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The pocket-friendly Chicken Express prices will encourage diners to express themselves, so to speak, via food. This is especially true in the case of crispy and succulent fried chicken, a favorite comfort food among Americans.

The regional chain of fast-food restaurants has established a strong presence in the South, particularly in Texas, Georgia, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. The corporate headquarters are in Burleson, Texas where the management oversees its 200-strong – and growing – locations. These are characterized by their warm and welcoming casual atmosphere, kid- and family-friendly services, and lunch and dinner menu.

Chicken Express specializes in fried chicken prepared the Southern way. The fried chicken choices are on the bone and without the bone, known as boneless tenders (i.e., Express Tenders). These are always made from fresh chicken marinated overnight, thus, the juicy and succulent quality. There also burgers, salads and sandwiches on the menu, as well as the now-famous sweet and unsweetened teas.

Below are the latest Chicken Express menu prices.

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Item Price

Combos Meals

Serves with 1 Regular Side Order of Your Choice and a Large Drink.
4 Express Tenders $6.79
7 Express Tenders $9.19
3 Piece Chicken (Your Choice) $7.89
2 Piece Chicken (Your Choice) $6.29
6 Liver or 9 Gizzards $6.29
6 Piece of Hot Wings $7.19

Express Extras

Chicken Pieces

With a Biscuit or Roll
2 Pieces (Your Choice) $3.99
3 Pieces (Your Choice) $5.49

Snack Packs

With a Biscuit or Roll
2 Express Tenders (1 Regular Side, Gravy) $4.59
1 Piece Chicken of You Choice (1 Regular Side) $4.19

Express Tenders

With Gravy and a Biscuit or Roll
4 Pieces $4.79
7 Pieces $7.99
15 Pieces $16.49

Express Hot Wings

6 Pieces $5.49
16 Pieces $13.99
25 Pieces $20.99

Livers & Gizzards

With Gravy and a Biscuit or Roll
6 Livers $4.19
12 Livers $6.99
9 Gizzards $4.19
18 Gizzards $6.99

Kids Meal

With Gravy or Dipping Sauce
1 Express Tender or 1 Leg (Includes biscuit or roll, kids' side item and a small drink) $4.09

Family Meals

Mixed Chicken

All Served with Biscuits or Rolls.
8 Piece Mixed Chicken (Chicken Only) $13.49
8 Piece Mixed Chicken (with 1 Family Side) $15.99
12 Piece Mixed Chicken (Chicken Only) $17.49
12 Piece Mixed Chicken (with 1 Family Side) $22.49
16 Piece Mixed Chicken (Chicken Only) $21.49
16 Piece Mixed Chicken (with 1 Family Side) $28.99
Breast Substitutions $0.50

Express Tenders

Served with 16oz. Gravy
20 Express Tenders (Tenders Only) $21.49
20 Express Tenders (with 1 Family Side) $23.99
25 Express Tenders (Tenders Only) $24.99
25 Express Tenders (with 1 Family Side) $29.99
30 Express Tenders (Tenders Only) $28.49
30 Express Tenders (with 1 Family Side) $35.99

Express Fish Fillet


Served with 1 Regular Side, Hushpuppies, and a Large Drink
2 Fillets (Combo) $6.69
3 Fillets (Combo) $8.59


Served with 2 Regular Sides and Hushpuppies
2 Fillets (Dinner) $6.69
3 Fillets (Dinner) $8.59

Fillet Family Dinner

8 Fillets, 2 Family Sides & Hushpuppies $22.99

Express Fish, Snack

1 Fillet, 1 Regular Side & Hushpuppies $4.29

Express Fish, Fillets

1 Fillet $2.99
2 Fillets $5.49
3 Fillets $7.49
8 Fillets $17.99
Coctail $0.50
Tarter Sauce $0.50
Hushpuppies (Regular) $0.69
Hushpuppies (Family) $1.99

Sides & Drinks

Side Orders

French Fries (Regular) $1.69
French Fries (Family) $3.79
Fried Okra (Regular) $1.69
Fried Okra (Family) $3.79
Mashed Potatoes includes Gravy (Regular) $1.69
Mashed Potatoes includes Gravy (Family) $3.79
Green Beans (Regular) $1.69
Green Beans (Family) $3.79
Mini Poppers (Regular) $1.69
Mini Poppers (Family) $3.79
Corn on Cob (Regular) $1.69
Corn on Cob (Family) $3.79
Cheesesticks (Regular) $1.69
Cheesesticks (Family) $3.79
Corn Nuggets (Regular) $1.69
Corn Nuggets (Family) $3.79
Fried Pickle Slices (Regular) $1.69
Fried Pickle Slices (Family) $3.79
Apple Pie or Cherry Pie (Regular) $1.69
Apple Pie or Cherry Pie (Family) $3.79


Jalapenos (Regular) $0.49
Jalapenos (Family) $2.19
Biscuits (Regular) $0.49
Biscuits (Family) $2.19
Rolls (Regular) $0.49
Rolls (Family) $2.19
Gravy (Regular) $0.99
Gravy (Family) $1.99

Soft Drinks & Fresh Brewed Iced Tea

Soft Drinks (Small) $0.93
Soft Drinks (Medium) $0.93
Soft Drinks (Large) $0.93
Gallon of Fresh Brewed Iced Tea $3.89
Bottled Water $1.00


Strawberry (Small) $1.99
Strawberry (Medium) $2.99
Strawberry (Large) $3.99
Peach (Small) $1.99
Peach (Medium) $2.99
Peach (Large) $3.99
Mango (Small) $1.99
Mango (Medium) $2.99
Mango (Large) $3.99
Strawberry Banana (Small) $1.99
Strawberry Banana (Medium) $2.99
Strawberry Banana (Large) $3.99

Extra Sauces

BBQ $0.25
Honey $0.25
Chipotle Ranch $0.25
Hot Sauce $0.25
Ranch $0.25
Jalapeno Ranch $0.25
Buffalo Sauce $0.25
Honey Mustard $0.25
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