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Sauted Angus Loin Slices
Strips of steak, marinated, and stir fry with vegetables and French fries served over fluffy white rice.
$16.99 - -
Deep Fried Fish and Seafood
Pile of mixed fried seafood topped with a bright, refreshing, slightly spicy salad of lime-marinated red onion, tomato, and coriander.
$16.99 - -
Mixed Seafood Ceviche
Scrumptious ceviche made with seafood.
$14.99 - -
Fish Ceviche
Special ceviche made with the freshest fish you can find marinated and cooked in lime juice, it includes onion, and coriander. Served with traditional Peruvian white corn and steamed sweet potato.
$13.99 - -
Tiger’s Milk
This cocktail consists in seafood marinated in citrus based marinade, contains lime juice, sliced onion, chilies, salt, and pepper with a bit of fish juice.
$8.99 - -


Corn on the Cob with Cheesse
Consists in authentic Peruvian white corn served with slices of fresh white cheese.
$5.99 - -
Fried Unripe Plantains with Peruvian Cheesse Sauce
Crunchy slices of fried green plantain accompanied by our well known huancaĂ­na sauce emblematic creamy Peruvian sauce made of fresh white cheese, vegetable oil, Peruvian yellow pepper, and milk.
$2.99 - -
Beef Heart’s Brochettes
Heart beef, marinated, skewered, and seared over the grill.
$12.99 - -
Peruvian Style Clams
Fresh Peruvian steamed clams served in their own shells with red onion, rocoto pepper, tomatoes, coriander, sweet corn, and fresh lime juice, it has a very special spicy touch of flavor.
$11.99 - -
Potatoes with Peruvian Cheesse Sauce
Boiled potatoes served with Peruvian huancaina sauce creamy sauce made of fresh white cheese, vegetable oil, yellow Peruvian pepper, and milk this potatoes are accompanied with a glossy black olive, and hard boiled egg.
$6.99 - -
Fresh Baby Octopus Peruvian Black Olives Mayonnaise
Well seasoned and fresh baby octopus served with a very tasty Peruvian black olives mayonnaise.
$14.99 - -
Shrimp Cocktail
Light and shrimp cocktail made with a mayonnaise base.
$9.99 - -
Cassava with Peruvian Cheesse Sauce
Boiled cassava served with huancaina Peruvian creamy sauce made of fresh white cheese, vegetable oil, yellow Peruvian pepper, and milk.
$6.99 - -
Sausages with French Fries
Fried sausage chopped and served with French fries.
$5.99 - -
Potatoes with Ocopa Sauce
Made with the authentic ocopa sauce which is sauce made from huacatay Peruvian black mint, nuts, fresh white cheese, Peruvian yellow pepper and milk, this incredible creamy sauce is served over soft boiled potatoes
$6.99 - -
Corn Tamales
Slightly spicy Peruvian style tamales starchy dough made from Peruvian white corn stuffed with chicken and steamed in a corn husk or banana leaf, try it and you will love it.
$5.99 - -
Shrimp Brochettes
Wonderfully marinated and grilled shrimps skewers.
$13.99 - -
Chicken Brochettes
Strongly seasoned chicken skewers served with potato.
$10.99 - -


Seafood Salad
Light and fresh seafood salad made with the most selected vegetables.
$13.99 - -
Shrimp Salad
Salad made of shrimp, varied fresh, and crunchy vegetables.
$13.99 - -
Octopus Salad
Refreshing salad made with octopus and chopped vegetables.
$14.99 - -
House Salad
Tempting varied selection of fresh and crisp vegetables.
$5.99 - -
Mixed Regular Salad
Healthy chopped vegetable salad.
$3.99 - -


Sauted Angus Loin Slices (Beef) $16.99 - -
Grilled Chicken with Sauteed Onions
Chicken steak cooked with onion and tomatoes.
$13.99 - -
Fried Rice and Beans Omelet with Grilled Steak
Grilled steak perfectly accompanied with a mixture of rice and refried beans.
$12.99 - -
Fried Rice and Beans with Sauteed Beef
Strips of steak, marinated, and stir fry with vegetables. Served with French fries and a delish mixture of rice and refried beans.
$18.99 - -
Fried Rice and Beans
Savory combination of rice and refried beans.
$9.99 - -
Breaded Steak
Tender steak marinated in special mixture, breaded, and crunchy fried.
$13.99 - -
Grilled Steak
Tender juicy steak perfectly grilled and seasoned.
$9.99 - -
Grilled Steak Topped with Fried Egg
Special fried egg served over a grilled steak accompanied with rice, beans, and fried ripe plantains.
$13.99 - -
Steak Seared on the Grill
Shareable portion of grilled steak.
$17.99 - -
Steak with Onions and Tomatoes
Stir fry steak with onions and tomatoes.
$12.99 - -
Sauteed Chicken
sliced chicken meat stir fried with tender vegetables. Served with fluffy plain rice and crispy French fries.
$13.99 - -
Breaded Chicken
Crispy and juicy chicken meat that has been submerged in a special batter, breaded, and perfectly fried.
$13.99 - -
Grilled Chicken Steak
Succulent steak of tender chicken cooked on the grill.
$11.99 - -


Seafood Bouillabaise with Rice, Veggies, and Coriander Sause
Spicey, fragrant coriander broth is the  base of this flavorful Peruvian seafood stew, it is mixed with, veggies, potatoes, and a handful of rice which thickens the broth.
$13.99 - -
Chicken Soup
Soup made from chicken, simmered in water with various other ingredients that give a very Peruvian flavor to this dish.
$9.99 - -
Seafood Lite Soup with Rice, Veggies, and Coriander Sauce
Hearty, light and spicy seafood soup that is made using fresh ingredients combined to create this flavorful, spicy, crisp, nourishing, and refreshing meal.
$14.99 - -
Fish Lite Soup with Rice, Veggies, and Coriander Sauce
This fish soup is made with classic south American flavors such onion, chile pepper, and lime blend beautifully with a rich combination of scallops, squid, cod, and potatoes.
$5.99 - -
Fish Bouillabaise with Rice, Veggies, and Coriander Sauce
Dreamy and aromatic green colored fish soup resulting from de blending of coriander, veggies, and spices and combined with a handful of rice which thickens the broth.
$11.99 - -
Clams Soup
Especially attractive Peruvian steamed clams soup.
$9.99 - -
Chicken Soup with Rice, Veggies, and Coriander Sauce
Hearty an succulent soup made using tender chicken, the freshest vegetables, coriander sauce, potatoes, and rice.
$10.99 - -
Shrimps Chowder
Thick shrimp soup with an intense taste and color, it contains milk cheese and eggs.
$14.99 - -
Fish Chowder
Peruvian fish soup, flavor that contains cheese and eggs.
$13.99 - -
Seafood Chowder
Peruvian classic chowder made with different types of seafood and vegetables, it also contains milk, cheese, and eggs which make it substantially enough to be a full meal.
$13.99 - -

Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice
Chinese Peruvian style fried rice cooked in a wok with tasty chicken pieces.
$12.99 - -
Fish Fried Rice
Fresh pieces of fish, deeply fried, and served with a shareable portion of Chinese Peruvian style fried rice.
$16.99 - -
Seafood Fried Rice
Crispy fried seafood served with a Peruvian style portion of fried rice.
$15.99 - -
Chinese Peruvian Style Fried
Chinese Peruvian style fried rice cooked in a wok with soft pieces of meat.
$16.99 - -
Fried Rice With Veggies
Typical Chinese Peruvian style fried rice sauteed with a fine selection of fresh veggies.
$9.99 - -
Shrimps Fried Rice
Chinese Peruvian style fried rice sauteed in a wok with the freshest selection of shrimps.
$15.99 - -


Rice with Shrimps
Beautiful golden colored rice prepared in a white wine sauce with green peas, carrots, ppeper, and corianter.
$15.99 - -
Rice with Seafood
Seasoned golden colored rice heavenly mixed with fresh seafood and vegetables and cooked in a white wine sauce.
$15.99 - -
Deep Fried Squid
Squid rings coated in a seasoned flour batter and deep fried.
$15.99 - -
Deep Fried Fish and Seafood (Seafood) $16.99 - -
Deep Fried Seafood
Seafood fritters.
$15.99 - -
Deep Fried Srimps
Shrimp fritters, these are light and crisp on the outside and rich, and savory on the inside.
$15.99 - -
Sauteed Shrimps
Portion of rice cooked in shrimp broth and mixed with shrimps, sauteed onions, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, and spices.
$15.99 - -
Sauteed Seafood
Charming and seafood wonderfully sauteed with onions, tomatoes, and coriander.
$15.99 - -
Poached Seafood
Fresh seafood and soft vegetables steamed together with spices.
$15.99 - -
Shrimps in Hot Sauce
Shrimps submerged in a moreish hot sauce.
$15.99 - -
Seafood Mix in Hot Sauce
The most seafood mixed in a stunning hot sauce.
$15.99 - -
Shrimps Omelet
Omelet made with fresh eggs full of protein and shrimps.
$15.99 - -
Veggies Omelet
Omelet made with fluffy, golden eggs, and healthy vegetables.
$9.99 - -
Shrimps in Garlic Sauce
Sauteed shrimp with the most savory garlic sauce.
$15.99 - -
Grilled Seafood
Perfect selection of seafood marinated and seasoned with fresh herbs , grilled, and served.
$18.99 - -


Grilled Fish Filet
Cooked on the grill and served with fresh salad and rice.
$11.99 - -
Poached Fish
Elegant fish cooked in vibrant broths with vegetables and spices that go straight from pan to plate.
$16.99 - -
Sauteed Fish
Fried fish sauteed with a mixture of vegetables.
$17.99 - -
Fish Fritters
Seasoned fish fritters.
$16.99 - -
Fried Fish Filet
Filet seasoned and fried.
$10.99 - -
Macho Fish Filet and Seafood Sauce
Fish filet cooked with a tasty and creamy seafood sauce.
$16.99 - -
Fish with Garlic
Fresh fish soaked in garlic sauce.
$13.99 - -
Fried Fish Filet, Onions, and Tomatoes Sauce
Light and tasty fried fish filet mixed with onions and tomatoes sauce.
$13.99 - -


Shrimps Ceviche
Absolutely ceviche made with freshest shrimps of all.
$14.99 - -
Mixed Seafood Ceviche (Ceviches) $14.99 - -
Fish Ceviche (Ceviches) $13.99 - -
Octopus Ceviche
Ceviche made with tender octopus.
$15.99 - -
Return to Life Cocktail
Return to life is the most seafood cocktail, includes such seafood as shrimp squid, clams that are swimming in a spicy sauce of tomato juice.
$10.99 - -
Fish and Shrimp Ceviche
Fish and shrimp are combined to create this exquisite ceviche that is served with a piece of Peruvian white corn and steamed sweet potato.
$14.99 - -
Fish, Octopus, and Shrimps Ceviche
Fresh fish, octopus, and shrimp marinated in lime and coriander.
$15.99 - -
Fish and Clams Ceviche
Exotic ceviche made with fresh fish and silky clams.
$15.99 - -
Fish and Octopus Ceviche
Fish and octopus marinated in a simple but combination of lime juice and other ingredients that taste really good together.
$15.99 - -
Clams Ceviche
Interestingly flavored ceviche that combines silky clams, onions, and freshly squeezed citrus juice.
$15.99 - -
Mixed Ceviche
Well combined seafood and fish that goes perfectly seasoned with spices and fresh lime juice.
$13.99 - -
Citrus Sliced Fish
Very thin sliced raw fish marinated in the juice of green juicy limes.
$13.99 - -
Tiger’s Milk (Ceviches) $8.99 - -


Spaghetti with Pesto Sauce
Spaghetti bathed in an exquisite green Peruvian sauce inspired by classic Italian pesto.
$9.99 - -
Angus Loin Sauteed with Noodles
Varied and intensely flavored expression of Peruvian and Chinese fusion of noodles, meat, and vegetables.
$16.99 - -
Sauteed Noodles with Pesto Sauce and Meat
Sauteed noodles accompanied with an exquisite pesto sauce and meat.
$12.99 - -
Sauteed Noodles with Chicken
This particular noodle dish involves, plenty of chicken, greens, and velvety soy sauce.
$13.99 - -
Sauted Green Spaguetti with Grilled Chicken Steak
Sauteed green noodles with grilled chicken and veggies.
$17.99 - -
Sauteed Spaghetti with Veggies
Peruvian version of a Chinese noodle stir fry with crisp veggies and a reduction of soy sauce..
$9.99 - -
Sauteed Spaguetti with Seafood
Wok sauteed noodles with seafood, a bunch of healthy vegetables, and soy sauce.
$15.99 - -
Sauteed Spaguetthi with Shrimps
Wok sauteed noodles and shrimps with fresh crispy vegetables, all heavenly combined with a nice reduction of soy sauce.
$15.99 - -
Sauteed Green Noodles with Grilled Fish
Flavorsome green noodles accompanied with grilled fish.
$16.99 - -

Side Orders

Fried Unripe Plantains
Crispy fried unripe plantain slices.
$3.99 - -
Fried Cassava (Side Orders)
Deep fried yuca made from the most root of the cassava plant.
$3.99 - -
Fried Cassava $3.99 - -
Boiled Potatoes
Very satisfying and soft boiled potatoes.
$2.99 - -
Plain White Rice
Plain white rice which is one of the Peruvian favorites side dishes.
$2.00 - -
Fried Ripe Plantains (Side Orders)
Crispy fried ripe plantains slices.
$3.99 - -
Fried Ripe Plantains $3.99 - -
Beans (Side Orders)
The most savory cooked beans high in protein and fiber.
$3.99 - -
Beans $3.99 - -
Friend Corn Nuts
Portion of fried corn nuts that are really enjoyable as a nibble before or while eating.
$2.49 - -
Sweet Potatoes
Crispy, fried, and salted sweet potato slices.
$2.99 - -
Rench Fries
French fries.
$2.99 - -
Sauce impressive experience for ypalate that cosists in a creamy sauce made of fresh white cheese, vegetable oil, yellow Peruvian pepper, and milk.
$3.99 - -
Native Salsa
Native salsa prepared with red onions, Peruvian lime juice, and some freshly chopped coriander.
$3.99 - -
Yellow Rice $3.99 - -
Fried Egg
Fried egg made from a fresh hen's egg.
$2.99 - -


Coffee with Milk
Traditional coffee milk.
$2.99 - -
Cocoa Milk
Sweetened cocoa flavored milk.
$2.99 - -
Peruvian Soft Drinks
Well known Peruvian soft drinks with national flavor diet or regular.
$2.00 - -
Perrier Water $2.50 - -
San Pellegrino Water $5.99 - -
Freshly squeezed lemonade.
$3.99 - -

Juices and Smoothies

Juice with Milk
Refreshing juice with some milk added.
$5.99 - -
Papaya Juice
Juice made from a papaya grown in a very tropical climate.
$4.99 - -
Passion Fruit Juice (Juices and Smoothies)
Fragrantly sweet passion fruit juice with a pleasantly tart flavor.
$4.99 - -
Passion Fruit Juice $4.99 - -
Mango Juice
Mango juice made with the most tropical tasting fruit.
$4.99 - -
Strawberry Juice
The sweetness of this juice will make you feel kind of happy.
$4.99 - -
Pineapple Juice
Vibrant tropical pineapple juice that balances the tastes of sweet and tart.
$4.99 - -
Mixed Juice
The most tropical fruits, such mangoes, strawberry, papaya, and pineapple.
$4.99 - -
Special Juice
The most nutritive drink prepared from the combination of tropical fruits, egg, and milk.
$5.99 - -
Black Berry Juice
Black berry juice made from the glossies and smoothest blackberries.
$4.99 - -
Eggfruit Juice
Eggfruit juice with agreeable flavor made of a soft, starchy, and creamy fruit.
$5.99 - -
Chirimoya Juice
Juice made with a perfectly ripe cherimoya, for many people this juice tastes like a combination of tropical flavors such bananas, coconut, strawberries, and mangoes.
$5.99 - -
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