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A1. Beef Samosa
Spicy. Minced beef marinated with herbs and spices, wrapped in flour pastry leaves, and deep-fried.
$3.49 - -
A3. Chicken Samosa
Spicy. Minced chicken marinated with herbs and spices, wrapped in flour pastry leaves, and deep-fried.
$3.49 - -
A4. Pakora (Plate)
Vegetarian. Flavored batter mixed with potatoes, onions, and spinach, deep-fried to perfection.
$5.99 - -
A5. Chicken Wings (8 Pcs.)
One order comes with eight wings.
$10.99 - -
A6. Appetizer Platter
All your favorites on one plate cheese sambusik, hummus, pita chips, sliced vegetables, pakoras, samosa, kibbie, and chicken wings.
$19.99 - -
B1. Fried Kibbie (4 Pcs.)
Ground beef and cracked wheat shells stuffed with ground beef, onions, and pine nuts. One order comes with four pieces.
$7.99 - -
B2. Grape Leaves (8 Pcs.)
Vegetarian. Eight grape leaf rolls stuffed with rice, onions, and parsley, steamed in olive oil and lemon juice.
$8.99 - -
B3. Hummus
Vegetarian. Pureed chickpeas blended with tahini, lemon juice, and drizzled with olive oil.
$5.99 - -
B4. Baba Ghanooj
Vegetarian. Pureed charbroiled eggplant with tahini, lemon juice, and fresh garlic, drizzled with olive oil.
$7.99 - -
B5. Cheese Sambusik
Savory dough stuffed with a two-cheese blend and parsley.
$4.49 - -
B6. Falafel (6 Pcs.)
Vegetarian. Ground chickpeas in house blend of spices served with tahini sauce. One order comes with six pieces.
$7.99 - -


C1. Fattoush
Vegetarian. Fresh mix of ice-chilled greens, tomatoes, and radish, topped with baked pita bread chips and signature fattoush dressing.
$5.99 - -
C2. Tabouli
Vegetarian. Blend of bulgar wheat, finely chopped parsley, tomatoes, and onions, dressed with lemon juice and olive oil.
$6.99 - -
C3. Greek Salad
Vegetarian. Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, onions, and feta cheese, served with vinaigrette dressing.
$5.99 - -

Sandwiches (Mediterranean Menu)

Sandwiches are served with your choice of fries or fattoush.
N1. Falafel Sandwich
Vegetarian. Falafel, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, turnips, and tahini.
$9.99 - -
N2. Shawarma Chicken or Beef Sandwich
Chicken or beef wrapped in pita bread with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, turnip, and garlic.
$10.99 - -
N3. Hamburger Sandwich
Ground beef patty made in-house with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and pickles, served on a sesame seed bun.
$9.99 - -
N4. Kabob Roll Chicken or Beef Sandwich
Marinated chicken or beef wrapped in a naan with onions and chutney.
$10.99 - -
N5. Shawarma Burger Sandwich
Delicious burger topped with your choice of chicken or beef shawarma.
$14.99 - -

Entrées (Mediterranean Menu)

All Mediterranean entrees are served with soup and your choice of rice, french fries, fattoush, or grilled vegetables.
L1. Kafta Kabob
Ground beef mixed with chopped onions and parsley.
$14.99 - -
L2. Tenderloin Kabob
Marinated beef tenders cooked to order.
$17.99 - -
L3. Chicken Shawarma
Marinated sliced chicken with garlic sauce.
$14.99 - -
L4. Beef Shawarma
Marinated sliced beef with tahini sauce.
$14.99 - -
L5. Mix Grill
Shish tawook, kafta kabob, and beef tenderloin.
$17.99 - -
L6. Shish Tawook
Marinated chicken cubes with garlic sauce.
$15.99 - -

Platters (Mediterranean Menu)

Mediterranean platters are served with your choice of rice or french fries.
M1. Mediterranean Combo (Serves Two)
Lentil soup, kibbe, shish tawook, kafta kabob, and tenderloin kabob.
$34.99 - -
M2. Mediterranean Platter (Serves Four)
Lentil soup, grape leaves, kibbe, shish tawook, kafta kabob, and tenderloin kabob, served with fatoush and hummus.
$74.99 - -

Curries (Desi Menu)

All curries are served with one naan or rice.
G1. Karhai Chicken or Lamb
Spiced and marinated pieces of chicken or lamb cooked in a deep dish with an assortment of herbs, garlic, and ginger.
$14.99 - -
G2. Butter Chicken
Roasted boneless pieces of chicken cooked in ginger, garlic, lemon, peppers, coriander, cumin, turmeric, and chili, served in a mild curry sauce with butter.
$15.99 - -
G3. Chicken Qorma
Traditional Desi dish consisting of chicken and onions braised in a spiced sauce made with yogurt.
$14.99 - -
G4. Chicken Tikka Masala
Roasted boneless chicken, sauteed with onions, green peppers, and spices.
$15.99 - -
G5. Palak Chicken or Lamb
Chicken or lamb in gravy with spinach, herbs, and spices.
$14.99 - -
G6. Daal Gosht
Lamb in gravy with split chickpeas, herbs, and spices.
$15.99 - -
G7. Nihari
Traditional Desi stew consisting of slow-cooked beef garnished to taste with herbs and spices.
$15.99 - -
G8. Haleem
Traditional Desi stew consisting of slow-cooked meat, wheat barley, and lentils.
$14.99 - -
G9. Malai Kofta Handi
Mughlai dish prepared with fresh cream, coriander leaves, and onions with chicken meatballs.
$14.99 - -
G10. Qeema
Traditional Desi dish made with minced meat and spices.
$14.99 - -

Platters (Desi Menu)

J1. Desi Platter
Biryani rice, seekh kabob, chicken tikka, barbeque chicken, naan, raita, and veggie samosa.
$64.99 - -
J2. Eastern Flavours Platter (Serves Four to Six)
Lentil soup, biryani rice, shish tawook, seekh kabob, chicken tikka, grape leaves, naan, raita, hummus, and large fattoush. Serves four to six people.
$84.99 - -
J3. Tandoori Platter (Serves Two)
Seekh kabob, chicken tikka, malai boti, and barbeque chicken, served with naan and raita. Serves two people.
$34.99 - -

Fresh Off the Grill (Desi Menu)

All dishes are served with one naan.
H1. Seekh Kabob Chicken or Beef
Minced chicken or beef with green spices, cooked in the tandoor.
$14.99 - -
H2. Chicken Tikka
Boneless chicken marinated in yogurt and spices, then cooked in the tandoor.
$14.99 - -
H4. Tandoori Chicken $14.99 - -
H5. Chapli Kabob
Minced ground beef cooked with spices.
$14.99 - -

Eastern Flavours Originals (Desi Menu)

Butter Chicken Poutine
Signature butter chicken poutine.
$13.99 - -

Fresh Naan (Desi Menu )

E1. Tandoor Naan
Flour bread cooked in the tandoor.
$2.49 - -
E2. Garlic Naan
Flour bread cooked with garlic spices in the tandoor.
$2.75 - -
E3. Qeema Naan
Flour bread stuffed with minced meat and spices, then cooked in the tandoor.
$4.49 - -
E4. Sesame Naan
Flour bread cooked with sesame seeds in the tandoor.
$2.75 - -

Vegetarian Choices (Desi Menu)

All vegetarian choices are served with one naan or rice.
K1. Subzi
Mixed vegetables cooked with tomatoes, onions, and spices.
$11.99 - -
K3. Daal Special
Lentil dish cooked with spices.
$11.99 - -
K4. Palak Paneer
Paneer, spinach, and tomatoes with a touch of cream.
$11.99 - -
K5. Chana Masala
Chickpeas cooked in tomato sauce, spices, and herbs.
$11.99 - -
K6. Shahi Paneer
Paneer in a thick gravy sauce made up of cream, tomatoes, and spices.
$11.99 - -
K8. Aloo Baingan
Eggplant and potatoes cooked with tomatoes, herbs, and spices.
$11.99 - -
K7. Aloo Bhaji
Spiced potatoes with turmeric, curry leaves, and chilies.
$11.99 - -

Rice Dishes (Desi Menu)

D1. Biryani Rice with Chicken or Lamb
Mildly spiced dish of rice with marinated chicken or lamb, slow-cooked to perfection.
$14.99 - -
D2. Chef ’s Special Rice with Chicken or Beef
Chef ’s signature rice dish.
$14.99 - -
D3. Vegetable Biryani
Mildly spiced rice dish slow-cooked with vegetables.
$11.99 - -

Side Orders (Mediterranean Menu)

French Fries $5.99 - -
Garlic Sauce $0.99 - -
Plain Yogurt $1.99 - -
Pickled Plate $2.49 - -
Biryani Rice $6.99 - -
White Rice $4.99 - -
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