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Coffee and Smoothies

Medium Iced Coffee $3.50 - -
Build Your Own Smoothie $6.25 - -
Twanger Smoothie
Pineapple, mango, peach, vanilla yogurt, and orange juice.
$6.25 - -
Blueberry Hill Smoothie
Blueberry, banana, vanilla yogurt, and apple juice.
$6.25 - -
Hang-Over Helper Smoothie
Strawberry, banana, raspberry, sorbet, orange juice, bee pollen, B12, vitamins, and mineral.
$7.50 - -
Mango Tango Smoothie
Mango, pineapple, sorbet, and strawberry juice.
$6.25 - -
BBB Berry Smoothie
Blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, vanilla yogurt, and strawberry juice.
$6.25 - -
Lucky Green Smoothie
Pineapple, banana, orange juice, vanilla yogurt, and extra spirilina.
$6.75 - -

Fresh Juices

Juice $6.00 - -
Mixed Juice $6.00 - -
Five Fingers of Life Juice
Carrot, apple, beet, and ginger.
$6.00 - -
Liver Lover Juice
Carrot, beet, celery, and lemon.
$6.00 - -
Skinny Dipper Juice
Apple, cucumber, beet, and fennel.
$6.00 - -
Seven Seas Juice
Carrot, apple, beet, ginger, lemon, and fennel.
$6.00 - -


Egg, Bacon and Cheese Bagel
On a toasted bagel.
$7.00 - -
Egg, Ham and Cheese Bagel $6.75 - -
Bagel $2.00 - -
Egg and Cheese $5.75 - -


House Salad
Mixed greens, pea sprouts, carrots, cucumbers, onions, and tomato tossed in balsamic vinaigrette. Served with bread.
$10.25 - -
Greek Salad
Spinach, mixed greens, avocado, cucumber, red onion, tomato, pepperoncini, and feta tossed in lemon-vinaigrette. Served with bread.
$11.75 - -
Pear and Goat Cheese Salad
With mixed greens, sliced pears, roasted walnuts, onions, and goat cheese tossed in honey Dijon vinaigrette. Served with bread.
$10.75 - -
Side Salad $6.25 - -


Half Sandwich $6.50 - -
Half Sandwich and Chips Combo $7.50 - -
Half Sandwich and Salad Combo
With house salad.
$10.50 - -

Build Your Own Sandwich

Build Your Own Sandwich $10.50 - -

Vegetarian Sandwiches

The Carrot Sandwich
Carrots, cucumber, red onion, tomato, lettuce, pea sprouts, avocado, and dill havarti, tomato, and Dijon. Served on multi-grain.
$10.50 - -
Brie Sandwich
Tomato, red onions, sun dried tomato pesto, Dijon and mixed greens, tossed in balsamic vinaigrette, mayo, and Dijon. Served on focaccia.
$10.50 - -
Provolone Sandwich
Sun-dried tomato pesto, tomato, red onions and mixed greens tossed in balsamic vinaigrette, mayo, and Dijon. Served on an onion roll.
$10.25 - -
Veggie Muffelatta Sandwich
Sun-dried tomato pesto, artichoke spread, lettuce, tomato, red onion, carrots, cucumber, and pea sprouts drizzled with lemon-oregano vinaigrette on telera.
$10.50 - -
Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Sandwich
Avocado, smoked gouda, cheddar, carrots, cucumber, tomato, onions, and pea-sprouts with balsamic vinaigrette. Served on a seeded roll.
$10.75 - -
The Greek Sandwich
Feta, artichoke, spread, cucumber, red onions, tomato, pepperoncini, pea sprouts, and mixed greens tossed in lemon-oregano vinaigrette. Served on a seeded roll.
$10.25 - -
Smoked Gouda Sandwich
Avocado, lettuce, tomato, red onions, carrots, cucumber, pea sprouts, mayo, and Dijone. Served on a sourdough roll.
$10.50 - -
Lil Caesar Sandwich
Artichoke spread, grated Parmesan, tomato, red onion, baby romaine, homemade Caesar dressing, mayo, and Dijon. Served on focaccia.
$10.50 - -
The Green-Green Sandwich
Baby spinach, artichoke spread, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, pea-sprouts, onions, and tomato with honey-mustard champagne vinaigrette on telera.
$10.75 - -

House-Built Specials Sandwiches

The Players Club Sandwich
Turkey, ham, and provolone with lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo, and Dijon on telera.
$10.50 - -
Smoked Turkey Sandwich
Avocado and cheddar with lettuce, tomato, red onions, mayo, and Dijon. Served on a sourdough roll.
$11.75 - -
Roast Beef Sandwich
Horseradish, sweet and hot mustard, smoked gouda, red onion, tomato, pea sprouts, and mayo. Served on an onion roll.
$10.75 - -
Fresh Herbed Albacore Tuna Sandwich
With cheddar, avocado, tomato, red onions, pea sprouts, mayo, and Dijon. Served on focaccia.
$12.00 - -
Winterlend Sandwich
Roasted turkey, Swiss, avocado with cranberry mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomato, and onion. Served on sliced sourdough.
$11.75 - -
Virginia Baked Ham and Brie Sandwich
Hot and sweet mustard, tomato, red onion, and pea sprouts. Served on a seed roll.
$10.75 - -
Fresh-Herbed Albacore Tuna II Sandwich
Artichoke spread, feta, pepperoncini, tomato, red onions, pea sprouts, mayo, and Dijon. Served on telera.
$11.50 - -
Turkey Love Sandwich
Roasted turkey, tomato, red onions, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, pea sprouts, mayo, and Dijon on wheat bread.
$10.50 - -
Smoked Out Sandwich
Smoked turkey, smoked gouda, BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, mayo, and Dijon on telera.
$10.50 - -
Cow Palace Sandwich
Roasted beef and Swiss with lettuce, onion, tomato, pea sprouts, mayo, and Dijon. Served on rye.
$10.75 - -
The Mediterranean Sandwich
Ham with artichoke spread, provolone, tomato, onion, and sprouts drizzled with lemon oregano vinaigrette, with mayo and Dijon on focaccia.
$11.00 - -
The Italian Sandwich
Salami, turkey, and ham with provolone, tomato, onions, pepperoncini, pea-sprouts, balsamic vinaigrette, mayo, and Dijon on a sourdough roll.
$11.00 - -
The Avalon Sandwich
Roasted turkey, roast beef, smoked Gouda, pepperoncini, tomato, red, onion, avocado and pea-sprouts, mayo, Dijon, and served on telera.
$11.75 - -
The Warfield Sandwich
Roasted turkey, pastrami and dill Havarti, with lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles, mayo, Dijon and on a seeded roll.
$10.75 - -
Classic Pastrami Sandwich
Swiss, lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles, mayo, Dijon, and sliced rye.
$10.75 - -
Caesar Sandwich
Smoked turkey, grated Parmesan cheese, tomato, onion and baby Romaine with homemade Caesar dressing, mayo, Dijon, and served on focaccia.
$11.00 - -
The Fillmore Sandwich
Ham, roasted turkey, cheddar, Provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion and pepperoncini, mayo, Dijon, and served on telera.
$10.50 - -
The Matrix Sandwich
Fresh-herded albacore tuna with artichoke spread, lettuce, onions, tomato, pea-sprouts, carrots, cucumber and lemon-oregano vinaigrette, mayo, Dijon, and on telera.
$11.50 - -
Salami Sandwich
Cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion and pepperoncini, mayo, and Dijon. Served on sliced sourdough.
$10.50 - -
Smoked Turkey II Sandwich
Dill Havarti, artichoke spread, sprouts, tomato and onions, mayo, Dijon, and served on an onion roll.
$10.75 - -
Roasted Turkey II Sandwich
Parmesan, tomato, onion and sprouts with balsamic vinaigrette, mayo, Dijon, and served on focaccia.
$10.75 - -
The Double Sandwich
Italian salami, roasted turkey, provolone and Swiss, lettuce, tomato, onion, pepperoncini and balsamic vinaigrette, mayo, Dijon, and served on telera.
$10.75 - -
East Coast Beef Sandwich
Roast beef, provolone, sun dried tomato pesto, pea-sprouts, onions and tomato, mayo, Dijon, and served on focaccia.
$11.50 - -

Sushi Roll

Spicy Tuna Roll
Tuna is spicy sauce and cucumber
$6.50 - -
California Roll
Imitated crab meat with avocado
$6.00 - -
Avocado Kappa Roll
Cucumber and avocado
$6.50 - -
Volcano Roll
Spicy tuna, cucumber, and jalapeno
$10.95 - -
Hamachi Avocado Roll
Hamachi and avocado
$7.95 - -
Salmon Avocado Roll
Salmon and avocado
$6.95 - -
Ebi Avocado Roll
Cooked shrimp and avocado
$6.95 - -
Futo Maki Roll
Inari, yamagobal, oshiko, avocado and cucumber
$7.95 - -
Philly Roll
Salmon, avocado and cream cheese
$7.95 - -
Rock and Roll
Barbeque eel and avocado
$7.95 - -
Dragon Roll
Crab meat, topped with eel and avocado
$10.95 - -
Rainbow Roll
California roll topped with assorted fish
$11.95 - -
Lion King Roll
Baked salmon and crab meat topped with house creamy sauce
$11.95 - -
Baked Scallop Roll
Baked scallop and crab meat topped with house creamy sauce
$11.95 - -
Estela's Roll
Spicy salmon topped with assorted fish with fried onion and house special sauce
$13.95 - -
Snow Dragon
Cooked shrimp and avocado, topped with snow crab and tobiko
$13.95 - -
White Wizard
Crab meat, avocado, with super white tuna, walnut, and house special sauce
$12.95 - -
Spicy tuna, hamachi, and tuna, jalapeno topped with spicy sauce
$12.95 - -
Cherry Blossom
Salmon and avocado topped with tuna
$13.95 - -

Sushi Burrito

Wifi Sushi Burrito
Salmon, tuna, hamachi, avocado, cucumber, seaweed salad, furikake, tobiko with spicy mayo and unagi sauce
$15.95 - -
Shooting Star Sushi Burrito
Seared salmon, ebi, unagi, avocado, seaweed salad, furikake, tobiko with unagi sauce
$15.95 - -
ABC Sushi Burrito
Avocado, butter fish, crab, cucumber, seaweed, furikake, tobiko with topped with spicy mayo and unagi sauce.
$15.95 - -
Philadelphia Veggie
Inari, tamago, cream cheese, avocado, yamagobal, lemon zest, seaweed salad with special sauce
$13.95 - -
Spicy Boy
Spicy salmon, spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber, seaweed salad, jalapeño, green onion, furikake, tobiko with spicy mayo and unagi sauce.
$14.95 - -


Estela's Donburi
Salmon, tuna, hamachi, butter fish, scallop, fresh eel, ebi, Ikura, avocado, tamago, green onion with nori
$21.95 - -
Fire Rainbow Donburi
Assorted fish with crab, tobiko, green onion, house spicy sauce with nori
$20.95 - -
H & A Donburi
Hamachi and Ankimo, seaweed salad, and tobiko with nori
$18.95 - -
Queen Donburi
Scallop, tuna, seaweed salad, tamago, tobiko with nori
$20.95 - -
King Donburi
Salmon, ikura with nori
$18.95 - -
Poki Donburi
Tuna, salmon, ebi, seaweed salad, tobiko with nori
$18.95 - -
Sea Eel
Barbeque eel, oshiko, and ginger
$18.95 - -
Garden Delight
Inari, tamago, oshiko, yamagobal, avocado, cucumber, seaweed salad with nori
$14.95 - -


Boiled soy bean with sea salt
$3.95 - -
Seaweed salad
$3.95 - -
Hiyo Yako
Cold tofu with dried scallion, shiso, and ponzu sauce
$4.95 - -
Hamachi Truffle
Yellowtail sashimi with mince garlic and truffle oil
$8.95 - -
Escolar Carpaccio
Butter fish, olive oil with yuzu
$8.95 - -
Ocean Sunomono
Assorted fish, ebi with cucumber
$8.95 - -
Baked Mussels
Baked mussels with creamy sauce
$8.95 - -
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