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Top Menu Items

Prosciutto & Eggplant
Prosciutto, grilled eggplant, roasted peppers and fresh Mozzarella cheese.
$9.99 - -
Vegetable Risotto
Creamy risotto tossed with fresh garden vegetables sauteed in a garlic white wine sauce.
$12.99 - -
Kids Linguine & Meatball $8.99 - -


Caesar Salad $7.99 - -
Seafood Involtini
Shrimp, scallops and crabmeat mixed in a lobster roux wrapped with a pastry dough baked to perfection and served with a pink cream sauce.
$10.99 - -
Fried Mozzarella $7.99 - -
Filet Mignon Bruschetta
Toasted Italian bread topped with filet mignon, fresh spinach, bruschetta tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese.
$14.99 - -
Fried Calamari
Fresh calamari fried to perfection served with our homemade marinara sauce.
$10.99 - -
Cheeses, prosciutto and salami complemented with roasted peppers, grilled eggplant, artichokes, olives and tomato bruschetta.
$10.99 - -
Warm Crab Dip
Jumbo lump crab imperial baked to perfection served with toasted homemade Italian pita bread.
$13.99 - -
Jumbo Lump Crabmeat
Baked to perfection and served in a fresh berry Gorgonzola cream sauce.
$13.99 - -
Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes
3 jumbo lump crab cakes lightly breaded and fried topped with fresh Mozzarella cheese and a cucumber bruschetta with a lite chipotle sauce.
$14.99 - -
Tomato Bruschetta
Toasted Italian bread topped with plum tomatoes, onions, marinated in olive oil with fresh herbs.
$7.99 - -
Panko Crusted Caprese
Panko crusted plum tomatoes fried and topped with fresh Mozzarella cheese drizzled in a pomadoro sauce with fresh basil.
$8.99 - -
Lettuce Wraps
Chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, almonds, cucumbers, carrots, Gorgonzola cheese, topped with avocado and dressed in a balsamic vinaigrette.
$10.99 - -
Due Amici's Sampler
Fried calamari, panko crusted caprese, crab and zucchini cake, tomato bruschetta.
$19.99 - -
Sauteed Shrimp & Calamari Bowl
Jumbo shrimp and calamari sauteed in a garlic white wine sauce with mushrooms, celery, red onions and cherry tomatoes served in a red cabbage bowl.
$14.99 - -
Roasted Peppers & Mozzarella
Fresh roasted peppers and Mozzarella marinated in garlic, olive oil and fresh basil.
$8.99 - -
Asparagus Wrapped with Prosciutto
Baked and served in a garlic and oil sauce smothered with baby shrimp and cherry tomatoes.
$10.99 - -
Crab Bisque $7.99 - -
Jumbo Shrimp Bruschetta
3 jumbo shrimp lightly fried stacked with sauteed spinach, tomato and onion bruschetta, Mozzarella cheese drizzled with a chipotle sauce.
$13.99 - -


Chicken & Roasted Pepper $9.99 - -
Chicken Parmigiana $9.99 - -
Prosciutto & Eggplant (Sandwiches) $9.99 - -
Meatball Parmigiana $9.99 - -
Sausage & Broccoli Rabe $9.99 - -
Chicken Caesar $9.99 - -
Chicken Cutlet
Breaded cutlet served with tomato bruschetta and a garlic mayonnaise.
$9.99 - -
Portabella Mushroom
Grilled portabella mushroom topped with roasted peppers, caramelized onions and fresh Mozzarella.
$9.99 - -
Veal Parmigiana $9.99 - -
Buffalo Chicken
Spicy chicken tenders, romaine lettuce and Bleu cheese dressing.
$9.99 - -


Eggplant Parmigiana
Fresh eggplant lightly breaded and fried to perfection topped with marinara sauce and Mozzarella cheese served with capellini.
$11.99 - -
Pasta with Garlic & Oil $8.99 - -
Pasta with Alfredo $9.99 - -
Pasta Carne
Filet mignon tips, shiitake mushrooms, onions, peas, cherry and sun-dried tomatoes served in a demi glaze sauce with a touch of cream.
$16.99 - -
Eggplant Manicotti
Egg battered eggplant stuffed with ricotta cheese, spinach and roasted peppers served with capellini.
$12.99 - -
Pasta with Marinara $8.99 - -
Gnocchi Merino
Chicken breast, chopped tomatoes, sliced shiitake mushrooms and peas sauteed in a lobster cream sauce tossed with homemade potato gnocchi.
$14.99 - -
Tortellini Gorgonzola
Homemade cheese tortellini tossed in a Gorgonzola cheese cream sauce.
$12.99 - -
Pasta with Meat Sauce $9.99 - -
Penne Ala Vodka
Penne pasta tossed in a garlic vodka pink cream sauce with fresh chop tomatoes and sun-dried tomatoes.
$11.99 - -
Pasta with Tomato Mozzarella Sauce $8.99 - -
Pasta with Pesto Cream $9.99 - -
Vegetable Risotto (Pasta) $12.99 - -
Pasta with Pomadoro $8.99 - -
Lobster Ravioli
Homemade lobster and cheese filled ravioli served in a lobster cream sauce with shiitake mushrooms, chopped tomatoes and topped with jumbo lump crabmeat.
$17.99 - -
Pasta with Primavera $9.99 - -

Entree Salads

Tequila Salad
Gluten-free. Fresh arugula, red onion, cherry tomatoes, apples, avocado, Gorgonzola cheese and prosciutto tossed in a tequila vinaigrette.
$10.99 - -
Orange Roughy Salad
Gluten-free. Pan seared fresh orange roughy served over a bed of arugula, with pears, apples, walnuts, cherry tomatoes and olives topped with a pear vinaigrette.
$15.99 - -
Gorgonzola Salad
Gluten-free. Grilled jumbo shrimp, Gorgonzola cheese, roasted peppers, artichokes, tomatoes and olives, served in a balsamic vinaigrette over a field of greens.
$14.99 - -
Salmon Berry Salad
Gluten-free. Grilled salmon served over a field of greens with fresh berries, pecans, artichokes, olives and Feta cheese tossed in a champagne vinaigrette.
$14.99 - -
Almond Salmon Salad
Field of greens tossed with Feta cheese, black and green olives, artichokes, drizzled in a balsamic vinaigrette and topped with almond encrusted salmon.
$14.99 - -
Lemon Pepper Chicken Salad
Gluten-free. Grilled lemon pepper chicken breast, served over a field of greens with Provolone cheese, fresh Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, artichokes, grilled eggplant, olives and roasted peppers topped with a Dijon vinaigrette.
$10.99 - -
Chicken Caesar Salad
Gluten-free. Chicken breast grilled and served over a classic Caesar salad with fresh croutons.
$10.99 - -


Grilled to perfection laid over a bed of spinach garlic and oil topped with tomato bruschetta.
$10.99 - -
Panko Crusted
Served over a bed of linguini tossed in a pesto cream sauce topped with fresh arugula and bruschetta tomatoes.
$12.99 - -
Sauteed in a vodka pink cream sauce topped with jumbo shrimp, spinach, roasted peppers and Mozzarella cheese.
$14.99 - -
Stuffed with baby shrimp, prosciutto and Mozzarella cheese served in a cilantro cream sauce with sun-dried tomato and grilled asparagus.
$13.99 - -
Sauteed in a garlic white wine lite pomodoro sauce served with chopped tomatoes, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes topped with asparagus and Mozzarella cheese.
$12.99 - -
Your choice parmigiana, marsala or picante.
$10.99 - -


Panko Crusted (Veal) $14.99 - -
Michael (Veal) $16.99 - -
Rivera (Veal) $15.99 - -
Classic (Veal) $12.99 - -
Angelo (Veal) $14.99 - -
Grilled (Veal) $12.99 - -


Mario's Ribeye
Gluten-free. Grilled to perfection served in a lite horseradish cream sauce with sliced portabella mushrooms topped with grilled jumbo shrimp and asparagus.
$29.99 - -
Filet Gorgonzola
Gluten-free. Grilled filet mignon topped with portabella mushroom, roasted peppers and Mozzarella cheese, served in a Gorgonzola cheese cream sauce served with vegetables.
$29.99 - -
Filet & Crabmeat
Pan seared filet mignon sauteed in a mushroom demi glaze sauce topped with jumbo lump crabmeat and Mozzarella cheese served with vegetables.
$31.99 - -
Grilled Ribeye
Gluten-free. Grilled to perfection served with gourmet mushrooms and caramelized onions served with vegetables.
$27.99 - -
Filet Dijon
Gluten-free. Grilled filet mignon served in a Dijon cream sauce topped with Gorgonzola cheese served with vegetables.
$29.99 - -


Broiled Scallops
Gluten-free. Grilled to perfection laid over a bed of spinach garlic and oil.
$15.99 - -
Shrimp Marinara
Served over linguini.
$14.99 - -
Scallops Monte Carlo
Sea scallops sauteed in a garlic white wine light pomadoro sauce with sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms and artichokes served over linguini.
$16.99 - -
Scallops & Mushroom Risotto
Gluten-free. Shiitake, oyster and sliced mushroom tossed in a garlic creamy risotto topped with pan seared sea scallops.
$16.99 - -
Scampi $14.99 - -
Traditional Crab Cakes
Jumbo lump crabmeat folded in an imperial mix broiled to perfection served with an array of sauces.
$16.99 - -
Fresh Pan Seared Salmon
Topped with jumbo lump crabmeat, tomato and cucumber salad served over spinach garlic and oil.
$16.99 - -
Tilapia Francaise & Pan Seared Scallops
Sauteed in a garlic white wine sauce with shiitake mushrooms, chopped plum tomatoes and capers served over capellini.
$16.99 - -
Grilled Scallops
Grilled to perfection laid over a bed of spinach garlic and oil.
$15.99 - -
Shrimp & Salmon Cartucci
Jumbo shrimp jumbo shrimp stuffed with crab imperial wrapped with salmon sauteed in a garlic white wine sauce with capers. Stuffed with crab imperial wrapped with salmon sauteed in a garlic white wine sauce with capers.
$16.99 - -
Seafood Involtini (Seafood) $12.99 - -
Fra Diavolo $14.99 - -
Fresh Grilled Salmon or Tilapia
Gluten-free. Served in a garlic white wine lemon sauce.
$14.99 - -
Due Amici's Salmon Pinwheel
Fresh salmon stuffed with spinach and jumbo lump crabmeat served in a lobster cream sauce with shiitake mushrooms and asparagus.
$17.99 - -
Panko Crusted Orange Roughy
Stuffed with baby shrimp, roasted peppers, spinach and shiitake mushrooms served in a lobster cream sauce.
$26.99 - -
Capellini Positano
Fresh jumbo lump crabmeat sauteed in a garlic pomodoro sauce folded in capellini.
$16.99 - -
Seafood Cioppino
Fresh jumbo shrimp, sea scallops, jumbo lump crabmeat, mussels and clams sauteed in a garlic lite pomadoro sauce served over a bed of linguini.
$27.99 - -
Zucchini Cakes
Jumbo lump crabmeat and julienned zucchini tossed with fresh herbs and spices served over fresh sliced plum tomatoes with a side of spinach garlic and oil.
$16.99 - -

Kids Menu

Kids Chicken Parmigiana $8.99 - -
Kids Linguine & Meatball (Kids Menu) $8.99 - -
Kids Chicken Fingers $8.99 - -
Kids Grilled Tilapia $8.99 - -
Kids Fettuccine Alfredo $8.99 - -
Kids Ravioli Marinara $8.99 - -


Mushroom & Roasted $6.99 - -
Grilled Asparagus Garlic & Oil $6.99 - -
Peppers Risotto $6.99 - -
Spinach Garlic & Oil $6.99 - -
Side of Pasta $6.99 - -
Grilled Vegetables $6.99 - -
Broccoli Rabe Garlic & Oil $6.99 - -
Broccoli $6.99 - -
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