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Top Rated Items at Harvey's (CA)
Regular Classic Poutine with 20 oz Soft Drink $9.13
Kids Crispy Combo $6.05
Fries $3.35
Bacon Double Cheese Poutine with 20 oz. Soft Drink $10.91
Large Classic Poutine with 20oz. Soft Drink $9.67


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About Harvey's (CA)

What are the most popular menu items at Harvey's (CA) in Canada?

Harvey's (CA) in Canada boasts a diverse menu, but there are a few crowd favorites that Canadians just can't get enough of. The Angus Burger is a top pick, offering a hearty, flame-grilled beef patty with your choice of delicious toppings. Another hit is their Crispy Chicken Wrap, a crispy and juicy chicken breast with fresh toppings. For those who prefer a meatless option, the Veggie Burger is a popular choice. It's a plant-based patty that's both tasty and satisfying. These menu items, along with their famous Harvey's hotdogs, make up the core of the Canadian Harvey's experience.

Are there any vegetarian or vegan options at Harvey's (CA) in Canada?

Absolutely! Harvey's (CA) is committed to catering to all tastes, including vegetarians and vegans. In Canada, you can enjoy the Veggie Burger, a plant-based patty that's both delicious and customizable with various toppings. Moreover, they offer a variety of sides like onion rings, fries, and even poutine that are vegetarian-friendly. Just ask for dairy-free toppings and sauces if you're looking for a vegan option.

What's the difference between Harvey's (CA) and other fast-food burger chains in Canada?

One of the standout differences at Harvey's (CA) is the concept of "Build-A-Burger." At Harvey's, you have the freedom to customize your burger exactly how you like it. You can choose from a wide range of toppings, including fresh lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and more. The burgers are flame-grilled to order, ensuring a unique, fresh taste. It's a personalized burger experience that sets Harvey's apart from other fast-food burger chains in Canada.

Can I customize my burger at Harvey's (CA) in Canada?

Absolutely! Customization is at the heart of the Harvey's (CA) experience in Canada. You can choose from a variety of toppings, including lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and more. Additionally, you can pick your favorite type of cheese and sauces to create a burger that suits your unique taste. If you want a little extra kick or a touch of sweetness, it's all in your hands.

Does Harvey's (CA) offer any special deals or promotions in Canada?

Yes, Harvey's (CA) frequently offers special deals and promotions to cater to their Canadian customers. These can include discounts on combo meals, limited-time offers, and even freebies with specific purchases. It's a good idea to check their website or social media channels for the latest promotions and coupons.

Is Harvey's (CA) known for using fresh ingredients in their food in Canada?

Indeed, Harvey's (CA) is renowned for its commitment to freshness in Canada. Their burgers are flame-grilled to order, ensuring a delicious, smoky flavor, and they use fresh produce for toppings. The "Build-A-Burger" concept allows you to see your burger being customized right in front of you, guaranteeing the use of fresh ingredients.

Do they serve poutine at Harvey's (CA) in Canada?

Yes, poutine lovers can rejoice at Harvey's (CA) in Canada. They offer a classic Canadian favorite: poutine. This delectable dish features crispy French fries, cheese curds, and savory gravy.

Can I order Harvey's (CA) for delivery in Canada? 

Absolutely, you can enjoy Harvey's (CA) from the comfort of your home through popular delivery providers like Uber Eats, SkipTheDishes, DoorDash, and more. These services make it convenient for you to savor your favorite Harvey's meals without leaving your doorstep.

What's the typical price range for a meal at Harvey's (CA) in Canada?

The price range at Harvey's (CA) in Canada can vary depending on your choices. On average, a meal can cost around $10 to $15 per person. However, prices may vary based on the size of your burger, the toppings you select, and whether you add sides or drinks to your order.

Do they have a kids' menu at Harvey's (CA) in Canada?

The Kids Chicken Nuggets (5) Combo is priced at CAN$ 7.99, the Kids Cheeseburger Combo is offered at CAN$ 6.49, while the Kids Hamburger Combo is available for just CAN$ 5.99. If your little one prefers a hot dog, the Kids Hot Dog Combo is priced at CAN$ 7.39. For those with a taste for crispy delights, the Kids Crispy Combo can be enjoyed at CAN$ 6.59.

What kind of beverages does Harvey's (CA) offer in Canada? 

Harvey's (CA) offers a variety of beverages, including soft drinks, iced tea, milkshakes, and coffee. As for free refills, it may vary depending on the specific location, but many Harvey's restaurants in Canada do offer free refills on soft drinks.

Can I get my burger cooked to a specific level of doneness at Harvey's (CA) in Canada?

Burgers at Harvey's (CA) are typically flame-grilled to a consistent level of doneness to ensure food safety. However, if you have specific dietary requirements or preferences, you can request modifications like having your burger well-done or with no certain toppings.

What's the largest-sized burger they offer at Harvey's (CA) in Canada?

At Harvey's (CA) in Canada, the largest-sized burger you can typically order is the "Double Original Burger." This burger features two flame-grilled patties, providing a hearty and satisfying meal for those with a big appetite.

Is Harvey's (CA) open 24/7 in Canada?

Harvey's (CA) opening hours can vary by location. While some may have extended hours, it's common for Harvey's restaurants in Canada to operate during regular hours, generally from 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM. To find out the exact hours of operation for a specific location, it's a good idea to check the Harvey's website or contact the restaurant directly.

Who are the competitors of Harvey's (CA)?

Burger King (CA)

Burger King is another prominent player in the Canadian fast-food scene. Known for its flame-grilled burgers, Whoppers, and the ever-popular Chicken Fries, Burger King provides a distinctive flavor profile. They also offer plant-based options, catering to the growing demand for vegetarian and vegan fast food. Burger King's Canadian branches are a go-to destination for those looking for a flame-grilled taste with a unique twist.

Wendy's (CA)

Wendy's, a well-established fast-food chain in Canada, stands out with its fresh, never frozen beef patties and square-shaped burgers. The menu includes popular items like the Dave's Single and the Baconator. Wendy's is known for its diverse range of salads and innovative sides like the Baconator Fries. The Canadian outlets of Wendy's offer a mix of traditional fast-food fare and unique flavor combinations.

A&W (CA)

A&W, a Canadian-born fast-food chain, prides itself on offering classic comfort food with a focus on quality. A&W is renowned for its root beer and root beer floats, which complement its menu of burgers, chicken, and hot dogs. The company is also committed to using natural ingredients and hormone-free beef, resonating with those looking for a taste of nostalgia and quality.


KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken, maintains a strong presence in Canada. Known for its secret recipe fried chicken, KFC offers a range of bucket meals, sandwiches, and sides like the famous coleslaw and mashed potatoes with gravy. With an emphasis on the Colonel's original blend of herbs and spices, KFC's Canadian branches serve up finger-licking goodness for chicken lovers.

Subway (CA)

Subway is a renowned choice for those seeking a healthier fast-food option in Canada. Famous for its made-to-order sandwiches, Subway provides a range of fresh ingredients and bread choices. Along with its classic subs, the menu offers salads, wraps, and breakfast options. Subway's customizable approach and diverse menu cater to various dietary preferences and continue to be a popular choice among Canadians seeking a quick and customizable meal.


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