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Tungkol sa Subway (PH)

What are the most popular items on the Subway (PH) menu?

Steak & Cheese Subs

Enjoy succulent steak slices paired with melted cheese, a hearty choice for meat lovers.

Subway Melt™ Subs

Classic comfort with turkey, ham, crispy bacon, melted cheese, and fresh veggies.

Roasted Chicken Breast Subs

Lean and protein-packed, featuring oven-roasted chicken breast slices and crisp veggies.

B.L.T. Subs

A timeless favorite with crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, and juicy tomatoes for a perfect bite.

Spicy Italian Subs

Zesty and bold, these subs feature spicy pepperoni and salami with vibrant vegetables.

Italian B.M.T.™ Subs

Robust flavors with a trio of Italian meats – salami, pepperoni, and ham.

Veggie Delite™ Subs

A refreshing choice for veggie enthusiasts, packed with a colorful assortment of fresh vegetables.

Sliced Chicken Subs

Wholesome goodness with tender chicken slices, paired with crisp vegetables.

What is the prices like at Subway (PH)?

Subway (PH) offers a competitive pricing structure. Prices vary by category, with Subs starting from ₱175, Regular Meal Subs ranging from ₱325 to ₱395, and Salads starting at ₱100. Beverages are priced at ₱45 to ₱95, while Breakfast Offers, Toasties, and Snacks, Sides & Cookies have their respective price points. Note that prices are estimates and subject to change.

What are the business hours of Subway (PH)?

Subway (PH) typically opens early and closes late. For example, some locations may open at 7:00 AM and close at 10:00 PM on weekdays, with slightly adjusted hours on weekends. It's recommended to check with specific branches, as operating hours can vary.

Does Subway (PH) have a kids' menu?

Yes, Subway (PH) offers a kid-friendly menu with options like the Ham Subs, Egg Mayo Subs, or the Cheese Toastie, crafted with children's preferences in mind.

Are there any vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free options at Subway (PH)?

Certainly! Subway (PH) caters to various dietary preferences. For vegans and vegetarians, the Veggie Delite™ Subs and Salads are excellent choices. Additionally, Subway (PH) offers gluten-free bread, providing an option for those with dietary restrictions.

Can customers order Subway (PH) for delivery?

Yes! Subway (PH) offers the convenience of online ordering through their website, allowing customers to customize orders and have them delivered. Popular food delivery platforms like GrabFood and Foodpanda also partner with Subway (PH) for additional delivery options.

What's in the Chicken Teriyaki sandwich at Subway (PH)?

The Chicken Teriyaki sandwich at Subway (PH) features teriyaki-glazed chicken slices, complemented by fresh veggies and a choice of bread, creating a sweet and savory flavor combination.

How many types of bread are available at Subway (PH)?

Subway (PH) offers a variety of bread options, including Italian, Wheat, Honey Oat, Parmesan Oregano, Roasted Garlic, and Multigrain, ensuring a perfect match for every taste.

Which sauces are recommended for the Italian B.M.T. at Subway (PH)?

Recommended sauces for the Italian B.M.T. at Subway (PH) include Mayonnaise for a rich and smooth texture, coupled with the tangy and flavorful Subway Vinaigrette.

Is the Tuna sandwich a favorite choice at Subway (PH)?

Yes, the Tuna sandwich is a popular choice at Subway (PH), offering a flavorful blend of flaked tuna, mayonnaise, and seasoning for a protein-packed option.

Is there a breakfast menu at Subway (PH)?

Certainly! Subway (PH) caters to breakfast lovers with options like Egg & Cheese, Bacon, Egg & Cheese, Ham, Egg & Cheese, Sliced Chicken, Egg & Cheese, and Pulled Pork, Egg & Cheese served on Flatbread.

What is the most recommended side item at Subway (PH)?

A popular and recommended side item at Subway (PH) is the Chips, providing a crunchy and savory addition to sandwiches and salads.

Who are the competitors of Subway (PH)?

Sandwich House - Bonifacio (PH)

Sandwich House in Bonifacio is a local favorite known for its wide selection of delicious sandwiches made with fresh ingredients. 

Deli Food Delights - Torres (PH)

Deli Food Delights in Torres is a popular deli known for its tasty sandwiches, salads, and other deli-style offerings. 

Denny's (PH)

Denny's is an American diner-style restaurant chain known for its hearty breakfast dishes, burgers, and comfort food classics. 

McDonald's (PH)

McDonald's (PH) is a fast-food giant in the Philippines, renowned for its iconic burgers, like the Big Mac, McSpicy and Chicken McDo, as well as Filipino breakfast options such as the longganisa meal.


A popular choice for fried chicken enthusiasts, KFC (PH) offers a Filipino twist to its menu, featuring the KFC Hot & Cheesy Chicken, Zinger and local-inspired sides.

Burger King (PH)

With a focus on flame-grilled goodness, Burger King (PH) attracts patrons with its Whopper and Flame-Grilled Chicken Sandwich, providing a satisfying bite for burger aficionados.

Shake Shack (PH)

Shake Shack (PH) has gained a following for its gourmet burgers and hand-spun shakes, providing a taste of American fast-casual dining in the Philippines.

Wendy's (PH)

Wendy's (PH) is recognized for its square-shaped burgers, notably the Dave's Single, and their signature Frosty dessert, offering a distinctive fast-food experience.

Popeyes (PH)

With its Louisiana-inspired flavors, Popeyes (PH) has become a go-to for Cajun-spiced fried chicken, offering a unique and flavorful alternative in the Philippine fast-food scene.



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