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Top Rated Items at Gong Cha (AU)
Green Milk Tea $7.83
Taro Milk Tea $8.17
Chocolate Milk Tea $7.65
Earl Grey Milk Tea With 3J $9.44
Lemon Yoghurt $8.17


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About Gong Cha (AU)

What is Gong Cha (AU)?

Gong Cha (AU) is a renowned bubble tea chain in Australia, celebrated for its wide variety of refreshing and innovative bubble tea beverages. Since its inception, Gong Cha has been delighting customers with a diverse range of flavors and customizable options.

What are the most popular bubble tea flavors at Gong Cha (AU)?

Earl Grey Milk Tea & 3Js

Earl Grey Milk Tea is a classic black tea with a hint of bergamot flavor. The "3Js" typically refer to the addition of three types of toppings, such as pearls (tapioca balls), jelly, and pudding, which add texture and flavor to the drink.

Matcha Red Bean

This beverage combines the earthy and slightly bitter notes of matcha green tea with the sweetness and creaminess of red bean paste, creating a delightful contrast of flavors and textures.

Pearl Milk Tea

Also known as "Boba" or "Bubble Tea," this classic drink features black tea or green tea with milk and chewy tapioca pearls, creating a creamy and slightly sweet concoction.

Taro Milk Tea

Taro is a starchy, mildly sweet root vegetable with a unique flavor. Taro Milk Tea combines taro with milk and tea, resulting in a sweet and creamy beverage with a distinct purple color.

Milk Foam Green Tea

This drink typically features a layer of creamy milk foam atop a refreshing green tea base. The milk foam provides a rich and frothy texture to the tea.

Lemon Roasted Melon Tea & Basil Seeds

This may include a blend of roasted melon tea, a hint of lemon for acidity, and basil seeds for added texture. The result is a refreshing and slightly tangy beverage.

Grape Green Tea & Basil Seeds

A fusion of green tea with grape flavor, often accompanied by basil seeds. This combination offers a balance of sweetness and herbal notes with a fun, textural element.

Mango Alisan Tea

This drink typically combines Alisan tea (a type of Taiwanese oolong tea) with mango flavor, resulting in a fruity and fragrant tea.

Lychee Oolong & Aloe

A combination of oolong tea with the sweet and aromatic essence of lychee and the addition of aloe vera, which adds a refreshing and soothing quality.

QQ Passionfruit Green Tea

This flavor usually combines the bright and tropical taste of passionfruit with green tea. "QQ" may refer to the chewy texture of toppings like pearls or jelly.

Can I order Gong Cha (AU) bubble tea online for delivery or pickup?

Yes, Gong Cha (AU) provides convenient online ordering for both delivery and pickup through their official website and mobile app, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite bubble tea with ease.

Are there dairy-free or vegan bubble tea options at Gong Cha (AU)?

Gong Cha (AU) caters to dairy-free and vegan preferences with options like "Almond Milk Tea," "Coconut Milk Tea," and "Lychee Green Tea," all of which use plant-based milk alternatives.

Are there any gluten-free or allergen-friendly menu items at Gong Cha (AU)?

Gong Cha (AU) offers allergen-friendly options, and you can enjoy gluten-free choices like their "Mango Green Tea" without any worries.

What is the price range for a typical bubble tea order at Gong Cha (AU)?

The price for a typical bubble tea order at Gong Cha (AU) can vary depending on the size and type of the beverage. On average, customers can expect to pay around $7 to $9 for a standard serving.

Does Gong Cha (AU) offer loyalty programs or rewards for customers?

Gong Cha (AU) may offer loyalty programs or rewards at specific locations. Customers are encouraged to inquire at their local Gong Cha store for details.

Are there seasonal or limited-time bubble tea flavors at Gong Cha (AU)?

Gong Cha (AU) regularly introduces seasonal or limited-time bubble tea flavors to delight customers with fresh and exciting taste experiences. These flavors can change based on the season and local preferences.

What are the opening hours of Gong Cha (AU) locations?

Gong Cha (AU) locations usually open in the morning around 9AM to 11AM and close around 5PM to 7PM.

Can I order Gong Cha (AU) bubble tea for catering or large orders?

Yes, Gong Cha (AU) offers the option to cater for events or large orders. Customers can inquire about catering services at their local store.

Can I order Gong Cha (AU) bubble tea through third-party delivery services?

Gong Cha (AU) often partners with third-party delivery services like Uber Eats and DoorDash, making it convenient for customers to have their favorite bubble tea delivered directly to their doorstep.

What is the Gong Cha (AU) VIP card, and how does it work?

The Gong Cha (AU) VIP card is a customer loyalty program that provides exclusive benefits and rewards to frequent customers. By using the card, customers can earn points, receive discounts, and access special promotions.

Who are the competitors of Gong Cha (AU)?

Bubble Cup (AU)

Bubble Cup is a bubble tea chain in Australia that offers a variety of bubble tea flavors, including traditional milk teas, fruit teas, and specialty drinks with various toppings like pearls and jelly. They focus on creating customizable and unique beverages for their customers.

Sharetea (AU)

Sharetea is a global bubble tea franchise with a presence in Australia. They are known for their extensive menu, including classic milk teas, fruit teas, and specialty drinks. Sharetea often allows customers to customize sweetness and ice levels to tailor their drinks to their preferences.

Presotea (AU)

Presotea specializes in freshly brewed tea, using a proprietary machine that precisely controls the brewing time and temperature for each tea variety. They offer a range of tea-based beverages, including milk teas, fruit teas, and tea lattes.

Top Juice (AU)

Top Juice is a juice and smoothie chain that also offers bubble tea and bubble juice options. They focus on using fresh and natural ingredients to create a range of healthy and refreshing beverages, including fruit-infused bubble teas.

Coco Fresh Tea & Juice (AU)

Coco is a global bubble tea chain with a presence in Australia. They offer a diverse menu of milk teas, fruit teas, and slushies. Coco is known for its signature "Coco pearls," which are often praised for their chewy texture.

The Alley (AU)

The Alley is a bubble tea brand with a focus on high-quality ingredients and artisanal beverages. They offer a selection of unique and creative bubble tea flavors, often with a strong emphasis on the presentation and aesthetics of their beverages.

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