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Red Lobster قائمة الأسعار (AE)

التحقق من الأسعار
PriceListo غير مرتبط Red Lobster (AE)
تقوم بعرضها Red Lobster (AE) وأكدت الأسعار من قبل PriceListo في الموقع التالي:
Haza Bin Zayed the 1st Street (Defence Road), Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi AE 9(712) 445-6677
اطلب عبر الإنترنت
الأسعار موضحة: AED
بيتا بيانات تغيير الأسعار المعروضة أدناه هي الفرق بين السجل السابق والأخير في قاعدة البيانات الخاصة بنا. يمكن اشتقاق السجلين من مصادر مختلفة ، وعلى هذا النحو ، ينبغي استخدامه فقط كتقديرات.
بند السعر يتغيرون

Picked For You

Clam Chowder Bowl د26.00 - -
Snow Crab Legs
0.5kg steamed and served with melted butter
د89.00 - -
Caesar Salad
Crisp romaine, croutons and shaved parmesan cheese
د29.00 - -
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Bites
Tender strips of chicken breast, hand battered, tossed in a spicy buffalo sauce and topped with blue cheese crumbles
د42.00 - -

Seaside Starters

Seaside Sampler
Lobster, crab, seafood, stuffed mushrooms, parrot isle coconut shrimp and sweet chili shrimp
د69.00 - -
Mozzarella sticks
Served with tangy marinara
د29.00 - -
Crispy Calamari and Vegetables
A generous portion of hand breaded golden fried calamari, broccoli and red bell peppers, served with tangy marinara and creamy ranch
د39.00 - -
Lobster Pizza
A crisp thin crust pizza topped with lobster meat, melted mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes and sweet basil
د59.00 - -
Lobster Nachos
Crispy tortilla chips topped with lobster, creamy cheddar and montertey Jack cheese, fresh pico de gallo, jalapeno peppers and sour cream
د59.00 - -
Roasted Garlic Mussels
With red pepper, yellow pepper, red onion and fresh garlic
د69.00 - -
Lobster Artichoke Dip
A creamy three cheese blend with artichokes, spinach, maine lobster and seafood, served with tortilla chips and pico de gallo
د49.00 - -
Lobster Crab Seafood Stuffed Mushroom
Fresh mushrooms stuffed with seafood, smothered in monterrey Jack cheese and baked golden brown
د59.00 - -
Sweet Chili Shrimp
A dozen hand battered shrimp tossed in a spicy chili sauce
د54.00 - -


Caesar Salad (Salads) د29.00 - -
Garden Salad
Diced cucumbers, onion rings, tomatoes and croutons on a bed of crisp salad mix served with your choice of dressing
د19.00 - -
Garden Salad With Entrée د9.00 - -


Lobster Bisque Bowl د34.00 - -
Clam Chowder Costal
Unique clam chowder soup comes in a warm sourdough bread bowl
د44.00 - -
Mushroom Soup Coastal
Famous wild mushroom soup in delicious sourdough bread bowl
د42.00 - -
Lobster Bisque Coastal
Red lobster signature lobster bisque soup served in sourdough bread bowl
د49.00 - -
Clam Chowder Bowl (Soups) د26.00 - -
Mushroom Soup Bowl د24.00 - -


Spicy Buffalo Chicken Bites (Appetizers) د42.00 - -

Tasting Plates

Red Lobster Roll
Chilled sweet Maine lobster meat tossed in Meyer lemon oil on a toasted roll split on the top, never on the side, like they do in New England, served with fries
د79.00 - -

Land and Sea

Steak and Rock Lobster Tail
A lightly seasoned, wood grilled steak and rock lobster tail
د149.00 - -
Wood Grilled Peppercorn Sirloin and Shrimp
Center cut sirloin rubbed with peppercorn seasoning and a skewer of shrimp (six pieces) finished with a buttery garlic glaze and served over mashed potatoes
د109.00 - -
Steak Lobster and Shrimp Oscar
A wood grilled New York strip smothered with buttery lobster and shrimp sauce
د125.00 - -
Wood grilled Scallop, shrimp and Chicken
Skewered sea scallops, shrimp and a tender chicken breast with a buttery garlic finish over wild rice pilaf
د89.00 - -

Steak and Chicken

Sirloin Steak with Cajun Portobello Sauce
Center cut sirloin wood grilled and topped with Cajun mushroom sauce, served with mashed potatoes and your choice of side
د99.00 - -
Center Cut NY Strip Steak
A generous 12oz, USDA choice center cut New York strip, lightly seasoned, grilled over wood fire and served with your choice of side
د105.00 - -
Portobello Grilled Chicken
Dual chicken breasts cooked on our wood grill smothered in Cajun mushroom sauce, served over mashed potatoes and your choice of side
د72.00 - -
Wood Grilled Southwest Chicken Sandwich (Steak and Chicken)
Topped with apple wood smoked beef bacon, crispy onion rings, cheddar cheese and creamy BBQ sauce, served with fries
د49.00 - -
Wood Grilled Southwest Chicken Sandwich د49.00 - -


Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp
10 pieces, hand dipped in signature batter, then tossed in coconut and fried golden brown, served with baked potato and pina colada sauce
د69.00 - -
Seaside Shrimp Trio
A generous sampling of hand breaded shrimp, savory garlic shrimp scampi and shrimp linguini alfredo
د89.00 - -
Grilled Shrimp Skewers
Two skewers of wood grilled shrimp over wild rice pilaf and your choice of side order
د84.00 - -
Hand Breaded Shrimp Basket
A generous portion of our shrimp, lightly battered and fried to golden brown, classically served over fries in a basket
د84.00 - -
Cajun shrimp linguini bake د75.00 - -
Shrimp linguini alfredo (Shrimp) د65.00 - -

Fresh Fish

Parmesan Crusted Tilapia
Tilapia topped with a creamy blend of parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs, then baked crispy and golden, served with fresh broccoli and your choice of side order
د72.00 - -
Hand Battered Fish and Chips
Served with tartar sauce and malt vinegar
د61.00 - -
Fish Skewers
A generous portion of fresh fish and vegetable skewers, marinated with Arabic spices and wood grilled to perfection, served over saffron rice
د99.00 - -
Fresh Fish
Fresh fish can be prepared on our wood grill, oven broiled or blackened, served with choice of two sides
د75.00 - -
Salmon د79.00 - -
Fish of the Day د10.00 - -

Ultimate In Every Way

Ultimate Feast
A tender split maine lobster tail, steamed snow crab legs, garlic shrimp scampi and hand breaded shrimp
د134.00 - -
Lemon Basil Salmon and Shrimp
Wood grilled fresh Atlantic salmon topped with a lemon basil cream sauce and tender roasted shrimp
د89.00 - -
Wood grilled lobster shrimp and Salmon
A split maine lobster tail, skewered jumbo shrimp, fresh Atlantic salmon brushed with brown butter, served over broccoli and baby gold potatoes
د139.00 - -
Wood grilled lobster shrimp and Salmon (Ultimate In Every Way) د139.00 - -

Lobster And Crab

Lobster Lover Dream
A tender split Maine lobster tail, rock lobster tail, signature lobster and shrimp pasta
د175.00 - -
Snow Crab Legs (Lobster And Crab) د89.00 - -
Live Lobster Mediterranean
Wood grilled Maine lobster marinated in light creamy garlic and lemon Mediterranean sauce
د179.00 - -
Live Maine Lobster 1.25 lb "566 g"
Our fresh live Maine lobster is served steamed, roasted or grilled
د169.00 - -
Bar Harbor Lobster Bake
A roasted split Maine lobster tail, tender shrimp, sea scallops, mussels, linguini in a garlic and seafood broth
د144.00 - -
Roasted Maine Lobster Bake
6 pieces of petite Maine lobster tails, split and roasted with sweet corn on the cob, and baby gold potatoes in a garlic butter sauce, served with side of wild rice pilaf
د214.00 - -
Cedar Blank Seafood Bake د175.00 - -
Lobster and shrimp overboard د165.00 - -
Live Lobster Steam د169.00 - -
Live Lobster Grill د169.00 - -
Live Lobster Thermidor د179.00 - -

Fresh From the Sea

Arabian Gulf Catch
A colorful mix of grilled hammour, Atlantic salmon, shrimp marinated in a rich lemon, garlic, butter sauce, served with saffron rice and vegetables
د145.00 - -
Salmon New Orleans
Fresh Atlantic salmon blackened and topped with shrimp tossed in a Cajun butter sauce and garnished with pico de gallo, served with broccoli and choice of side
د99.00 - -
Wood grilled lobster shrimp and Scallops
A split maine lobster tail, skewered shrimp and sea scallops with a buttery garlic finish over wild rice pilaf
د139.00 - -
Lobster and Shrimp Trio
A wood grilled Maine lobster tail, garlic grilled shrimp, lobster and shrimp macaroni cheese with a white cheddar and beef bacon sauce, topped with parmesan crumbs and served with wild rice pilaf
د134.00 - -
Todays Catch - Salmon د79.00 - -
Todays Catch - Local Availability "Hammour" د89.00 - -
Fish & Chips د69.00 - -


Parmesan Crusted Chicken Alfredo
Served over corkscrew pasta and fresh broccoli
د59.00 - -
Shrimp linguini alfredo
Tender shrimp tossed in garlic parmesan cream sauce on bed of linguini full portion
د65.00 - -
Cajun Linguini Shrimp Bake
Shrimp, beef sausage, peppers, cherry tomatoes and onions all seasoned with Cajun spices and tossed in spicy beurre blanc sauce, served over linguini marinara
د75.00 - -
Cajun Chicken Linguini Alfredo
Spicy tender chicken breast tossed in a garlic parmesan cream sauce on a bed of linguini
د59.00 - -


Maine Lobster Tail د74.00 - -
Garlic Grilled Shrimp Skewer
With a buttery garlic glaze
د29.00 - -
Snow Crab Legs 1/2 Pound د54.00 - -
Sea Scallops د39.00 - -
Fresh Broccoli د24.00 - -
Fresh Asparagus د34.00 - -
Wild Rice د24.00 - -
Saffron Rice د24.00 - -
Vegetables د24.00 - -
Fries د24.00 - -
Mashed Potato د24.00 - -
Lobster Mashed Potato د37.00 - -
Baked Potato د24.00 - -
Creamy Lobster Baked Potato د37.00 - -
Corn on the Cob د24.00 - -
Corn on the Cob (Sides) د24.00 - -


Chocolate Lava Cookie
A warm thick chocolate chip cookie with a molten chocolate center, topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce
د39.00 - -
Chocolate Wave
Warm, rich chocolate with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce
د39.00 - -
Ice Cream
Two generous scoops of ice cream
د25.00 - -
Cheesecake with Strawberry د39.00 - -


Pepsi د18.00 - -
7 Up د18.00 - -
Mirinda د18.00 - -
Diet Pepsi د18.00 - -
Diet 7 Up د18.00 - -
Small Water د10.00 - -
Premium Water د12.00 - -
Perrier With Sparkling Water د18.00 - -
Fresh Orange Juice د26.00 - -
Flavored Lemonades د24.00 - -
Raspberry Lemonade د24.00 - -
Dew د18.00 - -
Sparkling water د18.00 - -
Boston Ice Tea د22.00 - -
Raspberry Ice Tea د22.00 - -
Ice Tea د22.00 - -
Fresh Juice د26.00 - -
Kid Pepsi WITHOUT MEAL د10.00 - -
Kid Mirnda WITHOUT MEAL د10.00 - -
Kid 7up WITHOUT MEAL د10.00 - -
Kid Water WITHOUT MEAL د10.00 - -


Sunset Passion Pina Colada
A classic frozen Caribbean flavor piña colada topped with a taste of strawberry
د26.00 - -
Bahama Mama
Get a taste of Caribbean with an exotic blend of mango passion fruit mix syrup, garnished with an orange slice and a cherry
د26.00 - -
Bay Breeze
A summer blend of Caribbean flavor, pineapple juice and grenadine, topped with a splash of cranberry juice
د26.00 - -
Our signature margarita made with lemon or strawberry flavor syrups, frozen or on the rocks, served with a fresh wedge of lime
د26.00 - -
Chill out with our coolest mojitos, prepared with Caribbean flavor, mixed with a margarita twist, and garnished with crushed crispy mint leaves
د26.00 - -
Mud Slide
Get swept into a chocolate laced avalanche of coffee flavor syrup and ice cream
د26.00 - -
Boston Iced Tea
Iced tea with a twist, blended with cranberry juice
د21.00 - -
Berry Mango Daiquiri
A frozen combination of Caribbean flavor syrup and tropical mangos swirled and topped with sweet blended strawberries
د26.00 - -
Mango Mai Tai
A refreshing blend of Caribbean flavor syrup with mango puree and triple sec syrup
د26.00 - -
Malibu Hurricane
Caribbean flavor and tropical fruit juice, topped with splash peach syrup
د26.00 - -
Blue Hawaiian
This refreshing sweet and sour delight includes a jolt of blue curacao with a splash of lime, It’s our coolest cocktail
د26.00 - -
Raspberry Iced Tea
Iced tea blended with raspberry juice
د21.00 - -

Hot Drinks

American Coffee د17.00 - -
Espresso د16.00 - -
Double Espresso د22.00 - -
Hot Tea د15.00 - -
Café Latte د22.00 - -
Cappuccino د22.00 - -
Macchiato د19.00 - -
Green Tea د16.00 - -
Café Late د22.00 - -


Macaroni & Cheese د29.00 - -
Chicken Fingers And French Fries د29.00 - -
Popcorn shrimp د29.00 - -
Broiled Fish د29.00 - -
Grilled Chicken Sandwich د29.00 - -
تنصل: يقوم PriceListo بجمع معلومات التسعير الفعلية من مصادر مثل الزيارات في الموقع ومواقع الأعمال والمقابلات الهاتفية. الأسعار الواردة في صفحة الويب هذه مستمدة من واحد أو أكثر من هذه المصادر. بطبيعة الحال ، قد لا تكون الأسعار الواردة في هذا الموقع الحالي ، وقد لا تنطبق على جميع مواقع علامة تجارية معينة. للحصول على الأسعار الحالية ، اتصل بموقع العمل الفردي الذي يهمك.
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