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Peanut Butter Blu Smoothie
Sugar free peanut butter, blueberries, banana, dates and almond milk
R45.00 - -
Steak Parmesan
Pasture-raised Angus steak, avo, parmesan cheese, lettuce, rocket, rosa tomatoes served with your choice of: balsamic glaze with lemon & olive oil dressing or creamy cashew dressing
R113.00 - -
Steak Burrito
Pasture-raised Angus steak, mexi beans, white cheddar, avo, lettuce, rosa tomatoes, lemon & olive oil dressing
R106.00 - -
Cinnamon Oats Bowl
Hot rolled oats, banana, flaked almonds, cinnamon, honey and low fat milk
R53.00 - -
Scrambled Eggs, Avo and Feta On Toast
Scrambled eggs, avo, feta, rocket, honey and soy seed sprinkle, toast (whole wheat or rye)
R56.00 - -


Free Range Eggs On Toast
2 Per portion, poached or scrambled
R45.00 +R1.00 +2.27%
Scrambled Eggs, Avo and Feta On Toast (Breakfast) R56.00 - -
Avo Toast Classic
Sliced avo, himalayan salt, black pepper, chilli flakes, lime, coriander and toast (whole wheat or rye)
R41.00 +R1.00 +2.50%
Poached Eggs and Smashed Avo On Toast
Smashed avo, eggs, sauteed rosa tomatoes, roasted peppers, pea shoots, chipotle drizzle, lime and toast (whole wheat or rye)
R85.00 +R2.00 +2.41%
Brakfast Salad Or Wrap
Poached eggs, rocket, sliced avo, mozzarella, sautéed rosa tomatoes, soy glaze (contains gluten) and olive oil
R89.00 +R3.00 +3.49%
Spicy Bean Breakfast Wrap
Scrambled eggs ,spiced red kidney beans, coriander, feta, baby spinach, avo and corn salsa
R92.00 +R2.00 +2.22%
Banana Bread
Gluten and sugar free banana-coconut bread, served with sugar free peanut butter, banana, honey and cinnamon
R63.00 +R3.00 +5.00%
NEW: Poached Eggs on Greens
2 Poached eggs on a bed of kale & baby spinach, broccoli, green beans, mint, cashews, sriracha dressing
R56.00 - -

Breakfast Bowls

NEW: Apple Oat Cup
Oats, grated apple, apple juice, cinnamon, nut meg, apple compote and whipped coconut cream
R39.00 - -
Chia-Berry Oat Cup
Oats, chia seeds, raspberries, coconut milk, strawberries, whipped coconut cream, wheat-free goji muesli and honey
R45.00 - -
Cinnamon Oats Bowl (Breakfast Bowls) R53.00 - -
Tiga Rainbow Cup
Coconut chia pudding, low fat plain yoghurt, strawberries, sugar free peanut butter, honey, wheat-free goji muesli and whipped coconut cream
R56.00 - -
Yoghurt Fruit Salad Bowl
Seasonal fruit, low fat plain yoghurt and honey
R62.00 +R2.00 +3.33%
The Health Nut Smoothie Bowl
Banana, almond / macadamia butter, whey protein, filtered water honey topped with chia seeds, hemp seeds and wheat-free goji muesli
R87.00 - -

Open Omelettes

Rocket and Feta
Rocket, broccoli, peas, feta, pea shots, lemon and olive oil dressing
R81.00 +R3.00 +3.85%
Spicy Bean Omelette
Closed, spliced red kidney beans, coriander, feta, baby spinach, avo and corn salsa
R92.00 +R2.00 +2.22%
Smoked Salmon
Smoked Norwegian salmon, avo, chilli, toasted sesame seeds, pea shoots, lemon and olive oil dressing
R114.00 - -

Gluten Free Flajacks And Waffles

The Original Flapjack
Whey blueberry flapjack, served with banana, walnuts, honey and cinnamon
R78.00 +R1.00 +1.30%
Matcha Flapjacks
3 Matcha whey flapjacks served with walnuts, coconut whipped cream, banana and honey
R101.00 - -
Chai Flapjacks
3 Stacked chai whey flapjacks served with fresh strawberries & almond macadamia butter drizzle
R83.00 - -
Bananna Nut Waffle
Belgian-style waffle served with banana, flaked almonds and almond / macadamia butter drizzle
R62.00 +R2.00 +3.33%
Strawberries and Cream Waffle
Belgian-style waffle served with your choice of strawberries and coconut cream, froyo or coconut ice cream
R78.00 - -
Strawberry & Cream Waffle R81.00 - -

Salads Or Low Gi Multigrain Wraps

Iron Kick
Chickpeas, lentils, feta, avo, cucumber, rosa tomatoes, celery, coriander, curry spice and low fat mint yoghurt
R87.00 +R2.00 +2.35%
Rainbow Phad Thai
Edamame beans, carrot, red cabbage, kale, spiced cashews, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, coriander, spring onion, lime, bean sprouts and chilli peanut dressing
R91.00 - -
Avo, kale, rocket, quinoa, carrot, cucumber, red pepper, smoky coconut flakes, spiced cashews, toasted sesame seeds, lime and siracha dressing
R91.00 - -
Feta, avo, walnuts, green beans, greens, cranberries, pea shoots, soy glaze (contains gluten) and olive oil
R104.00 +R3.00 +2.97%
Roasted balsamic beetroot, feta, greens, avo, bean sprouts, raw corn, celery, rosa tomatoes, toasted sesame seeds, lemon and olive oil dressing
R104.00 - -
Chicken Cashew Caesar
Grilled free range chicken, avo, rosa tomatoes, kale, greens, smoky coconut flakes, parmesan shavings and creamy cashew dressing
R108.00 +R2.00 +1.89%
Steak Parmesan (Salads Or Low Gi Multigrain Wraps) R113.00 - -
Steak Burrito (Salads Or Low Gi Multigrain Wraps) R106.00 - -
Miso Chicken
Grilled free-range chicken, roasted carrot & butternut, brown rice, kale, rosa tomatoes, cranberries, avo, miso dressing, black sesame seeds, coriander
R106.00 - -
NEW: Macrobiotic
Avo, edamame beans, red cabbage, spiced broccoli, greens, soy seeds, miso dressing (contains gluten)
R94.00 - -


NEW: Miso Chicken Wrap
Grilled free range chicken, roasted carrot and butternut, brown rice, kale, rosa tomates, cranberries, avo, miso dressing, black sesame seeds and coriander
R106.00 - -
Veggie and Avo Wrap
Roasted butternut, zucchini, raw corn, rosa tomatoes, red pepper, onion, cumin, avo and yoghurt salsa
R78.00 +R3.00 +4.00%
Chicken and Roast Veggie Wrap
BBQ free range chicken, roasted butternut, beetroot, feta, green beans, baby spinach, lemon and olive oil dressing
R91.00 - -
Bbq Chicken Wrap
BBQ free range chicken, cos lettuce, avo, rosa tomatoes and chipotle mayo
R94.00 +R3.00 +3.30%
Mexi Chicken Wrap
BBQ free range chicken, cos lettuce, avo, spiced red kidney beans, white cheddar, corn salsa, coriander and yoghurt dressing
R98.00 +R4.00 +4.26%
Steak Parmesan Wrap R113.00 - -
NEW: Steak Parmesan Wrap R109.00 - -
Steak Burrito Wrap R106.00 - -
NEW: Steak Burrito Wrap R102.00 - -


NEW: Steak Parmesan Bowl R109.00 - -
NEW: Mediterranean Bowl
Feta, Avo, baby spinach, rosa tomatoes, quinoa, greens, lemon & olive oil dressing
R79.00 - -
NEW: Steak Burrito Bowl R102.00 - -
NEW: Summer Nacho Bowl
Avo, rocket, rosa tomatoes, raw corn, quinoa, organic corn chips, greens lime coriander dressing
R91.00 - -
Mexi-Taco Bowl
Black beans, red kidney beans, green pepper, carrot, tomato, raw corn, chilli spices topped with avo and white cheddar. Served with a crispy taco
R94.00 +R3.00 +3.30%
NEW: Miso Chicken Bowl
Grilled free range chicken, roasted carrot and butternut, brown rice, kale, rosa tomatoes, cranberries, avo, miso dressing, black sesame seeds and coriander
R106.00 - -
Baked Tuna Fish Cakes
Gluten free fish cakes made with tuna, feta, lentils, raw corn, broccoli, toasted sesame seeds, soy glaze (contains gluten) and olive oil. Served with a side salad
R79.00 - -
NEW: Warming Chickpea Tagine
Chickpeas, tomatoes, carrots, paprika, cumin, minterved with your choice of yogurt and avo salsa or smashed avo
R78.00 - -
Protein Plus Plate
Lemon grilled free range chicken breast, roasted butternut, zucchini, raw corn, rosa tomatoes, red pepper, onion, cumin, avo and yoghurt salsa
R102.00 - -
Protein Balance Plate
Grilled free range chicken breast, quinoa, roasted balsamic beetroot and roasted butternut. Served with a side salad
R98.00 - -


Iron Kick Open Sandwich R52.00 +R4.00 +8.33%
Siraccha Chicken Mayo Open Sandwich
Free range chicken, avo, siracha mayo, smoky coconut flakes and coriander
R67.00 +R3.00 +4.69%
NEW: Slaw Sandwich Closed
Your choice of chicken or smashed chickpeas with tahini, carrot and cabbage slaw, creamy cashew dressing, cucumber pickle and toastedsesame seeds
R68.00 - -


NEW: Butternut Ginger Soup
Butternut, apple, carrot, ginger, coconut milk, turmeric, orange, cumin and kale
R63.00 - -
NEW: Tom Young Soup
Coconut milk, red curry paste, mushrooms, red cabbage, radish, soy sauce, coriander and lime
R68.00 - -

Power Juices

Create Your Own Power Juice
Orange, apple, carrot and beetroot
R51.00 +R3.00 +6.25%
Lemon-C Power Juice
Apple, lemon and mint
R46.00 - -
Carrotene Power Juice
Carrot, orange, cucumber and ginger
R51.00 +R3.00 +6.25%
Zo Shine Power Juice
Carrot, orange, grapefruit, lemon, pineapple and turmeric
R48.00 - -
Super 7 Power Juice
Carrot, orange, pineapple, apple, lemon, beetroot and ginger
R54.00 +R3.00 +5.88%
NEW: Flora Restorer Power Juice
Apple, pineapple, carrot, turmeric, ginger, lemon, probiotic
R55.00 - -

Green Juices

Alkalise Juice
Spinach, apple, lemon and green superfood powder
R46.00 - -
D-Tox Juice
Spinach, celery, cucumber, apple, lemon and ginger
R55.00 +R2.00 +3.77%
Rukolina Juice
Cucumber, lemon, ginger, pineapple, kale / swiss chard, parsley and himalayan salt
R58.00 +R3.00 +5.45%
Kale Ale Juice
Cucumber, lemon, lime, celery, lettuce and kale / swiss chard
R55.00 +R2.00 +3.77%


The Basic Smoothie
Banana, low fat milk and low fat plain frozen yoghurt
R45.00 - -
Peanut Butter Blu Smoothie (Smoothies) R45.00 - -
New-Me Smoothie
Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, low fat plain frozen yoghurt and filtered water
R48.00 +R2.00 +4.35%
NEW: Tropical Turmeric Smoothie
Orange, mango, turmeric, carrot, dates and himalayan salt
R44.00 - -
Refresh Smoothie
Strawberries, blueberries, apple juice, black pepper and mint
R51.00 +R3.00 +6.25%
The Healer Smoothie
Apple juice, lemon, ginger, chilli and low fat plain frozen yoghurt
R53.00 +R2.00 +3.92%
Raw Chocolate Smoothie
Cacao, hemp seeds, banana, cinnamon, almond milk, dates and filtered water
R48.00 - -
Green Warrior Smoothie
Orange juice, kale, apple, cucumber, celery, hemp seeds, mango, mint and filtered water
R55.00 +R2.00 +3.77%
Miracle Milk Smoothie
Raw cashews, banana, coconut flakes, cinnamon, himalayan slat, honey and filtered water
R55.00 +R2.00 +3.77%
Strawberry-B Smoothie
Strawberries, apple juice, mint and low fat plain frozen yoghurt
R58.00 +R2.00 +3.57%
Coffee Union Smoothie
Espresso, honey and low fat plain frozen yoghurt
R63.00 +R3.00 +5.00%
NEW: Strawberry Swirl
Strawberry, mango, low-fat frozen yoghurt, water, strawberry puree
R52.00 - -
NEW: Blu Lemonade
Low-fat frozen yoghurt, pineapple, lemon juice, blue spirulina
R63.00 - -
Coffee Green Smoothie
Almond macadamia butter, dates, espresso and baby spinach
R48.00 - -

Functional Blends

Strawberry Whip
Strawberries, whey protein, filtered water and dates
R46.00 - -
Low Fat Protein Shake
Natural vanilla whey protein and low fat milk
R53.00 - -
Low Fat Protien Shake R52.00 - -
Unicorn By Zosia
Dragon fruit, mango, banana, orange, almond / macadamia nut butter, spirulina, hemp seeds and whipped coconut cream
R58.00 +R3.00 +5.45%
Mango, orange, turmeric, lemon, ginger, beetroot, raspberries and apple juice (Only available in large)
R79.00 - -
NEW: Immune-C
Only available in large, mango, orange, turmeric, lemon, ginger, beetroot, raspberries and apple juice
R79.00 - -
Blueberry Reefer
Lactose free milk, blueberries, hemp seed protein, banana, chia seeds and honey
R62.00 +R2.00 +3.33%
O Mega Almond
Almond macadamia butter, banana, dates, lacuma, almond milk and activated chia seeds
R62.00 +R1.00 +1.64%
The Nutter
Sugar free peanut butter, banana, chia seeds, coconut shavings, honey, whey protein and filtered water
R62.00 +R1.00 +1.64%
Pina Covado
Pineapple, kale, avo, whey protein and almond milk
R61.00 - -
The Boss
Banana, almond/ macadamia butter, cacao, whey protein, dates, filtered water and honey
R67.00 +R1.00 +1.52%
Protein Supermatcha
Banana, organic ceremonial-grade Matcha, whey protein and almond milk
R79.00 - -
NEW: CBD-Greens
Mango, kale, spinach, dates, filtered water, CBD oil (5mg)
R58.00 - -
Protien Supermatcha R79.00 - -

Hot Drinks

Organic coffee
R22.00 - -
Americano R26.00 +R1.00 +4.00%
Cappuccino R30.00 +R1.00 +3.45%
Flat White R32.00 +R1.00 +3.23%
Latte R31.00 +R2.00 +6.90%
Red Espresso Flat White R33.00 +R3.00 +10.00%
Ceylon, rooibos and green tea
R22.00 - -
Tumeric Latte
House blend of turmeric , ginger, cinnamon, honey and almond milk
R40.00 - -
Chai Latte
House blend of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, honey and almond milk
R40.00 - -
Chocolate Lava
Vegan chocolate, almond milk, cinnamon, dates and himalayan salt. Topped with coconut cream
R52.00 - -
Matcha Latte
Organic ceremonial-grade matcha, choice of almond milk or soy
R46.00 - -
Honest Hot Chocolate R46.00 - -
Hot Lozenger
Apple juice, lemon, ginger, honey and filtered water
R40.00 -R6.00 -13.04%


Celery Tonic Shot
Celery, apple, lemon, ginger and cayenne pepper
R23.00 - -
Ginger Ninja Shot
Ginger, lemon, cayenne pepper and honey
R29.00 +R1.00 +3.57%
Organic Wheatgrass Shot R40.00 - -
Ginger Shot R23.00 - -
NEW: Turmeric Tonic
Pineapple, carrot, turmeric, ginger, lemon
R23.00 - -
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