Costco Flu Shot Prices

The Costco brand is as familiar to people in the United States as the likes of McDonald’s and KFC. This isn’t surprising as Costco has more than 600 locations in North America, Europe, and Asia, thus, making it among the world’s largest retailer and membership warehouse clubs. Customers can find almost every modern life staples in the chain’s warehouse from meats and seafood, fruits and vegetables, and canned and packaged foods to furniture, appliances, and electronics!

Yet another good thing about many Costco warehouses is the in-store pharmacies where a wide range of pharmaceutical products and services are available. Among the more popular are annual flu shots for children and adults, said vaccines of which are administered by licensed medical professionals.

The Costco flu shot prices are competitive, thanks partly to the fact that Costco is a warehouse chain with more affordable prices than most retail chains. The pharmacies accept walk-in clients for the flu vaccines so many people actually get their flu shot before or after their shopping.

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Item Price

For Members

Without Insurance

Between 18-64 Years (Per Individual) $14.99
Over 65 Years (High Dosage) - Per Individual $36.38

For Non-Members

Without Insurance

Between 18-65 Years (Per Person) $14.99
Over 65 Years (High Dosage) - Per Person $40.50


Between 18-64 Years (Per Adult) $0.00
Over 65 Years (High Dosage) - Per Adult $0.00


Between 18-64 Years (Single Person) $0.00
Over 65 Years (High Dosage) - Single Person $0.00