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Popular Items

Triple Decker Club
Your choice of roasted sliced turkey or roast beef topped with bacon, lettuce, and tomato on white toast.
$11.99 - -

Ed's Breakfast

All Ed's Favorites served with home fries and toast. Served all day.
Farmers Market Breakfast
Grilled country bread topped with three scrambled eggs, marinated cherry tomatoes and fresh Mozzarella.
$9.49 - -
Baked Cheese Grits & Eggs
Two eggs baked with bacon, Cheddar cheese grits, and chives.
$9.49 - -
Diner Benedict
A jumbo English muffin split in half with two freshly poached eggs, perched on top of Canadian bacon, finished with hollandaise sauce.
$10.49 - -
Fry Two
Two farm fresh eggs cooked anyway you like'em.
$4.99 - -
Corny Hash
Delicious Corned Beef Hash, topped with two farm fresh eggs cooked any way you like 'em.
$9.49 - -
The Big Cheese
A fluffy, three egg omelet with your choice of American, Swiss, Cheddar, Feta, Mozzarella or Provolone cheese.
$8.49 - -
Breakfast Burrito
Scrambled eggs, grilled chicken, bacon. beans peppers, onions, and cheese wrapped in a grilled tortilla, served with sour cream and pico de gallo.
$13.49 - -
Ham & Cheese Classic Omelette
The classic, baked ham and melted Wisconsin Cheddar. Bacon or sausage may be substituted.
$10.99 - -
Wild Western Omelette
Baked ham, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, and melted Cheddar.
$9.49 - -
Veggie Omelette
Sautéed onions, green peppers, broccoli, sliced mushrooms. tomato and melted Cheddar.
$8.99 - -
Crab Hash
A delicious blend of sautéed crab with onions, peppers, and potatoes topped with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Served with toast.
$14.49 - -
Roadside Omelette
This fluffy omelet is whipped with spicy peppers, onions, and tomato and stuffed with melted cheddar. Topped with salsa and sour cream.
$10.99 - -
Greek Omelette
A New York diner favorite. Tomato, onions, Feta, bacon and our home fries whipped together into a mega omelet.
$9.49 - -
Sunrise Quesadilla
Grilled flour tortilla, Cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, bacon, onions, and peppers. Topped with sour cream and pico de gallo.
$9.49 - -
The Chevy Nova Omelette
Nova scotia lox and onion.
$11.99 - -
Spinach & Feta $8.99 - -
N.Y. Sirloin Steak, char-grilled to perfection and served with two farm fresh eggs cooked anyway you wish.
$16.99 - -
Mushroom & Swiss Omelette $8.49 - -
Protein Omelette
Egg whites, broccoli and grilled chicken.
$10.49 - -

Cereals & Fruits

Hot Oatmeal
Made to order with brown sugar and your choice of whole or skim milk.
$4.49 - -
Steel Cut Oatmeal with Raisins, Apples & Cranberries $6.49 - -
Assorted Cold Cereals
Served with whole or skim milk.
$3.99 - -
Assorted Cold Cereals with Strawberries $5.99 - -
Assorted Cold Cereals with Bananas $5.99 - -
Greek Yogurt & Honey $4.49 - -
Everfresh Fruit Bowl
We cut to order the most fresh, ripe, tropical fruits on the market.
$5.99 - -
Ever-Fresh Fruit Bowl with Cottage Cheese $7.49 - -
ED's Cinnamon Honey Granola
Served with dried fruit, candied pecans, fresh berries and your choice of whole or skim milk.
$8.49 - -
Greek Yogurt Granola Parfait
Granola, fresh berries and honey.
$7.99 - -

Buttermilk Pancakes

Made with real buttermilk making them so fluffy you'll want to flip. Sprinkled with powered sugar and served with whipped butter and our famous strawberry butter.
The Eveready Breakfast
A real popular dish here. Three fluffy buttermilk pancakes topped with two farm fresh eggs, two strips bacon and two sausages.
$10.99 - -
Our Famous Buttermilk Pancakes
An Eveready tradition.
$6.99 - -
Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes $6.99 - -
Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Pancakes
A southern classic topped with cream cheese icing, dusted with powered sugar.
$8.49 - -
Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes
Our famous pancakes loaded with bananas and chocolate chips.
$9.99 - -
Bananas Foster Pancakes
Our famous pancakes topped with caramelized bananas with a touch of brown sugar, cinnamon and raisins.
$8.99 - -
Blueberry Pancakes
Loaded with plump blueberries, dusted with powdered sugar.
$8.99 - -
Strawberries & Cream Pancakes
Topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, dusted with powdered sugar.
$8.99 - -
Apple Cinnamon Raisin Pancakes
Topped with stewed apples, cinnamon and raisins.
$8.99 - -
Pecan Pancakes
Our buttermilk pancakes loaded with pecans and dusted with powdered sugar.
$8.99 - -

French Toast & Malted Waffles

Homemade Multi-Grain Oat Nut French Toast
Our bakeries Multi-Grain Oat Nut Cranberry Bread dipped in french custard and grilled. Dusted with cinnamon and powdered sugar.
$7.99 - -
Frittered French Toast
Our Eveready French Toast layered with cream cheese and raspberry sauce topped with sprinkled powdered sugar served with whipped butter and syrup.
$9.49 - -
Old Fashioned French Toast
Our thick cut homemade challah bread sprinkled with powdered sugar. Served with whipped butter and syrup.
$7.99 - -
Bananas Foster French Toast
Our thick cut homemade challah bread dipped, grilled and topped with our famous caramelized bananas and raisins.
$9.99 - -
Monte Cristo
Our french toast topped with sliced turkey, Virginia ham and melted imported Swiss cheese. Served with sweet potato fries.
$11.49 - -
PB & B French Toast Napoleon
Peanut butter and fresh bananas layered with our French Toast with whipped cream, cinnamon and powdered sugar.
$9.99 - -
Ed's Famous Malted Waffles
Served hot off the iron.
$7.99 - -
Chicken & Waffles
A Southern favorite. Combination of fried chicken and waffles served with syrup and whipped butter.
$14.99 - -
Strawberries & Cream Waffles
Topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Dusted with powdered sugar.
$9.99 - -
Fruity Tootie Waffles
A giant waffle topped with whipped cream and your choice of fruit topping.
$9.49 - -
Nutella Waffle Sandwich
Stuffed with Nutella, strawberries, bananas and blueberries. Dusted with powdered sugar.
$10.99 - -

Baked Fresh - The Bake Shop Everyday

The Bagel That Ate Brooklyn.
Easter Bread
Fresh Baked Easter Bread
$2.50 - -
Cream Cheese, Lox, Onion, Veggies $11.99 - -
Sesame, Plain or Everything
$2.29 - -
Bagel with Cream Cheese $3.29 - -
Sticky Bun $2.99 - -
Corn Muffin or Blueberry Muffin
$2.99 - -
Buttered Toast
Wheat, White or Rye
$1.99 - -
Assorted Danish $2.99 - -
Hard Roll $1.99 - -
Fresh Baked Assorted Pastry Bag
per pound
$3.99 - -
English Muffin $2.49 - -
Black & White Cookie $2.49 - -


Buffalo Wings
The real deal. These plump juicy wings are basted in our signature sauce, garnished with carrots, celery, and Bleu cheese.
$10.99 - -
Love Me Chicken Tenders
Large chicken tenders with crispy breading outside and tender all white meat inside. Served with honey mustard and bbq sauce.
$9.99 - -
Fresh Mozzarella & Tomato
Sliced Roma tomatoes and fresh Mozzarella, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and pesto.
$9.99 - -
Solid Gold Cheese Sticks
Savory Mozzarella cheese coated with zesty Italian batter and fried golden brown. Served with a side of our legendary marinara sauce.
$9.49 - -
Hub Cap Nachos
Served traditional style with Cheddar cheese, chili con carne on crispy tri-color tortilla chips. Topped with jalapeño slices, shredded lettuce, guacamole, sour cream, and Pico de gallo.
$10.99 - -
Homemade Onion Rings
That's right we cut'em, dip 'em and bread'em right here. Served golden brown with bbq sauce.
$8.49 - -
Tex Mex Eggrolls
Three eggroll wrappers stuffed with cilantro, Jack and Cheddar cheeses, chicken, grilled corn, black beans, peppers, and onions. Served with sour cream.
$10.99 - -
Disco Fries
Our famous French fries smothered with brown gravy and shredded Cheddar cheese.
$7.99 - -
BBQ Quesadillas
Flour tortillas, grilled then glazed with our signature bbq sauce, stuffed with grilled chicken breast, peppers, onions, melted Jack cheese, served with guacamole, sour cream, and pico de gallo.
$10.99 - -
Eveready Pile-Up
A platter piled up high with our buffalo wings, solid gold cheese sticks, love me chicken tenders and our homemade onion rings served with bbq, honey mustard, and marinara sauce.
$14.99 - -
Pork Dumplings
Your choice fried or steamed with ginger soy sauce.
$9.99 - -
Fried Calamari
Lightly battered and fried. Served with our legendary marinara sauce.
$11.99 - -
Fresh Roma tomatoes tossed with garlic, basil and extra virgin olive oil on grilled Tuscan bread with grated imported pecorino and Mozzarella cheeses.
$8.99 - -
Spin Dip
Spinach, artichoke hearts, shallots, garlic, spices and a mixture of cheeses. Served bubbly hot with tortilla chips and salsa.
$9.99 - -
Mitey Bites
Mini bite size cheeseburgers with grilled onions served with our secret sauce.
$10.99 - -
Corn Cakes
Three jalapeño corn cakes topped with salsa verde, pineapple mango, salsa, sliced avocado, and sour cream.
$9.99 - -


Soup made for slurpin' Prepared from scratch every day.
Ed's Chicken Soup $3.99 - -
Today's Soup $3.99 - -
French Onion Soup
With melted Provolone.
$5.99 - -
Homemade Chili
With melted Cheddar and tortilla chips.
$6.99 - -

Gourment Salads

Made with mother nature's finest ingredients. Served with fresh baked bread from our bakery.
Caesar Salad
Crisp Romaine lettuce tossed with our creamy caesar dressing, Parmesan cheese, and focaccia croutons.
$8.99 - -
Ty Cobb Salad
It's a hit! Layers of juicy chicken breast, crisp bacon, fresh avocado, crumbled Bleu cheese, tomato and hard-boiled egg on a bed of mixed greens with choice of dressing.
$12.49 - -
Greek Salad
Garden fresh mixed greens topped with crumbled Feta, stuffed grape leaves, kalamata olives, pepperoncini, red onion, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Served with our tomato basil vinaigrette and pita wedges.
$11.99 - -
New Orleans Chicken Salad
Blackened chicken breast on a bed of tossed greens with tomato, bermuda onion, mushrooms, hard-boiled egg, black olives and shredded cheese with your choice of dressing.
$12.49 - -
Herb Crusted Salmon Salad
Fresh Atlantic salmon herb crusted and served on a bed of mixed greens and fresh veggies tossed in our tomato basil vinaigrette.
$15.99 - -
Sante Fe Chicken Salad
Charbroiled chicken breast on a mound of tossed greens topped with bacon, mushrooms, avocado, tomato wedges, and Shredded cheese. Served with tri-color tortilla chips and your choice of dressing.
$12.99 - -
Summer Picnic Salad
A bed of crisp lettuce. Sliced tomato, hard-boiled egg, potato salad, cole slaw and your choice of: chicken salad or tuna salad.
$10.99 - -
Chinese Chicken Salad
Fresh slices of grilled chicken breast, layered with mixed greens, green onions, mandarin oranges, and crisp wontons, toasted almonds and sesame seeds. Tossed in our plum dressing.
$12.49 - -
Seafood Antipasto
Grilled shrimp, calamari and scallops over a bed of baby greens with fresh Mozzarella and Provolone cheese and a side of tomato basil vinaigrette dressing.
$16.49 - -
Parmesan Crusted Chicken Mista Salad
Mixed greens, Roma tomatoes, fresh Mozzarella, roasted peppers, Kalamata olives, tossed with our house dressing and topped with our parmesan crusted chicken.
$12.49 - -
Chef Salad
Crisp lettuce with scallions, cucumbers, tomatoes, shredded turkey breast, roast beef, hickory ham, Swiss cheese, kalamata olives, and your choice of dressing.
$12.99 - -
Hudson Salad
Our own grown apples, grilled chicken breast, pecans, endive, cranberries, Bleu cheese, tossed with honey mustard vinaigrette.
$13.99 - -
Eveready House Salad
Garden fresh crisp mixed greens topped with Bermuda onions, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, broccoli, and endive. Served with your choice of dressing.
$7.99 - -
Chicken & Portabella Salad
Grilled chicken and portabella mushroom on a bed of baby greens, tomatoes, red onion, and fresh Mozzarella, tossed in our tomato basil vinaigrette.
$12.99 - -

Express Lunch

Monday-Friday 11.30 am-3.00 pm.
Express Lunch
A cup of today's soup, house salad, and 1/2 of a sandwich.
$8.49 - -


These original favorites are served with Eveready fries, cole slaw and pickle.
Triple Decker Club (Sandwiches) $11.99 - -
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
On a toasted bun laced with BBQ sauce served with cole slaw and sweet potato fries.
$10.99 - -
The Paramount
Marinated chicken breast charbroiled topped with sautéed mushrooms, onions and imported provolone on fresh baked bread.
$11.49 - -
French Dip
Fresh baked roll with mounds of thinly sliced steak, melted provolone, grilled onion and a touch gravy served with tangy au jus for dipping.
$11.99 - -
Rockin' Reuben
Enjoy your choice of corned beef brisket or pastrami, melted Swiss cheese and zesty sauerkraut on grilled marble rye.
$11.99 - -
Santa Barbara Club
Grilled chicken with crisp bacon, avocado, Swiss cheese, chipotle mayo, tomato and baby spinach on a fresh baked roll.
$11.99 - -
Jose Teias Chicken Sandwich
We top our grilled chicken breast with our signature Bark at the Moon BBQ sauce, bacon and American cheese on a fresh baked roll. Served with chili cheese nachos.
$11.99 - -
Classic Meatball Sandwich
Our homemade meatballs with melted Provolone cheese and marinara sauce on a split buttered roll.
$10.99 - -
Tuna Melt
Albacore tuna salad topped with melted American cheese and grilled tomato served on grilled marble rye.
$10.99 - -
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Grilled chicken, ham, melted Swiss and honey mustard
$11.99 - -
Sausage & Pepper Panini
Grilled fennel sausage, onions, peppers, Mozzarella cheese and marinara for dipping.
$10.99 - -
Steak & Cheese Panini
Top sirloin, mushroom, onions, and American cheese.
$10.99 - -
Portobello Panini
Portobello mushroom, tomato and Mozzarella cheese.
$9.99 - -

New York Deli

If you still haven't decided, try one of our stacked sandwiches New York is famous for. On your choice of white, whole wheat, rye, marbled rye, focaccia, or hard roll with lettuce, mayonnaise or mustard. Served with potato salad or cole slaw and pickle.
Roast Beef $8.99 - -
Baked Virginia Ham $8.99 - -
Roast Turkey $9.99 - -
Corned Beef $9.99 - -
Pastrami $9.99 - -
Tuna Salad $8.99 - -
Egg Salad $5.99 - -
Chicken Salad $6.99 - -
Meatloaf $8.99 - -
B.L.T. $7.49 - -
P.B. & J $4.49 - -
Hamburger $8.99 - -
Fried Filet of Sole $8.99 - -
Grilled Cheese $6.49 - -
Bacon & Egg $6.99 - -
Ham & Egg $6.99 - -
Sausage & Egg $6.99 - -
Western $7.25 - -
London Broil $10.99 - -
1/4 lb. Hot Dog $5.99 - -
1/4 lb. Hot Dog Chili & Cheese Dog $6.99 - -


All our hamburgers are a half-pound of fresh ground beef like the way it should be. Served with crisp lettuce, tomato, onion, eveready fries, homemade onion rings, cole slaw and pickle.
The Classic Burger
A deluxe 1/2 pound burger.
$10.99 - -
Avocado BLT Burger
1/2 pound burger with melted Beu cheese, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato and onion.
$13.49 - -
Bacon, Egg & Cheeseburger
Juicy burger topped with crisp bacon, white Cheddar, sunny side egg, lettuce, tomato, and hot peppers.
$13.49 - -
The Veggie Deluxe Burger
With melted cheddar, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion and chipotle mayo.
$11.49 - -
BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger
Our half-pound burger with our signature bbq sauce, bacon, Cheddar lettuce, tomato, and onion.
$12.99 - -
EL Camino Burger
1/2 pound burger, sunny side egg, bacon, chipotle mayo. salsa verde, melted Cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and onion.
$13.49 - -
Mushroom Provolone Burger
Topped with sautéed mushrooms, melted provolone, lettuce, tomato, and onion.
$11.99 - -
Black Jack Burger
Ground beef seasoned with cajun spices then pan blackened, topped with Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, and grilled onions.
$11.99 - -

Pitas & Wraps

Buffalo Chicken Wrap
Buffalo chicken tenders with lettuce, tomato and Cheddar cheese rolled in a flour wrapper.
$10.99 - -
Souvlaki Pita
Choice of marinated chicken or pork medallions wrapped tight in grilled pita bread with tomato and red onion. topped with a zesty cucumber sauce. With fries.
$10.99 - -
Big Apple Wrap
Our homegrown apples, grilled chicken breast, pecans, cranberries, Blue cheese, and honey mustard vinaigrette rolled in a spinach wrap
$11.99 - -
Wrappers Delight
Grilled chicken or Philly steak with sautéed peppers, onions and Cheddar cheese rolled in a wrapper served with french fries.
$10.99 - -
Spicy Shrimp Spinach Wrap
Spinach wrap stuffed with cajun shrimp, bacon, avocado, cilantro, cool cucumber sauce, tomato, and fresh spinach.
$11.99 - -
Chicken Caesar Salad Wrapper
Grilled chicken breast, romaine lettuce and creamy caesar dressing rolled in a flour tortilla wrap.
$10.99 - -
Gyro Pita
A blend of seasoned beef and pork wrapped tight in grilled pita bread with tomato and red onion, topped with zesty cucumber sauce.
$10.99 - -
Blackened Chicken Pita
Chicken breast seasoned then blackened on a pita with lettuce, tomato, Cheddar cheese and dijon mayo.
$11.49 - -

Street Tacos

Authentically made with mini soft corn tortillas. Served with black beans, rice, pico de gallo,and sour cream.
Filled with roast pork, cilantro, lime, and pineapple - mango salsa.
$11.99 - -
Fish Tacos
Filled with grilled tilapia, tropical slaw, cilantro, lime, salsa verde, avocado, and chipotle mayo.
$12.99 - -
Chicken Tacos
Filled with spicy grilled chicken avocado, salsa verde, onion, Cheddar cheese, cilantro and lime.
$12.99 - -


All pasta dishes are served with a crisp dinner salad and fresh bread from our bakery.
The Godfather
Penne pasta tossed with sautéed chicken medallions, fresh tomatoes, imported Mozzarella, basil and roasted garlic.
$16.49 - -
Sun Pasta
Penne pasta tossed with fresh broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh thyme, browned garlic, imported Parmesan cheese and extra virgin olive oil.
$14.99 - -
Farfalle with Chicken & Mushrooms
Bow-tie pasta, diced chicken breast, mushrooms, pancetta, peas and sun dried tomatoes in a roasted garlic Parmesan cream sauce.
$16.49 - -
Penne Ala Vodka
Penne pasta tossed in a delicious vodka tomato cream sauce with pancetta and fresh basil.
$15.49 - -
Bistro Shrimp Scampi
Bistro-style sautéed with roasted garlic, white wine, extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil and parsley, served over angel hair pasta.
$19.49 - -
Fettuccine Alfredo
Fresh garden vegetables sautéed in a creamy Alfredo sauce topped with enriched egg fettuccini.
$15.49 - -
Jambalaya Pasta
Shrimp and chicken sautéed with onions, peppers and tomatoes in our very spicy Cajun sauce. Served with linguine or rice.
$19.49 - -

Eveready Blues

Patty Melt
A delicious half pound beef patty on grilled bread with sautéed onions and American cheese. Served with Eveready's fries and cole slaw.
$11.49 - -
A half-pound of freshly ground beef served open faced with fresh vegetables and Eveready's signature mashed potatoes covered with hearty gravy.
$11.49 - -
Mac & Cheese
Here it is. Mac and cheese old school style made with fresh cream, Colby cheese and Vermont sharp cheddar. Topped with toasted bread crumbs.
$11.49 - -
Hot Open Sandwiches
Your choice of roast turkey or roast beef served with fresh vegetables and a mound of Eveready's signature mashed potatoes covered with home-style gravy.
$13.99 - -
Chopped Steak
Twelve ounces of chopped New York sirloin grilled to perfection topped with sautéed onions, served with fresh vegetables and a mound of eveready's signature mashed potatoes covered with home-style gravy.
$13.99 - -


Served with a crisp dinner salad and fresh baked bread from our bakery.
Lemon Chicken
Sautéed chicken breasts in a lemon pepper wine sauce accompanied with linguini alfredo.
$17.99 - -
Half Roasted Chicken
Oven roasted half chicken with stuffing, roasted potatoes and steamed vegetables.
$16.99 - -
Chicken Marsala
Twin chicken beast sautéed in a savory marsala wine sauce with button mushrooms served with sautéed spinach and mashed potatoes.
$17.99 - -
Tuscan Chicken
Parmesan crusted chicken breast with three mushroom sauce, sun dried tomatoes, sautéed spinach and mashed potatoes.
$17.99 - -
Chicken & Biscuits
Tender breast of chicken served with mashed potatoes, shortcake biscuits, peas, carrots and mushrooms, smothered in a delicious country gravy.
$16.49 - -


Served with a crisp dinner salad and fresh baked bread from our bakery.
Parmigiana Classics
Your choice of meatball, chicken, shrimp or eggplant lightly breaded and topped with Mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce baked to perfection, served with angel hair pasta.
$15.99 - -
Mixed Grill
Gulf shrimp, bbq chicken breast and London broil grilled to perfection and served with mashed potatoes and corn on the cob.
$22.99 - -
Burrito Grande
A monster Burrito with chicken, cheese, rice, avocado, onions and peppers topped with guacamole, sour cream, salsa verde and pico de gallo. Served with black beans and rice.
$14.99 - -
Pulled Pork Dinner
Laced with barbecue sauce served with mac and cheese and cole slaw.
$14.99 - -

Diner Classics

Served with mashed potatoes, vegetable of the day, a crisp dinner salad and fresh baked bread from our bakery.
Roasted Turkey Dinner
Layer's of roasted turkey breast and traditional stuffing smothered with rich turkey gravy, served with a side of real canberry sauce.
$15.99 - -
Mama's Roast
Just like mom's. Braised pot roast sliced and smothered with hearty gravy.
$15.99 - -
Chicken Pot Pie
Juicy chunks of chicken stewed with fresh peas, carrots, celery and onions with a touch of cream atop a flaky puff pastry shell.
$15.99 - -
Meat Leaf Dinner
Thick slices of homemade meatloaf, fresh baked with tomato topping, smothered with savory mushroom gravy.
$14.49 - -
4 Piece Fried Chicken Dinner
Fried chicken served with mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, cole slaw and a buttermilk biscuit. All white meat not available.
$16.99 - -


Served with a crisp dinner salad and fresh baked bread from our bakery.
Ship's Broiled Filet of Sole
Filet of sole broiled in a lemon butter chardonnay sauce, served with sautéed vegetables and rice pilaf.
$19.99 - -
Pan Seared Scallops
Seared with wild mushroom demi-glace and garlic. Served with mashed potatoes and sautéed. spinach.
$21.49 - -
Grilled Salmon
Fresh filet of Atlantic salmon grilled and served with vegetables and roasted potato.
$19.49 - -
Stuffed Sole Avalon
Filet of sole overstuffed with seafood stuffing baked and finished with a zesty lobster cream sauce. Served with steamed mixed vegetables and mashed potato.
$20.49 - -
Sautéed Tilapia & Shrimp
Pan seared finished with tropical burre blanc served with mashed potato and sautéed spinach.
$19.99 - -
Roxy's Stuffed Shrimp
Jumbo gulf shrimp filled with seafood stuffing and baked to a golden brown, served with lemon butter, fresh steamed mixed vegetables and roasted potatoes.
$20.49 - -
Herb Crusted Salmon
Fresh Atlantic salmon seared in a fresh herb crust finished with a lobster cream sauce. Served with fresh steamed mixed vegetables and rice pilaf.
$20.49 - -
Broiled Seafood Combination
Stuffed shrimp, deep sea scallops, stuffed sole and Atlantic salmon broiled with a fresh garlic herb butter. Served with fresh steamed mixed vegetables and rice pilaf.
$26.99 - -
Beer Battered Fish & Chips
Icelandic cod, hand battered and fried crisp, served with coleslaw, french fries and tartar sauce.
$17.49 - -

Butcher Cut Steaks, Chops Ribs

Served with a crisp dinner salad and fresh baked bread from our bakery.
NY Sirloin
Thick cut choice ny sirloin char-grilled, served with baked potatoes and sautéed vegetables.
$22.99 - -
Pork Chops
Butcher cut pork chops charbroiled and served with farm fresh applesauce, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob.
$19.99 - -
Skirt Steak
Marinated grilled skirt steak, served with mashed potatoes, sautéed vegetables and onion rings.
$21.99 - -
Filet Mignon
Thick cut of our finest steak, served with mashed potatoes, sautéed spinach and demi-glace.
$25.99 - -
Grilled Ribeye
Thick cut ribeye steak marinated with garlic and rosemary, served with roasted potato and corn on the cob.
$22.99 - -
Baby Back Pork Ribs
Lean slow roasted baby back ribs glazed with our signature BBQ sauce. Served with baked potato and corn on the cob.
$20.99 - -
London Broil (Butcher Cut Steaks, Chops Ribs)
Marinated steak sliced and topped with sautéed mushrooms and savory brown sauce. Served with mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables.
$20.99 - -


French Fries $3.99 - -
Roasted Potatoes $4.49 - -
Mashed Potato $3.99 - -
Baked Potato $3.99 - -
Eveready T-Shirt $15.49 - -
Sliced Avocado $3.49 - -
Potato Salad $3.29 - -
Vegetable of the Day $3.49 - -
Home Fries $3.99 - -
Side of Pasta $5.49 - -
Sautéed Spinach $5.49 - -
Mac N Cheese $7.49 - -
Eveready Baseball Cap $15.49 - -
Bacon $3.29 - -
Ham $3.29 - -
Sausage $3.29 - -
Turkey Bacon $3.49 - -
Turkey Sausage $3.49 - -
Canadian bacon $3.99 - -
Virginia Ham Steak $3.99 - -
Eveready Coffee Mug $6.49 - -

Coffee Shop

Eveready Coffee is Heavenly! We grind our signature beans and brew them to the absolute perfection. By the way, if you are in search of Eternal Caffeination be sure to check out our Coffee Bar for all our retail coffee selections.
Our Legendary Coffee
Leaded or unleaded.
$2.29 - -
Espresso, frothed milk, dash of cinnamon and biscotti.
$3.99 - -
Espresso, frothed milk, and flavored with chocolate. Served with biscotti.
$4.49 - -
Brewed perfectly and served creamy with a lemon zest.
$2.99 - -
Caffe Latte
Espresso and steamed milk and served with biscotti.
$3.99 - -
Hot Tea
Lipton, regular and decaf.
$2.29 - -
Hot Herbal Tea
English Breakfast, Green Tea, Chamomile, Lemon, Orange and Spice, Spiced Cinnamon.
$2.49 - -
Our Legendary Coffee (Coffee Shop)
Per lb. Fresh roasted beans, whole or ground.
$11.99 - -

Smooth Eddy's

Non-alcoholic smoothies.
Pineapple Yogurt Smoothie
Pineapple, bananas and greek yogurt.
$6.99 - -
Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie
Strawberries, bananas and greek yogurt.
$6.99 - -
Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie
Blueberries, bananas and greek yogurt.
$6.99 - -

Shakes & Malts

Our Eveready Shakes are so big we have to serve them with a side tin. We'll give you a straw but you'll need a spoon.
Malts $5.99 - -
Shakes $5.99 - -

Fountain Favorites

Take a sentimental journey to the good old days with our Eveready Floats and Sodas made with real pre-mium ice cream.
Brooklyn Egg Cream
Nobody makes it like the Eveready.
$3.99 - -
Brown Cow
A classic cola float.
$4.99 - -
Black Cow
A classic root beer float.
$4.99 - -
Black & Brown Cow
Root beer float and chocolate syrup.
$4.99 - -
lce Cream Soda
A big scoop of ice cream perched on a glass of sparkling flavored soda topped with whipped cream and a cherry. Your choice of vanilla, chocolate, cherry, raspberry, mocha or strawberry.
$4.99 - -

Soda Pop

Flavored & Craft Sodas
We mix our own cherry, vanilla, chocolate, black cherry, orange, grape, cherry-lime, spicy ginger or lavender lemonade.
$3.99 - -
Soft Drinks $2.99 - -
Soda Water $0.99 - -
Pink Lemonade $2.99 - -
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea $2.99 - -
Cow (Milk) $2.99 - -
Chocolate Cow (Chocolate milk) $3.29 - -
Juices $3.29 - -
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
Made to order all day long.
$4.49 - -


$3.29 - -
Bottle Water
No Bubbles.
$2.49 - -


Sundae Favorites, Cakes, Pies & Puddings
Our favorite here. A fluffy Italian custard cake made with espresso-soaked ladyfingers
$7.49 - -
Carrot Cake
An old-world favorite with a creamy cheese frosting
$6.99 - -
Death by Chocolate Cake
Three layers of the moistest, deepest, darkest chocolate cake you could eat
$6.99 - -
Tiramisu Cheesecake
Made with espresso-soaked ladyfingers
$7.49 - -
Oreo® Cheesecake
Loaded with Oreo® cookies
$7.49 - -
Fudge Brownie Cheesecake Pie
Rich cheesecake in a flaky crust topped with brownies & fudge
$7.49 - -
Strawberry Cheesecake
$7.79 - -
Original NY Cheesecake
World-famous! Irresistible!
$6.99 - -
Fresh Cannoli
2 per order Made to order
$4.49 - -
Tapioca $4.49 - -
Jell-O $4.49 - -
Rice Pudding $4.49 - -
Pecan Pie $4.99 - -
Bread Pudding $4.49 - -
Mississippi Mud Pie $4.99 - -
Lemon Meringue Pie $4.99 - -
French Apple Pie $4.99 - -
Coconut Custard Pie $4.99 - -
Cherry Pie $4.99 - -
Boston Cream Pie $4.99 - -
Apple Pie $4.99 - -
Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich
Your choice of ice cream sandwiched between two fresh-baked cookies with whipped cream
$6.99 - -
Big Eddy
Five scoops of our premium ice cream covered with strawberries, marshmallows and chocolate sauce. Then we top it off with a whole split banana, sprinkles, nuts, and whipped topping
$7.99 - -
Candy Store Sundae
Three scoops of premium vanilla ice cream topped with Reeses Pieces®, M&M’s®, Heath Bar®, hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry
$6.99 - -
Scoupe de Ville
The Caddy of them all. Scoops of ALL our ice creams with hot fudge, bananas, nuts, strawberries and a cloud of whipped cream. It comes with two spoons!
$10.99 - -
Brownie Sundae
A giant fudge brownie topped with three scoops of vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, chopped nuts, whipped cream, and a cherry
$6.99 - -
Monkey Business
Classic banana split Eveready style. Fresh ripe banana, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream smothered with pineapple, strawberry, chocolate topping, whipped cream, chopped nuts, mini chocolate chips & a cherry
$7.49 - -
Oreo® Cookie Avalanche
Three Scoops of cookies and cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, and Oreo® cookies
$6.99 - -
Original Hot Fudge Sundae
Three scoops of premium vanilla ice cream smothered with steaming hot fudge topped with chopped nuts, chocolate chips, whipped cream, and a cherry
$6.99 - -
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