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Paragon Bay Mall, Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi AE 9(712) 443-4229
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الأسعار موضحة: AED
بيتا بيانات تغيير الأسعار المعروضة أدناه هي الفرق بين السجل السابق والأخير في قاعدة البيانات الخاصة بنا. يمكن اشتقاق السجلين من مصادر مختلفة ، وعلى هذا النحو ، ينبغي استخدامه فقط كتقديرات.
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Limited Time Offer

Döner Saj د29.00 - -
D’Arabian Platter د35.00 - -

Picked For You

Grand Classic Wrap
Our wraps are densely packed with succulent beef or chicken and piles of fresh red cabbage, tomato, onion and lettuce for a balanced meal, accompanied by our custom sauce blend.
د33.00 - -
Falafel Gyro
The falafel gyro comes with our award-winning falafel topped with avocado, red cabbage, tomato, pickles and our signature blend of spicy, garlic and tahini sauces all wrapped up in our fluffy pita
د33.00 - -
Grand Berlin Doner د33.00 - -
Swiss Mushroom Gyro
The swiss mushroom gyro comes with your favorite beef or chicken, swiss cheese , lettuce and tomato topped with mushrooms sautéed in bbq all wrapped up in a fluffy pita
د33.00 - -
Classic Chicago Gyro
A Classic Chicago Gyros, piles of succulent beef or chicken, simply prepared with fresh tomato, onion and traditional Tzatziki sauce on a fluffy pita brushed with olive oil and grilled.
د33.00 - -

Most Popular

Classic Wrap
Piles of fresh red cabbage, tomato, onion, and lettuce for a balanced meal.
د22.00 - -
Classic Berlin Doner
Piled high with fresh lettuce, tomato, red cabbage, onion with custom blend of sauces, and wrapped up in crispy flatbread.
د22.00 - -
German Potato Salad
Potato salad with hard boiled eggs from a traditional German recipe.
د10.00 - -


Grand Berlin Döner (Sandwiches) د33.00 - -
Chicago Classic Gyro Beef د33.00 - -
Grand Wrap د33.00 - -

Limited Time Offer "LTO"

Swiss Mushroom Gyro (Limited Time Offer "LTO") د33.00 - -
Buffalo Chicken Gyro
The buffalo chicken gyro comes with our iconic chicken tossed in tangy buffalo sauce all wrapped in our delicious pita topped with lettuce, tomato, avocado with a drizzle of ranch
د33.00 - -
Pit Stop BBQ Gyro
The pit stop bbq gyro comes with piles of bbq beef or chicken, swiss cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles and mayo in our signature gyro pita
د33.00 - -
Falafel Gyro (Limited Time Offer "LTO") د33.00 - -


Grand Veggie Doner
Go meat free with delicious grilled vegetables, eggplant, zucchini, mixed bell peppers plus fresh lettuce, onions, tomatoes and red cabbage along with our custom sauce blend and crispy flatbread.
د26.00 - -


Classic Chicago Gyro (Gyros) د33.00 - -
Gyro Pizza
Enjoy our fluffy pita topped with our delicious beef, chicken or vegetables mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and pepperoni slices for a true pizza experience.
د26.00 - -


Grand Classic Wrap (Wraps) د33.00 - -
Grand Veggie Wrap
Get your daily vitamins with our vegetable packed wrap, filled with fresh lettuce, onion, red cabbage, bell pepper, zucchini, eggplant and tomatoes, topped with our custom sauce blend.
د26.00 - -


Döner Platter د37.00 - -
Gyro Platter
Enjoy more of your favorite classic Gyro sandwich with a platter of our succulent meat, fresh vegetables, slices of fluffy pita brushed with olive oil and a helping of our traditional Tzatziki sauce.
د37.00 +د2.00 +5.71%
Arabian Platter د37.00 - -
Falafel Platter د37.00 - -

Platters and Bowls

Fiesta Platter
Everyday is a party when you order our Fiesta Platter, it comes with our succulent favorite meat, hearty serving of rice, fresh tomatoes onions and refreshing coleslaw.
د35.00 - -
Doner Meal Box
Go carbless with our delicious beef or chicken and fresh lettuce, tomato, onion and red cabbage, served with our custom sauce blend and feta cheese.
د29.00 - -

Berlin Bowls

Mighty Beef Bowl د37.00 - -
Cravin Chicken Bowl د37.00 - -


German Potato Salad (Salads)
Our traditional German potato salad recipe is tasty, tangy and prepared fresh daily.
د5.00 - -
Falafel Salad د33.00 - -
Coleslaw Salad
With our custom blend of sauce, cabbage and our secret twist and our refreshing coleslaw is sure to be a hit.
د5.00 - -
Fresh Green Salad
Freshly cut lettuce, tomato, bell peppers, carrot, cucumber topped with feta cheese.
د19.00 +د2.00 +11.76%
Fattoush Salad د10.00 - -
Mighty Doner Salad
For a lighter twist on a delicious meal, go for our freshly cut salads full of lettuce, tomato, onion, carrot, bell pepper, cucumber and feta topped with a hearty portion of beef or chicken.
د33.00 +د9.00 +37.50%

Street Smart Menu

Berlin Doner
Our crispy flatbread piled with fresh lettuce, tomato, red cabbage and onion, packed with delicious beef or chicken.
د22.00 - -
Pocket Doner
Try our honey mustard chicken or creamy pepper beef in our new round flatbread with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle slice.
د16.00 - -
Berlin Wrap
Our delicious beef or chicken with fresh red cabbage, tomato, onion, lettuce and our custom sauces wrapped in a soft tortilla.
د16.00 - -
Doner Rice Bowl
Our fragrant traditional rice topped with red cabbage, sweet n' chili sauce and our delicious beef, chicken or grilled veggies.
د16.00 - -


Original Fries
Our classic crispy fries.
د7.00 - -
Classic Fries د10.00 - -
Waffles Fries (Sides)
Try something new with our crispy, edgy, crunchy waffle fries.
د11.00 - -
Waffles Fries د11.00 - -
Onion Rings
Extra delicious and crispy onion rings.
د11.00 +د3.00 +37.50%
Chessy Fries
Enjoy our classic crispy fries with a delicious helping of cheddar cheese sauce.
د13.00 +د3.00 +30.00%
Supreme Fries د15.00 - -
Onion Rings (Sides) د9.00 - -
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
3 pieces of breaded cheesy mozzarella sticks
د13.00 +د3.00 +30.00%
Sweet Corn
A juicy buttery sweet corn.
د10.00 - -
Corn د8.00 - -
Donermite Fries د23.00 +د2.00 +9.52%
Classic Hummus د10.00 - -
Falafel Fritter د10.00 - -

Kids Meal

Nuggets Meal
Feed the little ones with 4 delicious chicken nuggets
د16.00 - -
Nuggets Meal (Kids Meal) د16.00 - -
Cheesy Pizza Meal
Cheesy pizza with a juice.
د16.00 - -


Soft Drinks د7.00 +د1.00 +16.67%
Freshly Squeezed Lemonade د9.00 +د1.00 +12.50%
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice د15.00 +د3.00 +25.00%
All-natural fruit Smoothies.
د19.00 - -
Water د5.00 +د1.00 +25.00%


Nutella Doner
Delicious chocolately Nutella spread into our classic Doner bread for maximum crunch.
د8.00 - -
Dessert Pots
Our dessert pots are the perfect way to give any meal a sweet ending, choose from any of our 3 delectable flavors.
د7.00 - -
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