Restaurants (Starting with T)

The Hideout Cafe Auckland (NZ) The Hokitika Sandwich Company (NZ) The Hook (NZ) The Hop House (NZ) The Iki Sushi Burrito (NZ) The Innkeeper (NZ) The Island Gelato Company (NZ) The Italian Pasta Store (NZ) The Italian pizza store by Manhattan cafe (NZ) The Java Room (NZ) The Kebab Company (NZ) The Kebab Factory (NZ) The Kebab House (NZ) The Kebab King (NZ) The Kebabs (NZ) The Keg Room (NZ) The Kimchi Project (NZ) The Kingfisher (NZ) The Kitchen Catering (NZ) The Kiwi Viking (NZ) The Komunal Cafe (NZ) The Lab (NZ) The Lemongrass (NZ) The Lemongrass Kitchen (NZ) The Lib Bistro (NZ) The Little Fiddle (NZ) The Little Goat (NZ) The Little Thai Kitchen (NZ) The Loaded Fries Factory (NZ) The Local Te Rapa (NZ) The Locker Room Sports Bar (NZ) The Long Bar (NZ) The Lucky Dhaba (NZ) The Maharajas (NZ) The Majestic (NZ) The Malthouse (NZ) The Maori Kitchen (NZ) The Market Galley (NZ) The Mercury Plaza Refreshment Room (NZ) The Mexican Cafe (NZ) The Mexican Store by Wellington Midnight Munchies (NZ) The Milk Shake Bar (NZ) The Mobile Donut Dispensary (NZ) The Mt Vic Chippery (NZ) The New Zealand Coffee Company (NZ) The Nook Eatery (NZ) The Oaks Satay Noodle House (NZ) The Old Bailey (NZ) The Old Quarter (NZ) The Olive Kitchen (NZ) The Orchard Thieves Welcome Bay (NZ) The Orient Cafe & Restaurant (NZ) The Origin (NZ) The Original California Burrito Company (NZ) The Pavilion, Indian Cuisine (NZ) The Paw Bar & Eatery (NZ) The Pedal Pusher (NZ) The Pie Piper and Doornuts (NZ) The Pizza Everyday (NZ) The Pizza Express! (NZ)