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About Gong cha (NZ)

What is Gong Cha?

Gong Cha (NZ) is a well-known bubble tea shop that specializes in a wide range of delicious bubble tea beverages.

Where can I find Gong Cha (NZ) locations?

Gong Cha (NZ) has multiple locations in New Zealand, including major cities like Auckland and Wellington. You can find their shops in various malls and urban areas or locate the nearest branch to you via their store locator online.

What are the popular bubble tea flavors at Gong Cha (NZ)?

Gong Cha (NZ) offers a variety of flavors, but some of the most popular ones include Classic Milk Tea, WEarly Grey Milk Tea, Pearl Milk Tea, Taro Milk Tea, and Matcha Latte.

Can I customize the sugar level and ice level in my drink at Gong Cha (NZ)?

Gong Cha (NZ) prides itself in allowing customers to customize their drink's sugar and ice levels to suit each customer's preferred taste.

Are there dairy-free or vegan options available at Gong Cha (NZ)?

Gong Cha (NZ) offers some dairy-free options, including drinks made with soy milk, almond milk, or coconut milk, which can be suitable for vegans.

What are the different toppings and add-ins available at Gong Cha (NZ)?

Gong Cha (NZ) offers a variety of toppings, including tapioca pearls (boba), herbal jelly, aloe vera, and more.

Can I order Gong Cha (NZ) for delivery or takeout?

Yes, Gong Cha (NZ) often partners with delivery services for home delivery, and takeout options are typically available on their official website for pick up or delivery.

What sizes of drinks are available at Gong Cha (NZ)?

Gong Cha (NZ) typically offers small, regular, and large sizes for their drinks, allowing you to choose based on your preference.

Do Gong Cha (NZ) drinks come with customizable sweetness and ice levels?

Yes, Gong Cha (NZ) allows you to customize your drink's sweetness and ice levels, so you can enjoy your bubble tea exactly as you like it.

What is the recommended way to mix and enjoy Gong Cha (NZ) bubble tea?

It's best to give your drink a good shake to evenly distribute the flavors and enjoy the combination of the tea, milk, and toppings.

Can I order Gong Cha (NZ) online or through a mobile app?

Many Gong Cha (NZ) locations have websites and mobile apps for convenient online ordering and pickup.

Are there seasonal or limited-time flavors at Gong Cha (NZ)?

Gong Cha (NZ) frequently introduces new drinks under their seasonal series, so be sure to check their menu for special offerings. Currently, their seasonal series include Grape Series and Strawberry Series.

What is the typical price range for drinks at Gong Cha (NZ)?

Prices at Gong Cha (NZ) can vary by location and the type of drink you order, but a cup of Gong Cha Milk Tea would generally cost around $5 - $8 per cup.

Is Gong Cha (NZ) tea brewed fresh in-store?

Gong Cha (NZ) prides itself on using freshly brewed tea in their beverages to ensure the best quality and taste.

What are the store hours for Gong Cha (NZ)?

Store hours can vary by location, but Gong Cha (NZ) typically opens around 10AM in the morning and stays open until 11PM in the evening.

Who are the top competitors of Gong Cha (NZ)?

Chatime (NZ)

Chatime is a global bubble tea chain with a presence in New Zealand, offering a wide range of bubble tea flavors and toppings.

Tea Project (NZ)

Tea Project is a bubble tea shop offering the classic milk tea flavors and special milk tea mixtures under their Creative Series flavors, adding a twist to the classic bubble milk tea taste.

Teasme Specialty Teas (NZ)

Teasme Specialty Teas offers a variety of Taiwanese bubble tea and street food options.

Bubble Tea Factory (NZ)

Bubble Tea Factory is known for its extensive menu of bubble tea and smoothie options, allowing for customization.

BobaLab (NZ)

BobaLab specializes in special "onsen" drinks where you can order purely tea drinks, milktea drinks and even specialty cocktail drinks.

Boba Bear (NZ)

Boba Bear is a bubble tea company with multiple outlets in New Zealand, offering classic and creative bubble tea options.

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