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Popular Items

1. Basil Popcorn Chicken
Bite size chicken at just the right texture and topped off with basil.
$5.90 - -
Thai Milk Tea
The signature orange drink that everyone loves, sweet and filling. Free Soy substitute available inside the toppings modifications.
$3.90 - -
Earl Grey Milk Tea
Our #1 Milk Tea, Earl Grey Tea with non-dairy creamer. You can never go wrong with this one!
$3.90 - -
Taro Pearl Milk Tea
Taro flavored Milk Tea; no caffeine and it's the famous purple drink.
$4.70 - -
3. Deep Fried Calamari
Squid Rings battered in our flour to give a super crispy texture. One of our best selling snacks!
$5.90 - -
Jasmine Milk Tea
Fragrant but light in caffeine, Green Tea with non-dairy creamer. Equivalent to Green Milk Tea from other places.
$3.90 - -
Pearl Milk Tea
Early Grey Milk Tea with Boba, as classic as it can get. Similar to Boba Milk Tea from other places.
$4.60 - -
Mango Royal Tea
Mango flavored tea, simple and tasty drink to start or end the day.
$3.90 - -
Roasted Oolong Milk Tea
Roasted Oolong Tea blended with non-dairy creamer for a roasted milk tea.
$4.45 - -
Strawberry Crepe
Strawberry, banana, nutella, whipped cream.
$6.30 - -
9. Egg Puffs
An egg waffle that is slightly sweet and perfect to share!
$5.90 - -

Hot! Snacks

A great selection of snacks to accompany your drinks.
Egg Tart
Outer pastry crust filled with egg custard and baked to perfection! (Image coming soon)
$2.50 - -
1. Basil Popcorn Chicken (Hot! Snacks) $5.90 - -
3. Deep Fried Calamari (Hot! Snacks) $5.90 - -
2. Fried Tofu
(Vegetarian) Tofu fried just at a perfect texture for an exquisite taste.
$5.40 - -
4. Takoyaki (6 Pc)
Octopus flavored balls with our house sauce and flakes on top
$6.70 - -
6. Sweet Potato Fries
Sweet and Starchy Fries that is softer than our French Fries.
$4.15 - -
7. Fried Flour Bun (4 Pc)
Soft little fried bun served with condensed milk.
$3.90 - -
5. French Fries
Simple, Crispy and Tasty Fries.
$4.15 - -
8. Tea Leaf Eggs (3 Pc)
Eggs boiled in tea leaves giving it a tea-flavor all around.
$3.90 - -
9. Egg Puffs (Hot! Snacks) $5.90 - -
10. Green Tea Egg Puff
Matcha flavored egg waffle
$6.45 - -
11. Fried Cheese Sticks (6 Pc)
Cheese Flavored Sticks, bite into it and cheese will come oozing out.
$4.45 - -
12. Fried Fish and Fries
Fried Fish comes with tar-tar sauce; soft in the inside but crispy in the outside, comes with fries.
$6.70 - -
15. Veggie Spring Roll (4 Pc)
(Vegetarian) Veggie Spring Rolls come in 4 pieces.
$4.90 - -
13. Fried Fish Nuggets
Fried Fish comes with tar-tar sauce; soft in the inside but crispy in the outside.
$6.25 - -
14. Lobster Balls (6 Pc)
Lobster Balls with a crispy and tasty texture.
$6.15 - -
16. Fried Chicken Wings (6 Pc)
Chicken Wings fried to a perfection: golden crispy.
$6.70 - -
17. Honey Chicken Wings (6 Pc)
Honey glazed Chicken Wings, get your hands ready, it may get messy and tasty!
$6.95 - -
22. Salt & Pepper Fish Balls (6 Pc)
Fish Balls but without the curry paste, instead it comes with salt and pepper.
$5.65 - -
18. Curry Fish Balls (6 Pc)
Fish Ball glazed with our flavorful Curry Paste, comes in 6 pieces.
$5.65 - -

Rice Plate Special

19. Braised Pork
Minced Pork with our House Sauce topped with tea egg, rice & broccoli.
$7.10 - -
20. Curry Chicken
Yellow Curry with rice and broccoli.
$7.10 - -
21. Popcorn Chicken Over Rice
Our famous popcorn chicken in addition to rice and broccoli
$7.10 - -


Dessert to go along with your snack or drinks.
Strawberry Crepe (Crepes) $6.30 - -
Mango Crepe
Mango, banana, nutella, whipped cream.
$6.30 - -
Mixed Fruit Crepe
Strawberry, mango banana, nutella whipped cream.
$6.90 - -

Milk Tea

Creamy Tea at its finest. Unless otherwise noted, the following drinks use non-dairy creamer!
Snow Globe Milk Tea
Panda Milk Tea in a different name; white and black boba on our famous Earl Grey Milk Tea.
$4.70 - -
Pumpkin Spice Milk Tea
Limited time only Pumpkin Spice Milk at Downtown T4 location. Perfect for fall season, taste great Hot or Cold!
$4.70 - -
Earl Grey Milk Tea (Milk Tea) $3.90 - -
Jasmine Milk Tea (Milk Tea) $3.90 - -
Roasted Oolong Milk Tea (Milk Tea) $4.45 - -
Rose Oolong Milk Tea
Rose Flavored Oolong Milk Tea, the same roasted milk tea taste combined with the rose flavor.
$4.15 - -
Thai Milk Tea (Milk Tea) $3.90 - -
Royal Fresh Milk Tea
More refreshing version of Milk Tea, this drink uses actual milk instead of creamer. (If customer desires soy instead of milk, customer should instead pick Soy Milk Tea due to the similarity of both drinks)
$4.40 - -
Pearl Milk Tea (Milk Tea) $4.60 - -
Grass Jelly Milk Tea
Earl Grey Milk Tea with Grass Jelly.
$4.40 - -
Milk Tea with Coconut Jelly
Earl Grey Milk Tea topped off with a sweet tasting coconut jelly.
$4.40 - -
Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly
Early Grey Milk Tea with a coffee-flavored jelly.
$4.40 - -
Milk Tea with Pearl & Coffee Jelly
Why not both? This Earl Grey MT comes with our Boba and Coffee Jelly.
$4.40 - -
Potted Milk Tea
Roasted Oolong Milk Tea topped off with Oreo Bits; shake it and you'll get a flavorful sip of oreo flavor.
$4.70 - -
Peppermint Milk Tea
Jasmine Milk Tea with Peppermint Flavor, a super refreshing milk tea.
$4.70 - -
Classic Rose Milk Tea
Early Grey Milk Tea with Rose flavoring: sweet and fragrant taste.
$4.70 - -
Wintermelon Milk Tea
Wintermelon is a caramel-like flavor that comes from a Chinese Melon. It's one of our sweeter Milk Tea.
$4.45 - -
Matcha Latte
Matcha Green Tea mix and shaken with Milk. Free Soy substitute available inside the toppings modifications.
$4.45 - -
Brown Sugar Iced Milk with Pearl
Brown Sugar fusion with Milk. Free Soy substitute available inside the toppings modifications.
$4.70 - -
Green Tea with Mango Ice Cream
Fresh Green Tea and a scoop of Mango Ice Cream in a cup.
$4.45 - -
Soy Milk Tea
Soy combined with cold Black Tea; perfect light milk tea.
$4.70 - -
Soy Green Milk Tea
Soy combined with Green Tea; perfect light milk tea.
$4.70 - -
Okinawa Milk Tea
Brown Sugar flavored Milk Tea; #1 Flavored Milk Tea.
$4.70 - -
Taro Pearl Milk Tea (Milk Tea) $4.70 - -
Caramel Milk Tea
Caramel Flavored Milk Tea.
$4.45 - -
French Pudding Milk Tea
Earl Grey Milk Tea with Egg Pudding (crafted on the store everyday).
$4.15 - -
Red Bean Milk Tea
Earl Grey Milk Tea with Red Bean giving it a deep flavor of Red Bean.
$4.45 - -
Almond Flavor Milk
Milk or Soy with a touch of Almond flavor. Free Soy substitute available inside the toppings modifications.
$4.95 - -
Ballet Chocolate Milk
Drink with Chocolate and Cream mixed in to give a comforting taste.
$4.40 - -
Amber Pearl Latte
Slow-roasted boba with black sugar syrup on top of milk. Free Soy substitute available inside the toppings modifications. Milk is highly recommended for this drink!
$4.95 - -

Royal Tea

Flavored Teas in variety of flavors.
Golden Apple Royal Tea
Rose Flavored Tea with a twist of apple fusioned into the most refreshing tea ever!
$3.45 - -
[GA] Golden Apple Royal Tea $3.45 - -
Jadeite Royal Tea
Light Green Tea in its basic form, fragrant just like Green Tea.
$3.65 - -
Honey Peach Royal Tea
Light and Sweet, Peach Tea is perfect in any occasion.
$3.90 - -
Passion Fruit Royal Tea
Passion flavored Tea, sour and sweet at the same time.
$3.90 - -
Mango Royal Tea (Royal Tea) $3.90 - -
Osmanthus Royal Tea
Sweet and Fragrant Osmanthus with our Royal Tea.
$3.55 - -
Elegant Rose Royal Tea
Fragrant rose flavored tea with a super light touch of lemon.
$3.90 - -
Grapefruit Royal Tea
A Grapefruit flavored tea with a sour taste that'll brighten your day.
$3.90 - -
Apple Royal Tea
Apple flavored Tea with tiny bits of Apple.
$3.65 - -

Smoothie & Slushy

Blended drinks, handcrafted every time. Smoothie comes with Milk but can be subbed for Soy.
Avocado Smoothie
Real Avocado mixed with Half and Half alongside ice and of course adjustable sweetness.
$5.15 - -
Mango Slush
Mango flavored Slushy; as simple as it can get. No milk, just tea.
$4.90 - -
Honey Peach Slush
Peach Flavored Slush, one of the most popular slushy we have.
$4.90 - -
Lemon Slush with Aloe
Lemon flavored slushy, lower down sweetness for a more sour flavor!
$4.65 - -
Passion Fruit Smoothie
Best Selling Smoothie, Passion Fruit has a sweet & sour tarty taste to it. Free Soy substitute available inside the toppings modifications.
$4.90 - -
Strawberry Smoothie
Strawberry flavored smoothie; creamiest smoothie. Free Soy substitute available inside the toppings modifications.
$4.70 - -
Passion Fruit Slush with Fig Jelly
Passion Fruit flavored slushy with Fig Jelly.
$4.90 - -
Chocolate Smoothie
Chocolate flavored Smoothie. Free Soy substitute available inside the toppings modifications.
$4.90 - -
Red Bean Smoothie
Real Red Bean blended with Milk or Soy; quality flavor at every sip. Free Soy substitute available inside the toppings modifications.
$4.65 - -
Strawberry Lemonade
Strawberry & Lemon flavored slushy; perfect for summer.
$4.90 - -
Taro Milkshake
Creamy Taro Smoothie made with real taro giving it a flavorful taste. Free Soy substitute available inside the toppings modifications.
$5.15 - -
Apple Slush
Apple flavored Slushy; just like biting an apple but in blended form.
$4.65 - -

Sea Salt

Sea Salt is a cream atop the drinks, very light salt and creamy.
Black Tea with Cream
Fresh Black Tea topped off with Sea Salt Cream; shake well.
$4.70 - -
Green Tea With Cream
Fresh Green Tea topped off with Sea Salt Cream; shake well.
$4.70 - -
Jadeite Royal Tea with Cream
Royal Tea, lighter version of Green Tea topped off with Sea Salt Cream.
$4.70 - -
Oolong Tea with Cream
Roasted Oolong Tea with creamy and salty cream on top.
$4.70 - -
Mango Royal Tea with Cream
Mango Tea with Salty Flavorful Cream on top.
$4.70 - -
Chocolate Milk with Cream
Chocolate flavor drink topped off with Sea Salt Cream.
$4.70 - -
Winter Melon with Cream
Winter Melon flavored drink topped off with Sea Salt Cream.
$4.70 - -


The following drinks do not have caffeine, they are lightly sweetened for the most part.
Ginger Milk Tea
Ginger flavored drink with CREAM; only comes in hot and sweetness stays at 100%..
$4.40 - -
Ginger Tea
Ginger flavored drink; only comes in hot and sweetness stays at 100%
$4.40 - -
Winter Melon
Winter Melon drink but without the caffeine.
$3.90 - -
Watermelon Slush
Seasonal Watermelon Juice goes perfectly with every toppings on our selection.
$4.65 - -
Winter Melon Lemon
An added touch of lemon alongside the winter melon taste.
$3.90 - -
Honey Aloe
Honey flavored drink with Aloe.
$3.90 - -
Honey Grass Jelly
Honey flavored drink with Grass Jelly.
$3.90 - -
Elegant Rose Aloe
Fragrant & Sweet Rose Drink; just like Rose Tea but without caffeine.
$4.15 - -
Kumquat Lemon
Kumquat (sour and tart) flavored drink.
$3.90 - -

Special Flavor

From basic teas to new items.
Apple Black Tea
Apple Flavored Black Tea with tiny apple bits. A bit stronger than the Royal Tea version.
$3.90 - -
Earl Grey Black Tea
Freshly Brewed Black Tea, moderate on caffeine.
$3.65 - -
Jasmine Green Tea
Freshly Brewed Green Tea, low on caffeine.
$3.65 - -
Roasted Oolong Tea
Freshly Brewed Oolong Tea, high in caffeine.
$3.65 - -
Yogurt Green Tea
Yogurt Flavored Green Tea, taste just like Yakult!
$3.65 - -
Honey Green Tea
Honey flavored Green Tea, light in caffeine and adjustable sweet.
$3.90 - -
Lychee Black Tea with Aloe
Black Tea lightly sweetened with Lychee. Employee's favorite tea!
$3.90 - -
Osmanthus Oolong Tea
Sweet and Fragrant (Osmanthus) on freshly brewed Oolong Tea.
$3.55 - -
Lemon Bomb Green Tea
Squeezed Lemon with Green Tea and topped off with lemon slices.
$4.45 - -
Mango Pineapple with Basil Seeds
Fusion of Mango and Pineapple Flavor on our Royal Tea with Basil Seeds.
$4.45 - -
Kumquat with Basil Seeds
Sour and lightly sweetened drink with Basil Seeds.
$4.45 - -
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