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About KFC (IE)

What are the most popular items on the KFC (IE) menu?

Zinger Burger

A spicy, satisfying classic with a chicken fillet, lettuce, and spicy mayo.

Mighty Bucket for One

A hearty meal with Original Recipe chicken, fries, a side, and a drink.

Twister Wrap

A tasty, handheld option with chicken, lettuce, and choice of sauce.

Popcorn Chicken

Bite-sized pieces of KFC's famous chicken, perfect for sharing or snacking.

Boneless Banquet

A feast featuring boneless chicken, fries, two sides, a drink, and a dip.

Hot Wings Meal

For those who love spice, this meal includes hot wings, fries, a side, and a drink.

Original Recipe Chicken

A classic, crispy, and flavorful choice that can be enjoyed as a meal or a bucket.

What are the typical prices at KFC (IE)?

KFC (IE) offers a range of pricing options: Individual Meals typically range from €6 to €9, Meal Deals vary from €7 to €15, Buckets start at around €13 and go up to €30+ for larger options, Sides and Extras are usually priced from €1 to €4, and Desserts are typically around €2 to €4.

What are the opening hours of KFC (IE)?

KFC (IE) typically opens its doors on weekdays at around 11:00 AM and closes around 11:00 PM. While weekend hours can vary, they often align with weekday hours. For extended service, Drive-Thru and delivery options are available.

Are there any vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free options at KFC (IE)?

KFC (IE) caters to diverse dietary preferences with options like a Vegan Burger featuring a plant-based patty and vegan mayo, a Vegetarian Rice Box consisting of KFC rice, beans, and salad, and Gluten-Free choices. While KFC's Original Recipe Chicken is gluten-free, it's important to note that cross-contamination might occur, so it's a good idea to inquire at your local store for more details.

Can I order KFC (IE) for delivery?

Yes, you can order KFC (IE) for delivery through their official website. Additionally, KFC (IE) partners with popular food delivery providers such as Just Eat, Deliveroo, and Uber Eats. These platforms offer convenient delivery services to satisfy your KFC cravings.

What are the KFC (IE) Twister Wrap options?

KFC (IE) offers a variety of delicious Twister Wrap options, which may include the Zinger Twister with spicy chicken, lettuce, and mayo, and the Original Twister with Original Recipe chicken, lettuce, and salsa. Please check the menu for the most current Twister Wrap choices.

What's the difference between the KFC (IE) Boneless Banquet and the regular banquet?

The KFC (IE) Boneless Banquet includes boneless chicken fillets, fries, two sides, a drink, and a dip, providing a unique twist to the KFC experience. The regular banquet, on the other hand, typically features a mix of Original Recipe and spicy chicken pieces, alongside fries, sides, drinks, and dips.

Do KFC (IE) offer any seasonal specials in the Emerald Isle?

Yes, KFC (IE) often introduces seasonal specials that vary throughout the year. These limited-time offerings may include special burgers, meals, and unique flavors that align with the season.

How spicy is the KFC (IE) Hot Wings meal?

The KFC (IE) Hot Wings meal offers a spicy kick that many enjoy. The level of spice can vary from person to person, but these wings are known for their zesty and bold flavor. If you love spicy food, this meal is a great choice.

What size drinks are available with the KFC (IE) meal deals?

KFC (IE) meal deals often come with a choice of drink sizes, including small, regular, and large. You can select the drink size that suits your thirst.

What are the KFC (IE) sides and extras to choose from?

KFC (IE) offers a range of delicious sides and extras, including coleslaw, corn on the cob, gravy, and more. You can customize your meal with these tasty options.

Who are the competitors of KFC (IE)?

McDonald's (IE)

McDonald's is a globally recognized fast-food chain with numerous branches across Ireland. Known for its iconic Big Mac, Happy Meals, and an array of breakfast items, it remains a go-to destination for a wide range of fast-food enthusiasts.

Burger King (IE)

Burger King in Ireland offers a diverse menu, including Whoppers, Chicken Royale, and King Junior Meals. With multiple locations, it provides a convenient option for those craving flame-grilled burgers and signature sides.

Subway (IE)

Subway is celebrated for its customizable sandwiches and subs. Irish patrons can choose from a variety of fresh ingredients to build their perfect sandwich, making Subway a favorite for those seeking a personalized dining experience.

Supermac's (IE)

Supermac's is an Irish fast-food chain, famous for its unique dishes like the Snack Box and curry chips. With a strong presence in Ireland, it caters to the local palate with its distinctive offerings.

Papa John's (IE)

Papa John's brings a taste of American-style pizza to Ireland, offering a range of pizza options, from classics like Pepperoni to specialty creations. With numerous locations, Papa John's is a popular choice for pizza lovers seeking quality and flavor.



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