those who enjoy a spicy kick, the Hot Chorizo Tacos are a perfect choice. These tacos feature flavorful chorizo with a satisfying heat, balanced by the addition of fresh ingredients.

Cod Taco

A seafood lover's dream, the Cod Taco offers a taste of the ocean with tender cod fish as the star ingredient. The fish is prepared with a delicate touch and paired with a selection of toppings.

Chicken Tinga Taco

This taco showcases tender and seasoned chicken tinga, a Mexican dish made with shredded chicken in a smoky tomato and chili sauce. It's a harmonious blend of flavors and textures.

Beef Philly Taco

Inspired by the classic Philly cheesesteak, the Beef Philly Taco combines thinly sliced beef with sautéed onions and peppers, all wrapped in a corn tortilla. It's a savory and satisfying choice for meat enthusiasts.

What are the busiest hours at CornStar Tacos (UK)?

The busiest hours at CornStar Tacos (UK) typically occur during the lunch and dinner rush, between 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

How is the ambiance and decor at CornStar Tacos (UK)?

CornStar Tacos (UK) offers a vibrant and inviting ambiance with a mix of modern and traditional elements. The decor is often inspired by Mexican culture, creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests.

What are the opening and closing hours of CornStar Tacos (UK)?

The opening and closing hours may vary by location, but as an example, the main CornStar Tacos restaurant in London typically opens at 11:00 AM and closes at 9:00 PM, Monday through Sunday.

Do they offer delivery or takeout options at CornStar Tacos (UK)?

Yes, CornStar Tacos (UK) offers delivery through their website. Additionally, you can order from CornStar Tacos through popular delivery providers such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and Just Eat.

Is there a loyalty program or rewards system at CornStar Tacos (UK)?

CornStar Tacos (UK) may have a loyalty program in place, offering rewards or discounts to their returning customers. For specific details, it's best to inquire with their staff or visit their website.

Are there any signature sauces or salsas at CornStar Tacos (UK)?

CornStar Tacos (UK) boasts a range of signature sauces and salsas, such as the zesty Mango Habanero, the smoky Chipotle Lime, and the classic Salsa Verde. These add a burst of flavor to your tacos.

What's the best way to eat CornStar Tacos (UK) for the full experience?

To enjoy the full CornStar Tacos (UK) experience, start with their signature tacos, explore their unique range of sauces and toppings, and pair your meal with a refreshing beverage. Savor each bite for a memorable dining experience.

Are there any sweet dessert tacos on the CornStar Tacos (UK) menu?

While CornStar Tacos primarily focuses on savory tacos, they occasionally introduce dessert tacos as seasonal specials. These sweet treats are perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Can you get CornStar Tacos (UK) for catering or events?

Yes, CornStar Tacos (UK) offers catering services for events and gatherings. Contact their catering team for more information on how they can make your event special.

Are there any special discounts or promotions for regular customers of CornStar Tacos (UK)?

CornStar Tacos (UK) values its regular customers and may offer special discounts or promotions from time to time. Check their website or inquire with their staff for the latest updates on these offers.

Do they offer vegetarian or vegan options at CornStar Tacos (UK)?

Yes, CornStar Tacos (UK) does offer both vegetarian and vegan options on their menu. A prime example is the "Pulled BBQ Jackfruit Tacos (VG)," which is a delectable vegan choice. The pulled BBQ jackfruit is slow-cooked to perfection, creating a savory and smoky flavor that appeals to plant-based eaters. 

How spicy are the tacos at CornStar Tacos (UK)?

The spiciness level of the tacos at CornStar Tacos (UK) varies. They offer a range of heat levels, from mild to spicy, allowing you to choose according to your spice tolerance.

Are there gluten-free options on the CornStar Tacos (UK) menu?

Many of the tacos at CornStar Tacos (UK) are gluten-free since they use corn tortillas as their base. Inform the staff of any dietary restrictions or allergies for a suitable selection.

What are the recommended side dishes to go with CornStar Tacos (UK)?

CornStar Tacos (UK) offers delightful side dishes, including Mexican street corn, fresh salsa, and chips. These sides complement the tacos beautifully.

Who are the competitors of CornStar Tacos (UK)?

Barburrito (UK)

Barburrito is a well-known Mexican eatery in the UK, celebrated for its quick and customizable burritos. They offer a variety of fresh ingredients, allowing customers to craft their own personalized burritos. It's a convenient choice for those seeking a tasty and hearty meal on the go.

Bang Bang Burrito (UK)

Bang Bang Burrito stands out for its fusion-inspired burritos, blending Mexican and Asian flavors. Their popular menu items include the Thai Green Curry Burrito and the Korean BBQ Burrito. These creative combinations are a hit among customers looking for an exciting twist on traditional burritos.

Fiesta Mexico (UK)

Fiesta Mexico offers an authentic Mexican dining experience with an array of traditional dishes. Popular choices at Fiesta Mexico include the Enchiladas, Tamales, and a variety of flavorful tacos. With its charming ambiance and genuine Mexican cuisine, it's a favorite for those seeking a taste of Mexico in the UK.

Papi Taco (UK)

Papi Taco brings a taste of California to the UK with its menu of street-style tacos. The Carnitas, Al Pastor, and Baja Fish Tacos are among the crowd-pleasers. Their simple yet flavorful approach to tacos has won the hearts of many looking for a casual and satisfying meal.

Taco Bell (UK)

Taco Bell, a global fast-food chain, has a strong presence in the UK, known for its affordable Mexican-inspired fare. Among the favorites are the Crunchwrap Supreme, Cheesy Gordita Crunch, and their iconic Crunchy Tacos. Taco Bell is a go-to choice for those in search of quick and budget-friendly Mexican options.

Tortilla - Fresh Burritos (UK)

Tortilla is a popular chain specializing in fresh, made-to-order burritos. The Carnitas Burrito, Barbacoa Burrito, and Veggie Burrito are among the choices that patrons adore. With their emphasis on quality ingredients, Tortilla provides a satisfying burrito experience for UK residents.




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