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Healthy Combos

Peanut Power House + Healthy Sandwich ₹179.00 - -
Peanut Power House + Fruit Energy Box ₹229.00 - -
Nutty Delight + Healthy Sandwich ₹189.00 - -
Choco Bliss + Healthy Sandwich ₹179.00 - -
Choco Bliss + Fruit Energy Box ₹229.00 - -
Pink Panther + Healthy Sandwich ₹189.00 - -
Pink Panther + Fruit Energy Box ₹239.00 - -
Gymjunkie + Healthy Sandwich ₹179.00 - -
Gymjunkie + Fruit Energy Box ₹229.00 - -
Splash+ Healthy Sandwich
Splash(Watermelon+Pineapple) Cold Pressed Juice with Healthy Sandwich
₹139.00 - -
Energy Lift and Healthy Sandwich
Energy Lift (Watermelon+Mint) Cold Pressed Juice with Healthy Sandwich
₹129.00 - -
Healthy Heart + Healthy Sandwich
Healthy Heart(Watermelon+Pineapple+Lime) Coldpressed Juice with Healthy Sandwich
₹139.00 - -
Pineapple Raw+ Healthy Sandwich
Pineapple Cold Pressed Juice with Healthy Sandwich
₹129.00 - -
Watermelon Raw Juice with Healthy Sandwich
Watermelon Cold Pressed juice with Healthy Sandwich
₹129.00 - -

Most Popular

Skin Glow Juice (300 ML Glass Bottle)(NO SUGAR,NO WATER)
Pineapple, amla, aloe vera, and tender coconut.We took Pineapple Juice &Coconut Water and infused it with Aloe and Amla. That miracle happened ! Glow was born! This pH balancing, prebiotic drink will help fight Acne and prevent Neural, Liver & Intestine disorders. So are you ready to glow brighter ?
₹125.00 - -
Gladiator Juice (300 ML Glass Bottle)NO SUGAR , NO WATER
Grapes, pomogranate, and watermelon.A Giant among lesser mortals. Watermelon, Pomegranate, Black Grapes join hands to create a drink so gigantic, that Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Cancer will just fade into oblivion!
₹175.00 - -
Choco Bliss Smoothie (300 ML Glass Bottle)
Banana, dark chocolate, peanut butter, and honey. Feel blissful after you have this. It will keep Alzheimers and cancer at bay.
₹145.00 - -
Nutty Affair Smoothie (300 ML Glass Bottle)
Almond, pistachios, cashew, fig, walnut, honey, and raisins. Loaded with prebiotic goodness the brainpower boosting smoothies got all that you need
₹165.00 - -
Mango Tango Smoothie (300 ML Glass Bottle)
Banana, Mango, Almond, and Honey. One mangolicious performance that send cholestrol and cancer run for their life
₹145.00 - -
Fruit Energy Box
Assorted Fruit Box with Nuts or Dry Fruits or Sprouts
₹115.00 - -


Healthy Sandwich
Brown bread and vegetable mix prepared with 100% Virgin Olive Oil
₹55.00 - -


Dr Habito Smoothie (300 ML Glass Bottle)
Apple, sapota, dates, and honey. Forget doctor and go on a date with dates, apple, and sapota to improve brain power and stronger bone.
₹135.00 - -
Choconut Punch Smoothie (300 ML Glass Bottle)
Dark chocolate, almond, and honey. A smoothie that help you shed a few pound, reduce stress and keep your brain sharp.
₹145.00 - -
Dark Knight Smoothie (300 ML Glass Bottle)
Chikku, dates, chocolate, and honey. This magical smoothie vanishes free radicals, dangerous pathogens, and bad cholestrol.
₹145.00 - -
Choco Bliss Smoothie (300 ML Glass Bottle) (Smoothies) ₹145.00 - -
Coco Choco Smoothie (300 ML Glass Bottle)
Tender coconut, pistachios chips, and dark chocolate. This smoothie will make your heart mind and body happy.
₹125.00 - -
Pineapple Passion Smoothie (300 ML Glass Bottle)
Pineapple and tender coconut. Be a pineapple stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside. Perfect smoothie that ingnites your energy.
₹125.00 - -
Nutty Affair Smoothie (300 ML Glass Bottle) (Smoothies) ₹165.00 - -
Slim Machine Smoothie (300 ML Glass Bottle)
Pomogranate, watermelon, and guava. This vitamin C rich smoothie will keep you in your perfect shape and also lowers blood pressure and blood sugar.
₹170.00 - -
King of Kerala Smoothie (300 ML Glass Bottle)
Jackfruit. Who needs facial when you have the King as your beauty specialist.
₹115.00 - -
Age Buster Smoothie (300 ML Glass Bottle)
Jackfruit, almond, and cashew. This delish blend of jackfruit , almonds and cashew will help you say good bye to those nasty wrinkles and tumours and say hello to sparkly eyes.
₹145.00 - -
Mojo Jojo Smoothie (300 ML Glass Bottle)
Mango, jackfruit, and honey. A heavenly blend of mango and jackfruit that is great for your digestive system skin and eyes.
₹155.00 - -
Mango Tango Smoothie (300 ML Glass Bottle) (Smoothies) ₹145.00 - -
Melon Twist Smoothie (300 ML Glass Bottle)
Watermelon and muskmelon. When one has tasted melon he knows what the angel eats. The smoothie will make you an angel a spotless beauty
₹115.00 - -
Replenisher Smoothie (300 ML Glass Bottle)
Apple, pears, and honey. This smoothie will make your heart mind and body happy.
₹169.00 - -
Peanut Powerhouse Smoothie (300 ML Glass Bottle)
Peanut butter, banana, and honey. This protein rich smoothie will help you build those muscles and will keep you in top form.
₹145.00 - -
Avocado Adventure Smoothie (300 ML Glass Bottle)
Avocado, banana, almond, and honey. Friends are the avocado in the salad bowl of life. The smoothie which loves and take care of your heart like a soulful friend.
₹150.00 - -
Gym Junkie Smoothie (300 ML Glass Bottle)
Whole green gram, Soya bean, ground nut, cashew, almond, and honey. A perfect drink for all the Gym junkies who crave for that dream toned body.
₹115.00 - -
Pink Panther Smoothie (300 ML Glass Bottle)
Strawberry, almond, and banana. The Brain foods in this berry delicious antioxidant rich smoothie that’s great for your skin and gut.
₹175.00 - -
Tropical Blaster Smoothie (300 ML Glass Bottle)
Orange, banana, and mango. This healthy mango orange banana smoothie is made with just 5 ingredients and is perfect for breakfast or anytime of the day.
₹155.00 - -
Fusion Smoothie (300 ML Glass Bottle)
Pineapple, mango, lime, and mint.
₹150.00 - -
Royal Easier Smoothie (300 ML Glass Bottle)
Apple, banana, mango, and pineapple.
₹175.00 - -
Mystic Brew Smoothie (300 ML Glass Bottle)
Dates, honey, banana, and coffee. The perfect morning drink to charge you up for the whole day.
₹155.00 - -
Jack Twist Smoothie (300 ml ) glass bottle
Jack twist is sweet tasting honey jackfruit with a pineapple kick, jackfruits are rich in dietary fibre as well as antioxidants & phytonutrients which are credited for their cancer fighting properties, pineapple juice helps convert carbohydrates into energy & boosts the immune system too.
₹155.00 - -
Tummy Soother (300 ml ) glass bottle
Over time, we may face toxic build-up in our intestines, which can affect our overall health and beauty, and sometimes cause our tummies to act up, this tummy soothing smoothie is packed with pineapple, orange papaya and ginger drink if you have an upset stomach.
₹145.00 - -
Lean Grean Smoothie(300 ml ) glass bottle
This smoothie isn't just a really health beverage that tastes great, this yummy smoothie can also help you lose weight & prevent bloating as well it s the perfect little treat for anyone who wants to get healthy while drinking something that really does look as good as it tastes.
₹155.00 - -

Cold Pressed Juices

Gorgeous Eyes Juice (300 ML Glass Bottle)(NO SUGAR,NO WATER)
Carrot and tender coconut. Sometimes eyes can say more than mouth! For those eyes that dazzle brighter than diamonds this sensational fusion of Tender Coconut &Carrot power-packed with Beta-carotene will keep Macular Degeneration and Cataracts at bay.
₹145.00 - -
Moksha Juice (300 ml Glass Bottle)(NO SUGAR,NO WATER)
Tender coconut, lemon, and basil.Stay calm and drink Moksha! This divine, anti-pathogenic fusion of Tender Coconut & Basil helps lower Inflammation, prevent Blood Clots and boost your Immunity. Feel Light with Moksha
₹105.00 - -
Reviver Juice (300 ML Glass Bottle)(NO SUGAR,NO WATER)
Tender coconut and watermelon.Watermelon and Mint make a deadly duo. Add to that, Tender Coconut , you get one Mindblowing juice that’ll have you sippin’ away! No more Ulcers, Kidney Stones and Heart Diseases
₹115.00 - -
Skin Glow Juice (300 ML Glass Bottle)(NO SUGAR,NO WATER) (Cold Pressed Juices) ₹125.00 - -
Skin Tonner Juice (300 ML Glass Bottle)(NO SUGAR,NO WATER)
Carrot, watermelon, and lime.Give your skin that well-deserved clean-up with Cleanse! Carrot, Watermelon and Lemon star in this light, refreshing drink that keeps your skin hydrated and acts as a natural sun-block & skin toner.
₹135.00 - -
Splash Juice (300 )(NO SUGAR,NO WATER)
Watermelon and pineapple.There’s nothing that can quench your thirst like water. Except maybe, Splash! Loaded with Potassium, Vitamin C and other Antioxidants, this cooling combo of Watermelon &Pineapple will bring your Blood Pressure down and keep Alzheimer’s and Arthritis away
₹105.00 - -
Healthy Heart Juice (300 ML Glass Bottle)(NO SUGAR,NO WATER)
Pineapple, watermelon, and lime.It’s a party in your mouth! Watermelon, Pineapple and Lemon dance together to the perfect music mix, in this Antioxidant-rich blend which will pump up your Immunity and stave off Cancer, Kidney Stones and Cholestrol.
₹110.00 - -
Energy Lift Juice (300 ML Glass Bottle)(NO SUGAR,NO WATER)
Watermelon and mint.
₹99.00 - -
Energy Burst Juice (300 ML Glass Bottle)(NO SUGAR,NO WATER)
Watermelon and pomegranate.This Pomegranate juice is just brimming with Antioxidants. Add Watermelon to the mix and you’ve got yourself a wonder juice that’ll nip Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Gum diseases in the bud!
₹165.00 - -
Gladiator Juice (300 ML Glass Bottle)(NO SUGAR,NO WATER) ₹175.00 - -
Purple Horse Juice (300 ML Glass Bottle)(NO SUGAR,NO WATER)
Tender coconut and pomogranate.Why so serious? Pomegranate juice's concentration of antioxidants mixes with tender coconut has the ability to impact oxidative stress makes it a potential fertility aid.
₹175.00 - -
Smart Blend Juice (300 ML Glass Bottle)(NO SUGAR,NO WATER)
Orange and tender coconut. Pulsating with Electrolytes like Potassium and Magnesium, this blend of Tender Coconut and Orange will balance your body’s pH, regulate your Blood Pressure and ward off Kidney diseases.
₹110.00 - -
Longevity Juice (300 ML Glass Bottle)(NO SUGAR,NO WATER)
Pineapple, orange, mosambi, and tender coconut.There is no such thing as Great work without longevity ! Tender Coconut, Orange, Sweetlime &Pineapple rich Vitamin-C packed drink will keep you feel fresh and calm! Bye-bye Inflammations, Viral Infections and Dehydration!)
₹125.00 - -
Refresher Juice (300 ML Glass Bottle)(NO SUGAR,NO WATER)
Pineapple and carrot.
₹135.00 - -
Green Goddess Juice (300 ML Glass Bottle)(NO SUGAR,NO WATER)
Green apple, spinach, green grapes, and lettuce.The Goddess of Good Health! Spinach & Lettuce tune in the right symphony with Green Grapes &Green Apples to produce liquid Gold that does everything from warding off Heart Attacks, Osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and Cancer to helping you lose weight. So its time to GO Green
₹175.00 - -
Blood Purifier Juice (300 ML Glass Bottle)(NO SUGAR,NO WATER)
Beetroot, carrot, and apple.Armed with powerful Antioxidant ammunition, this heavy-duty artillery of Beet, Carrot, Apple will launch an attack against Cholesterol, Hypertension and Gum Diseases. It’s time for rapid fire !!!
₹175.00 - -
Fat Cutter Juice (300 ML Glass Bottle)(NO SUGAR,NO WATER)
Red capsicum, apple, cucmber, and tomato.Shedding fat is just a sip away. The sweet & spicy Red Bell Pepper makes juice with Beet, Tomato, Red Apple & Cucumber, create the perfect blend that’ll cleanse your Blood, prevent Anaemia, aid in weight loss and is excellent for your Nerves, Muscles& Eyes.
₹175.00 - -
Overhaul Juice (300 ML Glass Bottle)(NO SUGAR,NO WATER)
Tomato, pomogranate, cucumber, carrot, and beetroot.
₹165.00 - -
Stress Reliever Juice (300 ML Glass Bottle)(NO SUGAR,NO WATER)
Bottle gourd, cucumber, celery, apple, and spinach.Power through your day with the goodness of freshly squeezed Greens! This smooth, revitalizing mixture of Cucumber, Spinach, Bottle gourd, Celery and Apple will go head-to-head against Alzheimer’s, Cancer and Ulcers. This mesmerising drink act as an adaptogen and is a perfect hack to relieve your stress.
₹140.00 - -
Mighty Charger Juice (300 ML Glass Bottle)(NO SUGAR,NO WATER)
Pineapple, carrot, orange, and apple.
₹175.00 - -
Absolute Cleanse Juice (300 ML Glass Bottle)(NO SUGAR,NO WATER)
Broccoli, lettuce, cucumber, and ginger.If you can’t eat your greens, drink ‘em! Power packed veggies Broccoli, Lettuce, Celery & Cucumber along with pepper join hands to form this Cancer-busting miracle drink that’ll cleanse your body of toxins and banish Rheumatism, Kidney Stones & Liver infections.
₹165.00 - -
Pine (Apple)2 Juice (300 ML Glass Bottle)(NO SUGAR,NO WATER)
Apple and pineapple.Apple and Pineapple make this one dynamite of a drink that’ll blow Diabetes, Atherosclerosis and Arthritis to smithereens!
₹170.00 - -
Popeye Powershot (No Sugar, No water) 300ml Glass Bottle
A combination of Spinach, Pineapple and Green Apple) Spinach is high in nutritional value and it restores energy & increases vitality. High Iron and folate content of this drink improves blood. It is packed with essential vitamins minerals and fibre
₹175.00 - -

Raw Extract

₹115.00 - -
Orange (300 ML Glass Bottle) (NO SUGAR,NO WATER)
₹135.00 - -
Pomogranate (300 ML Glass Bottle) (NO SUGAR,NO WATER)
₹215.00 - -
Watermelon (300 ml )
Glass bottle. No sugar and water.
₹95.00 - -


Fruit Energy Box (FRUIT ENERGY BOX) ₹115.00 - -
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