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Donut House Coffee
Donut House® coffee feels familiar from the very first sip. It’s the easy-going, bold, dependable keurig k-cup you enjoy every day.
$14.45 - -
Big Easy Bold
Dark roast. This classic parisian roast is a thick, hearty blend. Its deep, dark color and invigorating aroma definitely kick it up a notch. This coffee uses 100% rainforest Alliance Certified™ beans.
$14.45 - -
Wild Mountain Blueberry
Flavoured. The sweet flavor of juicy sun-kissed blueberries, baked to perfection in a buttery crust. It’s fair trade, too. Fresh from the roaster®.
$14.45 - -
Caramel Vanilla Cream
Flavoured. Caramel vanilla cream offers drizzles of sweet, buttery caramel and brown sugar, with swirls of vanilla cream.
$14.45 - -
Dark Magic
Dark roast. Dark magic extra bold exudes spellbinding complexity, crafted for sweet and intense espresso. excellent as a drip coffee too! fresh from the roaster®.
$14.45 - -
Decaf French Vanilla
Just try to resist the enticing aromas of our new French vanilla coffee. Lusciously rich and smooth with the flavors of sweet vanilla cream. Fresh from the roaster® and shipped to you in the convenience of single-serve keurig k-cups.
$14.45 - -
Nantucket Blend
Medium roast. We’ve woven exotic and delicious coffee attributes together - winey berry tones from East Africa, deep, full-bodied Indonesian, and zesty and bright flavors from the Americas.
$14.45 - -
Our Blend
Light roast. The first and original. A delightful cup of coffee. this mild, smooth, and aromatic blend are served in thousands of dining establishments along the east coast. made exclusively from American coffees, it is our classic house blend.
$14.45 - -
Breakfast Blend
Light roast. Our breakfast blend keurig k-cup is a complex yet smooth combination of sweet Costa Rican and smoky Guatemalan coffee beans. Whether you’re waking to the sounds of the Serengeti, discovering a Saharan sunrise, or watching the world awaken from your own kitchen window, experience the dawn of each new day with Timothy’s® and brew yourself a cup of possibilities. Perfect mornings start here.
$14.45 - -
Cinnamon Pastry
Flavoured. Strauss would be impressed. Vienna is legendary for perfect pairings: waltzes and balls, strudel and coffee. This inspiring blend combines the spicy sweetness of cinnamon with a light pastry finish. Decadent and delicious, it would be right at home in a Viennese café.
$14.45 - -
Colombian la Verada
Medium roast. Journey to Colombia in every cup of Timothy's® Colombian la vereda and taste the love, care, and passion that can only come from the Embera-chami tribe of san lorenzo. Experience the intense fragrance and floral notes, distinctive fruity and citric overtones for yourself. It’s the perfect way to explore Colombia's pride.
$14.45 - -
Decaf Colombian
Medium roast. A delightfully decaffeinated keurig k-cup from the central highlands of Colombia. Rich, smooth and well-balanced, this 100% Colombian coffee is zesty and vibrant, flowing like the rhythm of the land in which it was born.
$14.45 - -
Decaf Hazelnut
Flavoured. The luscious aroma of roasted hazelnuts in this decaffeinated coffee will transport you behind the walls of a medina to the hustle and bustle of a Turkish souq. Imagine exotic essences, colorful spices, sumptuous silky fabrics – your senses will be carried away.
$14.45 - -
Donut Blend
Light roast. A timeless donut shop classic, timothy’s original Donut Blend® will conjure memories of simpler days. This inviting cup of coffee is a nostalgic trip to the days of traditional donut shops, where freshly brewed coffee was a staple. Smooth and bright, with good body and a clean finish, timothy’s original Donut Blend® keurig k-cup is not just another cup of coffee. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures. So sit back, relax and celebrate simplicity with a familiar favorite!
$14.45 - -
French Roast
Dark roast. Travel from Paris to Provence with every sip of Timothy’s® French roast. Enjoy the intensity of this strong, sharp and tangy blend and experience the café culture of France. This keurig k-cup coffee is best served with rich pastry and a delightful daydream.
$14.45 - -
French Vanilla
Flavoured. On the streets of Paris, there’s nothing more enticing than the vanilla-rich aromas that drift out of every corner pâtisserie. We’ve captured that distinctly French flavor in this indulgent K-Cup treats. Bon appétit.
$14.45 - -
German Chocolate Cake
Flavoured. The sweet secret of German chocolate cake is all in the layering: first chocolate, then coconut, caramel, vanilla, and finally more chocolate. Our version layers the same fresh-baked aromas adding up to one sweet cup. Have your cake and drink it too.
$14.45 - -
Flavoured. Let the luscious aroma of roasted hazelnuts emanate from your cup and transport you to the Turkish souqs where you will be enticed by the exotic essence, colorful spices, sumptuous silky fabrics and vibrancy of the market. Your senses will be carried away by this Keurig K-Cup selection.
$14.45 - -
Italian Blend
Medium roast. Experience a renaissance of sweet flavor, smoky undertones and full body in this smooth, light espresso blend. A masterful creation of European roasting. Salute.
$14.45 - -
Irish Cream
Flavoured. Explore the flavors of the emerald Isle with Timothy’s® Irish cream coffee and it's luxurious, velvety texture as it swirls and rolls around your taste buds. This K-Cup’s rich aromas will fill your home and warm your heart. As the Irish say: ‘Taitneamh a bhaint as”, in other words – enjoy.
$14.45 - -
Flavoured. KAHLÚA® Original Keurig K-Cups combine the delicious notes of rum, vanilla, and caramel, wrapped in roasted coffee flavor from hand-picked Arabica beans. Our individually packed Kahlúa Coffee K-Cups® are master roasted using 100% Arabica beans chosen for their superior quality and unique characteristics, ensuring a rich, lively flavor.
$14.45 - -
Midnight Magic
Medium roast. From the cradle of life, coffee first traveled to North Africa on the warm Ethiopian winds. Crossing the Saharan desert and the sands of time for centuries long love-affair with humanity, midnight magic is dark, sweet and powerful and conjures a glimpse of the ancient Arabian nights from where it was born. Enjoy a bit of magic every day.
$14.45 - -
Mocha Java
Flavoured. A bridge between two coffee worlds. One of the world’s first blends combines the bright sweetness of Ethiopian beans with the heavy body of beans from Indonesia. A match made in heaven, or a marriage of good taste. Either way, you’ll enjoy the smooth, distinctive flavor of this well-balanced blend.
$14.45 - -
Nicaraguan Fair Trade Organic
Medium roast. Timothy’s® Nicaraguan fair trade organic coffee will take you to the land of lakes, poets, volcanoes, and rebels. Velvety, bright and enticing, you’ll enjoy its mild and nutty character with light acidity and undertones of chocolate. This Keurig K-Cup coffee’s full-bodied yet smooth flavor will rejuvenate your soul.
$14.45 - -
Pacific Island Blend
Medium roast. Once the secret of Polynesian kings, the islands of the South Pacific are renowned for producing luscious, velvety coffees. Linger over the essence of chocolate and hints of macadamia nut as they mingle together, creating a smooth and delicious blend. Aloha.
$14.45 - -
Rainforest Espresso
Dark roast. Explore your mysterious side with a taste of the exotic. From lush Amazonian rainforests straight to your cup, rainforest espresso has a strong, full-bodied flavor that is sweet, smooth, and richly satisfying.
$14.45 - -
San Lorenzo
Dark roast. Spanish conquistadors trekked through Colombia’s rainforests in search of gold. They should have been looking for this coffee ̶ a classic Colombian treasure, treated to a deeper, darker roast and condensed into a Keurig K-Cup. Discover its pleasantly assertive flavor and silky smooth body for yourself.
$14.45 - -
Your palate will be fond of this decadent coffee, where the creamy caramel taste is lightly accentuated by a hint of vanilla.
$14.45 - -
Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
Flavoured. A surprising coffee that achieves the taste of a chocolate raspberry truffle melting in your mouth. Sweet tooths just found a coffee right up their alley.
$14.45 - -
Costa Rica
Light roast. Aside from being a tropical paradise, Costa Rica also happens to be a dream destination for coffee lovers in search of a subtle honey taste and an excellent acidity. An outstanding coffee Keurig K-Cup to enjoy peacefully on a warm sunny morning or simply to escape momentarily.
$14.45 - -
Crème Brûlée
Flavoured. Your palate will immediately recognize the taste of this classic dessert: rich and creamy vanilla, topped with caramelized sugar and packed into a Keurig K-Cup coffee.
$14.45 - -
Swiss Water Decaf
Light roast. An aromatic and smooth coffee with sweet, earthy flavors and enticing nutty notes. The most fantastic decaf you’ve ever tasted. By far.
$14.45 - -
Decaf Original House Blend
Medium roast. This medium roast decaffeinated coffee offers a light acidity, slightly spicy flavors, and a pleasant body. True to van houtte original recipe – only without the caffeine.
$14.45 - -
Eclipse Blend
Dark roast. This powerful coffee suggests caramelized undertones, a round body and an intriguing flavor of ripe fruits. This extra bold coffee offers a deeper flavor and more intensity.
$14.45 - -
Medium roast. This coffee offers a delicate aroma, a pleasant acidity and a full body, enhanced by delightfully sweet hints of caramel and toasted bread and by strong woodsy notes. This extra bold K-Cup offers a deeper flavor and more intensity.
$14.45 - -
Original House Blend
Medium roast. Following our founder’s original recipe, this Keurig K-Cup coffee offers a fleeting acidity and a mellow, slightly aromatic flavor with a delightful body and a nice finish.
$14.45 - -
Mexico Fair Trade Organic
Dark roast. This very aromatic coffee has a round body, a slightly bitter touch and a hint of acidity. A perfect balance between sweet and pungent notes, packed into the convenience of a Keurig K-Cup.
$14.45 - -
Pecan Praline
Flavoured. Indulge in this pleasantly smooth coffee, where the sweet and creamy taste of praline is paired with a caramelized, nutty pecan flavor.
$14.45 - -
Midnight Express
Dark roast. This very bold coffee will stupefy your senses with its intense fruity taste, heavy body, and interesting tangy notes. Hop on the wagon and settle for an unforgettable journey.
$14.45 - -
Lake & Lodge
Medium roast. This smooth, West Coast style, dark-roast blend of premium beans has a smoky sweetness that is enhanced by an extraordinarily rich aroma. Fresh from the roaster®.
$14.45 - -
Kenyan AA
Medium roast. An excellent introduction to African coffees. Fruity blackberry aroma with a sparkling finish. Fresh from the roaster®.
$14.45 - -
Green Mountain DECAF Vermont County
Medium roast. Coffee lovers will be surprised after tasting this blend of light and dark coffee beans. This nice blend of light and dark beans achieve a taste that has made this one of our most popular decaf coffees in Calgary. The result is coffee that is sweet, rich and aromatic, with a pleasant lingering finish.
$14.45 - -
Green Mountain Half Caff
Medium roast. Decaf. All the flavor, half the caffeine! Perfect for when you want a little late-afternoon or evening pick-me-up without a sleepless night. Fresh from the roaster and into your cup. Try Green mountain half caff Keurig K-Cup coffee and see why this coffee is one of Calgary’s favorite cup of decaffeinated brew.
$14.45 - -
Brown Gold 100% Colombian
Brown gold coffee – always 100% pure single-origin coffee with 0% compromise. Yes, at brown gold, they use only the highest quality, single origin beans for their coffee. The brown gold Colombian coffee is medium roasted, with hints of caramel and vanilla that exert a well-balanced finish. Pure 100% Colombian coffee (medium-dark roast). Hints of caramel and vanilla that exert a well-balanced finish. Realcups are compatible with all K-Cup® brewers (including 2.0). 24 single-serve brown gold real cups per box.
$14.45 - -
Green Mountain - Vermont Country Blend
An engaging blend that reveals itself in layers. A darker-roasted base offers mellow, toasty flavors and a velvety mouth-feel, while lighter-roasted, select American beans provide clarity and a winning finish. The result is a blend that is at once brisk and bright, yet undeniably smooth. A lovely cup, whether you’re celebrating a crisp autumn day in the country, or longing for one. Medium roast. This coffee is a Fairtrade Certified™ product.
$14.45 - -
Turbo Caffeine
Dark roast. This full-bodied extra bold Keurig K-Cup coffee packs a punch.
$15.95 - -
Marley Coffee - Buffalo Soldier
This earthy blend is soulful, smoky, and deliciously smooth, just like the original seven inches buffalo soldier LP release. Excellent flavor, nuanced by hints of chocolate cream and lemon undertones with a rich, lingering finish - this liberating cup leaves you wanting more. Now available in EcoCup, easy to recycle clear plastic single-serve capsules. Same great taste in an environmentally friendly format. Plus, one cent for every cup sold goes directly to support clean water initiatives through Water Wise Coffee. Tasting Notes: Rich + Robust
$16.45 - -
Chai Latte
Match India’s rhythms to your soul, its colors to your mind and discover a flavor adventure all on your own, in every sip of Timothy’s® Chai Latte K-Cup® packs. Blended from only the finest teas and spices including ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and cloves, this sweet, spicy and milky tea offers you an intriguing taste that stands apart. Embark on your personal flavor journey with every fragrant and seductive sip of our Chai Latte. Sweetened with sucralose and sugar.
$17.45 - -
Dulce de Leche
This sweet and buttery South American caramel drink is the perfect reward after a trek through Patagonia. It also happens to be just what you need to curl up on the couch after a busy day. Sweetened with sucralose and sugar. Creamy caramel flavored beverage.
$17.45 - -
Barista Prima Colombia
There is magic in the Andes. A potent energy that imbues the coffee nurtured there with near-mythic flavor. These highly prized Arabica beans, cultivated at high elevation on small farms shadowed by Colombia’s majestic mountains, are a testament to the volcanic soils from which they grow. Each deep-roasted k-cup possesses a sweet, full-bodied finish that perfectly reflects Colombia’s proud coffee-growing tradition.
$18.45 - -
Barista Prima French Roast
Highest quality Arabica beans are guided to the very edge of noir – beyond their second crack – eased back, masterfully, to reveal their rich, full-flavored complexity. It’s a delicate balancing act that demands beans of the utmost quality; high-altitude Arabica capable of withstanding the intense heat required by this darker roast. Barista Prima Coffeehouse® masters excel at carefully monitoring the tenuous balance between roast and flavor that results in a daringly dark, smoky-sweet brew with a surprisingly light mouthfeel. The ultimate proof
$18.45 - -
Barista Prima House Blend
Medium roast. This supremely satisfying blend evokes all the familiar comforts of your favorite coffee house. Classically balanced, with a lively splash of citrus, subtle hints of bittersweet chocolate and a well-rounded, toasted-nut finish, the roasty sweet flavor of our Barista Prima Coffeehouse® blend is your invitation to a fresh-brewed experience like no other.
$18.45 - -
Barista Prima Italian
Dark roast. With a subtle hint of smokiness and a bright clean finish, our Italian roast is a hearty and flavorful testament to the art of dark roasting. Its uniquely potent flavor profile has been masterfully crafted to occupy a special niche between the bright, bold taste of our Colombia offering and the intense, smoky-sweet essence of French roast. A discriminatingly versatile cup: the ideal accompaniment to sunrise, or the perfect ending to an unforgettable meal. Available in regular and decaf.
$18.45 - -
Decaf French Roast
Dark roast. A smoky, decadent tale. Our most popular Keurig K-Cup roast, without the caffeine.
$18.45 - -
Italian Roast
Dark roast. Complex and robust. Subtle spiciness and a long, satisfying finish.
$18.45 - -
Decaf Pike Place
Medium roast. A tip of the hat to where Starbucks® came from and what they stand for. Starbucks® created this blend to meet a wide range of tastes. Whether you prefer it straight up or complemented with cream and sugar, this coffee promises a bold, satisfying cup that’s rich in flavor yet balanced enough to enjoy every day.
$19.45 - -
Pike Place
Medium roast. A tip of the hat to where Starbucks® came from and what they stand for. Starbucks® created this blend to meet a wide range of tastes. Whether you prefer it straight-up or complemented with cream and sugar, this coffee Keurig K-Cup promises a bold, satisfying cup that’s rich in flavor yet balanced enough to enjoy every day.
$19.45 - -
Veranda Blend
Light roast. Roasting this blend of specially chosen Latin American beans for a shorter time allows the delicate nuances of soft cocoa and lightly toasted nuts to blossom. Mellow and flavorful, this coffee brews a delightfully gracious cup that’s perfect for welcoming friends.
$19.45 - -
Caffé Verona
Dark roast. Caffé Verona® is a seductive blend of beans from Latin America and Indonesia, with a gentle touch of Italian Roast lending depth, soul and sweetness to this superb Keurig K-Cup coffee.
$19.45 - -
Cafè Mocha
When cocoa and coffee get together, delicious things happen. Delectably sweet and surprisingly delicate, our Cafe Mocha’s a sophisticated treat that’ll make your “me time” more amazing.
$21.45 - -


Higgins & Burke – Tame Dragon
When your boss is at your back, you have two choices: run or sip. Tame dragon blends flat-leaved Longjing (Dragonwell to some) with twisted Chunmee to create a smooth and roasted tea with hints of ginger, cranberry, and peach. It’s bright and warm, giving you the right balance of calm and energy to face your daily dragons.
$14.45 - -
Chai Tea
Magical, mystical, colorful India meets tea loving Britain. Timothy’s® chai tea. embodies the essence this sweet, spicy delight is renowned for. Inhale the enchanting aromas of ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and cloves as they linger together with the finest black tea. A taste as vibrant as Mumbai!
$16.45 - -
Chamomile Tea
From the land of Beethoven and Strauss, Rubens and Goethe comes the inspiration for our timothy’s® chamomile tea. as soothing as it is flavorful, you’ll enjoy a calming, smooth, and aromatic experience in every sip. treat your senses to one of the finer things in life! As they say in Germany: tee gefällig? (tea anyone?)
$16.45 - -
Chinese Green Tea
Ancient Chinese scholars have written about it since 760 ads. chinese nobility considered it a symbol of their status. From the land where green tea originated, discover one of the world’s most ancient teas. Soothing, mellow and refreshing, experience peace and calm with every Keurig k-cup of Timothy's® Chinese green tea.
$16.45 - -
Earl Grey
Named after the second earl grey, Timothy's® earl grey tea Keurig k-cup offers a cup of true English tradition. Its distinctive flavor is derived from the addition of oil extracted from the rind of the bergamot orange. Smooth and aromatic, you can brew this English masterpiece any time of day.
$16.45 - -
English Breakfast Tea
Leave it to the British to make the best pot of tea, spot on. take afternoon tea in the garden with finger sandwiches and scones and enjoy the pomp and circumstance of London with timothy’s® English breakfast tea Keurig k-cups. So, what will it be? One lump or two?
$16.45 - -
Lemon Blueberry Tea
Caffeine-free, this herbal blend has the distinctive tangy taste of fresh lemon with just a touch of exotic hibiscus and tender sweet blueberry. Uncrate the sun in your cup with this fruity and bold beverage.
$16.45 - -
Peppermint Tea
Light and soothing, peppermint tea has been the elixir of choice for relaxing refreshment for thousands of years. We’ve traveled the world in search of the most aromatic peppermint leaves to create timothy’s® peppermint tea. it’s a delicious, caffeine-free way to wind down after a hectic day.
$16.45 - -
Chai Tea (Tea)
The finest black tea expertly blended with the sweet and the savory spice flavor of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and ginger to deliver a flavourful tea with a warm, soothing aroma and fresh, spicy taste.
$16.45 - -
Higgins & Burke – Bergamia Grey
When there are emails to type and meetings to attend, sometimes you need a little pick me up – ok a lot. bergamia grey has hand plucked black and green teas folded with citrus, rose and bergamot. It’s sweet and savory – it’s just what you need to stay smiling.
$16.45 - -
Higgins & Burke – Green Tea with Lemongrass
Premium Sencha steamed green tea with lemongrass and lemon balm herb. Refreshing and revitalizing, our imperial blend of premium Sencha steamed green tea is enhanced with lemongrass and lemon balm herb, for an exceptional taste experience. Enjoy it hot or poured over ice for a refreshing iced tea. sweeten to taste with your sweetener of choice. All Higgins and burke® teas are blended from hand-picked, high-grown tea leaves to deliver premium quality and bold flavor. Naturally beautiful and blended to perfection, enjoy the pure flavor in every c
$16.45 - -
Higgins & Burke – Kazirange Chai
When the gang gets together, you know stories will be told and laughs will be had. in Kaziranga chai, the aromatic flavors of warm ginger, sweet cinnamon, aromatic cloves, and cardamom are a rowdy bunch with a perfectly harmonized taste. The flavors are bold and comforting – perfect for a night of catching up.
$16.45 - -
Higgins & Burke – Lush Berry
Commuting can be a drag. But with the right dose of berry goodness, it can be refreshing. With juicy berries paired with tart African hibiscus and sweet apple, a lush berry is a tea that will brighten up your day. served hot or over ice, it makes commuting bearably delicious.
$16.45 - -
English Breakfast DECAF
The same great taste of timothy’s English breakfast tea, without the caffeine. Steeps to a full-bodied and rich tea.
$16.45 - -
Higgins & Burke – Orange Pekoe
Higgins & burke® orange pekoe is an exquisite blend of teas from the high estates of Ceylon, Kenya and other tea regions in the world. This outstanding tea will lift your spirits with its fragrant aroma and brisk flavor. Enjoy it hot or poured over ice for a refreshing iced tea. sweeten to taste with lemon, sugar or honey. All Higgins & burke® teas are blended from hand-picked, high-grown tea leaves to deliver premium quality and bold flavor. Naturally beautiful and blended to perfection, enjoy the pure flavor in every cup.
$18.45 - -

Hot Chocolate

Grove Square Mint Hot Chocolate $16.95 - -
Grove Square Original Creamy Hot Chocolate $16.95 - -
Grove Square Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate $16.95 - -
Laura Secord Hot Chocolate Mix
Laura secord, Canada’s largest and best-known chocolatier, has been creating premium quality delights since 1913. This hot chocolate Keurig K-Cup is yet another illustration of how laura secord has mastered the finesse and true art form this is chocolate-making. Intense and creamy with a rich body, pamper yourself with this hot chocolate gem.
$16.95 - -

Flavoured Crystals

True Lemon
True Lemon starts in the grove with fresh lemons selected for their superior flavor. Cold pressing and crystallizing the lemons locks in their flavor at the peak of freshness so True Lemon tastes better than any lemon you can find in the store: fresh frozen or juice. In fact, in taste tests, True Lemon was preferred over fresh lemons 7 out of 10 times. Because of its fresh taste and convenience (no more shriveled up lemons in your produce drawer and have you ever tried to put a fresh lemon in your purse?), True Lemon lets you use lemon in so ma
$12.00 - -
True Lime
True Lime starts in the grove with fresh limes selected for their superior flavor. Cold pressing and crystallizing the limes locks in their flavor at the peak of freshness so True Lime tastes better than any lime you can find in the store – fresh, frozen or juice. In fact, in taste tests, True Lime was preferred over fresh limes 7 out of 10 times. True Lime’s fresh taste and convenience (no more rushing out for that last-minute lime you need for a recipe or worrying that the ones you do have are going bad) means you can use lime in so many ways
$12.00 - -
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