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About Hooters (CA)

What are the most popular items on the Hooters (CA) menu?

Hooters (CA) offers a diverse menu with several crowd-pleasers. Some of the most popular items include their world-famous Hooters Original Hooters Style Wings, available in various flavors and heat levels. The Rib & Wings Combo is another favorite, along with their delicious Hooters Dytona Beach Style Wings, and the mouthwatering offerings such as the Original Buffalo Chicken Salad. Patrons also love their draft beer selection.

Do Hooters (CA) restaurants have the same menu as in the US?

Hooters (CA) menus are quite similar to those in the US, with signature items like chicken wings, burgers, and salads being consistent. However, there may be slight variations to cater to local preferences, with options like poutine or regional flavors. The overall Hooters experience remains consistent in terms of the atmosphere, though.

Are there any Hooters (CA) locations in Quebec?

There are no Hooters locations in Quebec, but the chain continues to expand, so it's always a good idea to check their website at or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information on new openings. Some location in Canada are Downtown Toronto, Toronto Airport, Niagara Falls and Montreal. 

Can I watch sports at Hooters (CA) in Canada?

Absolutely, Hooters (CA) is a sports-friendly establishment. They typically have numerous high-definition televisions playing various sports events, making it a popular spot for sports enthusiasts to catch the game while enjoying a meal.

Do Hooters (CA) locations in Canada have outdoor seating?

Many Hooters (CA) locations offer outdoor seating options. However, this may vary depending on the specific location and local regulations. It's advisable to check with your local Hooters (CA) to see if they offer outdoor dining.

Is Hooters (CA) a family-friendly restaurant in Canada?

Hooters (CA) is generally a family-friendly restaurant in Canada. While known for its sports and entertainment, it aims to create a welcoming atmosphere for all. Families are often seen dining together, especially during the daytime.

What is the typical atmosphere like at Hooters (CA) in Canada?

The typical atmosphere at Hooters (CA) is casual, lively, and sports-oriented. Customers can expect a fun and friendly environment with upbeat music, TV screens broadcasting sports events, and the iconic Hooters Girls providing service.

Can you make reservations at Hooters (CA) in Canada?

Reservations at Hooters (CA) are usually not required. Walk-ins are common and well accommodated. However, it's advisable to call your local Hooters (CA) to inquire about their reservation policy if you plan on visiting during peak hours.

What are the opening hours of Hooters (CA) in Canada?

Hooters (CA) maintains consistent hours throughout the week. They open at 11:00 AM and serve guests until midnight from Monday to Wednesday. On Thursdays, they extend their hours until 1:00 AM, and on Fridays and Saturdays, you can enjoy their offerings until 2:00 AM. Sundays follow the Monday-Wednesday schedule, with hours from 11:00 AM to midnight. Please check for any holiday-related adjustments to these hours.

Can I order takeout or delivery from Hooters (CA) in Canada?

Yes, Hooters (CA) often offers takeout and delivery services. You can either call your local Hooters (CA), via their website or use popular food delivery apps such as SkiptheDishes, UberEats and Doordash to place your order and enjoy Hooters' offerings in the comfort of your own home.

Can I host a private event or party at Hooters (CA) in Canada?

Hooters (CA) may accommodate private events and parties, depending on the location and availability. It's best to contact the specific Hooters (CA) you have in mind and discuss your event's details with their management for arrangements.

Do Hooters (CA) locations have televisions to watch sports games?

Yes, Hooters (CA) locations are well-equipped with multiple televisions broadcasting sports events. This sports-centric environment makes it a popular destination for fans to catch their favorite games.

Does Hooters (CA) have a kids' menu? 

Yes, Hooters (CA) typically offers a kids' menu designed to cater to younger diners. Some examples of items that may be found on their kids' menu include chicken tenders, mac 'n' cheese, mini burgers, and smaller portions of some of their signature dishes.

Who are the competitors of Hooters (CA)?

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