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About Pizzéria No. 900 (CA)

What is Pizzéria No. 900 (CA)?

Pizzéria No. 900 (CA) is a popular pizzeria in Canada known for its delicious and authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas. With a commitment to quality ingredients and traditional cooking techniques, they provide a unique and flavorful pizza experience.

What are the popular menu items at Pizzéria No. 900 (CA)?

Salami and Ricotta Calzone Pizza

The Salami and Ricotta Calzone Pizza is a delectable combination of flavors. This pizza often includes slices of savory salami, creamy ricotta cheese, fresh tomato sauce, and mozzarella, all folded into a calzone-style pizza crust. It offers a rich and satisfying taste.

Double Smoked Meat Pizza

The Double Smoked Meat Pizza is a unique and savory option. It typically features generous portions of double-smoked meat, a Montreal specialty, combined with mozzarella cheese, pickles, and mustard. This pizza captures the essence of the classic smoked meat sandwich in pizza form.

Pizza Margherita

The Pizza Margherita is a classic Italian-style pizza loved for its simplicity. It typically features a thin crust topped with fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil leaves, and a drizzle of olive oil. This pizza offers a harmonious combination of ingredients that celebrates the essence of Italian cuisine.


Cannoli is a popular Italian dessert often found on the menu at Pizzéria No. 900. These sweet and crispy pastry tubes are typically filled with a creamy ricotta-based filling and sometimes adorned with chocolate chips and powdered sugar. Cannoli provides a delightful and sweet ending to a meal.

Mild Italian Sausage Pizza

The Mild Italian Sausage Pizza is a flavorful and savory choice. It often includes slices of mild Italian sausage, mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce. This pizza offers a hearty and satisfying taste with the rich flavors of Italian sausage.

What is the pricing range for different pizza sizes at Pizzéria No. 900 (CA)?

Pizzéria No. 900 (CA) provides pizzas in various sizes to cater to different appetites. The price range of their pizza starts from $10 to $20 depending on the size and the choice of toppings.

What are the operating hours of Pizzéria No. 900 (CA)?

Operating hours at Pizzéria No. 900 (CA) may vary by location, but most branches generally open from 11:00 AM to around 9PM or 10PM. For specific hours of operation, please check with your local Pizzéria No. 900.

Does Pizzéria No. 900 (CA) offer gluten-free pizza options?

Yes, Pizzéria No. 900 (CA) typically offers gluten-free pizza crust options, catering to customers with gluten sensitivities or allergies. This ensures that everyone can relish their mouthwatering pizzas while adhering to their dietary requirements.

Can I order online for delivery or takeout at Pizzéria No. 900 (CA)?

Certainly! Pizzéria No. 900 (CA) makes it convenient for customers to place orders online. You can customize your pizza, select your desired delivery or takeout options, and complete your order through their user-friendly website or mobile app.

Is there a lunch special or happy hour menu at Pizzéria No. 900 (CA)?

Pizzéria No. 900 (CA) may offer lunch specials or happy hour deals, but the availability of these promotions can vary by location. To learn more about time-limited offers or discounts, it's advisable to inquire at your nearest Pizzéria No. 900.

Does Pizzéria No. 900 (CA) have vegan or vegetarian pizza options?

Yes, Pizzéria No. 900 (CA) caters to both vegans and vegetarians with a variety of plant-based and meatless toppings. This allows you to create vegan or vegetarian pizzas that align with your dietary preferences.

Does Pizzéria No. 900 (CA) have a loyalty program or rewards system?

Pizzéria No. 900 (CA) often features a loyalty program or rewards system. By participating in these programs, customers can accumulate points and enjoy special offers, discounts, and exclusive promotions based on their loyalty to the restaurant.

Can I order catering for events or parties at Pizzéria No. 900 (CA)?

Absolutely! Pizzéria No. 900 (CA) typically offers catering services, allowing you to customize your order to match the specific requirements of your event or party. Options may include pizza platters, salads, and other menu items to make your gathering a memorable one.

Does Pizzéria No. 900 (CA) offer a kids' menu or special deals for children?

Pizzéria No. 900 (CA) often features a kids' menu with smaller portion sizes and simplified choices tailored to younger diners. Additionally, they may offer special deals and promotions designed with children in mind, making it a family-friendly destination.

Who are the competitors of Pizzéria No. 900 (CA)? 

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Famoso is a well-known Neapolitan-style pizzeria with a focus on authentic ingredients and traditional pizza-making techniques.

Il Fornello (CA)

Il Fornello offers a wide range of Italian dishes, including wood-fired pizzas and fresh, locally sourced ingredients. They aim to bring the flavors of Italy to their customers.

Blaze Pizza (CA)

Blaze Pizza is known for its fast-fired, customizable pizzas, allowing customers to create their own personalized pies with quality ingredients.

Gino's Pizza (CA)

Gino's Pizza is a well-known Canadian pizza chain with a focus on delivering traditional Italian-style pizzas. They offer a variety of pizza options, including classic choices like pepperoni and deluxe, as well as specialty pizzas that feature a range of toppings. 

Freshslice Pizza (CA)

Freshslice Pizza is a Canadian pizza chain that emphasizes fresh and healthier ingredients. They offer a selection of pizzas, including vegetarian and vegan options, with a focus on using whole wheat dough and quality toppings. 

Gondola Pizza (CA)

Gondola Pizza is a Canadian pizza chain that has been serving customers for many years. They provide a diverse menu of pizza choices, from classic favorites to unique combinations. 

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