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Top Menu Items

Moti Mahal Korma
Specialty of the house, a mixed vegetable delight cooked with cashews, raisins and a creamy, spicy sauce.
$14.95 - -
Chicken Tikka Masala
Creamy tomato sauce crowns white, boneless chicken chunks with lovely, tangy spices.
$14.95 - -
Garlic Naan
Garlic-studded naan, hot from the oven.
$2.95 - -


Mulligatwany Soup
Exquisite vegetable broth with savory spices and lentils.
$3.95 - -
Fresh Tomato Soup
Rich tomato soup with bright fresh spices.
$3.95 - -
Moti Mahal Chicken Soup
Boneless chunks of white meat floating in a tasty broth.
$4.25 - -
Coconut Soup
The exotic and satisfying specialty soup of coconut.
$3.95 - -
Veggie Samosa
2 crisp patties stuffed with spicy potatoes, served with peas.
$4.50 - -
Alu Tikki
2 pieces, potatoes mashed together in batter with spices and fried in punjabi style.
$3.95 - -
Onion Bhajia
Onion slices dipped in batter and deep fried.
$4.25 - -
Chicken Samosas
2 pieces, white meat chicken with Indian spices. Pieces, white meat chicken with Indian spices.
$5.25 - -
Veggie Pakora
5 pieces, assorted fresh vegetables dipped in gram flour and deep fried in spices.
$4.25 - -
Paneer Pakora
Home-made cheese, dipped in gram flour with Indian spices.
$6.95 - -
Moti Mahal Platter
Combination of veggie samosa, paneer pakora, chicken pakora, vegetable pakora, gosht (lamb) and shrimp pakoras.
$10.95 - -
5 pieces. Thin, cripsy lentil wafer.
$2.99 - -
Garden Salad
A medley of delicious and fresh garden vegetables.
$3.95 - -
Chicken Pakora
Breaded white chicken breast.
$5.25 - -

Vegetarian Specialties

Mutter Paneer
Tender green peas and east Indian spices cooked in rich curry sauce.
$14.95 - -
Saag Paneer
Curried baby spinach and homemade cheese with creamy spices.
$13.95 - -
Bainghan Bharata
Fresh eggplant cooked in clay oven and mashed with savory spices.
$14.95 - -
Paneer Tikka Masala
Homemade cheese in an aromatic, spicy, rich sauce.
$14.95 - -
Okra Do Piazza
Fresh seasoned okra with sauteed onion and herbs.
$13.95 - -
Mushroom Mattar Makhani
Fresh mushrooms with young, green peas and tantalizing spices. Served with saffron and basmati rice.
$13.95 - -
Yellow Dal
Bright yellow lentils with green onions, fresh tomatoes and spices. Served with saffron and basmati rice.
$12.95 - -
Vegetable Kofta
Scrumptious vegetable patties cooked with nuts and spices. Served with saffron and basmati rice.
$13.95 - -
Moti Mahal Korma (Vegetarian Specialties)
Specialty of the house, a mixed vegetable delight cooked with cashews, raisins and a creamy, spicy sauce.
$14.95 - -
Chana Aloo
Garbanzos cooked with fresh potatoes and traditional punjabi spices.
$13.95 - -
Gobi Keema
Freshly mashed cauliflower cooked with fresh onions, tomatoes and green peas.
$13.95 - -
Dal Makhni
Punjabi style black lentil with ginger and garlic.
$13.95 - -


Shrimp Korma
Tender shrimp sauteed with onions, raisins, nuts, fresh tomatoes, spices, garlic and ginger.
$15.95 - -
Shrimp Vindaloo
Spicy hot specialty from Moti Mahal cooked with tomatoes, potatoes and jumbo shrimp. Made with spicy hot bell pepper.
$14.95 - -
Shrimp Tikka Masala
Jumbo shrimp swimming in a creamy tomato sauce with onion, ginger and select spices.
$15.95 - -
Shrimp Saag
Tender shrimp cooked in a traditional spinach sauce with herbs and spices.
$14.95 - -
Fish Makhani
Boneless, tender chunks cooked in the clay oven with creamy fresh tomato sauce.
$15.95 - -
Fish Saag
Fresh spinach with tender, boneless chunks of fish, simmered with spices and cream.
$14.95 - -
Fish Vindaloo
Spicy hot, Moti Mahal’s specialty fish dish, cooked with fresh tomatoes, potatoes, garlic and spice. Made with spicy hot bell pepper.
$14.95 - -
Fish Korma
Boneless, tender fish in a creamy, spicy tomato sauce with raisin and nuts, a true Indian classic.
$15.95 - -

Tandoori Specialties

Tandoori Chicken
Chicken marinated in yogurt and spices, cooked in the clay oven and served on a sizzling platter, sauteed onion garnish.
$14.95 - -
Chicken Tikka
Boneless chicken breast pieces marinated with spices and cooked in the clay oven.
$15.95 - -
Seekh Kabob
Ground meat with spices, onions, cilantro and garlic in the clay oven.
$15.95 - -
Tandoori Shrimp
Succulent shrimp marinated with spices and cooked in the clay oven.
$15.95 - -
Moti Mahal Mixed Grill
Chicken, seekh kabob, shrimp and fish. All marinated with spice and clay oven cooked.
$16.95 - -


Chicken Tikka Saag
White meat cooked with fresh spinach and rich curry sauce and special Indian spices.
$14.95 - -
Chicken Bhoona
White meat cooked with tomato, onion and bell pepper sauce.
$14.95 - -
Chicken Korma
A creamy coconut sauce dish with raisins, nuts, boneless white meat and savory spices.
$14.95 - -
Chicken Dansak
Boneless white meat cooked with dal (lentils) and select spices.
$13.95 - -
Chicken Mouglai
Boneless white meat cooked with creamy dairy sauce.
$14.95 - -
Chicken Goa Curry
A northern specialty, cooked with shredded coconut sauce and fresh onion.
$13.95 - -
Butter Chicken
Rich, delicious sauce smothers boneless white chicken chunks, everyone's favorite, scrumptious.
$14.95 - -
Chicken Tikka Masala (Chicken)
Creamy tomato sauce crowns white, boneless chicken chunks with lovely, tangy spices.
$14.95 - -
Chicken Vindaloo
A spicy dish with chicken and potato. Made with spicy hot bell pepper.
$14.95 - -


Lamb Curry
Tender, boneless lamb simmered with garlic, ginger and spices.
$13.95 - -
Lamb Masala
Tender, boneless lamb in tandoor clay oven with rich Indian spices.
$15.95 - -
Lamb Vindaloo
A spicy hot dish of tender, de-boned lamb, a Moti Mahal specialty dish. Made with spicy hot bell pepper.
$14.95 - -
Lamb Saag
Fresh spinach cooked with de-boned lamb and mouth-watering spices.
$14.95 - -
Lamb Korma
Tender lamb cooked in creamy tomato sauce with coconut, raisins and plump cashew nuts.
$15.95 - -


Lamb Biriyani
Spring lamb cooked delicately with saffron-flavored rice.
$14.95 - -
Chicken Biriyani
Saffroned basmati with tender white meat makes this a healthy tasty choice.
$14.95 - -
Shrimp Biriyani
Succulent shrimp and cashews cooked with basmati and special biriyani spices.
$14.95 - -
Fish Biriyani
Tender fish pieces cooked with saffron flavored basmati rice.
$14.95 - -
Vegetable Biriyani
Mixed vegetables cooked with basmati rice.
$13.95 - -
Moti Mahal Biriyani
A tantalizing mix of “all of the above”, flavorful and delicious.
$15.95 - -

Goat Specialties

Goat Do Piazza
Goat specialty, tender and appetizing with Indian spices and vegetables.
$14.95 - -
Goat Makhani Masala
Tender with bone goat cooked with onion, tomato and garlic, spices.
$15.95 - -
Goat Tikka Saag
Tender and meaty, cooked in a clay tandoor oven with fresh spinach and spices.
$14.95 - -
Goat Pashoo
Goat pashoo cooked with baby goat with bone in and with cauliflower, potatoes and topped with home-made yogurt. A Moti Mahal signature dish.
$14.95 - -

Moti Mahal Vegetarian Family Dinners

Moti Mahal Vegetarian Family Dinner for 2 Persons
Lentil soup, veggie samosas, veggie koftas, saag paneer, basmati, rice, gulab jamun or kheer, 2 naan.
$39.95 - -
Moti Mahal Vegetarian Family Dinner for 3 Persons
Fresh tomato soup, veggie pakoras, dal makhni, saag paneer, baingan bharta, basmiti rice, gulab jamun, 2 naan.
$59.95 - -
Moti Mahal Vegetarian Family Dinner for 4 Persons
Lentil soup, paneer pakoras, baingan bharta, mutter paner, chana masala, bindi masala, basmati rice, garlic naan, kheer.
$78.95 - -

Moti Mahal Non-Vegetarian Family Dinners

Moti Mahal Non-Vegetarian Family Dinner for 2 Persons
Chicken samosas, coconut soup, lamb saag, chicken tikka masala, basmati rice, naan, gulab jamun.
$42.95 - -
Moti Mahal Non-Vegetarian Family Dinner for 3 Persons
Chicken pakoras, mulligatawny soup, ghost tikka masala, butter chicken, goat curry, garlic naan, basmati rice, gulab jamun.
$62.95 - -
Moti Mahal Non-vVegetarian Family Dinner for 4 Persons
Fish pakoras, lamb karahi, goat tikka masala, chicken tikka saag, chana masala, basmati rice, moti mahal garlic and onion naan, gulab jamun.
$84.95 - -


Plain Naan
The traditional bread of India, fresh and warm.
$2.95 - -
Garlic Naan (Naan)
Garlic-studded naan, hot from the oven.
$2.95 - -
Mint Naan
Fresh chopped mint garnish, sprightly.
$3.95 - -
Onion Kulcha
Herbs, spices and onions baked in clay oven.
$3.95 - -
Potato and Pea Pratha
Toothsome and savory, stuffed to please.
$4.25 - -
Cheese Naan
Delicious homemade cheese in leavened bread.
$4.25 - -
Unleavened wheat bread, baked in clay oven.
$3.25 - -
Garlic and Onion Naan
Special Moti Mahal treat.
$4.25 - -
2 pieces. Whole wheat bread.
$4.50 - -


Basmatti Rice $2.99 - -


Cooling, soothing, homemade, yogurt sauce for dipping bread, vegetables, etc.
$1.99 - -
Mixed Pickles $2.95 - -
Mixed Chutney $2.95 - -
Mango Chutney
Special Moti Mahal treat.
$2.95 - -
Homemade plain yogurt.
$2.95 - -


Gulab Jamun
2 pieces. Dry milk and homemade cheese balls, deep fried, in a light syrup and rose water. Served warm.
$2.95 - -
Carrot Halwa
Grated carrots, honeyed, buttered and spiced, sweet as pie and twice as healthy.
$3.50 - -
2 pieces. Fresh made cheese in a special condensed milk, flavored in rose water and pistachios.
$4.25 - -
Mango Kulfi
Homemade mango ice cream.
$2.95 - -
Badam Kheer
Rice pudding with almond flavor, cool and soothing.
$2.95 - -


Coke Products $1.99 - -
Chai $2.95 - -
Sweet Lassi $2.95 - -
Salty Lassi $2.95 - -
Mango Lassi $3.95 - -
Mango Rose Lassi $4.25 - -
Mango Shake $3.95 - -
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