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On the All Star Bowling menu, the most expensive item is Per Hour (60 minutes) - Per Individual, which costs $32.50. The cheapest item on the menu is Per Game (Per Individual) (no game rate), which costs $0.00. The average price of all items on the menu is currently $11.77.


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About All Star Bowling

What is All Star Bowling? 

All Star Bowling is a vibrant and family-friendly entertainment center that offers a diverse range of activities for individuals and groups of all ages. This dynamic destination combines the thrill of bowling with various entertainment options, making it the perfect place to spend quality time with friends and family. In addition to state-of-the-art bowling lanes, All Star Bowling typically features an arcade, party rooms, and a variety of food and beverage choices to enhance your experience. With its welcoming atmosphere and diverse entertainment offerings, All Star Bowling strives to create memorable moments for everyone who visits.

What is the pricing structure for bowling at All Star Bowling?

Bowling at All Star Bowling is typically priced based on several factors, including the day of the week, time of day, and whether you're looking for standard or cosmic (glow-in-the-dark) bowling. Prices are usually per game or per hour, with shoe rental included. While specific prices may vary by location, here's a general estimate. Weekday Daytime (Monday to Thursday) prices can range from $4 to $7 per game, per person. Expect Weekday Evening (Monday to Thursday) to pay between $5 and $10 per game, per person. Weekend (Friday to Sunday) rates are often slightly higher, ranging from $6 to $12 per game, per person and Cosmic bowling may have a small additional fee, typically around $1 to $2 per game. Keep in mind that these prices are approximate and may vary by location and any ongoing promotions or discounts.

What are the hours of operation for All Star Bowling?

All Star Bowling centers typically have varied operating hours to accommodate guests throughout the week. Here are some general examples. Monday to Thursday: 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM, Friday: 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM (Midnight), Saturday: 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM (Midnight) and Sunday: 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM. These hours may be subject to change based on location, holidays, or special events, so it's a good idea to check with your local All Star Bowling center for the most up-to-date information.

Can you reserve bowling lanes in advance at All Star Bowling?

Yes, you can often reserve bowling lanes in advance at All Star Bowling. This is a great option if you're planning a special event or want to ensure availability during peak times. Reservations can typically be made online through the official website or by contacting the center directly. Booking in advance allows you to secure your preferred date and time, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for you and your group.

What types of bowling games or leagues are available at All Star Bowling?

All Star Bowling offers a variety of bowling experiences to cater to different preferences and skill levels:

Open Bowling

This is the standard, casual bowling experience suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Cosmic Bowling

Experience the excitement of glow-in-the-dark bowling with cosmic lights, music, and a lively atmosphere.

Bowling Leagues

All Star Bowling and Entertainment typically hosts various bowling leagues for those interested in more competitive play. These leagues often have different formats, such as social, competitive, or youth leagues.


Special bowling tournaments and events may be held periodically, allowing bowlers to compete for prizes and recognition.

The availability of these options may vary by location, so it's advisable to check with your local All Star Bowling center for specific details and league schedules.

Does All Star Bowling have an arcade or video games?

Yes, All Star Bowling centers often include an arcade area filled with a wide array of video games and interactive attractions. This provides additional entertainment options beyond bowling, making it an ideal destination for families and groups looking for a diverse range of activities to enjoy together. Arcade games may include classics like air hockey, racing games, and modern arcade machines offering various experiences and challenges.

Can I book parties or events at All Star Bowling?

Absolutely! All Star Bowling is an excellent venue for hosting parties and events. They typically offer party packages that can be customized to suit your needs. Whether it's a birthday party, corporate event, or a special celebration, their party packages often include bowling, food, and drinks, along with access to private party rooms. It's a convenient and enjoyable way to celebrate with friends and family.

Are there food and beverage options at All Star Bowling?

Yes, All Star Bowling centers usually have a variety of food and beverage options available to enhance your visit. These options may include Snack Bar, offering classic bowling alley snacks like nachos, pretzels, and hot dogs. A Full-Service Restaurant, All Star Bowling have sit-down restaurants with a more extensive menu, including burgers, pizza, sandwiches, and salads and many centers have a bar area where you can enjoy a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The specific offerings and menus can vary by location, so it's a good idea to check the menu options and availability at your local All Star Bowling center.

Can I rent bowling shoes at All Star Bowling?

Yes, you can typically rent bowling shoes at All Star Bowling. Rental shoes are an essential part of the bowling experience, ensuring proper lane performance and safety. Rental shoe prices are usually included in the cost of your game or offered at a nominal fee.

What age groups is All Star Bowling suitable for?

All Star Bowling is suitable for a wide range of age groups, making it a versatile destination for family outings, date nights, and group gatherings. All Star Bowling is family-friendly and often offers lightweight bowling balls and bumpers for kids, making it accessible to children as young as four or five years old. Teens can also enjoy the competitive aspect of bowling and the arcade games available at the center and Bowling at All Star Bowling is a great social activity for adults, whether for a fun night out with friends or for joining a league. Many seniors enjoy the leisurely pace of bowling and the opportunity to socialize. The center usually provides a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for people of all ages.

Can I bring my own bowling ball to All Star Bowling?

Yes, you can typically bring your own bowling ball to All Star Bowling. Many serious bowlers prefer using their own customized bowling balls to achieve better performance and consistency. However, rental balls are available for those who do not have their own equipment.

Are there bowling lessons or coaching available at All Star Bowling? 

All Star Bowling centers may offer bowling lessons or coaching for individuals looking to improve their skills. The availability of lessons and pricing can vary by location. Private coaching sessions are often available for a fee, and prices typically depend on the instructor's experience and the duration of the lesson. It's advisable to inquire at your local center for specific coaching options and pricing.

Can I bring my own food or cake for parties at All Star Bowling?

Many All Star Bowling locations have policies that allow guests to bring their own cakes or certain outside food for parties and events. However, it's essential to check with the specific center you plan to visit, as policies can vary. Some centers may have restrictions or additional charges for outside food, while others may offer catering options as part of their party packages.

Who are All Star Bowling’s top competitors?

AMF Bowling

AMF Bowling is a well-established bowling and entertainment company with a rich history dating back to the early 1900s. Known for its iconic red pins and signature bowling experience, AMF Bowling has been a favorite destination for bowlers of all skill levels for decades. They offer a range of amenities, including modern bowling lanes, arcades, and delicious food and drinks. Many locations have undergone renovations to create a more contemporary and inviting atmosphere. AMF Bowling centers frequently host leagues, parties, and special events, making them a versatile choice for various occasions. With a commitment to providing a fun and memorable experience, AMF Bowling continues to be a cherished part of the bowling community.

Main Event Entertainment

Main Event Entertainment is a dynamic entertainment center that combines the excitement of bowling with a wide array of other attractions. Alongside their state-of-the-art bowling lanes, Main Event offers activities such as laser tag, billiards, arcade games, and virtual reality experiences. Their diverse menu includes chef-inspired cuisine, handcrafted cocktails, and a selection of beverages for guests to enjoy. Main Event Entertainment is well-regarded for hosting parties and events, from birthdays to corporate gatherings, in private event spaces. This entertainment destination is designed to cater to families, friends, and groups looking for a one-stop shop for fun and games.


Bowlero is a popular and contemporary bowling and entertainment brand that has gained recognition for its modern approach to the sport. Bowlero centers are characterized by stylish and vibrant decor, creating a trendy ambiance for guests. In addition to traditional bowling lanes, they often feature amenities like blacklight bowling, interactive arcade games, and a full-service sports bar. Bowlero is known for its inventive menu offerings, including oversized shareable dishes and specialty cocktails. This brand aims to make bowling a social and enjoyable experience, appealing to a wide range of visitors, from casual bowlers to competitive players.

Round1 Bowling & Amusement

Round1 Bowling & Amusement is a unique entertainment concept that combines bowling with a broad array of amusement attractions. Beyond bowling lanes, Round1 typically offers options like arcade games, karaoke, billiards, and even indoor sports like ping pong and basketball. This makes it a fantastic destination for individuals and groups with diverse interests. Round1 also caters to avid gamers with a variety of Japanese arcade games and claw machines. With a commitment to providing a memorable and multifaceted experience, Round1 has become a popular choice for those seeking entertainment beyond traditional bowling.

Stars and Strikes

Stars and Strikes is a popular family entertainment center that offers a wide range of activities, including bowling, arcade games, laser tag, bumper cars, and more. They are known for their commitment to providing a family-friendly atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for parents and kids alike. In addition to traditional bowling, Stars and Strikes often features cosmic bowling with blacklight effects for added excitement. Their diverse menu includes a variety of food options, from pizza to burgers, as well as an array of beverages for guests to enjoy. Stars and Strikes is dedicated to creating memorable experiences for families and groups through a blend of entertainment options.

Brunswick Zone

Brunswick Zone is a well-established name in the bowling industry, offering a classic and reliable bowling experience. With a history dating back to the mid-1800s, Brunswick has played a significant role in the development of modern bowling technology. Brunswick Zone centers typically feature traditional bowling lanes, arcade games, and snack bars. They have a reputation for hosting leagues and tournaments, making them a preferred choice for serious bowlers. While some locations have evolved to include additional amenities, Brunswick Zone remains synonymous with the timeless appeal of bowling and continues to serve as a gathering place for bowlers of all backgrounds.

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