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On the Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom Catering menu, the most expensive item is Italian Melt Party Pack, which costs $123.91. The cheapest item on the menu is Ice, which costs $2.49. The average price of all items on the menu is currently $28.69.


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About Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom Catering

What types of catering services does Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom offer?

Pizza and Pasta Buffets

Old Chicago specializes in serving their signature pizzas and a variety of pasta dishes, making it ideal for casual events or gatherings.

Appetizer Platters

Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom Catering offer delectable appetizers such as mozzarella sticks, garlic bread, and wings to kickstart your event.

Salad and Sandwich Trays

For a lighter fare, you can opt for their fresh and flavorful salads and sandwiches, which are perfect for corporate luncheons or lighter events.

Customizable Packages

Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom allows you to tailor your catering order to meet your specific preferences and dietary requirements.

How can I request catering services from Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom?

Requesting catering services from Old Chicago is a straightforward process. You can visit their website or contact their catering team directly via phone or email. Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom will guide you through the menu options, help you choose the right package, and coordinate all the necessary details to ensure your event runs smoothly.

What is the minimum order requirement for Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom catering?

The minimum order requirement for Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom catering can vary depending on the location and the specific catering package you choose. Typically, for smaller events or drop-off catering, the minimum order may start at around $100 to $150. However, for larger events requiring full-service catering, the minimum order requirement may be higher, ranging from $500 to $1,000 or more. It's advisable to check with your local Old Chicago branch for precise details.

Is Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom catering available for both small and large events?

Yes, Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom caters to a wide range of event sizes. Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering, a corporate meeting, a birthday party, or a large-scale event, they have catering options to suit your needs. Their diverse menu and flexibility in catering packages make them suitable for events of varying sizes.

Can I customize the catering menu for my event at Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom Catering?

Absolutely! Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom understands that every event is unique, and they offer customization options to ensure your catering menu aligns with your preferences and the dietary needs of your guests. You can customize items such as pizza toppings, pasta choices, salad dressings, and even the assortment of appetizers to create a personalized menu that suits your event theme and tastes. For instance, if you're hosting a vegetarian-friendly event, you can opt for a pizza loaded with assorted veggies or a customized vegetarian pasta dish.

What are the popular menu items for Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom catering?

Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom boasts a menu that's known for its variety and quality. Some of the popular menu items for catering include Chicago 7 Pizza, a fan favorite featuring seven delicious toppings, including pepperoni, sausage, and veggies. Italian Nachos, a unique appetizer consisting of crispy pasta chips smothered in Alfredo sauce and topped with cheese and jalapeños. Thai Pie Pizza, a fusion pizza with Thai-inspired flavors, including chicken, peanut sauce, and cilantro. Classic Caesar Salad, a fresh and crisp salad with Caesar dressing, croutons, and Parmesan cheese. Wings, succulent chicken wings available in various flavors and levels of heat. Craft Beers, Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom offer an extensive selection of craft beers to complement your meal.

Does Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom Catering offer vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free options for catering?

Yes, Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom is dedicated to accommodating various dietary preferences. Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom offer vegetarian and vegan menu items, including veggie pizzas and salads. Additionally, they have gluten-free crust options for those with gluten sensitivities or allergies, ensuring that all your guests can enjoy a satisfying meal.

How far in advance should I place my catering order with Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom?

The recommended lead time for placing a catering order with Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom varies depending on the size and complexity of your event. As a general guideline, it's advisable to contact them at least 48 to 72 hours in advance for smaller gatherings and drop-off catering. However, for larger events or those requiring full-service catering, it's best to place your order at least one to two weeks in advance. This allows their team to adequately prepare and ensure the success of your event.

Is delivery included in the catering service, or is it an additional fee?

Delivery for Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom catering may vary by location and the size of your order. Some locations may offer free delivery for orders within a certain radius, while others may charge a nominal fee. The delivery fee, if applicable, is typically based on distance and may range from $15 to $50 or more. It's essential to inquire about the specific delivery terms when placing your catering order.

What are the typical prices for Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom catering?

Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom offers a range of pricing options to accommodate various budgets and preferences. The exact pricing can vary by location, but here's a general breakdown of their pricing structure. Prices typically start at $8 to $12 per person for pizza buffets, including a variety of pizzas and salad options. Appetizer platters are priced per platter and may range from $30 to $60 or more, depending on the selection and quantity. Salad and Sandwich trays are typically priced between $40 and $70 per tray, with variations based on the specific menu items and portion sizes. Pricing for customized packages will depend on your choices and the number of guests, making it flexible to fit your budget. It's important to note that these are approximate price ranges, and actual prices may vary based on location and menu customization. It's recommended to reach out to your local Old Chicago branch for precise pricing details.

Are there any special discounts or promotions for large catering orders?

Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom occasionally offers special promotions and discounts for large catering orders. These promotions can vary by location and time of year. For example, they may offer a percentage discount on catering orders exceeding a certain amount or provide complimentary items for larger events. To take advantage of any current promotions, it's best to contact your local Old Chicago branch and inquire about available discounts for your specific catering needs.

Can I make last-minute changes to my catering order?

Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom understands that event plans can change, and they strive to accommodate your needs. While they prefer advance notice for changes to ensure the best service, they will do their best to accommodate last-minute adjustments whenever possible. It's advisable to contact them as soon as you're aware of any changes to your catering order, and they will work with you to make necessary adjustments.

Can I order alcoholic beverages for catering from Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom?

Yes, Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom offers a selection of alcoholic beverages for catering, including a variety of craft beers. You can choose from their beer options to complement your catering order. Whether you're looking for a selection of local craft brews or other alcoholic beverages, they can assist you in tailoring your drink options to suit your event and guest preferences.

What is the portion size for catering items?

Portion sizes for catering items at Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom are designed to accommodate the number of guests you're serving. For pizza buffets, each pizza typically serves 3-4 people per pizza, depending on appetites. Appetizer platters and salad trays are sized to provide ample servings for your guest count. When customizing your catering order, their team will work with you to ensure that portion sizes align with your event requirements. As a reference, a standard pizza typically measures 12 inches in diameter.

Who are the competitors of Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom Catering?

Pizza Hut Catering

Pizza Hut, a renowned pizza chain, extends its delicious offerings to catered events. Their catering menu typically includes a variety of pizzas, pasta dishes, and sides that can be customized to meet the needs of both small gatherings and large events. Customers can choose from an array of classic and specialty pizzas, as well as additional items like wings, breadsticks, and salads. Pizza Hut's experienced catering team can assist in selecting the right options and quantities for any occasion, ensuring that guests enjoy their famous pizzas and sides. Whether it's a corporate meeting, birthday party, or any special event, Pizza Hut's catering services aim to provide a tasty and convenient dining experience.

Papa John's Pizza Catering

Papa John's Pizza, known for its quality ingredients and signature pizzas, offers catering services that bring the Papa John's experience to events of all sizes. Their catering menu typically includes a range of pizza options, from classics like Pepperoni and Cheese to specialty choices like The Works and Hawaiian BBQ Chicken. In addition to pizzas, customers can order sides such as garlic knots, breadsticks, and chicken wings. Papa John's caters to various events, including sports gatherings, business meetings, and parties. The company's catering team is committed to delivering fresh, hot pizzas and sides promptly, ensuring that guests enjoy the same great taste that Papa John's is known for.

Donatos Pizza Catering

Donatos Pizza, with its unique and flavorful pizzas, provides catering services that emphasize taste and quality. Their catering menu typically includes an assortment of pizzas featuring their signature Edge-to-Edge® toppings. Donatos also offers options like subs, salads, and customizable catering packages for various event sizes. Whether it's a casual get-together or a formal event, Donatos Pizza's catering services aim to please all palates. Their catering team is dedicated to delivering a memorable dining experience, ensuring that guests savor the distinctive taste of Donatos' pizzas and other menu items.

Marco's Pizza Catering

Marco's Pizza, known for its authentic Italian flavors and quality ingredients, extends its culinary offerings to catered events. Their catering menu typically features a variety of pizza options, including classic and specialty choices, made with their signature dough and premium toppings. In addition to pizza, customers can complement their orders with cheesy breadsticks, subs, and salads. Marco's Pizza is committed to providing fresh and delicious catering solutions for occasions such as office meetings, family gatherings, and parties. With their flavorful menu and dedication to customer satisfaction, Marco's Pizza aims to make any event a flavorful success.

Rosati's Pizza Catering

Rosati's Pizza, a family-owned pizzeria known for its Chicago-style pizza, offers catering services to bring a taste of Chicago to various events. Their catering menu typically includes a selection of specialty pizzas, classic options, and Italian dishes. Customers can choose from a range of appetizers, salads, and pasta trays to complement their pizza orders. Rosati's Pizza caters to gatherings of all sizes, from corporate events to birthday celebrations. The catering team at Rosati's is dedicated to delivering authentic Chicago flavors, making every event a memorable and flavorful experience for guests.

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