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About Lord of the Fries (NZ)

What are the most popular items on the Lord of the Fries (NZ) menu?

Classic Fries

Lord of the Fries (NZ) introduces its Classic Fries, the original golden delight that embodies authenticity. Each crispy fry, with its charming imperfections, is sourced from local Aussie farmers, providing a genuine and timeless potato experience.

Original Burger

Burger enthusiasts, rejoice! Lord of the Fries (NZ) presents the Original Burger, a vegan twist on the American classic. With a mock beef patty, cheese, lettuce, onion, pickle, and signature sauces, it's a satisfying choice that stays true to tradition.

Sampler Munch Box

For a variety-packed feast, the Sampler Munch Box offers Onion Rings, Nuggets, and Mac & Cheese Balls paired with your choice of fries. It's a delightful combination of textures and flavors in one convenient box.

Shoestring Fries

Lord of the Fries (NZ) brings you the cult classic Shoestring Fries – thin-cut, crispy, and golden. Sourced from local Aussie farmers, these fries offer a satisfying crunch in every bite.


Better than chicken, Lord of the Fries (NZ) presents soy Nuggets with a crispy exterior and a juicy, succulent interior. Available in regular or slightly spicy flavors, these vegan Nuggets are a delicious alternative.

Chick'n Burger

Indulge in the guilt-free pleasure of the Chick'n Burger, featuring a vegan chick’n patty topped with cheese, lettuce, and a smear of mayo and mustard – all 100% vegan.

Stinger Burger

For a spicy kick, try the Stinger Burger. Made with love, it features the Stinger Patty topped with melted cheese, bacon, Spicy Mayo, and fresh lettuce between toasted buns – all 100% vegan.

What are the prices like at Lord of the Fries (NZ)?

The pricing at Lord of the Fries (NZ) offers an affordable yet quality dining experience. As an estimate, Combo meals range around NZ$15 - NZ$18, Big Burgers are approximately NZ$12 - NZ$15, Premium Burgers are priced at about NZ$10 - NZ$13, and Hot Dogs are in the range of NZ$8 - NZ$10. Sides and Loaded Fries are priced around NZ$5 - NZ$9, while MUNCH BOXES, now inclusive of any 1 Classic Sauce, are approximately NZ$13 - NZ$16. Desserts and Beverages are available in the range of NZ$4 - NZ$12.

What are the opening hours of Lord of the Fries (NZ)?

Lord of the Fries (NZ) caters to cravings throughout the week. For example, on weekdays, they usually open from 11:00 AM and close around 9:00 PM. On weekends, the doors swing open at 12:00 PM, offering a tasty escape until 10:00 PM. However, these hours can vary by location, so it's best to check the specific store for accurate details.

Does Lord of the Fries (NZ) have a kids' menu?

Absolutely! Lord of the Fries (NZ) ensures the young ones are catered to with a delightful kids' menu. Young diners can enjoy options like Mini Burgers, Kids' Fries, and Vegan Nuggets, creating a satisfying experience for even the littlest food enthusiasts.

Are there any vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free options at Lord of the Fries (NZ)?

Lord of the Fries (NZ) is committed to inclusivity, offering a range of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Vegans can savor delights like the Vegan Parma Burger, while vegetarians may indulge in the cheesy goodness of the Lot Deluxe. Gluten-free options include the deliciously crispy Sweet Potato Fries and gluten-free buns for burgers, ensuring a diverse and inclusive menu for all.

Can I order Lord of the Fries (NZ) for delivery?

Certainly! Lord of the Fries (NZ) offers the convenience of online ordering through their website, Additionally, they've teamed up with popular delivery providers such as Uber Eats, DeliverEasy, and Menulog, ensuring that your favorite Lord of the Fries treats can be delivered right to your doorstep.

Does Lord of the Fries (NZ) have meal combos?

Lord of the Fries (NZ) simplifies meal choices with their combos. The NZ$31.00 Burger Combo comprises a burger, regular fries, classic sauce, and a 300mL Karma drink. The NZ$27.15 Hot Dog Combo includes an American hot dog, medium fries, classic sauce, and a 300mL Karma drink, with optional upgrades.

What are the different fries at Lord of the Fries (NZ)?

Lord of the Fries (NZ) caters to diverse tastes with a variety of fries, from classic crunch to innovative twists like the Halal Snack Pack, Chili Cheese Loaded Fries, Spicy Poutine Loaded Fries, and Sweet Potato variations.

What Munch boxes have they got at Lord of the Fries (NZ)?

Lord of the Fries (NZ) has diverse MUNCH BOXES catering to various tastes. From the Sampler Munch Box with Onion Rings, Nuggets, and Mac & Cheese Balls, to the spicy Chick'n Wings n Drumsticks Munchbox-Fiery Buffalo, and classic options like Nuggets Munch Box and Mac & Cheese Munch Box. There are also vegan choices like Chick'n Wings n Drumsticks Munchbox-Classic. The Onion Ring Munch Box and Phish Munch Box round out the selection. Each MUNCH BOX includes any 1 Classic Sauce for added flavor.

Does Lord of the Fries (NZ) have sauces separate to order?

Certainly! Lord of the Fries (NZ) offers a variety of sauces available for separate orders. From Classic Sauces like Mustard, Salsa, Sour Cream, Napoli Sauce, to Spicy options like Sriracha and Sweet Chilli, these flavorful additions allow you to customize your meal according to your taste preferences.

What sides are available at Lord of the Fries (NZ)?

Lord of the Fries (NZ) complements your meal with tempting sides, including the crispy and creamy Mac & Cheese Balls, the limited-time Giant Curry Rolls (Lobster and Meat options), and classic Onion Rings. Vegan-friendly choices like Chick'n Wings n Drumsticks-Fiery Buffalo offer a spicy twist. For an ultimate side experience, try the Giant Curry Rolls Combo, featuring both Lobster and Meat options.

What drinks to pair are available at Lord of the Fries (NZ)?

Quench your thirst at Lord of the Fries (NZ) with a refreshing lineup of beverages. Choose from Karma Apple Juice, Karma Apple Blackcurrant Raspberry Juice, and Karma Orange Apple Mango Juice for fruity delights. Indulge in creamy Milkshakes for a satisfying treat, or opt for the crisp purity of Otakiri Water in a convenient 330ml bottle.

Does Lord of the Fries (NZ) have hotdogs on their menu?

Lord of the Fries (NZ) satisfies hot dog cravings with a 100% vegan menu. The Melbourne hot dog offers simplicity with cheese, onion, mustard, and ketchup. The American hot dog brings classic flavors with a LOTF sausage and mustard-ketchup combo. Dive into Chicago tradition with a veg sausage loaded with pickle, relish, peppers, mustard, and celery salt. For a Mexican-inspired taste, the Tijuana hot dog features Jalapeños, cheese, onion, spicy tomato sauce, and a hint of sour cream.

Who are the competitors of Lord of the Fries (NZ)? 

McDonald's (NZ)

A global fast-food giant, McDonald's in New Zealand offers Kiwis a taste of familiarity with iconic favorites like the Big Mac and McNuggets, served through an extensive network of branches.

Burger King (NZ)

Renowned for flame-grilled Whoppers and the classic BK Chicken, Burger King in New Zealand caters to locals' love for hearty and satisfying fast-food options, providing a distinct flavor experience.


Known for its finger-lickin' good Original Recipe chicken and a variety of flavorful sides, KFC delivers a taste of Southern-style comfort to satisfy the cravings of fast-food enthusiasts.

Subway (NZ)

Providing a fresh and customizable experience, Subway in New Zealand is popular for its sub sandwiches, salads, and signature bread choices, offering a healthier alternative in the fast-food landscape.

Domino's Pizza (NZ)

A go-to for pizza lovers, Domino's Pizza offers a diverse range of toppings and crust options, delivering a convenient and customizable pizza experience.

Pizza Hut (NZ)

Continuing to serve Kiwis with a wide array of pizza varieties and tempting sides, Pizza Hut remains a popular choice for those seeking classic and innovative pizza options.

Wendy's (NZ)

Known for its square-shaped burgers and irresistible Frosty desserts, Wendy's in New Zealand adds a unique twist to the fast-food scene, offering a satisfying and distinctive dining experience.


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