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The Cava Grill's Mediterranean cuisine is part of the reason for its increasing popularity among foodies, gourmands, and the general public. When the first Cava Grill restaurant opened in 2006, the full-service restaurant was designed to provide customers with the Greek dishes of their childhood but with a contemporary twist.

The Cava Grill prices are more affordable than the prices at its sister restaurant, Cava Mezze, because the former's concept suits the general masses while the latter has an upscale feel. The menu includes lamb dishes, tzatziki, and hummus, among other Greek and Mediterranean dishes, while the ingredients are typically obtained from local farmers. The emphasis is always on providing diners with healthy options with vegetables, whole grains, and legumes as ingredients.

The dishes are made using traditional techniques, such as pan roasting, so that these have the tastes and textures of authentic Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. These are also delivered to the table within 10 minutes or less after ordering.

Below are the latest Cava Grill menu prices.

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Item Price

Build a Meal

Greens + Grains Bowl (Chicken) $9.37
Greens + Grains Bowl (Falafel) $9.37
Greens + Grains Bowl (Grilled Meatballs) $9.37
Greens + Grains Bowl (Braised Lamb) $11.37
Greens + Grains Bowl (Braised Beef) $11.37
Greens + Grains Bowl (Spicy Lamb Meatballs) $11.12
Greens + Grains Bowl (Seasonal Roasted Vegetables) $9.37
Grain Bowl (Chicken) $9.37
Grain Bowl (Falafel) $9.37
Grain Bowl (Grilled Meatballs) $9.37
Grain Bowl (Braised Lamb) $11.37
Grain Bowl (Braised Beef) $11.37
Grain Bowl (Spicy Lamb Meatballs) $11.12
Grain Bowl (Seasonal Roasted Vegetables) $9.37
Salad (Chicken) $9.37
Salad (Falafel) $9.37
Salad (Grilled Meatballs) $9.37
Salad (Braised Lamb) $11.37
Salad (Braised Beef) $11.37
Salad (Spicy Lamb Meatballs) $11.12
Salad (Seasonal Roasted Vegetables) $9.37
Pita (Chicken) $8.75
Pita (Falafel) $8.75
Pita (Grilled Meatballs) $8.75
Pita (Braised Lamb) $10.75
Pita (Braised Beef) $10.75
Pita (Spicy Lamb Meatballs) $10.50
Pita (Seasonal Roasted Vegetables) $8.75
Mini Pitas (Chicken) $8.75
Mini Pitas (Falafel) $8.75
Mini Pitas (Grilled Meatballs) $8.75
Mini Pitas (Braised Lamb) $10.75
Mini Pitas (Braised Beef) $10.75
Mini Pitas (Spicy Lamb Meatballs) $10.50
Mini Pitas (Seasonal Roasted Vegetables) $8.75
Mini Pita + Soup (Chicken) $8.75
Mini Pita + Soup (Falafel) $8.75
Mini Pita + Soup (Grilled Meatballs) $8.75
Mini Pita + Soup (Braised Lamb) $10.75
Mini Pita + Soup (Braised Beef) $10.75
Mini Pita + Soup (Spicy Lamb Meatballs) $10.50
Mini Pita + Soup (Seasonal Roasted Vegetables) $8.75
Kid's Mini Pita (Chicken) $6.25
Kid's Mini Pita (Falafel) $6.25
Kid's Mini Pita (Grilled Meatballs) $6.25
Kid's Mini Pita (Braised Lamb) $8.25
Kid's Mini Pita (Braised Beef) $8.25
Kid's Mini Pita (Spicy Lamb Meatballs) $8.00
Kid's Mini Pita (Seasonal Roasted Vegetables) $6.25


Pick three of your favorite dips + chips $7.50
Side Dip $0.00
Side Pita $1.57
Spicy Lentil Soup $3.97
Pita Chips $1.57
Chocolate Chip Cookie $2.75


Seasonal Juices & Teas (Small) $2.50
Seasonal Juices & Teas (Large) $2.95
Fountain Soda (Small) $2.50
Fountain Soda (Large) $2.95
Sparkling San Pellegrino Water $2.50
Panna Water (Bottle) $2.50
Kid's Milk (Milk or Chocolate Milk) $2.15
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