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Small dishes designed to get your appetite going.
Deep-Fried Crab Claw (1 Pc.)
One cracked crab claw with the meaty part covered in a tasty batter.
$5.00 - -
Deep-Fried Shrimp Ball (4 Pcs.)
Minced shrimp fried in a tasty batter.
$6.00 - -
Crispy Pork (1 Pc.)
A piece of pork belly covered in batter and fried to crispy perfection.
$1.75 - -
Vegetarian Spring Roll (1 Pc.)
A deep-fried rice wrapper filled with shredded vegetables and glass noodles.
$2.00 - -
Crispy Shrimp Roll (4 Pcs.)
Four small rolls made with rice paper, minced shrimp, and vegetables.
$5.00 - -
Crispy Wontons with Sweet & Sour Sauce (6 Pcs.)
Six fried pork dumplings with a sweet and sour sauce for dipping.
$8.00 - -
Deep-Fried Chicken Wings (8 Pcs.)
Eight chicken wings fried until crispy.
$9.00 - -


Hot soups to warm you up.
Wonton Soup
Delicious pork wontons dropped into a tasty chicken broth.
$4.50 - -
Hot & Sour Soup Sichuan Style
A delicious soup flavored with sour and spicy seasoning.
$4.50 - -
Mushroom & Egg Drop Soup
Mushrooms and eggs in a chicken broth.
$4.00 - -
Minced Beef & Shredded Lettuce Soup
Small pieces of beef stewed with shredded lettuce in a special broth.
$4.00 - -
Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup
Tender pieces of chicken in a creamy corn soup.
$4.00 - -
Seafood & Bean Curd Soup
Squid and shrimp stewed in a tasty broth with tofu.
$5.50 - -
Seafood & Winter Melon Soup
Succulent pieces of seafood stewed with chopped winter melon in a special broth.
$5.50 - -
Crab Meat & Fish Maw Soup
A delicious combination of crab meat and fish maw in a tasty broth.
$5.50 - -
Fish Maw & Shredded Duck Meat Soup
Tasty fish maw and tender duck in a delicious broth.
$5.50 - -


Savoury meat dishes with classic Chinese flavor combinations.
Roasted Duck (Half)
A roasted half duck with crispy skin and a tasty sauce.
$14.00 - -
Roasted Meats Combination Platter
A sampler platter of roasted meats with pork, barbeque pork, and duck.
$18.80 - -
BBQ Pork
Pork covered in a special Chinese barbeque sauce.
$8.50 - -
Steamed Free Run Chicken with Jellyfish (Half)
An order of tender free run chicken and jellyfish.
$15.80 - -
Soya Chicken (Half)
Juicy chicken cooked in soy sauce.
$10.80 - -


Chicken prepared in the fashion of some of your favorite take-out classics.
Deep-Fried Crispy Chicken (Half)
A half chicken deep-fried until crispy.
$12.80 - -
Steamed Chicken with Vegetables (Half)
A tasty smattering of steamed chicken and fresh vegetables.
$15.80 - -
Chicken with Ginger & Scallions (Half)
Pieces of chicken stir-fried with fresh ginger and green onions.
$15.80 - -
Hand-Shredded Chicken with Oyster Sauce
Succulent shredded chicken served in a thick, tasty oyster sauce.
$16.80 - -
Diced Chicken
Small pieces of chicken cooked with cashews or served in a spicy chili.
$14.80 - -
Diced Chicken with Hot & Sour Sauce
Diced chicken served with a hot and sour sauce.
$13.80 - -
Sweet & Sour Chicken with Pineapple
Tender pieces of chicken stir-fried with a sweet and sour sauce and chunks of sweet pineapple.
$13.80 - -
Breaded Chicken with Lemon Sauce
Crispy breaded chicken covered in a tangy lemon sauce.
$13.80 - -
Sliced Chicken with Curry Sauce
Thin slices of tender chicken covered in a flavourful curry sauce.
$13.80 - -


A selection of sautéed prawn, scallop, clam, and fish dishes.
Sautéed Fillet of Sole (Half) with Vegetables
A fillet of sole sautéed with an assortment of fresh vegetables.
$20.80 - -
Sautéed Fish Fillet with Vegetables $16.00 - -
Breaded Fish Fillet with Sweet Corn Sauce
A breaded pickerel fillet fried until crispy and served with a sweet creamy corn sauce.
$15.00 - -
Sautéed Prawns & Scallops with Vegetables
A delicious combination of prawns and scallops sautéed with vegetables in garlic and butter.
$20.80 - -
Sautéed Seafood with Vegetables in XO Sauce
Prawns and scallops sautéed with vegetables in spicy xo seafood sauce.
$18.80 - -
Sautéed Shrimp & Scallops with Cashew Nuts
Cashews add a nutty crunch to this sautéed seafood dish.
$17.80 - -
Sautéed Shrimp
Shrimp sautéed with tasty seasoning and crunchy cashews.
$17.80 - -
Salt-Baked Shrimp with Chili in Shell
Crunchy baked shrimp seasoned with salt and chilies.
$16.00 - -
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce
Juicy shrimp sautéed in a creamy lobster sauce.
$15.80 - -
Salt-Baked Squid with Chili
Crispy baked squid seasoned with salt and spicy chilies.
$12.80 - -
Sautéed Kiwi Clam with Vegetables
Sautéed kiwi clams and vegetables.
$23.80 - -
Sautéed Clams with Black Bean Sauce
Clams sautéed in a flavorful black bean sauce.
$15.80 - -
Braised Oyster
Oysters prepared either with ginger and scallions, or baked with salt.
$16.80 - -

Pork & Beef

Fill your stomach with one of these hearty meat dishes.
Beef Tenderloin
Beef tenderloin seasoned with soy sauce and garlic or black pepper.
$16.80 - -
Orange Beef
Crispy beef coated in a sweet and savoury orange sauce.
$15.00 - -
Sautéed Beef with Mushrooms or Enoki Mushrooms
Strips of tender beef sautéed with mushrooms or thin enoki mushrooms.
$15.00 - -
Sautéed Beef with Satay or Oyster Sauce
Tender strips of beef sautéed in a peanut satay sauce or a savoury oyster sauce.
$16.00 - -
Sautéed Beef with Chinese Greens or Bitter Melon or String Beans
Tender strips of beef sautéed with your choice of fruit or vegetables.
$15.00 - -
Sautéed Diced Beef Tenderloin with Garlic
Beef tenderloin cut into small pieces and sautéed with garlic.
$16.80 - -
Beef Rib with Honey & Black Pepper Sauce
A large beef rib coated in a sweet and savoury honey and black pepper sauce.
$15.00 - -
Salt Baked Pork Loin with Chili
Pieces of pork loin baked until crispy and seasoned with chili.
$13.80 - -
Sweet & Sour Pork with Pineapple
Juicy pork cooked in a tangy sweet and sour sauce with chunks of sweet pineapple.
$13.80 - -
Braised Pork Ribs with Supreme Sauce
Slowly braised pork ribs with a soy-based sauce.
$13.80 - -
Minced Pork with Bean Curd
Finely minced pork stir-fried with tofu and a special seasoning.
$13.80 - -
Minced Pork with String Beans
Finely minced pork stir-fried with lightly spiced green beans.
$13.80 - -
Shredded Ham with Cabbage
Thinly sliced pieces of ham stir-fried with cabbage.
$13.80 - -


Delicious vegetarian options.
Braised Bean Curd with Vegetables
Tender, slowly braised tofu sautéed with chef's choice of vegetables.
$13.80 - -
Salt-Baked Bean Curd with Chili
Tofu pieces prepared crispy and seasoned with spicy chilies.
$11.80 - -
Braised Snow Pea Sprouts
Snow pea sprouts combined with your choice of mushrooms in a tasty stir fry.
$18.00 - -
Sautéed Snow Pea Sprouts with Garlic
Snow pea sprouts sautéed with garlic.
$16.00 - -
Sautéed Baby Bok Choy with Garlic
Small bok choy flowers sautéed with garlic.
$11.80 - -
Sautéed Mixed Vegetables with Garlic
Chef's selection of vegetables sautéed with garlic for a flavorful and healthy dish.
$12.80 - -
Vegetarian Special
A stir-fried mix of Chinese mushrooms and chef's choice of vegetables.
$15.00 - -
4 Kinds of Seasonal Vegetables with Garlic
Chef's selection of seasonal vegetables sautéed with garlic.
$16.00 - -
Chinese Greens with Twin Eggs in Broth
Leafy Chinese greens and eggs in a tasty broth.
$13.80 - -


Rice fried with various seasonings and proteins.
Fried Rice with Mixed Seafood & Egg Whites & Conpoy
Fried rice with egg whites, assorted seafood, and dried scallops.
$15.00 - -
Fried Rice Yeung Chow Style
Shrimp & bbq pork. A stir-fried rice dish with baby shrimp and barbeque pork.
$12.80 - -
Fried Rice with Shrimp & Chicken in Twin Sauce
Wok-fried rice with baby shrimp and tender chicken seasoned with a special sauce.
$15.00 - -
Fried Rice with Mixed Seafood in House Sauce
Shrimp, squid, and scallops wok-fried with rice in a homemade sauce.
$15.00 - -
Fried Rice with Shrimp
A simple fried rice dish with baby shrimp.
$12.80 - -
Fried Rice with Conpoy & Egg White
A lighter fried rice dish with egg whites and dried scallops.
$15.00 - -
Fried Rice with Minced Beef
Thinly minced beef wok-fried with rice and egg.
$11.80 - -
Fried Rice with BBQ Pork
Pieces of delicious barbeque wok-fried with barbeque pork and egg.
$11.80 - -
Fried Rice with Chicken & Pineapple
Savoury chicken and sweet pineapple wok-fried with rice.
$11.80 - -
Fried Rice with Chicken & Salty Fish
A fried rice dish with tender chicken and salted fish pieces.
$15.00 - -

Fried Noodles

Noodles fried in a hot wok.
Fried Noodles Chinese Style
Noodles fried in a wok with soy sauce.
$16.00 - -
Fried Noodles with Seafood
Shrimp, squid, and scallops.
$18.00 - -
Fried Noodles with Chicken or Pork
A meat-based fried noodle dish with your choice of chicken or pork.
$11.80 - -
Fried Noodles Shanghai Style
Thick noodles fried in a wok with vegetables and special Shanghai seasoning.
$12.80 - -
Fried Noodles with Bean Sprouts & Soy Sauce
Stir-fried noodles with crunchy bean sprouts and savoury soy sauce.
$9.00 - -
Fried Noodles Vegetarian
Stir-fried noodles with chef's selection of vegetables.
$15.80 - -
Fried Vermicelli Singapore Style
Rice noodles stirred in a hot wok with curry seasoning.
$12.80 - -
Fried Udon Noodles with Beef & Black Pepper
Thick wheat noodles sautéed with strips of beef and black pepper.
$13.80 - -
Fried Rice Noodles with Beef
Thin fried noodles with strips of tender beef.
$12.00 - -
Fried Rice Noodle with Vegetables or Black Bean Sauce
A vegetarian fried noodle dish with thin noodles and vegetables or black bean sauce.
$12.00 - -
Braised E-Fu Noodle
Flat, yellow noodles cooked in stock.
$11.80 - -


Spice up your meal with one of these delicious sides.
Steamed Rice
Steamed white rice goes well with any of these Chinese dishes.
$2.00 - -


Add a refreshing beverage to your order.
Canned Pop (355 ml)
Add a sweet and carbonated pop to your order.
$1.50 - -
Iced Tea (355 ml)
Add a can of iced tea to your order.
$2.00 - -
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