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Mexican Combo
Original Price:220 Mexican rice with salsa curry and nachos chips.
₹198.00 - -
Chinese Combo
Original Price:190 Veg fried rice with veg manchurian gravy and paneer chilli dry.
₹171.00 - -
Italian Combo
Original Price:250 Mix sauce pasta with garlic bread (2 pcs) and potato wedges.
₹225.00 - -
Chole Bhature Combo
Original Price:190 Chole with bhature (2 pcs), salad, pickle, and papad.
₹171.00 - -
Paneer Tikka Lababdar Combo
Original Price:220 Starter (2 pcs), one paneer with 2 butter kulcha, salad, pickle, and papad.
₹198.00 - -
Vegetable Combo
Original Price:210 Starter (2 pcs), veg kolhapuri with butter roti (2 pcs) , salad, pickle, and papad.
₹189.00 - -
Biryani Combo
Original Price:170 Veg dum biryani with mix raita, salad, pickle, and papad.
₹153.00 - -
Rice Combo
Original Price:170 Jeera rice, dal makhani or dal tadka, salad, pickle, and papad.
₹153.00 - -
Khichdi Combo
Original Price:170 Dal palak khichdi with mix raita salad, pickle, and papad.
₹153.00 - -
Corporate Pack Lunch
Original Price:175 One paneer, one vegetable, one dal, one rice, three butter roti, one sweet, raita, salad, and pickle.
₹157.50 - -


Hot Basil Pomodoro Soup
Original Price:150 Roasted zucchini, basil, tomato blended, and seasoned with Italian spices.
₹135.00 - -
Creamy Vegetable with Cheese
Original Price:150 A cream cheese soup served with cubes of vegetables.
₹135.00 - -
Zuppa di Broccoli
Original Price:160 Traditional Italian broccoli broth.
₹144.00 - -
Zuppa di Asparagus
Original Price:160 Cream of asparagus soup.
₹144.00 - -
Zuppa di Cipolle
Original Price:160 Spicy. Spring onion soup with parmesan cheese served with crunchy croutons.
₹144.00 - -
Vegetable Risotto Soup
Original Price:160 Spicy. Risotto with spinach, broccoli, asparagus, and zucchini.
₹144.00 - -

Shorba Thick and Thin

Tamatar Shorba
Original Price:135 Tomato soup with a hint of coriander, seasoned with cumin, and Indian spices.
₹121.50 - -
Vegetable Shorba
Original Price:135 Vegetable stock tempered with Indian spices.
₹121.50 - -
Apple and Pineapple Shorba
Original Price:155 A combination of fresh apple and pineapple cooked in a new avatar.
₹139.50 - -
Makai aur Badam ka Shorba
Original Price:160 An delicately spiced Indian almond and corn soup.
₹144.00 - -

Chaat and Chaat

Karara Palak Chaat
Original Price:155 Crispy fried spinach, laced with chutneys, sweet curd, and spices.
₹139.50 - -
Cheese Chilli Mirchi Bhajiya Chaat
Original Price:180 Spicy. Stuffed salan chillies with cheesy sauce battered and deep fried.
₹162.00 - -
Troli Pani Puri
Original Price:90
₹81.00 - -
Glass Pani Puri ₹81.00 - -
Cooker Pani Puri ₹81.00 - -
Garam Aloo ki Chaat
Original Price:120 Boiled cubes of potatoes, shallow fried, and marinated with mint chutney.
₹108.00 - -


The Original Fondue
Original Price:550 The classic Swiss favorite. Three cheese sauce with our grilled croutons and skin on potato wedges.
₹495.00 - -
Fondue Margarita
Original Price:550 Classic cheese fondue with mixed Italian herbs, ground sun dried tomato and pesto. Served with grilled focaccia, croutons, and skin on potato wedges. Broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, mushrooms, and peas tossed with Italian herb.
₹495.00 - -
Pav Bhaji Fondue
Original Price:460 It is made from a spicy blend of vegetables thin tomato liquid form. Served with cubes of pav cooked with butter.
₹414.00 - -
Big Nachos Fondue
Original Price:320 Refried beans with tortilla, lettuce, red onion, pepper, and tomato with a salsa dressing, sprinkled with black olive and jalapelio peppers, and finished with a double helping of our famous nachos sauce and sour cream.
₹288.00 - -


Corn and Pepper Salad
Original Price:245 American corn red beans and pepper vegetables tossed in vinaigrette dressing.
₹220.50 - -
Greek Salad
Original Price:245 Fresh greens with crumbled feta, Kalamata olives, flame roasted bell peppers, and tomato in Greek dressing.
₹220.50 - -
Maisie Salad
Original Price:245 Lettuce with olive, garlic, sun dried tomato, pickle, onion, extra virgin olive oil, and balsamic vinegar dressing.
₹220.50 - -
Classic Caesar Salad
Original Price:245 Iceberg and Romaine lettuce mixed with our very own Caesar dressing, oven roasted croutons, olives, and garnished with shavings of parmesan.
₹220.50 - -
Melon Salad
Original Price:245 Rounded watermelon and muskmelon spices. Served with parmesan cheese.
₹220.50 - -
Contadina Salad
Original Price:245 Fresh tomato, garlic, basil, sun dried tomato, onion, and green beans dressed with extra virgin olive oil.
₹220.50 - -
Garden Fresh Salad
Original Price:125
₹112.50 - -


Garlic Bread
Original Price:145
₹130.50 - -
Garlic Bread with Cheese Chilli
Original Price:175
₹157.50 - -
Original Price:185
₹166.50 - -
Pesto Bruschetta
Original Price:195
₹175.50 - -
Vegetable Bruschetta ₹175.50 - -
French Fries
Original Price:170
₹153.00 - -
Spinaci Salsa
Original Price:180
₹162.00 - -
Potato Wedges ₹153.00 - -
Jalpaan Fries
Original Price:220
₹198.00 - -
Baked Cheese Fries
Original Price:260
₹234.00 - -

Starters and More

Sarson Wala Paneer
Original Price:315 Cubes of cottage cheese marinated in yoghurt, mustard sauce, garam masala, and roasted in the tandoor.
₹283.50 - -
Bahare Chaman
Original Price:295 Chopped mixed vegetables deep fried and covered with spinach.
₹265.50 - -
Paneer Karara Dhaniya
Original Price:315 Cottage cheese stuffed with spinach masala deep fried and covered with coriander leaves.
₹283.50 - -
Roti pe Paneer ke Moti
Original Price:310 Aromatic and succulent kebabs made out of bell pepper cubes and cottage cheese spread on fluffy breads.
₹279.00 - -
Tandoori Kalimirch Chaat
Original Price:315 Spicy. Blend of select vegetables and fruits made into tikkas and char grilled.
₹283.50 - -
Makai Seekh Kebab
Original Price:285 Vegetarian seekh kebab made with corn and spiced fresh herbs.
₹256.50 - -
Cheese Kurkuri
Original Price:285 Mace spiced cheese, wrapped in ward of wheat dough, and deep fried to a crispy texture.
₹256.50 - -
Lazeez Kumbh
Original Price:335 Marinated stuffed giant mushrooms, cooked in tandoor, and drizzled with kebab masala.
₹301.50 - -
Tilli Baby Corn
Original Price:315 Baby corn marinated with kashmiri spices and deep fried.
₹283.50 - -
Tangy Do Phool Do Swad
Original Price:290 Cauliflower and broccoli florets marinated in two different flavours, achari and malai and cooked in the tandoor.
₹261.00 - -
Malai Do Phool Do Swad ₹261.00 - -
Tandoori Satay
Original Price:335 Cottage cheese marinated in a Thai style and cooked in the tandoor.
₹301.50 - -
Bhatti ka Paneer
Original Price:325 Spicy. Tandoor cooked cottage cheese marinated in special bhatti spices.
₹292.50 - -
Ronak e Potli
Original Price:299 Well sauteed cubes of vegetable, stuffed in the leaves of a rumali roti, and deep fried.
₹269.10 - -
Vegetable Dahi ke Kebab
Original Price:299 Succulent kebabs made from hung curd, mix vegetables, and shallow fried.
₹269.10 - -
Subji Lehsun Gilafi
Original Price:299 Spicy. A minced vegetable seekh kebab sauteed with cashew nut and finished with bell pepper.
₹269.10 - -
Bharwan Zucchini
Original Price:310 Slices of zucchini stuffed with English vegetables and shallow fried on the tawa.
₹279.00 - -
Bhutta Cigar
Original Price:310 American sweet corn blended with mashed potato, malai paneer, and spiced with black pepper wrapped around a young corn and deep fried.
₹279.00 - -
Chota Aloo Mota Masala
Original Price:280 Spicy. Baby potatoes simmered in a curd gravy, flavored with whole kachri, dried mango, garnished with fresh mint, and roasted black sesame.
₹252.00 - -
Vegetable Satay
Original Price:299 A medley of lentils, threaded on wooden skewers and flavored with a sweet and spicy peanut sauce.
₹269.10 - -
Sikandari Paneer
Original Price:315 Spicy. Cubes of cottage cheese marinated with cream, gram floor, and finished with kebab masala.
₹283.50 - -
Paneer Teen Swad
Original Price:335 Cubes of cottage cheese marinated with three types of marination.
₹301.50 - -
Jalpaan Platter
Original Price:575 Assorted vegetarian kebabs also served as individual meal.
₹517.50 - -

Italiano Mainfare

Enchiladas with Beans
Original Price:265 Soft tortilla with a beans filling. Baked and served with enchilada sauce and cheese.
₹238.50 - -
Enchiladas with Corns
Original Price:275 Soft tortilla with a corn filling. Baked and served with enchilada sauce and cheese.
₹247.50 - -
Enchiladas with Paneer
Original Price:285 Soft tortilla with a paneer filling. Baked and served with enchilada sauce and cheese.
₹256.50 - -
Cheese Quesadillas
Original Price:305 Soft flour tortillas with a combination of assorted cheese, special spices, and cheese filling. Served with sour cream.
₹274.50 - -
Vegetable Quesadillas
Original Price:295 Spicy. Soft flour tortillas with a combination of assorted cheese, special spices, and cheese filling. Served with sour cream.
₹265.50 - -

Cool Raita

Boondi Raita
Original Price:105
₹94.50 - -
Mix Raita ₹94.50 - -
Aloo Raita ₹94.50 - -
Pineapple Raita
Original Price:115
₹103.50 - -
Simply Curd
Original Price:85
₹76.50 - -

6" Thin Crust Pizza

6" Margherita Pizza
Original Price:150 A classic tomato, cheese, and basil pizza.
₹135.00 - -
6" Barbecue Paneer Pizza
Original Price:190 Spicy. BBQ paneer, onion, jalapeno, and peppers.
₹171.00 - -
6" Milano Pizza
Original Price:190 Fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, spinach, sun dried tomato, black olive, green olive, pickled onion, roasted red and yellow capsicum, and jalapeno.
₹171.00 - -
6" Fuzzeta Pizza
Original Price:180 Spicy pizza sauce or green chilli sauce, grilled spiced vegetables, jalapeno, corn, and topped with yellow cheddar cheese.
₹162.00 - -
6" Corn Florentine Pizza
Original Price:180 Cheesy white sauce, mozzarella, tossed spinach, American corn, and garlic flakes.
₹162.00 - -
6" Primavera Pizza
Original Price:180 Tomato sauce, mozzarella, onion, pepper, zucchini, American corn, and sliced cherry tomato.
₹162.00 - -
6" Manali Pizza
Original Price:180 Pizza topped with American corn, bell pepper, onion, and black olive.
₹162.00 - -
6" Mexican Pizza
Original Price:210 Spicy tomato sauce, capsicum, mushrooms, refried beans, onion, and mozzarella.
₹189.00 - -
6" Sicilia Pizza
Original Price:190 Spicy. Fresh tomato sauce, mushrooms, garlic, pickled onion, sun dried tomato, chilli oil, fresh basil, and mozzarella.
₹171.00 - -
6" Napoli Pizza
Original Price:199 Spicy. Fresh tomato sauce, onion, capsicum, sun dried tomato, jalapeno, peppers, chilli oil, and mozzarella.
₹179.10 - -
6" Chefs Special Pizza
Original Price:220 Spicy. Selected tossed vegetable, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and processed cheese.
₹198.00 - -

Simply Desi

Sarson da Saag
Original Price:299 Mustard leaves with a tempering of garlic and green chilli.
₹269.10 - -
Handi Subji
Original Price:299 Assorted tender vegetable in a dry and spicy masala.
₹269.10 - -
Dhingri Matar Hara Pyaz
Original Price:310 Button mushrooms, peas, fenugreek leaves cooked in almond, and tomato gravy.
₹279.00 - -
Chonke Aloo Bhindi
Original Price:270 Well sauteed lady finger and potato with herbs and cashewnut.
₹243.00 - -
Paneer Tikka Lababdar
Original Price:315 Spicy. Tikkas of paneer cooked with thick gravy with pungent flavor of Indian masalas.
₹283.50 - -
Corn Tamatar ka Bharta
Original Price:280 Massed roasted tomato cooked along with American corn and spiced with Indian fiery masala.
₹252.00 - -
Paneer Matar ke Kofte
Original Price:310 Vegetable cheese and green peas dumpling simmered in a cashew and creamy peas gravy.
₹279.00 - -
Ratan Manjusha
Original Price:320 Dual kofta of paneer with palak, and seasoning, dipped in a creamy tomato gravy, and flavored green cardamom powder.
₹288.00 - -
Lipta Mushroom Masala
Original Price:310 Button mushroom and roasted bell pepper, cooked tawa style with onion, and crushed spices.
₹279.00 - -
Tawa Paneer Kalimirch
Original Price:330 Spicy. Well sauteed paneer cooked with black pepper sauce and served on tawa.
₹297.00 - -
Tawa Mushroom Kalimirch
Original Price:330 Spicy. Well sauteed mushroom cooked with black pepper sauce and served on tawa.
₹297.00 - -
Dhaniya Paneer
Original Price:299 Hyderabadi style cubes of cottage cheese spiced with cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. Slowly baked in yoghurt and melon seeds marinade.
₹269.10 - -
Soya Keema Matar
Original Price:299 Minced soybean curd cooked with peas in a rich gravy.
₹269.10 - -
Matar Methi Malai
Original Price:310 Fresh green peas and fenugreek leaves cooked in creamy gravy.
₹279.00 - -
Masaledar Tawa Subji
Original Price:310 Tossed spring vegetables cooked with fiery spices and herbs.
₹279.00 - -
Banarasi Aloo
Original Price:290 Baby potatoes cooked with onion, tomato, and cashew gravy. Flavoured with curry leaf.
₹261.00 - -
Paneer Tikka Rara Masala
Original Price:330 Shashlik of paneer topped with nuts and spices in a brown onion masala gravy.
₹297.00 - -
Vegetable Chop Masala
Original Price:320 Combination of vegetables hash made into pattice and cooked in a spinach and fresh fenugreek gravy redolent with spices.
₹288.00 - -
Paneer Khurchan
Original Price:320 Cottage cheese sautéed with tomato, capsicum, and tempered with mustard.
₹288.00 - -
Paneer Musallam
Original Price:310
₹279.00 - -
Nargisi Kofta
Original Price:299 Saffron eyed vegetable dumpling cooked in onion tomato gravy with rare spices and herbs.
₹269.10 - -
Masaledar Khumb Khajana
Original Price:330 Stuffed giant tandoori mushroom, cooked with a tangy gravy and hara masala.
₹297.00 - -
Subji Tilli Milli Keema
Original Price:299 Chopped mix vegetables cooked with onion tomato gravy and fiery spices.
₹269.10 - -
Chole Bhature
Original Price:310 An irresistible preparation of Kabuli chana, fried potatoes, and paneer. Flamed with hot oil truly the Punjabi way.
₹279.00 - -
Baingan ka Bharta
Original Price:280 Roasted brinjal concasse flavoured with garlic, and cooked with tomato, onion, olive, and green chilli.
₹252.00 - -
Kashmiri Malai Kofta
Original Price:310 Finely minced vegetables along with cottage cheese dumpling cooked in cashew onion gravy.
₹279.00 - -
Paneer Hara Pyaz
Original Price:310 A delicate combination of paneer and spring onions brought to a pleasing pungency with herbs and spices.
₹279.00 - -
Rai Wali Bhindi
Original Price:310 Baby okra simmered in a creamy mustard flavored yoghurt gravy.
₹279.00 - -
Bhindi Dopiaza
Original Price:299 Garden fresh lady fingers sautéed with onion, tomato, and a special masala.
₹269.10 - -
Bharwan Subji Banarasi
Original Price:310 Cottage cheese and potato stuffed with vegetable and served with creamy green mince gravy.
₹279.00 - -
Tawa Pepper Aloo
Original Price:299 Spicy.
₹269.10 - -
Jeera Aloo
Original Price:270
₹243.00 - -
Aloo Methi ₹243.00 - -
Aloo Gobi ₹243.00 - -
Kadhai Paneer
Original Price:299
₹269.10 - -
Palak Paneer ₹269.10 - -
Vegetable Kolhapuri ₹243.00 - -
Kadhai Vegetable ₹243.00 - -

Pasta and More

Pesto Pasta
Original Price:355 A pasta with broccoli and cherry tomato, tossed with pesto sauce and cream.Served with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese.
₹319.50 - -
Masala Mafia Pasta
Original Price:365 Spicy. Pasta with roasted bell pepper sauce and tomato concasse. Seasoned with Indian herbs.
₹328.50 - -
Al Arrabiata Pasta
Original Price:375 Spicy. Fresh tomato sauce, garlic, chilli, and parsley.
₹337.50 - -
Pasta Barbaresca
Original Price:375 Spicy. Creamy tomato sauce with fresh broccoli, tomato, garlic, parsley, sun dried tomato, temper, parmesan cheese, and chilli pepper.
₹337.50 - -
Tandoori Paneer in Pesto
Original Price:355 Shredded paneer tossed in pesto sauce.
₹319.50 - -
Mexican Rice
Original Price:345 Mexican rice served with red pepper chilli sauce and grilled cottage cheese.
₹310.50 - -
Original Price:355 Fresh lasagne sheets layered with vegetable, topped with traditional sauce.
₹319.50 - -
Risotto Ala Romano
Original Price:355 Spicy. Buttered rice served with grilled vegetables and chefs special spicy sauce.
₹319.50 - -
Risotto Verde
Original Price:365 Risotto with spinach, broccoli, asparagus, and zucchini.
₹328.50 - -
Veg Au Gratin
Original Price:375 A casserole dish made with lots of vegetables, covered in bechamel (white) sauce, topped with bread crumbs, and cheese.
₹337.50 - -
Gambaza Pasta
Original Price:365 Cream sauce with mushroom, asparagus, garlic, sprinkled with chilli, and parmesan.
₹328.50 - -
Burmese Noodles ₹269.10 - -


Papad Sampler
Original Price:210 Varieties of papad with varieties of dips.
₹189.00 - -
Roasted Papad (2 pcs)
Original Price:60
₹54.00 - -
Masala Papad (2 pcs)
Original Price:70
₹63.00 - -

Mutthi Bhar Chawal

Potli Biryani
Original Price:315 Mixed vegetables biryani cooked in a new avatar.
₹283.50 - -
Sizzler Dum Aloo Makai Biryani
Original Price:320 Marinated baby potato and American corn biryani cooked with herbs and spices, and served with raita.
₹288.00 - -
Dal Palak Khichdi
Original Price:260 Combination of spinach and basmati rice tempered with fiery spices.
₹234.00 - -
Basil Bahar
Original Price:299 A basil flavored basmati rice cooked in a new avatar.
₹269.10 - -
Basil Sizzler
Original Price:320 A basil flavored basmati rice cooked in a new avatar.
₹288.00 - -
Dessert Biryani
Original Price:320 Colorful basmati pulao of dal, dry fruits, and nuts tossed lightly with spices.
₹288.00 - -
Methi Chaman Biryani
Original Price:299 Colorful basmati pulao of dal, dry fruits, and nuts, tossed lightly with spices.
₹269.10 - -
Methi Chaman Sizzler
Original Price:320 Colorful basmati pulao of dal, dry fruits, and nuts, tossed lightly with spices.
₹288.00 - -
Dum ki Teheri
Original Price:310 A rich preparation of vegetables, saffron, and aromatic basmati rice. Served with cucumber and mint raita.
₹279.00 - -
Vilayati Sabji Biryani
Original Price:330 Mix English vegetables biryani cooked in a new avatar.
₹297.00 - -
Vilayati Subji Sizzler
Original Price:350 Mix English vegetables biryani cooked in a new avatar.
₹315.00 - -
Bahar Chaman Biryani
Original Price:299 A unique medley of basmati rice, garden fresh fenugreek leaves, spinach leaves, corn nibblets, and herbs.
₹269.10 - -
Bahar Chaman Sizzler
Original Price:320 A unique medley of basmati rice, garden fresh fenugreek leaves, spinach leaves, corn nibblets, and herbs.
₹288.00 - -
Jeera Rice
Original Price:220 Basmati rice cooked with cumin seeds and served along with gravy.
₹198.00 - -
Safed Chawal
Original Price:199
₹179.10 - -
Curd Rice
Original Price:165
₹148.50 - -


Dal Tadka
Original Price:250 Yellow dal, tempered twice with onion, garlic, dry chili, and spices.
₹225.00 - -
Chefs Special Dal Tadka ₹225.00 - -
Dal Palak ₹225.00 - -
Dal Methi ₹225.00 - -
Dal Jalpaan
Original Price:270 Black lentils cooked overnight and simmered with tomato, ginger, cream, butter on hot embers, and served hot with a dollop of white butter.
₹243.00 - -

Rotiyon ki Farmaish

Plain Roti
Original Price:55
₹49.50 - -
Butter Roti ₹54.00 - -
Plain Naan ₹54.00 - -
Butter Naan
Original Price:65
₹58.50 - -
Plain Kulcha ₹54.00 - -
Butter Kulcha ₹58.50 - -
Plain Paratha ₹54.00 - -
Butter Paratha ₹58.50 - -
Garlic Naan ₹63.00 - -
Cheese Naan ₹94.50 - -
Aloo Kulcha ₹58.50 - -
Paneer Kulcha
Original Price:80
₹72.00 - -
Onion Kulcha ₹63.00 - -
Veg Stuff Paratha ₹63.00 - -
Plain Rumali ₹54.00 - -
Palak Rumali ₹63.00 - -
Roti ki Tokri (8 pcs)
Original Price:290
₹261.00 - -
Jawar ki Roti ₹54.00 - -
Soy Bean Roti ₹54.00 - -
Makki ki Roti ₹54.00 - -

Just Dessert

Halwa Sampler
Original Price:320
₹288.00 - -
Double Dhamaka ₹166.50 - -
Baked Rasmalai ₹166.50 - -
Chocolate Jamun ₹175.50 - -
Lychee ki Tehri ₹166.50 - -
Sizzling Brownie
Original Price:265
₹238.50 - -
Apple Aur Walnut Firni ₹157.50 - -
Baked Rasgulla ₹166.50 - -
Chocolate Pizza
Original Price:210
₹189.00 - -

Fresh and Thanda

Ananas ka Panna
Original Price:130 A tangy digestive drink made from ripe pineapple roasted on charcoal, pulped, and combined with cumin.
₹117.00 - -
Badami Thandai
Original Price:130 A traditional drink with crushed almonds, cardamom, and milk flavored with saffron.
₹117.00 - -
Soda Shikanji
Original Price:99 A refreshing lemon drink with black salt.
₹89.10 - -
Chandan Sharbat
Original Price:130 A sweet and sour drink made from sandalwood and saffron.
₹117.00 - -
Malaidar Lassi
Original Price:130 A creamy yoghurt based drink with an option of being served sweet or salted.
₹117.00 - -
Masala Chaas
Original Price:95 Mildly spiced buttermilk.
₹85.50 - -
Jal Jeera
Original Price:95 A stimulating cumin appetizer served chilled with lemon juice and mint.
₹85.50 - -
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