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Spring Rolls (4)
Deep-fried egg roll skin stuffed with cabbage, glass noodle
$8.95 - -
Chicken Satay (4 pcs)
Grilled marinaded chicken, served with peanut sauce.
$10.95 - -
Curry Puff (4)
Deep-fried pastry shell stuffed, carrots, potatoes.
$10.95 - -
Shrimp Rolls 5 pcs
Marinated shrimp wrapped with spring roll skin, served with sweet chili plum sauce.
$11.95 - -
Crispy Thai Beef
Marinated beef with chili tamarind sauce.
$10.95 - -
Pork Dumpling (4)
Steamed pork water chestnut, scallions, pepper, sesame oil, shitake mushroom.
$9.95 - -
Papaya Salad
Green papaya, tomato, green been, roasted peanut, lime juice, chili garlic dressing.
$10.95 - -
Crab Rangoon 5 pcs
Crab sticks, scallions, carrot, cream cheese, wrapped in wonton, deep-fried.
$8.95 - -
Duck Spring Rolls (4)
Deep-fried egg roll skin stuffed with shredded duck, cabbage, glass noodle, carrot.
$10.95 - -
Fried veggies Gyoza Dumplings (8pcs)
8 Fried Vegetable dumplings, sorry steamed not available.
$9.95 - -
Chive Cakes (4)
Crispy chive cake, served with chili soy sauce.
$9.95 - -
Crispy chicken Wonton 7 pcs
Ground marinated chicken wrapped in wonton skin served with sweet chili sauce
$8.95 - -
2 Shrimps Rolls and 2 Spring Rolls 🍤🍤🥠🥠
Marinated crispy shrimps Rolls and Crispy Veggies Rolls
$9.95 - -
Steamed with sea salt
$7.95 - -
Taan Thai Fries 🍟
Fried potatoes fries with special mayo
$8.95 - -
Mixed Appetizer 15 pcs
3 spring Rolls, 3 shrimps rolls, 3 chicken Wonton, 3 Crabs Rangoon, 3 Curry puffs
$20.95 - -
Popcorn chicken
Crispy chicken toasted with tamarind chili sauce
$9.95 - -


Tom Yum shrimps
Lemongrass, kaffir lime, galangal, onion, chili paste, tomato.
$8.95 - -
Tom Kha chicken
Coconut milk, lemongrass, kaffir lime, galangal, onion, mushroom, tomato.
$8.95 - -
Chicken Wonton soup
Clear broth soup, cabbage, scallion, beans sprouts
$8.95 - -
Veggies dumplings soup $8.95 - -


Pineapple Fried Rice
Pineapple, raisin, onion, crispy shallots, scallions, curry powder and fried egg mixed with rice.
$14.95 - -
Thai Fried Rice
Chinese broccoli, onion, tomato, garlic and fried egg mixed with rice.
$14.95 - -
Basil Fried Rice
Basil, garlic, long hot pepper, onion and fried egg mixed with rice.
$14.95 - -
Spicy Pork Belly Fried Rice
Spicy basil fried rice with crispy pork belly.
$18.95 - -
Green Curry Fried Rice
Basil, bamboo, long hot pepper, coconut curry and egg mixed with rice.
$15.95 +$2.95 +22.69%
Tom Yum Fried Rice
Spicy Tom flavored fried rice.
$15.95 - -


Every curry serves with jasmine rice.
Red Curry
Bamboo, eggplant, long hot pepper, basil leaves, with coconut milk.
$14.95 - -
Green Curry
Eggplant, basil, kaffir lime leaves, bamboo, with coconut milk.
$14.95 +$1.95 +15.00%
Massaman Curry
Potatoes, peanut, carrots, onion with coconut milk.
$14.95 - -
Panang Chicken
Kaffir lime leaves, string beans, long hot pepper, with coconut milk.
$14.95 - -
Duck Pineapple Curry
Cherry tomatoes, string beans, pineapple, basil, mushrooms
$28.95 - -

House Special

Crispy Salmon with Basil sauce
Saute crispy salmon with fresh basil, string beans, bell peppers, and green peppers.
$25.95 +$5.95 +29.75%
Kra Pao
Sautéed Thai basil, long hot pepper, string bean, bell pepper, garlic chili sauce.
$19.95 - -
Kao Soi
Egg noodle served with slow cooked chicken, crispy noodle, yellow curry gravy.
$17.95 - -
Pineapple Curry
Cherry tomato, string bean, pineapple, basil, mushroom.
$19.95 - -
Rad Prik
Sweet chili sauce, served with steamed broccoli.
$19.95 - -
Prik khing beef
Chili paste, long hot peppers, string beans, garlic, kaffir lime leaf
$17.95 - -
Eggplant and Tofu basil sauce
Sautéed eggplant, tofu, red bell peppers, basil, long hot peppers in spicy Basil sauce
$15.95 - -
Eggplant chicken basil sauce
Sautéed ground chicken, eggplant, red peppers, basil, long hot peppers in spicy garlic chili basil sauce
$14.95 - -
Tom yum fried rice with crispy pork
Basil, red bell peppers, long hot chili, garlic mixed with rice
$18.95 - -


Pad Thai
Sautéed noodle with egg, scallions, bean sprout, sweet radish, peanut, with sweet and tamarind sauce.
$14.95 +$1.95 +15.00%
Pad See Ew
Stir-fried flat noodle, garlic, Chinese broccoli, with black sweet soy sauce.
$14.95 +$1.95 +15.00%
Pad Kee Mao
Stir-fried flat noodle, string bean, chili, egg, basil, carrot, onion, with spicy basil sauce.
$14.95 +$1.95 +15.00%
Spaghetti Kee Mao
Stir-fried spaghetti, basil, string beans, onions, roasted chilis, fresh peppercorn in basil sauce.
$14.95 +$1.95 +15.00%
Tom Yum Noodle Soup (Spicy)
Rice noodle, ground pork or chicken, peanut, turnip, crispy wonton, fish ball, scallion, cilantro.
$14.95 +$1.95 +15.00%


Every entree served with jasmine rice.
Eggplant Chicken
Sautéed ground chicken, long hot pepper in spicy garlic chili sauce.
$15.95 - -
Pad Cashew nuts
Cashew nuts, garlic, onion, scallions, roasted chilies in sweet tamarind sauce.
$15.95 - -
Moo Krob Basil
Sautéed crispy pork belly, basil, long hot pepper, string beans in spicy garlic chili sauce served with rice.
$18.95 - -
Basil sauce
Sautéed basil, long hot pepper in spicy garlic chili sauce served with rice.
$14.95 - -
Pad Ginger
Shredded ginger, onions, long hot pepper, carrots, scallions and mushroom in ginger sauce.
$14.95 - -
Sweet and Sour
Sautéed cucumber, onion, tomato, scallion, pineapple, garlic, sweet and sour sauce.
$14.95 - -
Rad Prik (Entree) $14.95 +$1.95 +15.00%
Eggplant and Tofu Basil
Sautéed eggplant and tofu, long hot pepper in spicy garlic chili sauce.
$15.95 - -
Pad Phed Bamboo
Sautéed bamboo, bell pepper, basil, with chili paste.
$14.95 - -
Mixed veggies garlic sauce
Sautéed broccoli, carrots, string beans, Chinese broccoli, cabbage with special garlic brown sauce
$14.95 - -

Lunch Special

Monday ~ Friday 12:00 Pm - 3:00 Pm. Your entree with flavored meat comes with two spring rolls
Lunch Pad Thai
Sauteed noodle with egg scallions bean sprout sweet radish peanut with sweet and tamarind sauce.
$12.95 - -
Lunch Pad See Ew
Stir-fried flat noodle garlic and chinese broccoli with black sweet soy sauce.
$13.95 - -
Lunch Pad Kee Mao
Stir-fried flat noodle string bean chili egg basil carrot and onion with spicy basil sauce.
$13.95 - -
Lunch Pad Basil sauce $12.95 - -
Lunch Basil Fried Rice
Basil garlic long hot pepper onion and fried egg mixed with rice.
$12.95 - -
Lunch Thai Fried Rice
Chinese broccoli onion tomato garlic and fried egg mixed with rice.
$12.95 - -
Lunch Pad Ginger $12.95 - -
Lunch Pad Garlic $12.95 - -

Side Order

Steamed Vegetables $7.00 - -
Jasmine Rice $2.00 - -
Peanut Sauce $2.00 - -
Steamed Rice Noodles $4.00 - -
Sunny Side Up Egg $2.50 - -


Thai Milk Iced Tea $5.00 - -
Soda $2.00 - -


Crispy honey banana 5 pcs
With special honey and sesame seed
$6.95 - -
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