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Item Price Change

Picked For You

Breakfast Sandwich
Your favorite breakfast sandwich served with your choice of meat, egg & cheese!
$3.75 - -
Caramel Cowboy
Signature latte made with vanilla syrup and caramel sauce.
$4.90 - -
Shabby Shake
Vanilla milkshake infused with espresso
$5.10 - -
Hot Chocolate
Steamed hot chocolate made with 20 Below power and chocolate sauce.
$3.35 - -
Latte $3.85 - -


House Coffee
Rich, bold house blend.
$1.90 +$0.05 +2.70%
Premium Coffee
Specialty small-batch roast.
$2.35 - -
Evocation Coffee $2.35 - -
Wake Up Call
House blend infused with espresso.
$2.95 +$0.10 +3.51%
Au Lait $2.60 +$0.10 +4.00%

Cold Brew

Cold Brew
Toddy and water.
$3.00 +$0.25 +9.09%
Cold Brew Latte
Toddy and your choice of milk.
$4.00 +$0.25 +6.67%
John Toddy
Earl grey tea infused with vanilla syrup and steamed milk
$3.35 +$0.10 +3.08%


Iced Tea
20oz iced tea. Choose from black or flavored (rotates daily)
$2.95 +$0.45 +18.00%
A bright and aromatic black tea. Medium body with flavors of pineapple and grapefruit, with dark notes of apricots and plums.
$2.95 +$0.45 +18.00%
Citron Green
Citrus and orange flavors accent this delicate green.
$2.95 +$0.45 +18.00%
Japanese Sencha
A pleasant and approachable, but full-bodied Sencha green tea.
$2.95 +$0.45 +18.00%
Chinese Flower
Green tea with three kinds of flower an accented with citrus flavors.
$2.95 +$0.45 +18.00%
Pomegranate Oolong
Full bodied. Bright, floral, and juicy with citrus flavors and the sweet citrus aroma of pomegranates.
$2.95 +$0.45 +18.00%
Winter White Earl Grey
Fruit flavors of Mutan white tea with the lemony flavor of bergamot.
$2.95 +$0.45 +18.00%
African Autumn
African red bush blended with Rooibos, orange peel, cranberry, and hibiscus. Fruity and woodsy aroma with a light body.
$2.95 +$0.45 +18.00%
African Autumn (Teas) $2.50 - -
Yellow & Blue
Blend of chamomile, lavender, and cornflowers. Light-bodied, mellow, and smooth.
$2.95 +$0.45 +18.00%
Earl Grey
Well balanced between citrus notes of Bergamot and and the traditionally smooth flavor of Chinese Black Tea.
$2.95 +$0.45 +18.00%
English Breakfast
Bright flavor and aroma balanced against a background of mild smoothness and body.
$2.95 +$0.45 +18.00%
London Fog
Your choice of tea with vanilla syrup and steamed milk.
$3.35 +$0.10 +3.08%


Latte (Traditional) $3.85 - -
Espresso topped with frothy milk.
$3.85 +$0.10 +2.67%
Espresso and hot water
$2.60 +$0.10 +4.00%
Latte with chocolate sauce.
$4.40 +$0.15 +3.53%
White Mocha $4.40 +$0.15 +3.53%
Espresso with half and half.
$4.50 +$0.25 +5.88%
Chai Latte
Invigorating black tea chai base made with Darjeeling tea and aromatic spices. Our authentic Masala spice blend includes natural cinnamon, clove, cardamom, anise and ginger for spicy-sweet flavor
$3.85 +$0.10 +2.67%
Dirty Chai
Invigorating black tea chai base made with Darjeeling tea and aromatic spices infused with espresso
$4.75 - -


Caramel Cowboy (Originals) $4.90 - -
Signature latte made with chocolate and caramel sauce.
$4.90 +$0.15 +3.16%
Lubbock High Latte
Signature latte made with hazelnut syrup, chocolate and caramel sauce.
$4.90 +$0.15 +3.16%
Royale Red Raider
Breve with honey and sugar-in-the-raw
$5.15 +$0.15 +3.00%
Shabby Shake (Originals) $5.10 - -
Masked Rider
Vanilla milkshake with hazelnut syrup and chocolate sauce.
$5.60 +$0.15 +2.75%
Greek Treat
Original latte made with hazelnut & irishcream flavored syrup
$4.90 - -

This & That

Hot Chocolate (This & That) $3.35 - -
20 Below
Frozen hot chocolate made with 20 Below powder & chocolate sauce
$4.60 +$0.15 +3.37%
J&B Java Frost
Hand-made frappe with your choice of flavors.
$4.45 - -
Blended ice beverage with a variety of flavors to choose from
$4.60 +$0.15 +3.37%
Steamed milk infused with your choice of flavor.
$2.60 +$0.10 +4.00%
Italian Soda
Refreshing club soda infused with your choice of flavors, topped with half and half (upon request).
$3.10 +$0.10 +3.33%
Arnold Palmer
Your choice of tea infused with lemonade
$3.10 +$0.10 +3.33%
Fruit Smoothie
DaVinci Gourmet Smoothie
$4.60 +$0.15 +3.37%
Fruit Smoothie (This & That) $4.45 - -

Other Drinks

Bottled Coke $1.50 - -
Bottled Rootbeer $1.50 - -
Perrier $1.75 - -
8oz Red Bull $2.25 - -
Naked Juice $3.95 - -
Topo Chico $1.75 - -


Muffin (Pastries) $2.95 - -
Muffin $2.95 - -
Cinnamon Roll $2.95 - -
Scone (Pastries) $2.45 - -
Scone $2.45 - -

Breakfast Menu (served all day!)

Breakfast Sandwich (Breakfast Menu (served all day!)) $3.75 - -
Bagel Melt (Breakfast Menu (served all day!))
Your favorite bagel served open-faced with your choice of meat and covered with melted cheese
$4.00 - -
Bagel Melt $4.00 - -
Modern Oats Oatmeal
Individual serving of gourmet oatmeal in a cup
$2.95 - -
Bagel (Breakfast Menu (served all day!)) $2.45 - -
Bagel $2.45 - -


Roasted right here in Texas. This espresso is bright, crisp, and lively. Chocolate, orange, and cinnamon dominate the flavor profile with aromatic elements of ginger and maple. (price is per pound)
$13.25 - -
Item Price Change

Picked For You

Bourbon Street
This smooth and full-bodied coffee features a smoky sweetness with lingering hints of cocoa and wild berries. (price is per pound)
$12.50 +$1.25 +11.11%

Most Popular

Epoch Espresso
Epoch is bright, crisp, and lively. Chocolate, orange, and cinnamon dominate the flavor profile with aromatic elements of ginger and maple. (price is per pound)
$16.25 - -

Espresso by Evocation

Epoch Espresso (Espresso by Evocation) $16.25 - -


Espresso $13.25 - -

Varietals (Light Roast)

Colombian Full City
Full-bodied with a nutty flavor, this coffee is aromatic and flavorful. (price is per pound)
$13.00 +$1.75 +15.56%
Costa Rican La Minita
A semi-organic, hand-sorted bean, this is one of the world’s best coffees. (price is per pound)
$16.25 +$0.75 +4.84%
Costa Rican Tarrazu
This flavorful coffee is full-bodied and slightly acidic. (price is per pound)
$12.00 -$0.50 -4.00%
El Salvador
A crisp, light, and bright roast with exceptional flavor. (price is per pound)
$13.00 - -
Guatemalan Antigua
Spicy tones add to its medium body and rich flavor. (price is per pound)
$13.25 +$1.50 +12.77%
Kenya AA
Citrus tones mix with a medium body for an intense and rich finish. (price is per pound)
$16.75 +$2.50 +17.54%
Straightforward flavor and a mild sweetness compliment its medium body. (price is per pound)
$11.25 - -

Blends (Dark Roast)

Bourbon Street (Blends (Dark Roast)) $12.50 +$1.25 +11.11%
Medium-bodied with a smoky flavor, robust aroma, and dry finish. (price is per pound)
$14.75 +$2.75 +22.92%
Robust smoky fragrances combine to complement its smooth body. (price is per pound)
$12.50 +$1.25 +11.11%
Coal-black and soaked with oil, it’s amazingly aromatic and low in acidity. (price is per pound)
$12.75 +$1.00 +8.51%
Mocha Java (Blends (Dark Roast))
A full-bodied, yet balanced coffee, Mocha Java features a tempered acidity and rich flavor with undertones of chocolate. (price is per pound)
$11.25 - -
Mocha Java $13.75 +$2.50 +22.22%


Espresso (decaf)
This custom decaf is a blend of current-crop small-producer coffees from the Inza region of Cauca, South Colombia. (price is per pound)
$15.75 -$3.00 -16.00%
Evocation CR Espresso (decaf) $18.75 - -
Colombian (decaf)
A mild acidity tempers its full body and robust smoky overtones. (price is per pound)
$11.75 +$0.50 +4.44%
Costa Rican (decaf)
Full-bodied, only slightly acidic, and full of flavor. (price is per pound)
$13.00 +$1.25 +10.64%
Sumatra (decaf)
Noting its relatively low acidity, its body is smooth and full. (price is per pound)
$15.75 +$2.00 +14.55%


Angel’s Kiss
This coconut and chocolate coffee is delicately dusted with cocoa. (price is per pound)
$12.50 - -
Cinnamon Hazelnut
Sweet bakery cinnamon swirled with lightly toasted hazelnuts. (price is per pound)
$12.50 - -
A sweet and creamy flavor that features the distinct aroma of lightly-toasted coconut flakes. (price is per pound)
$12.50 - -
Crème Brulee
The sweet aroma of caramelized brown sugar dances across a background of creamy vanilla. (price is per pound)
$12.50 - -
Double Chocolate Cinnamon
Chocolate and cinnamon embrace to create a real treat for chocolate lovers. (price is per pound)
$12.50 - -
German Chocolate
The taste of decadent chocolate cake, paired with smooth caramel and rich vanilla undertones. (price is per pound)
$12.50 - -
This coffee flaunts the sharp, nutty flavor of freshly roasted hazelnuts. (price is per pound)
$12.50 - -
Highlander Grogg (Flavored)
A heady blend of Scottish liqueurs complimented by rich caramel and creamy vanilla beans. (price is per pound)
$12.50 - -
Highlander Grogg $12.50 - -
Irish Cream
A traditional liqueur-coffee infused with heavy cream and smooth Irish whisky. (price is per pound)
$12.50 - -
Maple Pecan
Delicious maple combined with crunchy pecans. (price is per pound)
$12.50 - -
Sweet bakery cinnamon combined with creamy vanilla and the aroma of freshly-roasted nuts. (price is per pound)
$12.50 - -
Southern Pecan
Fresh from the shell and full-flavored, this coffee is abundant with the sweet nutty taste of golden pecans. (price is per pound)
$12.50 - -
Vanilla Nut
Sweet and creamy vanilla notes accent a nutty aroma of rich and buttery hazelnuts. (price is per pound)
$12.50 - -
Caramel Truffle
Creamy caramel with sweet vanilla notes and a nutty aroma. (price is per pound)
$12.50 - -
Caramel Truffle (Flavored) $12.50 - -

Blends (Light Roast)

Governor’s Cup
Full-bodied with hints of nut, this coffee is aromatic and bright. (price is per pound)
$12.75 +$1.50 +13.33%

Varietals (Dark Roast)

Medium-bodied with earth tones and medium acidity. (price is per pound)
$11.25 - -
Colombian French $11.25 - -
Ethiopian Harrar (Varietals (Dark Roast))
Floral aromas emanate from this bean, which is still gathered in the wild. (price is per pound)
$13.25 - -
Ethiopian Harrar $13.75 +$0.50 +3.77%
Sumatra $13.75 +$2.50 +22.22%
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