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About Freshii (IE)

What are the most popular items on the Freshii (IE) menu?

Sesame Crunch Salad

A delightful combination of mixed greens, edamame, carrots, cucumber, crispy wontons, and sesame dressing, creating a satisfying salad bursting with flavors and textures.

Spicy Buffalo Burrito

This mouthwatering burrito is filled with tender grilled chicken, brown rice, blue cheese dressing, and the signature spicy buffalo sauce, providing a tantalizing blend of spicy and savory.

Buddha's Satay Bowl

A fan-favorite, this bowl features flavorful broccoli, carrots, cabbage, cilantro, and rice noodles, all drizzled with a delectable peanut satay sauce.

Green Genius Juice

A nourishing blend of green vegetables, such as kale, spinach, and cucumber, combined with zesty lemon and refreshing apple, making it a go-to choice for those seeking a healthy boost.

Greek Yogurt Parfait

A perfect choice for a nutritious snack, this parfait is a harmonious blend of Greek yogurt, honey, and granola, providing a sweet yet wholesome treat.

Cheesy Chicken Pocket (Kids Menu)

Designed with younger diners in mind, this pocket combines chicken, cheddar, and tortilla, creating a kid-friendly option that's both delicious and satisfying.

Spicy Lemongrass Soup

Available in both small and large sizes, this hot and tangy soup is a go-to for those craving a flavor-packed, comforting meal.

Coconut Chia Pudding

A delectable dessert option, this chia pudding combines creamy coconut milk and chia seeds, creating a sweet and indulgent treat.

What are the typical prices at Freshii (IE)?

Pricing at Freshii (IE) varies depending on the type of menu items. Generally, you can expect breakfast items to range from €5 to €8, wraps and bowls from €8 to €12, burritos from €8 to €12, salads from €8 to €11, soups from €5 to €8, kids' meals from €6 to €8, snacks from €2 to €5, juices from €4 to €6, and drinks from €2 to €4. Please keep in mind that these prices are approximate and may vary depending on your specific location and menu selections.

What are the operating hours of Freshii (IE)?

Freshii (IE) follows the following business hours: Monday to Friday from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Saturday from 11:00 AM to 6:30 PM, and is closed on Sundays. Please note that these hours may vary by location.

Are there any kid-friendly choices at Freshii (IE)?

Kids Caesar Wrap

A kid-sized Caesar wrap with a tasty twist, featuring romaine lettuce, parmesan, and chicken.

Cheesy Chicken Pocket

A delicious pocket filled with chicken and cheddar cheese, perfect for a child's appetite.

Kids Power Bowl

A nutritious and kid-friendly bowl with brown rice, sweet corn, and cheese.

Are there any vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free options at Freshii (IE)?

Freshii (IE) caters to diverse dietary preferences with options like the Buddha's Satay Bowl and Vegan Chili for vegans, the Market Salad or Veggii & Egg Pocket for vegetarians, and gluten-free choices such as the Pangoa and Oaxaca bowls or the Vegan Chili for those with gluten sensitivities.

Can I order Freshii (IE) for delivery?

Yes, you can order Freshii (IE) for delivery conveniently through their website at Freshii (IE) Delivery. Additionally, Freshii (IE) partners with various delivery providers, including Deliveroo, Just Eat, and Uber Eats, allowing you to enjoy your favorite Freshii (IE) meals in the comfort of your own home.

Does Freshii (IE) offer outdoor seating?

Freshii (IE) locations may provide outdoor seating; however, it depends on the individual store and its specific location. It's recommended to check with your local Freshii (IE) to see if they offer outdoor dining options.

Can ye tell me about the Freshii (IE) wraps and bowls?

Freshii (IE) offers a variety of wraps and bowls, each designed to cater to different tastes and dietary preferences. Wraps are a perfect on-the-go option, while bowls offer a more substantial meal experience. The "Sesame Crunch" wrap is a delightful mix of greens, edamame, and crispy wontons with a sesame dressing, offering a satisfying crunch and flavor burst. The "Spicy Buffalo Burrito" is a savory and spicy creation, filled with grilled chicken, brown rice, blue cheese dressing, and buffalo sauce, offering a tantalizing fusion of flavors. The "Buddha's Satay Bowl" is a fan favorite, featuring rice noodles, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, and a delectable peanut satay sauce for a tasty and satisfying experience.

What sets Freshii (IE)’s burritos apart from other restaurants?

Freshii (IE) takes pride in its burrito offerings, which are known for their fresh ingredients and unique flavors. The "Spicy Buffalo Burrito" is a standout, featuring grilled chicken, brown rice, blue cheese dressing, and a signature spicy buffalo sauce, creating a distinctive blend of heat and savory richness. The "Buddha" burrito offers a taste of the East with brown rice, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, and peanut satay sauce. Freshii (IE) sets itself apart by providing customers with a wide range of creative and health-conscious burrito options, catering to various tastes and dietary preferences.

Are soups available at Freshii (IE)?

Yes, Freshii (IE) offers a selection of soups, perfect for those seeking a warm and comforting meal. One of the favorites is the "Spicy Lemongrass Soup," available in both large and small sizes, delivering a spicy and tangy flavor experience. Additionally, Freshii (IE) serves the "Creamy Tomato Soup," which is available in both large and small portions, offering a creamy and satisfying option for soup enthusiasts.

Do they serve traditional Irish tea or coffee at Freshii (IE)?

Freshii (IE) primarily focuses on health-conscious menu items and does not serve traditional Irish tea or coffee. However, you can find a selection of fresh juices, smoothies, and other beverages that are in line with Freshii (IE)'s health-conscious approach.

What are the breakfast options at Freshii (IE)?

Freshii (IE) offers a delightful range of breakfast options, catering to those seeking a nutritious and energizing start to their day. Menu choices include the "Ranchero Burrito," "Steak, Egg & Cheese Burrito," "Bacon, Egg & Cheese Pocket," "Veggii & Egg Pocket," "Green Eggs & Kale," "Cali Smoothie Bowl," "Hard Boiled Eggs," "Huevos," "Greek Yogurt Parfait," and "Coconut Chia Pudding." These options provide a diverse array of flavors and nutritional benefits to suit different tastes and dietary needs.

What snacks are recommend for first-time visitors at Freshii (IE)?

For those looking for a light snack or a quick energy boost, Freshii (IE) has several options. The "Freshii Energii Pack" is a convenient and nutritious choice, containing a selection of trail mix, nuts, and dried fruit. If you're in the mood for something savory, the "Miss Vickies Jalapeno" and "Miss Vickies Original" chips are popular picks. On the sweeter side, the "Cocoa Energii Bites" and "Peanut Butter Energii Bites" offer a satisfying indulgence. And for a wholesome and creamy snack, the "Coconut Chia Pudding" and "Greek Yogurt Parfait" are delicious options to consider.

Who are the competitors of Freshii (IE)?

Leon (IE)

Leon's Ireland branches offer a range of popular, healthy fast food options, including the Moroccan Meatballs, the Original Superfood Salad, and the Chicken Aioli Hot Box.

Green Beards Juicery (IE)

In Ireland, Green Beards Juicery is a well-known destination for fresh, cold-pressed juices and nutritious food, with favorites like the Mighty Green juice, Acai Bowl, and Vegan Superfood Wrap.

Green Land Cafe (IE)

Green Land Cafe in Ireland is beloved for its organic and wholesome offerings, such as the Turkey Avocado Ciabatta, Superfood Salad, and Detox Smoothie.

Boojum (IE)

Boojum's Ireland branches offer Mexican delights like the Chicken Burrito, Veggie Quesadilla, and Pulled Pork Tacos.



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